Not a whole load going on

Well, what do you expect on a wet Friday in January? Work, bloody work, that’s what’s going on. Too much of it, in fact, so this needs to be a quick one.

Nothing really to report on from God’s Own County, except to repeat the reference I made in response to a comment yesterday from The Other Mayo Blogger (we’re going to have to come up with a snappier name for you – given your blog title, something to do with the late, great John Healy would be appropriate, I think) to John Prenty’s comments about the new club league structure. Tits on a bull indeed.

Elsewhere, I see that Leitrim want to replay last Sunday’s FBD match with Galway, now that the ref has come clean and admitted that he sent off the Ridge County’s Michael Duignan in error, a decision that probably contributed to the one-point win for the Herrin Chokers. It’s easy to have sympathy with Leitrim on this but … for fuck’s sake, lads, it’s only the FBD. If it happened in the Connacht championship it would be worth arguing the toss but I’m not sure it’s worth going to war over an unimportant pre-season tournament like this.

In ABK news, there’s a bit of a soap opera developing down in the Kingdom over whether or not Darragh O Se will play for them this year. Great real, folks and consider the following: (a) he’s a Kerryman, (b) Kerry are raging, roaring favourites for a three-in-a-row, (c) he’s only 32. He’ll be there, alright, and next year too if they win in September.

Finally, speaking of soap operas, Vera Duckworth is set to cop it tonight. Not before time, too, I say.

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