OFFICIAL: It’s Kevin McStay

It was announced by Mayo GAA just now that Kevin McStay has been appointed as the new Mayo manager. The Ballina native was one of four candidates nominated for the position and he succeeds James Horan in the role. He’s been appointed for an initial period of four years.

As was revealed some weeks ago, the core backroom team assembled by the new manager comprises former Mayo manager Stephen Rochford, former Mayo coach Donie Buckley, ex-Belmullet manager Damien Mulligan and current Belmullet manager Liam McHale. The composition of the wider backroom team will, no doubt, be revealed in due course.

Now that the appointment process is over – completed, it should be noted, ahead of schedule and with a minimum of fuss – it’s only right and proper to acknowledge all of the candidates who put their names forward for the job and to the proposed backroom teams they assembled. As a county, we’re fortunate to have had a choice among a number of high calibre management teams and a tough choice it must have been to pick one over the other.

That decision has now been made, with Kevin McStay appointed as the new manager of the county’s Senior football team. Mayo supporters everywhere will no doubt welcome the new man’s appointment and wish him and his colleagues every success in the role over the coming years.

242 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: It’s Kevin McStay

  1. Wasnt my preferred candidate but glad the appointment has been made. Best of luck to Kevin and his team for the next few years

  2. Once i seen Dempseys ticket my mood changed as i knew regardless who got the job we would be in good hands.

    Kevin will be a great manager, roll on 2023. Up Mayo!!

  3. That’s the 3rd managerial appointment in a row where my initial nerves were met with relief. Must have been an incredibly tough decision to make the final call but fully behind Kevin now and wish him and anyone putting in time for the county the very best of luck. Hopefully a great club championship on the way!

  4. I would have liked to see Dempsey get it, but McStay has a very strong backroom team put together.
    Hard luck to Dempsey, Solan and Shaw.
    Congrats to Kevin McStay and all involved.
    Time for everyone to reunite and get behind them all the way!

  5. Thats brilliant. Delighted for him, Rochford, Mulligan and McHale. A great mayo man.
    Good example of not giving up on after applying years ago.
    Good times ahead. Super excited.

  6. Indeed WJ we are very fortunate to have people of that calibre interested in Mayo. I reckon some of them will be involved at some future date. But for now best wishes to Kevin Mc Stay and his management team. Everyone now needs to get behind the team and support them in every way possible.

  7. The very best of luck to him. He wasn’t my preferred choice but I know he’ll give it his all and deserves his chance and all the luck in the world.

  8. Best of luck to Kevin and his entire group. A fresh start with hopefully fresh ideas. Looking forward to the future now.

  9. Best of luck to Kevin and his team. He deserves his chance at the job. A good choice. Fair play to the CB as well for a job well done.

  10. Best of luck to Kevin and his management team, I think we can now put the dark days after the loss to Tyrone behind us.

  11. Best of luck to Kevin and his team. A strong outfit for sure. I can’t recall such a strong pool of candidates for the job. An argument could be made for the other three, some of whom you’d be certain will lead Mayo in the future.

  12. Yes, let’s all get fully behind McStay and his team now and await the next chapter in the story of Mayo GAA. Best of luck to all. Maigh Eo Abú!

  13. Good luck to them I’m sure they’ll try there best. I know it’s the wrong choice but I guess now isn’t the time for complaining

  14. Two Yellows/Green & Red – I’m not going to allow either of you to run that line of debate here and shame on you both for reacting to the announcement in the same twisted and mean-spirited way. If that’s the level of discussion you want then I suggest you join all the other toxic morons on social media because this sure isn’t the place for it.

  15. Best of luck to Kevin and his team, a good choice. Looking forward to 2023 now, Up Mayo. Hard luck to the other 3 candidates, it takes guts to put your name forward for a role like that. On we move, hopefully this will unite the support again for the new season.

  16. Sad, but like Rochford etc.

    Now, i hope K. doesnot say ‘i want Mayo to make a statement’. Small matter, i know.

    Apart from that, Good luck to you, Kevin.


  17. Best of luck to Kevin and his team, we have Stephen Rochford and Donie Buckley back in the management team which is a major boost.

    Hopefully everyone here pulls together and no one posts any aul begrudging shite.

  18. Kevin mcstay ain’t a bad choice with the back room team he has involved with him will we see him around the county now with the championship soon kicking off

  19. All the best to Kevin, finally got the gig he wanted. Will be interesting too see will he be given the 4 years as agreed. Mayo have a bit more transition to do and lets be honest Mayo right now doesn’t have as much potential to land the big prize as they did when McStay was to take over in 2015 with a settled team and seasoned campaigners

  20. Well said WJ….no need for idiotic comments, just because we didn’t get the man we want.
    Fair play to all 4, proud Mayo men and hard luck to those who didn’t get it, this time.
    I was a Dempsey man, myself. But I am happy with Kevin and his management team. Wishing Kevin and the Mayo team all the very best. Please God this will be the winning ticket.
    Maigheo abú.

  21. I apologise Willie Joe.

    Not exactly sure I said anything offensive tbh. As I said I wish Kevin all the best.

  22. Well said Willie Joe.
    Best of luck to Kevin and Mayo. Now let us all get behind him and hope he keeps us competitive, and land the big one.

  23. That’s okay, Green & Red, but you did repeat the line from that disgraceful hit-job of an article in the local media. Tonight isn’t the night for that kind of talk.

  24. Congratulations to Mr Mc Stay and his team and best of luck to them. Comiserations to the other candidates. 4 years is a long term which hopefully would imply some kind of strategic plan. Personally i dont think its the right appointment and i would not be surprised if he is gone at end of 2024 championship based on poor results.

  25. 11 years of Donie Buckley as our head coach by the time it’s over. Cannot say how I truly feel because Willie Joe will just delete the comment.

  26. He really wanted it so good luck to him and I hope there’s no murmurings from the players re McHale.

    Remember however that he does not have a magic wand and for example, finding more scoring forwards in the county, will prove as much a challenge for him as his predecessors.

  27. Hurray! Well done, Kevin. Good luck now to the new manager and the entire Mayo team and all of us.
    Thank you to all of the candidates who put themselves forward for the job. You are Trojans.

  28. For once the CB were in a lovely position. One where the 4 groups were all good and whoever they chose was going to be a good pick. I wanted KMc to get it and hopefully everyone will back him and all involved. Can’t wait to see his first panel and see how it differs from JHs. Hopefully exciting times ahead.

  29. Good luck to Kevin and the team.I voted for Dempsey but to be honest this is a great team……lets see what they bring…..good years ahead

  30. Best of luck to Kevin and his team I’m shur it’s a dream come through for him to manage his native county , hopefully everyone can get behind them and drive us in the right direction, probably the first choice team I would have wanted now it’s time to go again hopefully a new positive buzz builds and we must just let them at it and get on with it

  31. Look this is my last comment of the night. I’ll repeat again congrats to Kevin. But I’ve no confidence in Donie Buckley. We all know the definition of insanity.

    Hard luck to the other 3 in particular Dempsey. I don’t know how he could make a call to Oisin McConville and Declan Okeeffee and tell them they weren’t good enough. The same for Daniel Kilgannon.

  32. Congratulations to Kevin and his backroom team. Hard luck to Ray and the impressive team he had assembled. Without being disrespectful to Shaw or solan, I didn’t mind which of mcstay or dempsey got it. At the end of the day we all love mayo and our one and only ambition is to see us win Sam. That’s the bottom line. It’s time now to pull together, support our team as best we can, because that’s what all of us are, is SUPPORTERS.

    Maybe not the evening to think about it, but would it be possible of mcstay to approach kilgallon, Burke and or Kennedy to add to the backroom??? It would only strengthen a good team

  33. Comhghairdeas do Caoimhin agus an foireann uilig! Let’s get behind this management team and good luck to the unsuccessful candidates. Hopefully they will stay involved in Mayo football!
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  34. I don’t believe that they’ll be massive changes in terms of the squad. As stated above there are only so many players in the county; hopefully he’ll uncover 2 or 3 new talents…but there won’t be anything too dramatic.

  35. Congratulations to Kevin McStay and team, and best wishes to ye all going forward.
    Up Mayo!

  36. I am delighted for Kevin. Has the balls to manage a county team unlike some other analysts
    We were spoiled for choice with 4 good native candidates.
    Now comes the hard part,the cull.

  37. A fair process where all 4 candidates got a chance to put their best foot forward.
    Must have been a close run thing but I’m delighted with the appointment. Think it’s the most experienced setup with the best chance of success.
    Time for all of us to put the disappointment and bitterness of the last year behind us and throw our lot firmly behind Kevin and his team. The future is positive again.

  38. Congrats to Kevin and best of luck in the years ahead. Tough job for co board as all candidates were of such a high calibre doubt their day will come too. But today belongs to Kevin and his team

  39. Willie Joe – All for positivity. But why is everything in moderation is there no room for debate? A 4 year term is lunacy. Speaks volumes as to when this was decided.

  40. Congrats to Kevin and hard luck to the other 3. Wishing them the best of good luck. Great to see such quality teams proposed for the roll. Mayo forever

  41. Fair play. The rest are all younger so they can go again. Best of luck to Kevin hope he goes the distance.

  42. I think it’s a brilliant decision and exciting times ahead. Kevin’s army background will help in having all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted as regards organisation and every man doning the red and green will know his role ad nauseum.
    To have Rochford who is a brilliant tactician and to have Buckley and McHale as coaches is unreal.
    Mulligan is smart and has done some stuff with Belmullet.
    I’m sure the rest of the backroom team will be diamonds as well.
    Jack O’Connor as someone said here previously bleeds Green and Gold but I would argue we have got someone who has been so hungry for so long to get this job and has thought for years how he’d like to carry out the job that hopefully some good times for Mayo await.
    Best of luck to them all.

  43. I am delighted Kevin McStay got the job.He has a very intelligent backroom team .I hope they pull together and search every corner of the county for young raw talent they can mould into shining diamonds. Good luck to all and I will die happy if Sam comes to Mayo

  44. Seanie CH – there’ll be one out on Patreon in a few hours, all going well, and we’re recording another one tomorrow night, which is planned to go out on Patreon on Wednesday and on all other platforms on Thursday. That’s the plan anyway – there’s plenty to talk about!

  45. Well done to the McStay team on winning out.
    For me it was either McStay or Dempsey, both teams were very strong indeed.
    I was there in Croker when St Brigid’s won the club All Ireland.

  46. Best of luck to the new management team.I disagree with Green and Red about Donie Buckley as I think our tackling was on the money when he was involved.Looking forward to the season ahead.

  47. Firstly, delighted for Kevin McStay. After two harrowing rejections, great to see he had desire to present himself again.

    Secondly, we can be critical at times of County Board but glad to see that there was a clear process and that, from this vantage point, everything was properly adhered to.
    Finally, we were blessed to have four really strong candidates with really decent proposed backroom teams. Rejection is never easy and the fact that this competition for the top job was so public it must be a difficult evening for the other three candidates. They are men that other counties would love to have available.

    I am sure all three will present in the future and will continue to contribute positively to football at club or indeed county level.

    Lets hope this evening is the start of a rejuvenation in our fortunes and that great days lie ahead.

  48. Congratulations Kevin McStay your the Mayo manager wear it pride best of luck to Stephen and Donie, Donie had us in a great place when he was there yee can say whatever else yee want about that. Delighted

  49. Delighted with this appointment. Wishing McStay and his team the very best of luck!

  50. Two Yellows – “everything” isn’t in moderation and the debate is flowing freely, as it always is. It’s only an issue for those who, like yourself and a small number of others, can’t or won’t abide by the rules on this topic. My sole aim is to promote a fair and reasonable debate and I’m not going to let people with particular agendas or axes to grind ruin the discussion for everyone else.

  51. Green&red.. I think your being a bit too erratic in saying “how can Dempsey make a call to mcconville and o keefe saying they’re not good enough”.. Maybe it was the man they interviewed that wasn’t good Enough.. And mcstay obviously presented himself better.. Let’s get behind him now and give him a chance.. Well done Kevin.

  52. Best of luck to them.
    A conservative selection, but one that was expected. but maybe it will work out the way all want.
    11 years of one coach is a very long time.

  53. Jroc were you on the interview team when McStay obviously presented himself better?
    Comments coming out of this evenings meeting gave great praise to Ray as having put forward a great team and having prepared for the interview meticulously and presenting a great proposal.

  54. Congratulations and best wishes to Kevin McStay and his backroom team. Hard to luck to the 3 other canditates they deserve great credit for putting their names forward too.

  55. Delighted for my fellow clubmen Kevin & Liam on getting the job.
    Hard luck to Ray Dempsey, I have to say I was really impressed with the backroom team he had put in place. Hard luck too to Mike Solan and Declan Shaw. I have a feeling Mike will be back again with his sidekick Andy Moran and feel like Declan Shaw will also land a Mayo job possibly at underage alongside his sidekick Declan O’Riley.
    Just a note, could it be the last two Ballina men to be involved together with Mayo as manager and coach were Gerald Courell and Jackie Carney?? I think they might have done reasonably well in the job!!

  56. Congrats to Kevin and his team. Hopefully we will see a new approach tactically. He will be working with much the same panel as Horan has the last couple of years. We should not expect a miracle in the first year but definitely a new angle on things should be visible. Looking forward to it all kicking off next year.

  57. Jroc- I’m sure Mcstay did present himself better. He’s on the TV every week. I don’t see how anything is erratic about what I said. He has to tell men who have multiple all Irelands that they aren’t good enough for a county that have been waiting 70 odd years to win one. Reading into things a bit to much. Relax

  58. Best of luck to the new management team. I’m sure they will leave no stone unturned.
    Let’s hope it gives our players a new lease of life and an injury free run in ’23 and who knows where it takes us. Here’s hoping.

  59. Congratulations to Kevin and best of luck to him and thr team.. I admire club loyalty and understand some knockmore lads will be disappointed but its done now .. You still have a good club manager so perhaps this evening isn’t the evening for having a pop at Mcstay/ Buckley … Move on and get behind the new management and more importantly the team .

  60. Congratulations to the cb on the way they went about the whole process there fair game for stick most of the time but on this occasion they got it spot on .
    Congratulations to Kevin he sure as the stuff to land Sam, he never gave up despite rejection he kept coming back because his dream has a proud mayo man was to manage his county.
    It’s very refreshing to read the comments of posters who were in the dempsey corner coming out wishing Kevin the best .

  61. – Best of luck to Kevin and all his team. The experience of his backroom team likely swung it in the end.
    – Tough on the others who were brave enough to put their teams forward,
    – I echo the call for people to support them or at least hold judgement on them until 2023 championship is finished.
    – There are plenty outside of Mayo GAA only too willing to snipe and criticise. We do not need to be adding to their ranks.
    – Over to the Club championship to see who will catch the eye as we need more than a new management team.

  62. Have to agree with Green & Red – Donie Buckley has been involved with numerous top teams and has failed to win anything of consequence. Kerry don’t share their top coaches with other counties but have dispensed with his services on two separate occasions. Monaghan went backwards during his spell. Ultimately coaches are judged on silverware and unfortunately he has very little to his name!

  63. Congratulations to our new management team. I’m delighted that with all the talk about outside managers we were spoiled for choice and in the end we have got a really high calibre leadership team

  64. I see ex Aghamore manager Sean Finnegan is on the McStay ticket. A good knowledgable man and would know Kevin from his army days.

  65. Ah gizmobobs take it handy.. I am saying mcstay was the preferred choice so something in his interview pleased the panel more than Dempsey.. That’s all.

  66. Great appointment
    I think any of the candidates had a good chance but can’t begrudge Kevin,great to see him finally get a crack at it
    Best of luck and up Mayo

  67. Congratulations to Kevin and his team,I have always been in Stephen Rochfords team a brilliant manager ,I hope that we can make it,rest assured that they will do their best, hopefully this is our best management team,sorry for the rest of the teams ,especially Ray Dempsey team

  68. Apologies, The West is Best, I mistook your intention there. I assumed you weren’t going to post something moronic and insulting. My mistake.

  69. You’ll never please everyone – but as a management team, it’s a good appointment. And different personalities can, and do, complement one other.. Cian O’Neill came on board in Galway, and the benefit was instant for all..

    Whatever about telling Oisin and Declan they weren’t good enough, spare a thought for poor Solan who has to deliver the same message to a certain Sligo man…

  70. Love to know who I insulted with that comment. Seemed a fair enough comment. You’re not allowing much if a debate which of course is your prerogative as it’s your blog.

  71. What’s the rationale behind a 4 year term? Seems very rash if the decision was truly made yesterday.

  72. Delighted for Kevin. Will he be successful? Who knows. But I’m glad he’s getting the opportunity.

    I don’t get the criticism of Buckley. We can’t lay all blame at his door for years we didn’t win.

    Reality is we would all like to cherry pick back room teams but that’s not how it works.

    I am excited about the change. I feel mcstay will put everything into this , he knows given his age it is his one and only opportunity.

  73. I’m surprised the mayo gaa statement makes no reference to the 3 unsuccessful candidates. Surely they should have been thanked . I imagine a huge amount of work put in by all.

  74. Cant understand people giving out about Buckley. He thought us how to tackle.
    Saying he was not wanted in Kerry is immaterial, the Kerry manager that dropped him got kicked out himself.Buckley for the backs and McHale for the forwards is a good combination not to mention Rochford

  75. What statement are you referring to Jeepers? I don’t see anything on their website yet.

    In that Western People piece linked by Gizmobobs, the following is stated: Tuohy expressed his thanks to all four of the candidates for their interest in the position, having earlier told the meeting that all four would have made for excellent managers. “I have to say that the preparation all four guys put in, and the passion and commitment they showed, was absolutely excellent,” he added after the meeting.

  76. The west is best – you know full well, as do I. Fair debate doesn’t include sly digs at named individuals so if that’s your bag then I’m afraid you’ll have to try somewhere else. There’s plenty of good discussion going on here tonight but it’s sad to see individuals with agendas letting themselves down in the manner they are.

  77. Yes JR and three of the five based in Mayo. Kevin not too far away either. They’ll surely have a good handle on what’s available. I would have been happy with this or Dempsey. Now is the time for all Mayo people to pull together. CB , management and supporters. We must also give it time. Remember James’s start wasn’t very impressive, but look at the team we had later.

  78. I also cannot see where the buckley criticism is coming from. Before this years all ireland everyone was talking about cian o Neill and the influence he had on the galway team well by the way buckley is being judged then o neill must be a failure after mayo kildare cork and Galway and no all ireland won.

  79. No Doubt – Cian Oneill won AIs as a coach with the Tipp Hurlers and the Kerry senior team under Fitzmorris. Donie has never won with a team. I wish him well but I can’t understand what all the hype around him is. People say he’s a good defensive coach. We kept conceding goals in AI finals. Kept being outscored. All I’m saying is that we have to look at the evidence in front of our eyes.

  80. Best of luck to Kevin McStay & all involved. The Mayo job is huge but he will bring a lot of experience & knowledge into the setup, just what’s needed for Mayo senior county football, I’m sure the next few years is going to be very exciting to say the least, onwards & upwards.

  81. I’m glad the appointment has been made quickly and Kevin and his management team will be well settled in before next year’s National League. Best of luck Kevin! Maigh Eo abu

  82. Congratulations to Kevin and his backroom team. Delighted for him personally. He was my preferred candidate for the role. Whether Kevin can get this current team to a new level of performance remains to be seen. That limp second half performance against Kerry really highlighted that our shortfalls cut a lot deeper than just management style and game plan. I do hope Kevin and his backroom team can engineer a way to bring this current panel up to All Ireland winning standard. Wishing him the very best on his appointment.

  83. Congrats Kevin wonder who is the young hungry players Kevin can keep an eye out for in the club championship this year

  84. Kevin McStay mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the decision has now been made so best of luck to him, and let the whole county gets behind him and his team.
    Hopefully it’ll introduce a bit of freshness and energy into the county set up after a disappointing finish to 2022.

  85. Best of luck to Kevin and his team. I would also have thought that Rockford and Buckley had their term one way or the other and would have preferred Dempsey’s bid. However now that the selection has been made we have to get behind Kevin and give him the support he needs.

  86. The Rossies will be chomping at the bit to draw us in the championship. Will be all the sweeter to beat them with Kevin on our side. Up Mayo

  87. No doubt, I don’t think people are being critical of Donie, he’s undoubtedly a very talented coach.
    I think the reservations are (from my view at least) is after 7 years what will he bring new to the team in the next 4 years?
    While new players in squad since a lot have 7 years with him under the belt. It’s unlikely they’ve forgotten 7 years of learning and wouldn’t pass it on to others.
    It’s immaterial now, I just thought it was time for CB to be brave and go for something completely different rather than sticking with the more conservative tried and tested option. Especially when a team with memebers with experience of winning Sam Maguire were an alternative.

  88. Pod is just up on Patreon – it’s Rob and Ed at MacHale Park providing instant reaction to tonight’s announcement of the manager’s appointment.

  89. 4 years is a long term…

    Surprised people are complaining about Buckley. Our tackling has gone backwards since he left.

    Does anyone know if McStay has plans to bring a psychologist on board?

  90. Great win for utd over Liverpool top, along with mcstays appointment.. Things looking up in both areas

  91. Thanks Willie joe ,I’m not running to paddy Power tomorrow but I just have a gut feeling that this management team are going to deliver.
    Ray dempsey will get his chance I’m certain on that ,for mcstay to have the balls to go 1 more time tells me all I need to know about the man .
    The 4 year term also sends a message out that the cb have full confidence in his vision for the mayo team going forward.

  92. Congrats to Kevin on getting the big job. Looking forward to see what changes he makes. Great to see Rochford back involved too.

  93. Would have been happy with McStay or Dempsey. Best of luck to them and fair play to each of the candidates. Takes some serious guts to put yourself in the firing line of being Mayo manager.

    Something to look forward to.

  94. No arguments here regarding McStay , but Rochford and Buckley have both had chances and delivered nothing , as for McHale i cant wait to see what he brings to the team / game plan

  95. Credit where credit is due. Well done to McStay for applying it took courage with all the previous history. Easy option would be to stay on with rte.
    Cant be easy being Mayo manager with 100,000 different opinions. The level of interest as we all know is massive.

    Great Rochford is involved. He could easily be manager of another county. But you’d have to assume his love and passion of Mayo football brought him back. McHale is a man who also loves mayo football. Honestly this team is top class.

    And credit to the county board, I believe the process went well. Taking the time was wise.

    Hopefully they get off to a solid start and have luck with player injuries. I havent felt this happy about mayo since we beat Dublin in 2021

  96. Jaysus a bit ott to say Buckley and rochford delivered nothing in their stints ffs , we were a whisker away in both periods .

    Anyway best of luck to Kevin and his team , idolised him as a player when I was a gasun , used to always try them jinkin twists and turns he had in his locker but unfortunately I was a shite footballer . He will bring a bounce to the squad , hopefully a new vibrant energy for 2023 all round and we bury the nightmare of 21 that has really hung a dark cloud over us as a unit .

  97. Will ten hag and mcstay turn the fortunes around for utd and mayo.. I think so… Time to believe again folks. Our two favourire teams will collect silverware soon.. Lock the door and turn the lights down low…. Mayo are back with a bang, all ireland champions 2023.

  98. Happy to see McStay get a crack, but I’d be of the same opinion re Rochford and Buckley. Surely some new voices would have been better? In an ideal world I’d probably have chosen McStay with Dempsey’s backroom team.

    However it’s immaterial now and I wish the new management team all the best.

  99. The management is in place and I reckon they won’t do too much wrong. Now it’s over to the players – the older more seasoned lads to re-commit and the young fellas to step up and deliver on their potential. Despite the increasing number of specialist coaches/ trainers etc all they can do is create an environment in which players can fulfill their potential. In the end of the day its down to the players – their innate ability, their fitness, their attitude, their commitment etc. Now is the time for everyone to step up or step aside.

  100. Congratulations to Kevin McStay and his management team. He has assembled a very experienced team and I believe it’s the one that gives us the best chance of success in the next few years. Hard luck to the other three candidates and they may yet get their opportunity to manage Mayo in the future.

  101. After this season, the general consensus was that mayo were further away than ever from winning an all Ireland, has mcstays appointment changed that?

  102. I dont think we were farer away than ever to be honest……..
    I do think McStay can develop us further….i do think his management team and the players are good enough to win the big one by 2026….but we do have to give them their time and opportunity to make mistakes……just because we have the history we have does not entitle us to win it year 1

  103. Selecting a management team with All Ireland medals doesn’t guarantee success.
    We know that well since the time we appointed the great Jack o Shea who had probably 8 all Ireland medals. He managed us to two of our darkest days – Connaught final loss to Leitrim and annihilation in Croke park to Cork.

  104. Well done to Kevin and his team and I wish them all the best.
    Great experience and football knowledge behind them.
    Now all They have to do is win one Match we always seem to have a problem with winning that’s a All Ireland Football Final.
    Maigh eo Abu..

  105. @Arah musha – it is unfair for that discussion to be had until Kevin has had time to work with the squad and implement his plan.

    We need to get behind Kevin and his team, they deserve a fair crack and people are already posting negative comments about the backroom (not you other posters above).

    I dont believe that is the general consensus either, certainly not with the people in Mayo GAA circles i have been talking too.

  106. Arah musha he has a 4 year term and if the general consensus that you talk about is right he’s not under pressure, on a personal opinion I don’t see any team dominating the way the dubs did actually the all ireland is as open as iv seen it in years .
    He has to many seriously educated guys around him to get the best out of the team and his army background and knowledge of the game will be priceless.
    He will have to delegate and lead from the front and get the best from all the expertise at his disposal, he had the brains to put this backroom team together I think he’s a winner big time.

  107. Best of luck to Kevin and his team and as earlier referred to how real Mayo supporters can defame Rochford & Buckley who went closer to anyone in my lifetime to deliver the holy grail and against the best Football Team of all time is a mystery. Move on and get behind them.

  108. JRoc, I couldn’t give a highland about Tin Hag, auld hags or slow nags!.Mayo, and the fortunes of our beloved Green and Red is where it’s at on this blog.

  109. Arah Musha I would think we are further away now. Most of his core team including himself having been involved in Mayo senior management teams before. I think we were crying out for something new

  110. Jack O’Connor returning to Kerry for a third time did them no harm so not sure why some would think this is a backwards appointment.

    You cannot blame Buckley for previous final defeats..he’s part of the backroom team and not the primary cause of success or failure.

  111. I think Mc Stay had the best balance overall. Dempsey’s ticket had star power but I just wasn’t sure how they would work together.
    Great to get on the road now, hopefully with no more injuries.

  112. We are a lot closer than people think.
    For the first time in decades we had a top class full forward line with pace
    Then they all got injured
    No team can cope with that

    Players will all have a longer break than usual
    Cillian will be fit as will Rod and Conroy hopefully
    New manager will bring new ideas and an injection of new players
    We will be there or thereabouts mark my words
    Not far away at all

  113. Congrats to Kevin McStay and his team. Delighted he got the job. Tough luck on the other 3 candidates and fair play to them for having the courage to put their names forward. No doubt some posters are disappointed their prefered candidate didn’t get thejob, but time now for all of us to support the Mayo team. It represents us on the field of play. It has made a lot of us very proud in the last decade. I am sure we all genuinely hope it will continue to do so.

  114. Spotlight I don’t think using O’Connor’s returning to kerry is a great example.
    That’s a winner coming back to win again 🙂

  115. Very pleased for Kevin and his team. I think it’s the right choice but there was a lot of really strong competition for the role. Maigh Eo Abu.

  116. @Km79

    Mayo not having a top class forward line before was a bit of myth to be honest. Andy Moran up there with the best forwards from play and won footballer of the year. COC regular top scorer. He’s older now and injury list is concerning.

    Mayo should be there or thereabouts again but i think a lot of that will be to do with the overall quality of the championship than anything else. The top Dublin team are gone into transition. Kerry good but beatable the next best Tyrone,Galway,Derry,Armagh all with plenty of their own issues.

    Best defences win All Irelands and Mayo in the 2012,2013,2016,2017,2020,2021 finals had a bad habit of conceding soft goals can Mcstay and his management correct that if Mayo reach another AI final in his term?

  117. I’m feeling back to myself. Kevin will be a brilliant manager. And he has a top rate team. Hard luck to Ray. He had a real cut, and to be honest it was as close to a toss up you were likely to get.
    But someone has to lose, and we now have a brilliant management team, for which most counties would bite your hand off.
    Please. Let’s back Kevin. He has a magnificent knowledge of football.
    So I will now evoke the mood, resolve and unity from the last stanza of that beautiful song

    “Now boys, pull together in all sorts of weather
    Don’t show the white feather, wherever you go
    Act each as a brother and help one another
    Like true hearted men from the County Mayo”
    Muigh Eo abú!

  118. Congratulations to Kevin and his backroom team on getting the gig.
    It’s amazing that the County Board had such an array of talented managers and coaches to choose from, not many other County Boards, if any, would have such a luxury.
    So hard luck to the 3 who didn’t make it but you know you all played your part because the strengths of the teams you put together would have make McStay pull out all the stops and ensured he had to cover every single angle when finalising his team.
    I am particularly delighted to see Donie Buckley back in the Mayo fold again. Under his coaching Mayo produced the best two back lines in the country, they were a joy to watch and envied by the supporters and managements of the top teams in the land. Real Kerry supporters were aghast at how the Kingdom failed to make use of his coaching abilities.
    It’s good to see Rochford back also as his tactical brain and footballing nous that took so so close will give us a massive advantage in our ongoing quest. However, I do hope that McStay will treat the Connacht championship with a bit more urgency and respect than perhaps Rochford did during his tenure.
    As an Erris man, it’s great to see that the achievements of Belmullet, over the past few years, are recognised by the inclusion of their managers on Kevin’s team although McHale is of course a long time ally.
    As a fervent Mayo fan, what I ask of this management team is that they put out the best performing Mayo team on the day when in the heat of championship battle and maybe just maybe McStay will deliver for us.
    Good luck to you all lads

  119. Delighted at that decision. Congrats to Kevin and the team.

    For me, it’s the ticket; it just has a lot of balance about it. I see about four pluses to Mac, apart from his managerial experience.

    * Lives outside the county – unusually for a native manager. He’ll be a step away from the bullshit.
    * His media work – this can be a negative – but he has seen a hell of a lot of football, close up. And, it, hopefully will ensure he’s not too pally with particular individuals, and will be ruthless, when he has to.
    * I have a feeling he’ll be good at managing the team, the managerial team. This will be critical because there’s a lot of talent there, and it has to be deployed correctly.
    * His professional experience embraces management (Army), and communications (media), which should be beneficial in the dressing room. I feel too he’ll be a listener.

  120. I sincerely hope Kevin has a long term plan and is patient. Many of our existing players , particularly forwards do not have the dancing feet necessary in the modern game . I think we get euphoric when our backs and midfielders drive forward and sometime accept poor defensive qualities such as the ability to catch high ball when stepping backwards . Eventhough backs nowadays defend mainly by shadowing and getting out front , yet the consequence of not being able to field high ball when stepping backwards have been well devastating. There were many games in which our lack of firepower was highlighted and there is some justification for that but we inficted suckered punch after suckered punch on ourselves by poor aerial defence. Looking forward to our two bright lights getting back to full fitness but PATIENCE please.

  121. Very best of luck to Kevin McStay and his backroom team. I wish them every success. Commiserations to the other three candidates.

    It’s the safe and probsbly conservative choice, but at this point he deserves his chance and hopefully some of the wrongs of previous years have now been righted, without any further controversy created. That is progress, surely? Surprised to see a four-year term announced again though.

    dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze asks a crucial question above. This is meant with no disrespect to our players or the new manager and his team, but Mayo’s situation is unfortunately unique, as is the level of pressure and expectation on everyone involved. I firmly believe that without an accomplished sports psychologist involved, we will already be at a disadvantage. I’d also like to hear how he plans to address Mayo’s scoring challenges. Stephen Rochford brought in Niamh Fitzpatrick in 2017 and players have spoken very highly of her contribution, so I hope he can advocate for a similar appointment this time around if needs be.

    It’s hard to shake off the sense that unless things truly change behind the scenes, we will always find ourselves swimming upstream. But at least the handling of this appointment has been done in a way that ensures we won’t be making page pages or even front page headlines for a week, as has too often been the case in the past. Onwards and upwards.

  122. Congrats to Kevin and his team. Ray, Micheal and Declan are still young men and will get their chance in the future. The first Mayo match I ever attended was in Carrick On Shannon back in 1985. Kevin started corner forward that day and tore Leitrim apart with his mazy solo runs and deft touches. The poor Leitrim corner back stumbled off the field that day in a daze. Kevin had a magnificent side step and could turn fellas inside out with solo runs alternating off his left and right foot. Anyway back to business, realistically he has a very tough job ahead of him as I thought we showed a soft underbelly this year which reminded me of some of the bad old days before Horan took over in 2010. Kevin will have to continue the rebuild of team Mayo and will have to be ruthless in moving us back to the level we were at 5 years ago. I have followed this blog since its green and red days and have to thank Willie Joe for keeping it going and expanding it into the treasure trove it now is.

  123. Congratulations to Kevin Mcstay and his management team and best wishes to them, in their very difficult job. To put it bluntly, you can now really be regarded as a successful Mayo manager, only if you deliver Sam and whoever, eventually, does, will forever be a legend in Mayo football. It is a tough job and you will be subjected to criticism, which is fair enough and insults and personal abuse, which is not. So fair play to all four candidates who put themselves forward, which I am sure came from their love and passion for Mayo and a burning desire to finally deliver Sam. McStay was my own choice as I believe that he assembled the most experienced and best balanced team. I don’t consider Rochford and Buckley as failures, as some suggest and I don’t go along with this idea that you have to have All Ireland medals in your arse pocket to be a successful manager/coach-there are many examples in the GAA and other sports to contradict that view. I think it is right that McStay has been given a four year term and I look forward with interest to see what new players are brought into the panel and what style of game is implemented.

  124. PS I have changed my handle, if that is the right term, from GreenandRed, to avoid being confused with a poster using a similar name and who has earned a few yellow cards from Willie Joe recently.

  125. Best of luck to Kevin mcstay. I’m delighted he got the job. Listening to him in commentary.. he always seemed to suggest that aos should be at 14. Interesting to see will that now happen. Buckley a big plus too. Our tackling has not been what it was since he left.

  126. All the best to him, would have liked Dempsey to have a crack but it’s much of a muchness really

    He’s walking into a far tougher situation than he would have been in 2014, I still maintain Horan actually overachieved with the current crop in his 2nd tenure, and the problem for mcstay is that although the squad isn’t as good as the 2010s, expectations from fans is exactly the same. It remains to be seen how mayo react to the new format aswell

    Still there’s small enough margins at the top level, I still maintain that mayo and Galway was a de facto all Ireland semi this year, so a few minor improvements and there’s not a huge level of competition out there at all. Saying all that though I think an all ireland semi would be a good result next year with this squad, but I guess for plenty it will be all Ireland or nothing

  127. Cant wait for club championship now. Ideal opportunity for new lads to put there hand up for county selection.

    Unfortunately there’s being no word on any streaming of games, id say we’d have heard by now if there was going to be

  128. @Craggy boglands… What you say as regards Kevin McStay the pundit and his often articulated contention that playing AOS play at 14 is very true. Not an Opinion I share having years of the experience of my own eyes. Mind you Opinions stated on RTE might have very little to do the real decisions about player’s and what a new management team might decide to do when player’s and positions are selected for the upcoming league and Championship game’s in 2023. I think that over the last decade their is a body of evidence to suggest that Kevin’s previous preference for playing AOS at 14 hasn’t worked against any team that has any chance of winning anything… Plenty of evidence to suggest it will work against ‘Minnows’, but the real test is the one we need to pass!

  129. After listening to Rob and Ed on the podcast I think the Tuohy and the CB deserve a lot of credit. The process didn’t as some seem to think drag on and on. It was done in a fair way to allow anyone to put their names forward with enough time to assemble backroom teams. Well done cb.
    As regards to Kevin McStay I think people saying we need a fresh approach and a younger man in the job are a bit insulting if they believe that a person can’t have fresh ideas because of their age. McStay and his group are well aware of how the game has changed and developed and what’s needed to be successful. Will some of the older panel members still commit to a new regime and will they even be asked is something of interest. S&C coach needs to be found and allowed to prepare for the year ahead pretty soon.
    I do believe that due to his media history and having heard him talk about communication that Kevin will be open to keeping the Mayo fans updated because as much as I loved James Horan getting news and keeping us in the loop were not one of his strong points. From here on we should be done with the debate about who should be manager because it’s done and no need for any negativity going forward. Remember the management team want the same as the rest of us.

  130. Joe. G?? I definitely think there will be more feedback and media communications from this regime as he has “Liam Horan, who will serve as communications and strategy manager”, which bodes well for that.
    It’s an unusual role to have filled before you have in place
    And S&C, Nutrition and goalkeeping coach mind.

    S&C especially given the injuries last year, a lot were freak one’s mind.

  131. Very good appointment I think. McStay is a lot more reasoned as a pundit than some of the other older guys. He seems in tune with the modern game at lot more. He has an AI as a coach with McHale even though this is another level. His back room team is strong, especially Rochford. Tackling dropped off when Buckley left and we can expect more from the likes of Eoghan Mc and Enda Hession. Buckley learns from other sports all the time and I think he’s a good choice. Cian O Neill had the forwards shooting well in 2012 whereas Buckley is more identified with defending and outfield tactics but that’s a simplification. Last year Kerry built from the back, they focused on firstly not conceding goals in the league and it stood to them. I expect McStay to have all the organisational skills of Horan but also very able to manage a high profile back room team. If one of Horan’s biggest strengths of identifying new talent can be harnessed this can be a winning ticket. Yes we were unlucky with vital forwards missing this year but we need a conveyor belt with 4 or 5 top fellas to step in like Kerry currently have. Otherwise the new team needs to find 5 or 10% from a few fringe players, build them up. I’m happy with everything bar the amount of top class or marquee forwards in Mayo. Galway have one but who’s not far off 30, Kerry have a few and so do Dublin, Tyrone have some more on the way with the Canavans. I agree with the sports psychologist comment, Meath ladies team has shown how important that is. I think we have always had top S&C the last 10 years and will find someone really good for that. So overall happy but the club championship needs to unearth a few gems for the new team.

  132. Joe G who has said anything about age. Yes your right People can change and get better or they can get worse. Since he left Mayo Buckley was fired in Kerry and then went to Monaghan for 2 years where I didn’t see any improvement.

  133. For all the doubters – a few months after Buckley joined the Mayo set-up, Andy Moran said he learned more under him than any other coach. That’s some praise from one of the best players in the country, who was reaching the end of his career.

  134. @Gizmobobs .. Agree they are very important roles .All candidates may have made contact with these people but obviously there is a process here too and they may not commit until the manager is confirmed or management want to source the very best available therefore they need the few weeks to get the best … The experience of the management may be a help in that regard

  135. I’m a converted man this morning. Between listening to the tripe from David Brady on Off the Ball to reading that between the whole McStay management team, we are guaranteed an All Ireland. Any group of men that have managed 14 inter county teams surely have what it takes to win an All Ireland with Mayo. I wouldn’t worry one bit that they failed with the other 14. Jack O’Connor will be having a lot of sleepless nights over the next few months. MAYO FOR SAM 2023 IS GUARANTEED

  136. Willie Joe would I be correct in saying the your site has seen a larger increase in numbers in the last 2 months.

  137. @Gizmobobs – I wouldn’t be too worried about them positions not being in place yet. I would rather due diligence is carried out on them than rush in and appoint someone for the sake of it.

  138. Raz – are you asking if the last two months have been the busiest in terms of traffic to the blog? If so, the answer is no. Traffic this year has been off the charts completely, but, as ever, interest has been greatest when the team is playing.

    Monthly totals this year (for page views) have been as follows: Jan 597k, Feb 824k, March 837k, Apr 1m, May 649k, June 1.4m, July 690k, Aug (to date) 560k. So, as you can see, traffic levels for the last two months haven’t been exceptional (though high for months when the team weren’t in action) even if the year as a whole so far has been.

    Total hits for the year, by the way, look likely to approach 8m. This would be more than double that recorded last year, which was the highest ever before this year. I hope all that answers your question!

  139. Green&red – your comment is sobering and it’s a point that is very valid. It really doesn’t matter how many counties they’ve been involved with if that has never brought an All-Ireland.
    It’s important that we get behind a new managment team but let’s not carried away by empty rhetoric.

  140. Great to see guys of the caliber of Stephen Rochford, Donie Buckley, ex-Belmullet manager Damien Mulligan and Liam McHale in the backroom team. Also impressed by the new manager’s compliments to our former Mayo manager, James Horan – “I don’t see any transition in Mayo. I just see that a lot of good, young players have come on and we drive it on. If there was a transition, it’s been pretty much done under James. He brought through a lot of good players in the last few years” – yes big credit to James for that.

    And Willie Joe – playing an absolute blinder in that midfield holding role – pouncing on every breaking ball – to mix metaphors slightly! Maigh Eo Abu.

  141. Best of luck to Kevin and his team, he will give it 110% and I’m sure look for and give all new talent across the county their opportunities. Credit also to the other 3 teams for putting their names forward, it’s not an easy process being scrutinised by all and sundry for the past few weeks in public debate and the vagaries of social media so well done to them also for going through the process. They will I’m sure achieve more success with their respective clubs and and with other counties over the coming years.

  142. Good luck to Kevin and I will of course back the current mgmt team.
    As John Giles would opine it still does come down to having the players.
    I expect things to have a natural churn as is the way of team sports especially when a new mgmt team take over.
    Four big things for year one.
    1. Injury prevention
    2. Preventing goals
    3. Panel depth
    4. Attacking play, patterns and firepower

  143. Christ this is some media drive this morning. Rapturous applause from the room? Did the heavens open to reveal Jesus Christ himself in a McStay 2023 jersey? I know the media have had him picked for weeks but come on.

    Best get used to well prepared media releases with the new “media consultant” or whatever role was more important than physical conditioning of players to get sorted first….

    Jobs been known for weeks now in truth. Hopefully it doesn’t deter the other 3 good men from coming back around in future. Even if it is a longer contract than professional soccer managers get.

  144. Best of luck Kevin & team. I was leaning towards Dempsey but Kevin had a very strong team too.

    I’m sure Kevin has already identified what we need to work on. I honestly don’t think we are a million miles off if we can make a few tweaks.

    Onwards & upwards

  145. Congratulations to Kevin and his team.. commiserations to everyone else and thank you for putting yourself out there.. it can be a very thankless task. Kevin, I hope you are a lucky general for us and will take us to the promised lands.. Maigheo abu

  146. Good Luck to McStay and his team. Everyone should now get behind him and especially the players he puts out to play, nobody who puts on a Mayo jersey goes out to play bad, some of our top players may not have a great game everytime they play but this maybe mainly be due to the tactics of opposing manager to stop them , No more nagative stuff and abuse of players everyone 100% behind Manager and Players.

  147. Cheers Willie Joe yes ..
    Congrats to Kevin on his appointment
    Will collect my winnings today… hon the red and Green

  148. Congratulations to Kevin McStay and his management group. I am delighted to see him get his chance to manage the team and to put his stamp on the strategy that he feels will get us over the line. I enjoyed the pod presented by Edwin and Rob. Great service to the cause to get it out so soon and to sum up everything so succinctly.
    To the other candidates, thank you for your passion for Mayo football and for stepping forward to volunteer your time and expertise that were needed to put your case forward. We are really blessed to have such quality people who are so keen to bring the Mayo football journey forward. I have no doubt that all three of these candidates will play a big part in the future of Mayo football.

    On the task ahead, the work starts. If I had been on the interview board, I would have had two fundemental questions for all applicants:
    1. What are the key issues that must be addressed to get Mayo to the next level?
    2. How, precisely, will your group approach each of these issues?
    I expect that work has already begun on this and I am now realy looking forward to next year when the football starts up again.

    For the county board, there are also issues to be resolved:
    A. What short, medium and long term steps are being taken to provide a training base for our top teams?
    B. What steps will now be taken to commercialise the Mayo brand so that the required finance will be generated to bring Mayo to the next level and that a sustainable financial future will be built for top level participation for the county in the future?
    C. What plan will be put in place to re-engage the supporter base so that they feel part of the process?

    I’m sure that there are other issues, but getting these three boxed off would be a great start.

  149. Gizmobobs I wouldn’t really be surprised that those roles hadn’t already been filled. After all there was no guarantee he was going to get the job, and there would have been little point in assembling a huge backroom team only to potentially have to tell them they didn’t have a job after all. All in good time, and I’m pretty sure those conversations have started regardless.

    Very happy to see psychology will be part of the mix and excited to see who else might also now come on board.

    Also happy to see your comment re:streaming – it’s surely a no-brainer.

  150. We’re fortunate that the CB had a choice to make, with some serious options put forward by the four candidates.

    Congrats to Kevin & Co, and the very best of luck to them. There’s a bit of excitement around the new structure and we’ll all row in behind them.

    Also important to acknowledge the disappointment of those who didn’t get the nod. All good Mayo people with the best interests of Mayo football. Good luck to them too.

  151. I’m not a huge fan of the man to be honest but he certainly has assembled a very impressive team and if the balance on input and egos is properly balanced and managed by mcstay it could have a very positive impact on the Mayo teams future. I wish them nothing but the very best of luck going forward.

  152. @Two Yellows – You set out your stall weeks ago yourself and have been anti-McStay for the entirety of the process. At the end of the day, we were very lucky to get applications of the calibre that we did, in particular Dempsey’s and McStay’s who both assembled seriously good teams.

    I too would have issues with the four year term but in reality it means very little and if things don’t go to plan you can be sure that Kevin McStay will be man enough to walk away.

    I don’t really get your bitterness in this whole thing. I’m not surprised to hear that the room broke out in applause, most people do have the ability to park disappoint and row in together in support of the new manager. But look, you can keep complaining, the rest of us will get on with supporting Mayo football.

  153. Unstoppable the round of applause I think is tongue in cheek as don’t think that actually happened.

    Agree the 4 year term is a funny one, if the contract/agreement is written down somewhere you’d have to imagine there would be caveats that its on basis of annual reviews or a review after year to or something to that affect.

  154. Looking forward to the club championships now, especially seeing how the development players get on.

  155. Glad Kevin and his team got a shot at this and all the best to the other candidates. Time to look forward now onwards and upwards !

  156. Delighted Rochford and Buckley are back.
    In their three years they took us to two one point defeats in the finals.
    That was one achievement, where another minute could have changed the game again.
    They did their homework and their match ups were perfect. They studied their opponents and didn’t leave the
    game to chance. Hopefully we will now get that killer punch to get over that line.
    Big question now is who will be the new pundits as most of the old ones are now pitch side.

    Really looking forward to 2023

  157. Well done to McStay and co. Strong management now in place. Potential panelists for 2023 now have an opportunity to showcase their skills throughout the club championship.
    Clifford and walsh have set the bar very high in relation to what is required to have a winning team. But the management will not be found wanting. Lots to look forward to.

  158. The very best of luck to Kevin and his team. Hard luck to the other three applicants. It was uplifting to see that 4 men had the courage, and belief needed to lead the senior team to great days ahead and so best of luck to all the applicants involved.

  159. Ontheditch – we have the players for sure. ROD and Conroy are in the top 10%. They’ve potential to get even better. Mullen is a star and played a lot of last year injured. Eoin Mc improving daily. There’s an all Ireland worth of talent in Mayo and 10-15 men at club level ready to step right in.

  160. The link below shows that Kevin was only looking for 3 years with an OPTION for a 4th. Can someone please explain to me why the CB would just give him 4 years outright? If JH was in that position at the end of the 2021 final you doubt he would have bothered with another year. That’s a very strange call by the CB in my opinion. Not doubting Kevin just in case others think I am. You would just have to wonder the logic behind that.

    Because if there is one thing I don’t want to hear and it’s that “this is a rebuilding job”. It’s not a rebuilding job. Far from it. I’d personally think that if Kevin and Co don’t win an AI in their first 3 years, the odds of success in the 4th are very slim.

    But it wouldn’t be like the mayo CB to surprise anyone.

  161. It’s the world we live in but it has been clear in recent weeks and since the announcement last night that people with loyalties to Ray Dempsey have been commenting in overdrive on here. I haven’t seen anything like that from people close to any of the other three candidates. Many of the comments have been agenda driven and it is as if they have been trying to influence the debate. It hasn’t been nice to watch. I assume RD had no knowledge of it. People can do this without any prompting. However the lack of grace since the announcement reflects badly on those posters.

  162. Contract length really doesn’t matter in the GAA. I think Rochford “agreed” a new 3 year term after the 2017 final but was gone 12 months later. I’m sure Kevin will get 2 years minimum, but if it’s clearly not working there won’t be anything preventing the Mayo CB making a change.

  163. The strength and conditioning role is important too. Our injury situation last season was catastrophic and it wasn’t all freak injuries.

  164. All done now and onwards and upwards. It was alway going to be a two horse race. The main challenger had an interesting backroom team but how well would they work together? Maybe well but we dont know. This winning outfit may be a more predictable set-up.

    Will we finally see the great man move out of the full back line and would there be room for Ciaran Mac still? Lets see how it goes. Best of luck to the new management team.

  165. You right dreamy, that’s why cannot understand how that wasn’t key element of backroom team before team selection was decided. I know not everything can be sorted at once but why sort a communications manager before S&C?

    It points at greater issue within the county set up though IMO. Surely given we up to eyeballs in debt from cost perspective alone that sort of thing should be centralised by CB, same with Drs & Physios rather than individual management teams looking after their own and having to look for people like Dempsey had lined up. Should it really be any managers job to do this?

    It would surely be more cost effective for CB to have contracted Physios/Drs U16-Seniors must go to and set dr. for referrals as needed. Similar for an S&C expert hired for all age groups on full/part time basis for a contracted period. to manage.

  166. Massive congrats Kevin. Certainly my number one choice.

    The lengthy process over the past month was necessary. Ed made the correct point on the pod a week or so ago, that if this was rushed, ie like Kilkenny, there’d be war on the streets in county Mayo. It’s different here, especially given past cock-ups. Care and time and transparency was paramount, so there can be no complaints, even if at times it felt like a “circus”. A very necessary one though.

    The amount of bluffers and bullshitters online will never cease to amaze me. Bitter clowns.

  167. Liberal the Kilkenny comparison is not a direct comparison at all at all.

    Lyng was a selector under Cody for 4 or 5 years. Then went solo at U20 and won the all Ireland. That appears to be Succession planning which is a completely different process.

  168. I’m not sure where the notion comes from that Kevin and co are under massive pressure to deliver.
    It’s not like we win Sam every three or four years.

    It’s over seven decades since we won the AI. I hope Kevin and his team allow that fact alone, to put their own stamp on this team and hopefully this might be the ticket that finally sees us ending the drought.

    I’m expecting a new style of play and some positional changes and a few new faces.

    I think we’re in a very exciting place and really looking forward to the 23 campaign.

  169. Agreed Gizmobobs, that’s what I meant though, ie that it’s completely different here and we needed the formal process, especially including Silke, an independent HR person and having formal interviews.

    It’s just that with some of the chatter over the past month some would seen to have wanted it all done and dusted a week or two after our loss to Kerry.
    Not living in the real world. This was a bloody tough appointment the CB had to make.

  170. Revellino I’m afraid that pressure comes with the gig. We have reached 2 of the last 3 finals and with a fully fit squad this year, that record might have been 3 out of 3. Kerry were on the ropes half way through the 2nd half against us and with ROD and Conroy on board we might have got the job done. You’d expect a bounce with any new management team and their 1st year probably offers the best chance of success. They’ll know that themselves too. McStay did best in his 1st year with Roscommon, after which it went downhill. Likewise Rochford did best in his first years with Mayo and Donegal and it went downhill too from there. Like all posters I wish them the best, it’s a tough gig, but I’d be very confident that the players are there to do the business.

  171. @Green&Red – Every single post you have made on this thread is negative.

    1.Donie Buckley isnt good enough
    2.Sarcastic comments about Jack O`Connor having sleepless nights with the new management
    3.Having a go at David Brady saying he is talking tripe on off the ball about the McStay ticket
    4.Having a go at the CB saying it is a very strange call to give McStay 4 years.

    Get a new hobby, there is more to life than trolling Mayo Gaa fans.

  172. The process is never going to be absolutely perfect. I have friends down in Kilkenny and two of them in the past few weeks have told me about quite a few unhappy people down there at the way their new manager was appointed. A role came available for the first time in 24 years and lads with fine CVs weren’t even given a phone call or considered for it.

    Yes, they may have acted with great speed but that doesn’t mean much if they don’t get the right man. Sure David Moyes was appointed within a week of Ferguson announcing his retirement and that didn’t exactly go well.

  173. Best of luck to Kevin and his team. he has earned his shot at the job. We were fortunate to have had four excellent candidates put themselves forward for the post. Now let us all get behind the new management team and upwards and onwards.

  174. Just a couple of things people are trying to make a big deal out of for some reason,

    4 year term – There are no contracts given to managers in GAA even though some people believe there are. The 4 year term is just an agreement, the CB or McStay can walk away from it at any time if they choose. Its really just a vote of confidence in the manager.

    I dont see any issue with any new manager not having an S&C coach in place at this stage. All the players will be involved with their clubs for the next few weeks, it will be November before Mayo start collective training again. McStay has plenty of time to put in place the people he needs. He wont have any problems getting a coach for a high profile team like Mayo, people are assuming he hasnt anyone lined up when he just as lightly has bee nworking away on his backroom team.

  175. Good Luck to Kevin but his stay in Roscommon was not trouble free and his man management left a lot to be desired to be honest.
    He has a good team with him and he hopefully has learned a bit from previous postings.All in all a good appointment so long as he puts past learnings to good use.I wish him well.

  176. Wonderful to the the diverse opinions here, I suppose Mcstay will be wondering if he’s the man to finally bring Sam west to mayo.. Time will tell, I remember in my own club yrs ago.. 3 fellas went for the managers job.. Simcock, beaves and ramones were the 3..and didn’t they end seeing who’s job it was by who could drink more pints.. No joke, and that’s a while ago my friends.. How times have changed.

  177. I think this is a good appointment for Mayo.
    They have the spine of a very good team, quality in every line. Potential HB line of Durcan, Mullin Hession. Ruane and Flynn in midfield. Conroy at CF and O’Donoghue at FF. That’s a great start for him to work with. The comparisons with his Roscommon tenure are unfair just look at Jack O’connor. Different altogether when leading your own county regardless of how long he’s lived outside it.

  178. Jroc – They all had an equal start with clear rules! Pint drinking competition may be the best way forward!!

  179. Mayomad, thank you for the reasonable comment! Appreciated. Sigh of relief to read something straightforward.

  180. Well now two yellows it certainly was a way of settling it I spose.. If a little unconventional.. It seems to me, the county board had their minds made up as soon as the candidates names were released. I don’t know if that’s true but you’d wonder given mcstays experience, and this was his 3rd time going for it, they prob said Jesus we better give this fella a go.

  181. MayoMad – I understand exactly what you are saying. I just don’t see the upside in it. Kevin is a mayo man and now that he has the job he isn’t going to look to go to another county. I’d like to think his backroom team would be the same (but with all the links that’s hard to say). But if things go south for Kevin early on say after 2 years, he can still stay on. I’m sure he would know himself if he’s good enough for the job by that stage. I just don’t understand why the CB wouldn’t give themselves flexibility if things did go wrong. It’s not like they didn’t have plenty of time to think it through.

  182. Green&Red, I dont see any problem with it really, nearly all terms for managers are 3 years anyway, Horan had 4 years on each of his stints and no one complained about it. CB have plenty for flexibility, if things do south they ask/tell Kevin to step down, plenty of examples of managers terms being cut short (Micky Moran for example).
    The up side if there is any i suppose is 4 years says Kevin is the manager, its a long term appointment and has the full confidence of the board, a term of two years might seem more like if there isnt immediate success your gone, which puts added pressure. I may be wrong but i think i read Kevin asked for 3 year term with the option of a fourth and it was the delegates that pushed for the 4 year term, so not entirely the CBs decision.

  183. @Green&Red
    Would you have preferred a different management set up or maybe a different combination..
    Something does seem to sit well with you with regard to the outcome.
    And I can see you have some valid point’s.

  184. Jroc – Don’t want to be barred from the blog but yes I agree there it did seem a pre-determined decision which has annoyed quite a few. The leak on Saturday did not help. I do know the candidates who did not get the job were not even contacted until circa 20-30 minutes before the public knew which is disappointing.

    Genuinely hope and expect big things here as Mayo football is at a great point and the intercounty scene is as open as ever. I just honestly hope the other candidates (who I hope one day will get their chance) aren’t put off dealing with the county board in future.

  185. Green&Red – you’re acting like a professional contract has been signed. If the CB want a different manager in a couple of years time there is nothing stopping them. This isn’t like Man Utd signing a 30 year old midfielder on a 5 year deal. There will be no pay offs if Kevin leaves early!

  186. GAA contracts mean nothing lads ffs. If things go very wrong after day two years he will be out the gate. Hopefully it’s the opposite.

  187. The very best of luck to Kevin.
    He will have his own ideas no doubt but I would love to see a couple of positional changes.
    Oisin at 6 and Diarmuid at 11 for a start and please God we get some sort of luck with injuries.

  188. Wide Ball – I’d never put the word professional and mayo county board in the same sentence. If Kevin looked for 3 years then why give him 4? I understand that if it all falls apart after 2 years he could go. But if you could please bother to read, I want to know why a CB would do that.

    Raz – another man reading between the lines. I congratulated Kevin on here and back him now. Didn’t bother me who got the job. Very strong candidates across the 4 men. I’m not having a go at Kevin, I’m questioning the CB.

    God forbid people could actually question things that go on. I forget we were living in a county where everything we did was right. I could just see another Peter Keane suituation happening. And I’ll say it again for people who choose to ignore it. All the best to Kevin and his management team over the next 4 years.

  189. Isn’t it great to have such a mix of views. It always amazes me at how complicated simple things can be. We have a new manager, he’s got strong team around him, he’s a proud Mayo man. He’ll give his very best to the cause. I’ll cheer for Mayo, next year, same as every other time.
    I can’t control the future. But I know one thing…. I’ll always love Mayo.
    Looking forward to this new chapter and with any luck it’ll be thrilling and exciting. Who knows, we might even win an All Ireland… wouldn’t that be something.
    Maigheo abú.

  190. Uncle buck – a few of the Castlebar lads. Mark Cunningham, Sean Morahan, Joe Tuohy, Donnacha McHugh and Anthony O’Boyle all have done well in the league.

  191. Green&Red – I don’t know why they gave him a 4 year term instead of 3 years with an option of a 4th. However I don’t see it as a big scandal considering GAA “contracts” are completely meaningless.

    If I’d to guess, the CB probably don’t want it known publicly that there will be an official review after year 3. As it would lead to public debate around whether the manager should be kept on or not.

    This way any reviews can be carried out away from media scrutiny.

  192. In fairness, Kevin and his backroom team won it fair and square. I think it’s time for all Mayo supporters to get behind his team.

    Willie Joe, any chance of doing a poll on the Rose of Tralee. Must say the Rossie rose was impressive tonight…

  193. “ “We weren’t in the Connacht final this year and that’s where we have to begin.

    “I’ve always argued that the provincial championship is the best base camp for Mayo going into the All-Ireland series.”

    Kevin is hardly unaware of the championship structure for 2023 , don’t mean to be negative but am I not right in saying the Connacht championship is near completely meaningless next year to us .

  194. The connacht championship is meaningless next year in the contest of the All Ireland championship but it could be very interesting if Galway Mayo Roscommon are all on the one side of the draw. It would give Leitrim or sligo a great shot at getting into All Ireland series. So the draw will be very interesting from that perspective …

  195. He’s not unaware at all, Sean, as his interview in the Irish Times confirms. I’ve just put up a new post on that. While Connacht is less important next year, it’s far from meaningless, as it impacts on group seedings in the round-robin stage that follows it.

  196. Sean Burke, in the article you quoted, McStay also talked about the new championship structure and how Provincial finalist would be seeded in the championship group stage (I wasn’t aware of this) but maybe the Provincials are not as meaningless as we thought

  197. The 4 provincial winners next year will be in the 4 different groups. Therefore, if we win Connaught we would unlikely to be in a group with Dublin or Kerry. Well worth going after a Connaught title.

  198. Very interesting posts above in response to the new manager. The vast majority are very supportive even from those who had a different preference. Only a very small few being negative, but they have been negative about McStay from the get go. Now belittling the various members of the McStay team for all sorts of reasons, mostly petty. OK your guy didn’t get the job. The selection process is over. Give the new management team a chance. If we win the big one it will be brilliant. If we don’t then it will be no different to all the other guys who tried since 51

  199. I stand corrected so and glad to hear it determines seedings as I was struggling to understand the point of a provincial championship at all.

  200. My point, John, was that what you posted was just a partial version of ‘the truth’. Following your logic to its obvious conclusion would mean that he wouldn’t have been the manager in 2017 and while we came up short that year too, it was also by a single point in one of the greatest All-Ireland finals of all time against a Dublin team then at the very zenith of their powers.

  201. We didn’t come up short far from it , just a pity the same could not be said about Rochford’s selection on the morning on that day

  202. What part of Clarke being dropped , O’Shea making the crazy pass and Hennelly giving away the penalty did i get wrong ! , Willie Joe ,

  203. Hello! Willie Joe and all Mayo posters. I would just like to congratulate Mayo on selecting one of the best managerial teams at intercounty level for quite some time in all of Ireland. It looks brilliant.
    As a proud Kerryman working up in Mayo, I would love to see you win an All-Ireland. Great to see Donie Buckley appreciated somewhere. As they say, and I know from personal experience,
    a prophet is never appreciated in his homeland. The Mayo players always loved him. He was black guarded to a degree down here at home in Kerry. Yes, the players loved him, some ignorant know all fans didn’t.
    You see them on the Kerry Forum, the usual 5 – 6 arrogant negatrons with their posts dismissing others with their political agendas with their cult leader overlord, Global Moderator. That site can be toxic. Some great posters on that site, but I’m afraid, they are more of the exception than the rule.
    At least on this site, encouragement and appreciation of opinion expressed is welcomed.

    All the best to Mayo in the future with this new and exciting management team.

    Mind yourselves.

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