No team announcement until Sunday

We won’t be naming a team for the Kerry game until Sunday morning, so sez this report in Hogan Stand.  The reason given is obviously because of the complications arising from tomorrow’s U21 match with Galway, which will feature a number of the senior panel.  That said, I assume we’ll have to have a team printed in the programme so it might have made sense, to give us something to peruse of a Friday, to name that one and then make the inevitable announcement about changes to it once the team has trotted out at Austin Stack Park.  Kerry, by the way, will be announcing their line-up for Sunday later on tonight – their website says that the details will be posted there at 9pm, just as Anne Doyle is getting motoring at the newsdesk on RTE.

Hogan Stand also has a few quotes from Johnno about the upcoming Kerry test, where he says that “we are up against it”.   While that’s clearly a case of stating the bleedin’ obvious, he does make the valid point that, back under Jack O’Connor’s tutelage, Kerry are focusing heavily on the league this year.  Aside from having to play them down there, I think it’s obvious (bleedin’ obvious, perhaps) that they’ll be far a tougher proposition for us this year than they were when we met them in the league last year.

That’s about it.  If the peace and quiet is getting to you, there’s an interesting pre-match thread on which involves some delving into the Kerry psyche to see how exactly they feel about winning and losing.  It’d be nice to think that we might be able to give them further cause to ruminate on the latter come Sunday.  Maybe, just maybe …

8 thoughts on “No team announcement until Sunday

  1. Effort is all I want!!! Realisitcally they are a superior team to us and win is pretty unrealistic however having said that a trashing would be a major step in the backword direction. If we give it 100% id be happy and we wont be that far off at the end…thats all i ever ask. I really wish keith Higgins was around for this one….he is the one man that can do a job on the “gifted one” in the corner. Im going to go along to charlestown on Sat. Im expecting a good game between two teams with genuine all ireland aspirations. I was disappointed to see Nally isnt avail due to colemans run but that is understandable. Getting out of connacht could be the hardest part of this years championship although I would imagine the northies will be represented by a decent bunch too.

  2. I realise this seems like i have my green and red glasses on but i do see this team going in the right direction,i also feel this team has the potential to be the best mayo team since 97′.ronan mc garrity and tom parsons in the middle.A target man at full forward. hart,trevor mort and alan dillon in the half forward line,gardiner,cunniffe and hopefully heaney.There you have power speed and ball winners.Everyone with a point to prove,we will win connacht at least..

  3. I like your optimism, 1951! I think Ted was talking about Shane Nally in the context of the U21s: because of Colman’s Connacht victory, he’s apparently not available for selection by the U21s. That’s a bit odd when you come to think of it …

  4. I’d say it’ll be on Midwest, at least I’m hoping it will as I won’t be at it. The Donegal game in Letterkenny was broadcast by them so there’s no reason this one won’t be either.

  5. Midwest have just confirmed they’ll have full coverage of the Kerry game tomorrow.

    No live commentary on the U21 game, but I gather we’re 1-4 0-4 up at half time from the sports report. Mikey Sweeney with the goal, points for C Freeman, Walsh (I think) and Parsons. Couldn’t make out the other scorer, the reception was barely audible from Charlestown!

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