No team until Saturday

I’m reliably informed that there won’t be any team announcement for Saturday’s qualifier clash with Longford until the day itself.  That’s probably a sensible move, given that there’s little to be gained from showing our hand in advance and it also marks a return to what became common practice during that winning run in the league.  Can this tactic now help to set off a similar run of success through the qualifiers?  We shall see.

The downside of this move is that it means that there’s now even more time for punters to ruminate on what they think the team ought to be instead of engaging in some stress-testing of the chosen fifteen.  Oh well, we can’t have it every way I suppose.

17 thoughts on “No team until Saturday

  1. Willie J delaying the team could be a political ploy of a cowardly manager afraid to make big calls.

    My fear is seeing Parsons and Trevor on the pitch.

    I wonder what is going into programme?

  2. cant accept delaying the naming of the team. The fans deserve too see that the manager is making an effort to address the problems BEFORE setting off on the long and expensive journey. If i arrive at the ground and see Trevor Mortimer and Tom Parsons running out on the pitch ill go nuts!!!!

  3. I would just like to pay tribute to the late Dermot Earley. RIP. I grew up mile from the Roscommon border and have vivid memories of travelling acrosss the bog roads through Gortaganny, on to Castlerea and joining long lines of cars in the baking heat, melting tar sticking to the tyres as we made our way to Hyde Park for a ritual slaughter in the mid to late ’70s. Those were the days of Mark II Cortinas, crepe hats, tubs of ices, Michael O Heiir, flairs and sideburns. The Rossies were the kings of Connacht (boy did they keep reminding us!!) and their team was adorned with fantastic players such as Jigger O’Connor, Junior and Tony Mac, Pat Lindsey, Danny Murray, Gay Sheerin, Micheal Finneran and above all the great Dermot Earley.

    He was a collossus in midfield for the Rossies, great fielder, strong on the ball, fast on his feet and well able to take his own score when it was most needed. I can still see the huge banners all around the Hyde paying tribute to their hero, proclaiming ‘Earley to Rise’. Dermot was very strong and tough, well able to handle himself, but he was always clean and fair. On and off the field he was a total gentleman and was highly respected throughout the country.

    Dermot will always be recalled when a shortlist is being compiled of the greatest players not to have won an All Ireland Medal. That would surely have been achieved were it not for the exceptional Kerry team (greatest team ever!!) that pipped the Rossies in the ’80 final. I’m not a closet Ros fan, but it is only fair and right to acknowledge a great team and an exceptional man. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis.

  4. Thanks for taking the time and effort to pen that worthy and heartfelt tribute, Top d Rite – I’d concur with every single word you’ve written there.

    It’s incredible that Dermot played for Roscommon for a full 20 years and was their star performer during what was an exceptional period for the county in the late 1970s. It’s just a pity they didn’t win that All-Ireland in 1980 (even if it would have meant we’d never have heard the last of it – I, too, am from that end of the county) but, All-Ireland or not All-Ireland, he’ll still go down as one of the greats. His impressive post-football career, allied to his modest public demeanour, showed what a man of substance he was. Ireland is a poorer place tonight as a result of his untimely passing.

  5. Cheers wj, it’s good to have a forum like this to share such sentiments with genuine football people!!

  6. nice one topo d rite a fitting tribute to a fine footballer and an absoluate gentleman

  7. It would be nice to know the team before setting off but we probably need any advantage we can get, I just hope he makes the changes that are needed.He needs to put a side out that will be harder faster and more skillful then longford anyone who is not willing to burst a gut or simply isnt good enough should stay at home

  8. Johnno is on the George Hook show Thursday interview on Newstalk after 6pm. Hope it’s a bit better than his contribution to Off the Ball on the same station last night which was heavy on the excuses, and a dollop of praise for Longford. Still, is there anything to be gained from making a clean breast of it to the media at this stage I wonder?

  9. Re: Dermot Earley, a model footballer and gentleman. He was a born leader- and had a presence about him to the point where he walked into a room full of people and without any pretension or wishing it, became the focus of attention. His exploits on the field were before my time (just) but topo d rite has produced a tribute which almost does him justice.
    Ireland is a poorer, less noble place today.

  10. Re Johnno and media appearances, the only place for him to be talking now is through his team on the pitch. I think we’ve all had more than enough of his off-field efforts.

  11. Potential team for sat.
    Clarke, Barrett, Cafferkey, Howley, Vaughan, Higgins, McLoughlin, Harte or McGarrity, S. O’Shea, A. Moran, A. O’Shea, Dillon, Ronaldson, B. Moran, Freeman.

  12. Had the pleasure of meeting Dermot Earley on a number of occassions. A leader and role model of the highest standards. A complete and utter gentlemen…


  13. Like that team Jucer. Good cornor backs, great half back line, Keith in best position. SOS and AOS in best positions, balanced half forward line and scoring full forward line. So no hope of that team playing…………..
    Grew up beside Rossie land in the 70s. Earley was a legend then and seemed to be made of iron. Can still remember him fielding ball in the clouds. He was a sight to see. Was always jealous he wasnt born two more miles to the west. Hope he is kicking ball up in the sky and maybe is on the all ireland winning team now.

  14. An ‘In the know’ poster on GAA Discussion boards posted that same team also Jucer. This poster also had the correct team for the Sligo match so it must have a chance of being right.

  15. Remember51. He was born in Castlebar in 1948. Parents from Castlebar, Dermot lived there with them until 1953. So in effect he was a Mayo man but we know that he was a Roscommon legend. One of the greats.

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