OFFICIAL: Stephen Rochford confirmed as new Mayo manager

Stephen Rochford

Photo: The 42

It’s official, folks – the County Board confirmed a few minutes ago that Stephen Rochford has this evening been formally ratified by the County Board as the new Mayo manager. Stephen has been appointed to the position for an initial three-year term, to be reviewed annually.

Stephen’s management team has also been confirmed: Tony McEntee and Donie Buckley will both act as selector/coach, Sean Carey as selector, Barry Solan as Head of  S&C, Dr Sean Moffat as Head of Medical, Maurice Horan in the stats/video analysis role, Caroline Brosnihan as Dietician and Eoin Rochford as the Logistics man.

Although we all knew this news was coming it still feels like a hugely significant moment for the county that it has at last been confirmed. Best of luck to Stephen and his management team as they take charge of guiding all the hopes and dreams of Mayo followers everywhere.

41 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Stephen Rochford confirmed as new Mayo manager

  1. Congrats to him and his crew. I wish them all the best and really believe 2016 and the coming years will be special for Mayo.

  2. It’s great they got the job by the letter of the law and have a mandate from all the clubs in Mayo and not just the county Board. This time last year the old management were already on the back foot and never really recovered from it. Lads I wish ye the very best of luck and really looking forward to another exciting year in the life of a Mayo Fan?

  3. Did we have a specific logistics guy in the past as we seem to have now ? This seems to have been an issue in the past. If so, credit where credit is due to Stephen and the county board.

  4. The heavy fog of the last while has lifted! The feeling is positive! Up up and away we go! Roll on jan 3rd. The future is bright. Good luck to all management and back room staff. Maigh eo Abu

  5. 2hrs before the 1st of December I really don’t know why it’s taken so long for this appointment to be confirmed.

  6. Happy days.. Good luck to Stephen and his backroom team.. Season ticket renewed so everything in place.. can enjoy the turkey and ham now and look forward to the new year with renewed optimism.. c’Mon Mayo

  7. Congrats and best wishes to Stephen and his back room team. I’m just relieved really, as i vaguely remember telling a few lads, a couple of weeks back that I wasn’t interested. Could have backfired.

  8. Great news best of luck to Stephen and he’s team.finally we can get on with the football side of things!

  9. Mighty news…finally! Big congrats to Stephen and his merry men. Roll on 2016.

    Come on Mayo!!

  10. Very positive outcome to the whole saga. Both relieved and very happy and looking forward to 2016.

    Very best wishes to Stephen and his team and a big thank you to Noel and Pat for walking away with dignity and putting the future of Mayo football first.

  11. Great to hear at last of the ratification of Stephen Rochford. This hopefully will be a great move for Mayo football and we can only wish Stephen the very best as he undertakes this mammoth task. Winning an All Ireland for Mayo would be a dream come true for us all and I do believe that Stephen and his Management team are best placed to get us over the line. Can they do it? only time will tell. But I would say the players will respond with gusto to his prompting and will be anxious to put behind them, what has been a very difficult time for all concerned.

  12. Done Deal – read it all on the Mayo News link in Anne-Marie’s post. SR in ‘negotiations’ there.

    Great that it has come to pass. Can’t think of a negative word about any of those chosen to assist Rochy.

  13. Sems from that Mayo News report put up by Ann Marie that two delegates are still trying to rake over old embers. I often heard that “there’s always one”, but two??

  14. Best of luck to Stephen Rochford and his management team. It would be great to see everyone: supporters, the County Board, players, former players, fans, the local media and hurlers on the ditch get 100% behind the lads. Give them a chance to get on with their work. Roll on the FBD League!

  15. Best wishes to Stephen and his management team. This squad deserves the best that money can buy. Time now to fulfill your role as a true supporter of the green and red. Give your full support and patience in the coming months. Get your hands on a season ticket of some design. Above all go out and support the lads. Enough has been said and written in t past weeks, this is the time for action on the terrace IMO.

  16. This is the outcome we all wanted so the 2 delegates need to get on with supporting the team as we fans hope to do. No point raking over the past, sport is more about making a new future happen. Player power is on the rise because the players put so much in they demand the highest of standards, 80 to 90% good enough isn’t enough. We aim to match and overcome all rivals.
    Wish the new lads the best and look forward to supporting our team in 2016 and beyond.

  17. GAALoopy Barry Solan is only one of a number of strength and conditioning coaches at Arsenal it would be unfair to blame him for Arsenal’s injury list.beat of luck to Stephen and the new management team

  18. And we’re off!
    Best of luck to Stephen and the whole crew. I can feel the excitement building already. I love being a Mayo supporter.

  19. Congratulations to all concerned, and that includes the county board, for dealing with the appointment process competently and professionally. The right man has been appointed and has been fully backed by the county board regarding his backroom team. Clubs have had their say and if they didn’t it’s their own fault. Good to see also that the county board have acknowledged that maybe “things weren’t as professional as they should have been”.
    I think Mike Connelly deserves special mention to be fair, he could have sulked, taken things personally and been awkward but he carried out his duties professionally and with the bigger picture always in mind.
    January can’t come soon enough. Patience required now though from supporters to let them do their jobs.
    Hon Mayo.

  20. JP2 just wondering what the issue with the physio from this year? From what I remember pretty much all the players were available for selection for the Championship??

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