27 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: it’s James Horan

  1. Well done WJ, your site and others did their bit. Selectors Martin Connoly, Tom Prendergast and Jimmy Nallen. Liam Moffat to train the Dublin contingent and Paul Jordan the trainer I am informed. Fresh air. Yeah! God Bless us for the future, now we can clean out what needs cleaning.

  2. Best wishes to him but with the team we have this is a poor poor choice
    No experience at the top level. As always our county board are doing there best to ensure we fail yet again.

  3. I think we need to give credit for this to where it’s deserved, ontheroad – to the selection committee and the much-maligned County Board who’ve given the gig to James Horan. They’ve shown vision and foresight and a fair bit of balls in making the appointment and I’m delighted they’ve done so. We all need to get four square behind the new team and support them in every way we can.

  4. who the hell is Tom Prendergast?well at least its not lyons so we can all breathe a sigh of relief!

  5. All of a sudden i can’t wait for FBD in January and National league in the spring…they need time though. Hope the fresh management team bring in fresh ideas, fresh players and a new desire for the jersey.. roll on 2011 and the start of the road back to competitiveness…

  6. Thanks WJ. I’ve been refreshing this website for the past 20 minutes trying to find out!
    Great news, we’ve got the man most of us wanted.
    After one of the worst years I’ve ever known following Mayo, finally I’m looking forward with some optimism

  7. Good to see James Nallen involved. I wonder if James Horan chose the back room team or was it a CB choice?

  8. Mighty news! Can’t actually believe it, you can’t predict the future you can only make the right decisions for the right reasons and hope for the best.
    Absolutley delighted

  9. Best of luck to james and the rest of the team, i’m glad he got it, did the c/board finally listen to the supporters, did they finally realise how much support they would have lost if they appointed lyons, they would have definatly lost my support and i would not have gone to any more matchs, anyway enough of the rant, here’s looking to the future,

    UP MAYO!!

  10. great news. This approach with a young coach has worked very well in Down and Kildare. He has a lot of work to do though.
    After seeing the make up of the Cork team, there must be some untried junior and intermediate players that are worth a shot.
    Bring on the FBD league 🙂

  11. Agreed WJ, but perhaps the vocal on the social sites might have focused the county boards mind. Now we will stand four square behind the managment team and lets hope the co board will concentrate on infrastructural items and leave the football to James Horan and his team. All in all a good nights work.

  12. havent posted anything here since pearse park so its nice to be back!Horan is financially the best man for our cash strapped cb to get so im not one bit surprised he got the nod. he is under no pressure and will certainly improve things and thank god he wont bring a media circus with him! i wish you the very best james horan.

  13. Delighted with the selection, this does not guarantee success but is a positive step. I am not sure of the background of some selectors, would be interested if someone could give a brief update.
    I just watched Horan’s goal versus Kerry in ’96, hope that there is more of the same in the future. As the majority of fans have got our way, then hope that we all provide support to the team which they will need as we rebuild.

  14. Best of luck JH

    I would like to remind everyone that he, himself did not come into Mayo reckoning until his early to mid twenties so I hope he has an open mind about late developing talent and unearth some diamonds.

  15. popular choice it has to be said. There are risks for sure but still happier its Horan ahead of Tommy. A low profile appointment too which is refreshing in itself. Theres a chance we could come in under the radar now ….

  16. green and red…god let it be green for grounded in the bloody earth and red for the blood they shed for their county…fed up of half hearted gutless stuff from mayo…and glorious defeats…just win. may we breathe some of the KIWI mentality and frighten the shite out of opposition…every one of them!!!
    I won’t comment again until we win the all-ireland in 2011…

  17. Typicall county board, i expected no less when i seen john feeney get away with thumping another player under the stand in last sundays semi final? its a utter disgrace but what else can we expect from this county board, id welcome a family of rats into my home before i would welcome them! a certin ballina player caused most of last years problems and he will prob be in midfield again next season, mayo gaa will be paddy come last as long as this county board remains in situ.

  18. Four selectors is far too many. How do five people mull over and make a decision in the heat of battle. And only one of them with any form of pedigree. Delighted for JH but we can’t assume success because other young managers have been successful. It is a major risk. Please god it will pay off.

  19. I think once the cement-mixer drove through the crash barrier outside “An Sportlann” at 7.00 this evening with the logo on it “Lyons for the Ladies team” – — the County Board knew the game was up and caved into to the wishes of the vast majority of genuine Mayo supporters and turned in the direction of Ballintubber. Good Luck James -may you bring your strength of character and determination to the Mayo teams that you are about to choose.

  20. Let there be no negativity, for god sake i am over the moon, let the whole county get behind this decision and for once lets show a united front. I applaud the cb for showing guts and foresight, Good solid Mayo men, leading our county team into a new era, be patient and this will come to fruit. Maigheo abu.

  21. Delighted James Horan got the job & great to see Jimmy Nallen involved. Looking forward to a fresh start. Good riddance 2010. Mayo forever!

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