Oh well, there’s always next year …

blog-awards-logo-blackbkgSo the apposite outcome it was: I lost out to Kopblog (not just a soccer blog but one devoted to following the many travails of Liverpool FC as well) at the Blog Awards down in Cork earlier tonight.  That makes it my 1996, I guess, which means … yes, I know what it means.  Only 1997, 2004 and 2006 to go.  Right: I’m off to sulk now.

21 thoughts on “Oh well, there’s always next year …

  1. Ah now WJ don’t be like that. We will put the firelighters and John Deere tyres back in the hayshed for another year.
    Just remember there wasn’t a Mayo Minor born the last time the Kop lads won the championship/premiership.

  2. Thanks, Darina – don’t forget where you put those firelighters as we might be needing them later in the year!

    The way the footie across the water is going, you’ll soon be able to extend that statement to include the U21s.

  3. Just remember your the one that’s keeping the “Yo” in Mayo, and that we all appreciate.

    The way across the water is panning out you could be talking about the Masters instead of the U21’s.

  4. Just came across your site via the IBA! Being a Clare hurling fan I hadn’t the occasion to visit before, but I must say I was blown away with the quality of content about such a specific subject. Very impressive. I hope you can keep it up!

  5. Thanks, cgarvey – I have a soft spot for the Banner, as I have connections from there myself. One of my best days ever at Croker was All-Ireland hurling final day back in 1997: Jamesie O’Connor’s winning point that day is one that will live long in my memory.

  6. Willie Joe, be proud, you made it to the end. Remember Micky Hartes words about Mayo “They must be doing something right over there…they keep getting to finals, others don’t even make one!”. Funny enough I actully went into that Kop site, have to say I was underwhelmed…must have been a Liverpool or soccer crowd picking the winner. We go on this site because of what it brings to us and because its like a breath of fresh air. One award more or less wont change that. Onwards and upwards! Are you listening John O Mahony!!

  7. Thanks for that, ontheroad – it would, of course, have been nice to win but, given the choice, I’d obviously prefer an outcome that saw me getting the chance to write about our winning some silverware (any silverware!) this year.

  8. Well WJ, like the true Mayo man you are you’ll take it on the chin and come back fighting next year. We’re not going to see you get rid of TJ now ala ourselves in 2006 to bring back the great white hope to get us to the promised land and end up with two years of less than impressive performances.

  9. Hard luck Willie Joe, you do a fine job and it’s nice that you haven’t whored yourself out to advertisers the way the likes of Kopblog or arseblog have. I’m not sure it’s really in the blog spirit if your getting paid? Maybe you should ask for milage money. Annyway you’ll always be my number one!

  10. Thanks guys.

    TJ is staying onboard, NOSS, providing he’s still okay with providing free technical advice.

    I think there is a question, Windy City, of where a blog stops being a blog and starts becoming a professional website but, on the morning after the night before, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to pursue that one right now. I mean, I don’t want to be accused on whinging, now do I?

  11. The guy who writes it is Irish (as is Arseblogger, who won it last year). That’s fair enough, I suppose, as the subject matter doesn’t have to be restricted to Irish issues but maybe we need a separate garrison games category!

  12. Willie Joe, you’re number one for Mayo GAA by a country mile and i can only imagine how much enjoyment those living abroad who cannot go to matches get from reading your views.

    I’m sure you’ve caused a stir in the corridors of power in Mayo GAA as well!

    Next year hopefully you will get that further bit of recognition.

    By the way you may be interested to see progress photos from McHale Park:


  13. Thanks, Eriad – as I said earlier, if I get to write about us winning some silverware this year, that’d do just fine.

    Things are coming on at McHale Park, alright, but there’s still plenty to get done if they’re going to be ready to host either the Rossies or Leitrim there in four months time.

  14. your our blogger of the naughties. keep up the faith and likewise the good work. KEEP TELLEN IT LIKE IT IS.

  15. I think poor old Kopblog would have passed up on his blog award for a win today, he may be a top blogger but it ain’t gonna make up for 20 years without a league title. I’m not a United fan by the way, but you can only laugh at the way Benitez runs things over there, and we think we have it bad with the deputy.

  16. hard luck WJ. You should be proud of your achievements!!! This blog is a credit to you and is really appreciated by me. I often wonder where you get the time….fair play to you and thanks again!!!

  17. Hi Ted – thanks for the kind words. By the way, I’ve just discovered that a whole load of comments from you (going back over the last 10 days or so) ended up in the spam bucket for some reason. Apologies for that, old stick, I’ve now de-spammed them and they’re all up on the site.

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