Oisín Mullin is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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Events that have unfolded today have already put some distance between us and yesterday’s defeat to Kerry at Croke Park. It’s worth turning the focus back in that direction just a bit, though, to announce the results of the final Man of the Match poll here on the blog for 2022.

Yesterday’s match was, of course, a huge disappointment for all of us. As ever, though, it’s worthwhile and instructive to pinpoint the performances of the players who stood up for us in adversity.

Oisín Mullin epitomised this spirit for us at Croke Park yesterday and his storming performance in the game has seen him voted by you as our Man of the Match.

Oisín came out on top in the MOTM poll with 30% of the vote, followed by Jordan Flynn, whose impressive showing earned him 22% of the vote. Enda Hession (12%), Lee Keegan (6%) and Stephen Coen (5%) were all as prominent in the game as they were in the vote. Well done to all of them on a day when not a whole load worked out for us.

128 thoughts on “Oisín Mullin is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. The night the news broke that Oisin was staying in Ireland was the highlight of 2022.We are lucky to have him

  2. Well done to Oisin for having a strong finish to the season after overcoming injury, hopefully he can go and enjoy the rest of his summer now and get some time to recharge, he deserves a well earned break after a busy 3 seasons but what a player he is.

    Jordan Flynn for me was not only our most improved player but our most consistent player in the league and championship (even if he only played 1 full championship game), he has turned into a great footballer and no doubt one of the first names on the team sheet for the new manager next season.

    Enda Hession should at least be nominated for young footballer of the year and hopefully wins it. A great season by enda who is getting better with every game.

    And last but not least Lee Keegan, not much can be said that hasn’t already been said about Lee but for me and probably majority of mayo fans he is our greatest ever, i hope to see him back in 2023 but what ever he decides he owes us nothing similar to James Horan.

    Thanks for a great year lads!! Up Mayo!

  3. Well done Óisín on a great year. Thrilled you stayed in Mayo. Onwards and upwards.

    I think Coen should remain captain next year. If not, I think Lee would be the one and only other option. If any Mayo man deserves to lift Sam it’s Lee.

  4. Will be the heartbeat of the Mayo team hope we utilise him better in the half back / midfield and not waste his attacking talent in the full back line like we did with Keith Higgins

  5. Well done Oisin.. Brilliant display of defence and attack yesterday.
    Also best wishes to James Horan . Thanks for all you’ve done for Mayp football and for us Mayo supporters. Hard to put into words the gratitude we should have for you but thanks again and enjoy your time with your family now .

  6. It’s players like Oisín that will keep Mayo at the top table for the next ten years. Horan done a great job bringing through the likes of Oisín, Enda, Eoghan, Jordan, Ryan, Tommy etc. He was our best player yesterday, thankfully he is staying with the Green & Red.

  7. Well done Oisin, well deserved.
    Willie Joe would it not be better to put up 4/5 nominations for motm instead of all players involved?

  8. Incredible performance given that he pulled his hamstring, groin, was concussed and also allegedly attacked by a lion during an AvB game in Limerick a week ago

  9. Oisin did well but I was certainly a day for defenders. The ball was like a bar of soap in a wet sink.

    Back to manager talk. Jimmy McG would be great. If he had that Mayo team at any period from 2015 on i think he’d have gotten us over the line. Rochford brought us closer than anyone since 1996. The team performances in the finals of 2016/17 were far above any of the performances of 12/13/20 or 21, all of which were below the standard hoped or expected.

    I’ve no problem whatsoever with an outsider but a more realistic option is someone from Mayo. For me, and I know the talk is don’t go back for 2nds cos it doesn’t work, but Stephen Rochford is the standout candidate, really. On paper it’s almost no-brainer territory. All of the potential Mayo candidates have their flaws, but when you sit back and think about it – his name should be very high on the list, if not top. He has won a club all ireland. He brought Mayo to the brink. Twice. He has furthered his experience in Ulster and while Dgal have under performed, Stephen was not manager. I’d be confident the learnings gained in his time up north will certainly stand to him.

    Only a handful of the current team played under him. He is also well connected and respected nationally therfore increasing his ability to attract top staff to his management team, be that physios, sports psychs etc.

    A Rochford/Mcdonald combo perhaps? Retain some continuity?

    I like what Dempsey has done with knockmore. It needs to be acknowledged but it’s a riskier appointment. A Rochford/Dempsey combo would also be very appealing.

  10. Well done Oisin.
    I have to say my piece on Oisin, looking at him over seasons, in truth he’s an okay defender on the side of the game purely defensive.
    Now on the attacking side of the game he’s one of the best linebreakers in the game.
    Half forwards tend to play as more like half backs now, so I think he could be tried at wing forward. Alternatively as a roaming corner forward.
    The idea is a few times a season he is scoring goals or helping setup goals.
    He also would bring tremendous tracking pace and agility into our 8-15 jerseys area of yhe field where we struggle for pace.

  11. I’ve had a rethink on the new Manager, the logic and safer option appears to be Rochford. But bear with me on this, Jim Gavin wasn’t many years away from the playing panel when he took over Dublin. We have some serious guys who left our panel in recent years that were part of the system and lived it for many years how about one of Parsons, Barrett, Boyler, Clarke Seamus O Shea, Vaughan and possibly a few more. When I dissected it a bit further looking at career paths and living locations, Boyler ticks the box. O.k some will say he’s is to close to the players and doesn’t have management experience but I’ll counter that with being young dynamic, great reader and knowledge of the game, has lived the system for over 10yrs, wasn’t Jim Gavin only a few yrs older when he took over. Maybe have Andy with him ? 2 absolute pros and will only have Mayo’s interest at heart. Think we need to look at the masters pupils ! and the master does need to be retained in some way to (oversee panel development or something to that effect). Lets go with youth – imagine the energy those 2 would bring

  12. Rochford for me, it makes sense really, he’s a tactically sound manager who the players respect. The raw materials for success are there, Horan has re-built the panel, we just need a man who can now guide the ship home. Rochford got us playing at our peak in finals, like we were so unlucky when you look back at it, the best final ever played was the 2017 one and we were millimeters away from winning it. (That Dublin team were the best ever to play the game, we went toe to toe with them). I fully believe that Rochford has the brains and the drive to get us over the line. This appointment is crucial. There are All Irelands to be won over the next 5 years, there will be no one dominant team, I mean, if we knew where the posts were on Sunday, we’d be talking about playing Dublin now.

  13. Thedarkyfinn, Jim Gavin managed the Dublin U21 and won an All Ireland before taking over the seniors. While bringing in ex players like Boyler sounds good, they have no managerial experience, it’s a huge risk giving them the job.
    When Mayo were flying, top of their game what coaches like Buckley an McEntire involved, Barry Solan was coming from Arsenal for S+C. We had top class backroom teams from 2011 to 2018. We never replaced that talent after Rochford and it shows.
    The new manager needs to be someone who can attract that calibre of coaching and the County board need to back them, we need experienced coaches on the ticket to get back to 2016/17 standard. I’m sorry but ex players and club men within the county isn’t going to cut it, isn’t going to bridge the gap to the top teams. We need experienced people leading the team, the players deserve the best possible people involved.

  14. I get it Mayomad but when you look at the list being put about Rochford is the logical candidate but as a left side option those ex players have seen it all and were a big part of the modern game in an extraordinary era for us. I’d have confidence those 2 (and a few more also) will know who and what is needed in the backroom team to give the team the best possible chance.

  15. Well done and well deserved to Oisin.

    Does the Mayo levels of performance over the past 10 years not have to be maintained or exceeded ? Here is my reason for saying that

    There is a business side to the whole set up as well.

    It’s probable that should the team, quality and performance wise take a dip, that would also see a big reduction, I believe in attendances.

    If attendances take a nose dive who or what is going to pay the debt or even the interest on the debt.

    I believe there is massive pressure now on the county, not to win Sam for the sake of winning Sam, but from keeping the wolves from the door.

  16. Fair play to Oisín, did well in the first half particularly. He should be the cornerstone of our defence for years to come and hopefully the new manager can build the team around him and a few others. Imagine the doom and gloom around here if he had gone to Oz in the end?

    Speaking of which, The Irish Times has singled out Mike Solan as the front-runner for the now vacant Bainisteoir’s bib, with Ray Dempsey, Maurice Sheridan and Stephen Rochford also mentioned.


    No sign of Jimmy McGuinness, Eamon Fitzmaurice, Jim Gavin, McStay or any of the other outside names bandied about. Shows how much we know, I guess!

  17. @thedarkyfinn I think Andy plus recently retired lads is an option in 3 or 4 years time. Right now is too soon and ideally, lads with ambition to get involved with Mayo seniors should be getting some ‘on the line’ experience, preferably at a senior level or underage, but only if they have proven success at that level.

    Also, the current squad, if fit is well capable of beating any team. We’ve been going through a transition over the past few years. Talk of Mayo being quiet for a few years is bull. We have a squad with a good age profile – one that should be going out to win an All Ireland over the next few years.

  18. I wouldn’t be a fan of going back to Rochford. He failed to get Mayo over the line with the best crop of Mayo players since 50/51. When you look back at those teams, you’d have to wonder how we didn’t get the job done. His period in Donegal hasn’t set the World on fire either. Mayo will be right in the mix again in 2023. The players are in the county.

  19. @Mayonaze, we can beat top teams but not at a high enough % probability. Still think we need new players addressing:
    1. Freetaking from distance
    2. Specialist full back
    3. Top elite fielder
    4. More pace and athleticism
    5. More scoring forwards
    Five core gaps that need improvement.

  20. County Board please put in a professional set up, club men are fantastic people but the Mayo team deserve the best. They have given us so much, give them every opportunity to flourish and be motivated, and stay at the top table. The supporters deserve this too.
    Boyler, Andy would definately be an fantastic bonus to any setup, not managerial yet.
    Its a 1st world problem on one level but a wise decision on management benefits us all.

  21. Well done Oisín, great to have him in Mayo going forward. An even more impressive performance considering he was on one hamstring!

    I thought Jordan Flynn was man of the match. Some excellent kick passing in the first half and got 2 nice points after half time. Looks to be a top class midfielder now which we don’t have many of.

  22. Wondering what happens now to the likes of the non management team? Psychology, dietetics, s+c?

  23. Have to disagree that Horan has rebuilt the panel. Whether he stayed on or not there’s massive work to be done.
    On Sunday we started with 6 half backs. We also started with only one player who plays as a forward for their club, cillian. The rest play midfield. So even with Rod and conroy back, that’ll still only be 3 scoring forwards. So that leaves us 3 forwards and a complete full back line short.
    Regardless of who gets the job, it’s no quick fix.

  24. Ahnow – in fairness Loftus and Kevin McLoughlin are forwards, where ever they play at club level. Diarmuid is definitely a half forward too. I think 2 of Kerry’s full back line are natural half backs too, so we’re not unique there.

  25. Looking at those in the betting (Jimmy Sloyan and Brolly are on the list if anyone wants a wager – PP have a sense of humour). I don’t mean to come across over critical but of the top 5 on the list it has to be Rochford from that group hands down. Also some of the left side choices are not outrageous prices either (Andy 10’s, Colm 20’s)

  26. I get the case for someone inside the County to be appointed. But, this is a great opportunity to change things up. Break the mould. Freshen things for the players, and us the supporters.
    I see some posters saying they don’t want a Kerry man. Why not? We want to win an All Ireland, I don’t think we can rule out anyone.
    What we need is a tactician, someone who is hungry, determined and most importantly has won All Ireland’s…. No offence to any one but why go back to a club manager who has won nothing outside of the County. Let’s show people we are not dead. We have some great young lads, we need energy, positivity, a winning mentality. Look at the fight Joyce is bringing to the Galway set up…
    Spread the net… Go for the best. Why not approach Jim Galvin. He loves a challenge..
    I know some are rolling their eyes now but who would have thought a kilkenny man would manage Galway hurlers…
    In other counties, managers got the boot for only winning one or not winning one in 3 years…
    We need to be more demanding. I don’t think going back to a previous mgr is the answer.
    I know I’ll get told I’m wrong, it has to be internal but by all means appoint a club manager as selector and let them scout away now…
    I agree with whomever said the manager attracts the backroom… So let’s aim high…
    That’s all I’m saying.

  27. Moose, I 100% agree with you on this. If Horan is being credited with bringing more professionalism and demanding higher standards, then why stop there?
    Let’s demand more. Getting to the final or winning connacht titles should no longer be the benchmark. We should, every year, be aiming to win it. Anything else is a loser mentality and inferiority complex. Kerry feel they have a god given right to win them. Obviously they’ve won plenty but that’s what we need to aim for. Not a “the journey is more important than the destination” or “we’re all in this together” type attitude.
    Approach Gavin, approach McGuinness. Our first port of call should be proven winners and then work our way down if they say no. At least we’ll have asked! If we want results, we need someone who can get them.

  28. We need to be realistic about managers. Could people stop mentioning Jim Gavin. His legacy is cemented as being the first manager to win 5 in a row, with the best panel ever assembly youd have to say. But still he has no intention of tarnishing that by taking on another county. Cant see McGuninness either, people look at him as some mythical guru of GAA. He won one all Ireland with the worst brand of football you could watch, a terrible style of play. Hard to see Eamonn Fitz travelling from Kerry to Mayo several times a week either. Its not realistic. It’s more than likely going to be a man from inside the county.

  29. I agree about not ruling out an external manager. There’s no guarantee of success, of course, but we are the only front runner county which hasn’t won Sam in the last few decades, and thus we lack a bit of generational knowhow and experience that the Dubs, Kerry, Galway etc. all have. IMO we might have to go outside if we want to get over the line at national level.

    Must say that I am not very enthusiastic about some of the main candidates listed so far. Sheridan has failed to get the U20s out of Connacht and his preferred style of play is very hard to watch tbh, the possession-at-all-costs mantra is rather Donegal-like in my view. And the failure to have a go in the final stages of the Sligo game was not good viewing. Sometimes chaos beats structure!

    Solan got the U20s to an All-Ireland final in 2018, but Jimmy Hyland ran riot that day and we seemed powerless to stop him.

    Dempsey has done a good job with Knockmore, but it’s a big step up from club ball to inter-county senior level.

    Rochford got us the closest we have ever been to winning Sam again IMO.

  30. @It Means Nothing to Me – agree some on the list are just not to the level needed or even close hence my suggestion of looking at some ex players. Going external to me is high risk just on travel, logistics, planning, local knowledge reasons etc. The lead needs to be from the County but fill the backroom with experts in their field from anywhere

  31. I would be going the safe route and the safest route is Rochford.

    Undoubtedly went the closest to winning the AI in the past decade.
    Has won AI’s both as a player and as a manager.
    Lives within the county.
    Has a fantastic knowledge of the club scene in Mayo.

    Has proven that he is willing to really change tactics depending on what is required.

    Now the man might have no interest in the job but if he does then he is the man for the job.

  32. I think a lot of people confuse admiration with ability. The county adores Andy but does that make him eligible as a manager? Not in my opinion. He has a way to go with Leitrim yet to get some coaching experience. Just because we like someone doesn’t mean they are fit for the Job.I worry we will lose excellent back room/support team members also who will be very hard to replace.

  33. Why was Jim Gavin such a successful manager. Was it his man management skills that he was able to gather an overabundance of highly motivated players. Or was he just spoilt for choice anyway.
    Horan set the bar high and we need to keep the bar up there.
    I dont know why posters think either McGuinness or Galvin would have any interest. Andy Moran has a job to do in Leitrem but may very well be the man for Mayo down the road. There is a natural positivity about his attitude.
    Rochford?? would probably be good combination with McDonald. Its a position we have to get right, thats for sure.

  34. @Dave Johnson, even though I agree with your point about the realism of some of these managers – especially the Jim Gavin ones are laughable, he is the proudest of Dubs and his legacy is cemented, actually if Fianna Fail or Fine Gael had any ambition they’d be moving mountains to get him involved in politics – I have to pull you up on the style of play Donegal played to win their AI in 2012. They played an exciting counter attacking brand of football. They were superb against Kerry and especially Cork in the AI series before putting 2-12 past Mayo in the final. McGuinness did for Donegal what Horan did for Mayo (i.e. revolutionized the culture within the county) except Jim delivered Sam at the end.

  35. @Ontheditch: In fairness, the man won 5 in a row, no other manager in gaelic sports has ever achieved that. Dessie’s travails since show that it’s not a foregone conclusion that anyone would have won that with that group of players.

    A few of the other external options like Gavin, Fitzmaurice or McGuinness may well be unrealistic, but we have nothing to lose by asking them.

    Fellas suggesting Andy or MacDonald for the manager’s job need to have a word with themselves. One has struggled with Leitrim so far, the other has struggled to make any sort of positive impression on our attack, which has been shapeless these past couple of seasons. Both lack enough experience at this moment in time.

    I would agree with Revellino that Rochford is the most promising candidate so far (if he’s interested). I can’t imagine that the trek up to Donegal fills him with joy at this point and he is one of the few Mayo men around who has coached a team to All-Ireland success.

  36. Thoughts on the
    -Should have a ruthless streak.

    -Should not be friends with the players. Gavin ,Cody etc would never allow that.

    -Imho the candidate does not have to be experienced in achieving results with club or county.This excludes too many great potential candidates. However, in the absence of footballing achievements they should have other man management experience and knowledge of football ,Or have obvious leadership qualities(Boyler)

    Ideally they would bleed Mayo but tbh I’m not sure that’s exactly all that there is to this. It could be true for example that an outsider(or some outsiders)are required to get us over the line initially.

    As others have referenced ,Stephen Rochford is a stand out candidate. He has a track record, he’s data driven,and obviously not afraid to make mistakes.He is respected and I “believe “ he has a ruthless streak.

    Now the downside with him is that he’s mostly a cuddly teddy bear who is not intimidating.Some of these strong character players already in the panel could “divert him” from his true purpose.

    There are a few members of the recent team who I’d like to see involved in the larger support team esp.Boyler and Chris Barrett and Andy.

    We have to develop a new support team and ,at the same time,we have to implement methods to evolve that support team’s experience and (their)training.

    I would put a lot of emphasis on data driven performance management. This is a place where we can eliminate the gross variability in performance that we’ve been seeing for a while now(Something in that department has been very very wrong imo)

    I have said before that at half time in many games in the past year something is happening or not happening (that needs to happen)to affect our second half performance. Some detailed investigation into this would yield usable outcomes. We are the only team,that I know of,that this happens to.

    We need to spend money to get the best guy in the country to do this. (Declan D’arcy?)

    Alongside this, training methods and injuries are an incredibly important thing to analyze properly.We need outside eyes on this (imo)
    Again,something is not right.

    Just fixing the variability of performance and the the s/c related injuries will go a long way ,I feel.

    In terms of out of the box thinking.

    1. Andy or Declan O Sullivan as forwards coach.
    2. Or The Gooch ?As forwards coach (I have a feeling he could be an outstanding choice)
    3. Cora Staunton ( or Caroline Currid)as psychological edge coach
    4. Liam Kearns(a little older)but solid and respected and plays the direct brand of football we want to play.
    5. I would look at anyone from the recent Dublin set up with expertise.
    6. Although I really respect McGuinness and what he’s done he’s too polarizing for Mayo.
    7. Eamon Fitzmaurice is born to do what he’s currently doing. Leave him be.
    8. Kevin McStay…way too polarizing. But maybe do the gig with minors and u-21 and build a loyal base that way ?

    One thing that can’t be underestimated is the reality that some members of this panel made life hell for the management team in 2015. Their continued involvement may mean that some will not seek ,or accept ,positions in the Mayo camp as long as these people continue to be involved. I honestly don’t think that in this case ,getting players opinions as to who the manager should be is really worthwhile or even necessarily a good idea( in light of 2015)

    I think very highly of Stephen Rochford and I think over three /four years he’d move us forward.

  37. The more I think about it, Rochford might be decent option. Knows the standards required at intercounty level. He’s a big enough name (and Mayo is a big enough job) to attract any outside coach into the backroom team.

    The worry would be that it’s going back to the past. Not sure you’d get the same new manager bounce.

  38. Stephen Rochford is the person I would like,he certainly will bring a strong backroom team with him,he is not afraid to try different methods,they need to get him back on board

  39. A lot of us me included mention factors of the new management that will cost money.
    Now, this is a new high inflation put on the spuds there’s no steak tonight world.
    Fundraising will be more difficult than ever.
    Except, in the case of Andy Moran with Mike Solan, Andy would be able to help sell more match tickets and directly be the face of high roller wealthy fundraising.
    That is our reality.
    We may need to plump for Andy because our cash situation leaves us no option.
    It has merits.
    Will we compete for Sam budget wise in a high living costs world?

  40. To say that Rochford failed with the greatest batch we’ve had since 1951 is a bit harsh. Had we flopped in the finals, then perhaps. Mayo played brilliantly in both years finals. The keeper decision was brave and proved incorrect but other than that the team played superbly. Vaughan’s rush of blood was very costly.

    IF we are excluding an external hire then Stephen Rochford is the obvious target. It’s clear from speaking with other Mayo supporters today he is the preferred option.

    Sure, 2nd comings don’t seem to work but Horan’s, while ultimately unsuccessful, was still a decent stint albeit we flopped in both finals.

    I think Rochford is the man the Co Board need to be phoning. His CV is streets ahead of anyone else being mentioned(excluding externals who tbh aren’t realistic in my opinion).

  41. Solan, with respect, is not the man to lead. Perhaps in some kind of selector role. I think that u21 side in 2016 would have won with anyone in charge. They were on a mission. Not having any plan for Hyland in 2018 cost us that All Ireland. Imo we lost that ‘on the line’ in the first half. Cathal Horan nearly singlehandedly rescued us when he threw caution to the wind, but we were left with too much of a mountain to climb, so Solan is not the man for me anyway.

    Those being harsh on Andy. Give the man a break. Sure he’s only after starting!! Ideally I’d like to see him take our u20s for a few seasons and then go up. Like Harte did in Tyrone.

  42. The manager picked will be the one that suits the County Board agenda and that their control is not diluted. They would not give the job to Mick O Dwyer early on or to Jim Mc Guinness at the start of James Horans second stint.
    James Horan did a fantastic job initially to bring Mayo from no hopers to All Ireland contenders so we should all be proud and thankful for that.
    Under no circumstances should Stephen Rochford get the job. Any manager in a tight final in 2017 I think it was that took Andy Moran off when we are looking for a score is not the man for me. And remember he is coaching Donegal to play absolute puke football.
    I hope whoever we get plays attractive football not handball because a lot of the stuff nowadays is awful.

  43. Surprised not to see Damian Mulligans name mentioned considering the job he done with Belmullet last year, definetly think he’d have something to offer with the organised defensive structure he had with them. Similiar enough trajectory to Horan too in the sense that he brought Belmullet up from Intermediate and had a right crack the senior championship last year. Maybe a combo of him and someone along the lines of Kevin O’Brien would do well together.

    Against Rochford or Andy for the simple reason that I think a completely new voice needs to be in the dressing room.

  44. Food4Thought.

    If prospective management candidates have a problem with some of the older players who were central in the heave they have the right as manager to drop them entirely from the panel.

    We need a strong and ruthless manager above all.

  45. Sticks for the Reek – Andy tore his hamstring in the 2017 final. Missed the entire club championship that year.

  46. My fear is that the CB will go on the cheap like in 15. If they do it will be a disaster. Getting the best costs money of course, but having those people makes it easier to fundraise what’s required.

  47. Agreed Mayonaze. Wouldn’t be too hard on Rochford. He got very, very close. 2017 final was the best I ever saw a Mayo team play, including the stints under Horan. Vaughan not being able to keep a lid on it at a crucial moment definitely a bit of a disaster.

  48. Thanks to James Horan for, in my view, turning Mayo inter-county on its head it terms of perception and organisation and indeed made us consistently competitive as he promised. I think people tend to forget what it was like before 2011. Just unfortunately he or Rochford couldn’t get us over the line and I agree, 2021 that has really broke us and indeed turned the rest of the country off us somewhat. But, even as a big JH supported, think it is time now for a change and freshen up.

    Everyone entitled to their opinions, but some of the names for next manager on here…are people being serious?….Declan D’arcy?! Cora Staunton? You don’t see the bigger, successful counties at that!

    For me manager should always be one of our own, Its not the same if you have to ‘buy’ a manager from outside. Actually think every county manager should be from their own county. You cant measure the importance of a manager knowing and understanding the club / underage set-up in the county, not someone dipping down twice a week from afar. No obvious candidate, but I would give Dempsey a stint, think Andy needs a while longer to prove he is right for the job. Wouldn’t be aghast at Rochford, but I think at this point we need to move on

  49. I see the name of former managers put forward,what about John OMahony with Ray Dempsey.Since he is out of politics I think he did stent with Carlow a few years ago he is much younger than ODyer when his name came up.

  50. James was a once off to step up from club to county.
    He brought Ballintubber from nó where to county champions for a few years
    The difference with Ray Dempsey is that Knockmore have a tradition of winning titles.
    Hope James is asked for an input into the new manager

  51. Jim Gavin in 2010 was managing the guards here in Dublin and got them relegated from div 3 to div 4 where they still are.

    People sometimes forget that when talking about Gavin ?.

    A safe bet is Rochy but he was let go after I’d first stint so old ground and all that. Has he learned anything can he bring it along and progress things further. Wheres the evidence. I’m sure if Donegal were high flying at the moment we’d be going up to Donegal to bring him to Mayo in person.

    The person should be within the county who knows the club scene, development squads and who regularly attend the centre of excellence. There the ideal candidate.

    None of these celebrity managers who haven’t a clue of where or what a club is or whether there senior or junior.

  52. Nephin, I dont understand. Surely managers only get mileage expenses like the players. Why would fundraising be required?

  53. KL what would be wrong with Cora Staunton being manager or forwards coach she has won 4 all Irelands a hape of all stars and is still playing professionly in Austrailia.she is the best forward Mayo has ever produced since 1951 sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

  54. A lot of people mentioning the ‘manager’ & not the ‘management team’.
    I think this is a mistake.
    I would be of the opinion that we should be appointing a ‘management team’.
    After all was this not the main criticism of the outgoing manager ?
    I would also suggest that the input of Paddy Tally in Kerry & Cian O Neill in Galway has been greater than
    the input of the respective head honchos in both those counties.
    I think the question we should be asking is which manager can get us the best ‘management package’.
    A man who did well for us in the recent past as part of a package was Tony McEntee.
    And does anyone remember Donie Buckley ?
    We can go with a less experienced manager if he can co-ordinate well with more experienced specialists.

  55. Pretty sure Eamonn Fitz said back in 2020 he has no interest in managing outside Kerry. So that’s one name we can park, at least.

  56. Would Maurice Horan who was on the podcast last week be a suitable candidate, he did well enough with limerick in his first stint . He really spoke very informatively the other week , I dunno he just caught my attention with his detail on tactical chat .

  57. KL:Just to clarify I thought Cora could be a forwards coach and Declan D’Arcy the Data Driven Performance Management-not the manager. I hope this helps.

  58. Some tragic news in Claremorris today. A wonderful Mayo supporter and great person all round has passed. Kevin O’Brien (of O’Brien’s). Too young to go, have some thoughts for his family today….

  59. I honestly don’t know.. but throwing out ideas as they come in.. what about a crossmolina area dream team.. mulligan, mcdanger and Rochford? Andy Moran hasn’t enough experience yet, but players wud accept him and if he had co-manager like a fitzmaurice or mcentee?
    I feel we need to go big as we are closer than we think, my fear is we go backwards with an unproven conservative choice..

  60. I don’t have any real preference for who the new manager should be. Simply because since 1995 almost every manager has got us to an all ireland.

  61. Kevin O’brien an absolute gentle gentleman. Shocking news. RIp Kevin. God bless him.

  62. Anne-Marie, have just read your piece in the Mayo News – “A Fan’s View” of Sunday.
    It was a lovely read, like Pebblesmeller’s but in a different way, showing the wonderful value of words to rescue us and offer sense in a swelter of emotion.
    Really enjoyed it.

  63. I think PETER FORD could be a good choice as manager with RAY Dempsey as his number 2. Peter is now retired from teaching and would have plenty of time to fulfill the role .He has over 25 years experience of managing teams . He is managing BALLINROBE this year. Peter was overlooked for the job in 1999 when it was given to a young Pat Holmes. I think he would jump at the job if he was asked. He was also a former MAYO captain. I think with the demands of the job nowadays it would suit retired people e.g. dessie farrell, jack o connor.

  64. @Paddyjoe
    Ah of course, they only get mileage, silly me. Still it’s a long way from Dingle or Dublin to Castlebar with the price of diesel.

  65. Uncle Sam. I think it’s fair to say that John O Mahoneys name shouldn’t be mentioned after the state the team was in at the end of his tenure in 2010. Its a credit to James Horan for bringing us out of those depths to the highs he brought us to in the following years.

  66. Totally agree Dave J – to me that would be complete regression. I really don’t think it’s an option anyway. He had his time and the game has moved on.

  67. Certainly there is some posters putting putting obstacles in the way of some possible potential Managers their own opinions. As far as I know Cora has opted to go to Australia for another year. I think we a month or two to chill, wait until at least the Championship is over.. We just never know until at a week or probably longer after the Championship is over. Who will become available to be possibly part of a backroom team or otherwise? By all means the county board could compile a wish list of people and a back room people.. Not everyone would want the job, or maybe not just yet.. some that might possibly be interested in being part of the new Mayo set-up, might be involved with one of the 4 remaining team’s in the competition.. Park the process for at least a month possibly two!

  68. @ ann marie, people change their minds all the time. No ones out or in at this stage, se only give opinions. And imo McDonald should be on the management team for continuity as well as passing on his wonderful skills. We cant just throw away all the good work of the Horan team.
    Im not convinced McGuinness or Gavin would be interested. They like to visualise final outcomes before commitment and would make a commitment.
    Like many posters, i see Rochford setting the pace, but im not convinced he will get us over te line. Fitz, Paul Galvin and McDonald are my dream team.

  69. I really hope the CB take the time and due process to get the right man for the job. The reality is our next competitive game isnt for around 6 months.
    Hopefully there’s no bs or major controversy this time regarding interview process.

    It’s a massive role for the right man. To potentially be the manager to win an All Ireland with Mayo.

  70. I think there should not be a so called list of candidates in the running.

    There should be a best candidate.

    Go and get that best candidate.

    If the groundwork is done then there shouldn’t need to be an interview process.

    If an interview process is required then it shows you don’t really know what you should already know about the candidate.

  71. I would say the role for the right person is:
    To build a team
    To put attention into the team playing quality football based on skills (that has body and substance).

    Once we know how to do that, then let us compete, set targets.

    I don’t have the football know-how of most of you guys, but the ability to play football to a high level of quality is important to me as a prerequisite to setting ourselves up as contenders of the big prize.

    In other words, my first goal would not be Sam. Sam is the prize at the top of the mountain.
    Tactics are only part of it. Skills and quality are essential.

  72. One interesting thought is new role for Diarmuid at six.
    Often sone managers give a new role to a player whose form has gone off the boil.
    This gives the player something new to get stuck into.
    Diarmuid is built like a prototype six.
    He’s got good hands, good tackler, good passer, doesn’t lose the ball.

  73. Give the job to Solan, he should have got it 4 years ago. the next man in must get a proper defence in place, 1.18 against a mediocre Kerry team, the bet still stands re. Kerry Moran, OBrien ,Geaney, where are all those great minors gone. slan

  74. It’s all about the management ticket.

    Malachy o’rourke in as managers for me, Terry kennedy and damien mulligan in as selectors

  75. Rochford is the best hope we have. Build a good team around him. He will be a wiser manager now and was the nearest to getting us over the line since 1996.can old sores be healed?

  76. Rochford for brains/outside the box thinking/Mayo GAA know how Co- managing alongside Oisín McConville all Ireland winning mentality (and say it like it is/no bullshit from someone not emotionally involved who knows what it takes to get over the line), backroom team of Boyler & Buckley for courage/strength in the tackle/ driving force, Andy & Solan for positivity/S&C/forward support and Parsons for pure resilience/player interests/mental strength. Clarke for goalkeeping. Sure throw Cluxton in too by zoom but he’d prob not talk.
    That would be my dream team. But I don’t know how things were left between players/ex players and Rochford.
    Not that it matters as that combo has as much chance as me managing.

  77. surely if strategic thinking is applied, you make a special executive role for James Horan, director of football – responsible for cultivating the development of mayo football at all levels and maintaining the framework, then you appoint Rochford as coach of the senior tram as a master tactician on the sideline – that is a dream team and harnessing the rich talents they have for the benefit of Mayo

  78. I’d go for the job myself except I’m only available on Saturday afternoons, unless I already have something else on.

    I’d give it 14% commitment and accept no responsibility whatsoever.

    The county board can get my number off WJ when they need to get in touch.

  79. @sinead37 agree with you in some points there. Boyler would be a great addition. Solan will be tied up with Arsenal so don’t think that’s a viable option. Also we can’t forget the S+C of Conor Finn has had the mayo team possibly the fittest they have ever been over the years and were commended for same throughout his tenure with the senior and U21 team. We were unlucky with injuries but there was a change in medical team and physios also this year also so lots of moving parts in a purely unlucky picture / perhaps inexperience from GAA point of work. Buckley I’m not sure in terms of relationships how that would go but a possibility for sure. As for Parsons it’s nice sentiment but you need a qualified sports psychologist in there for a wide variety of reasons. Not saying Tom doesn’t bring and live the resilience piece but a professional psychologist has the training to offer a lot more we can’t be picking people off sentiment alone.

  80. Anyone know the reason for the delay in announcing the date/venue/time for the All Ireland minor final?

  81. Personally, it’d be great to see Malachy O’Rourke given the job. There are other “outside” managers that could do the job as well, but we have to be realistic, we’re skint. Once you look outside of the county, the ahem “expenses” for managers tends to sky rocket, particularly if they’re bringing some other people along who are also outside of the county. Mileage expenses alone would be an issue.
    I just can’t see it happening. We’ll be looking inside. Be that Rochford, Dempsey or A.N. Other. If that is the case, than Rochford has the experience, so I’d be inclined to go with him. The management team around the new manager is just as important though.

    I’ve just seen that Sean Deane is quite low odds for the job, but for god’s sake leave him where he is. He’s doing a great job, so let him carry on developing our young lads. Minor to senior is a serious jump anyway.

  82. Jp, never thought of that for Diarmuid as a possibility. But think that’s a really, really good idea. Solves more than one problem.
    A few more ideas like that and maybe you should be putting your hat in the ring.

  83. How about a Mayo/Kerry management of John Maughan and Jack O Shea, both vastly experienced and great players themselves. The former Derry maestro could do the PR job as he’s been infatuated with all things Maigh Eo
    for years.

  84. I don’t understand people throwing managers and certain people together. Whoever gets the job will and should assemble his own team. On another forum someone even mentioned Jason Sherlock…ffs.

    Rochford was there before but I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets it again as every single manager seems to get a 2nd go in Mayo…only one who didn’t was Mickey Moran.

  85. htpps//www.irishtimes.com/sport/gaelic-games/hurling/paul-kinnerk-s-laser-focus-approach-to-coaching-paying-dividends-for-limerick-1.4640702

    I hope the link works!. Interesting reading this is the man who changed Limerick hurling.We need advice from this type of coach.

  86. @1989 the link above. Havent got time to read yet but there was a time when limerick hurling was comparable to mayo football but not anymore

  87. In hindsight I don’t think Shane Curran would cut the mustard .he got an interview for the Fermanagh job and there county board didn’t pick him.what about Graham Geraghty or Tommy Lyons who has louisburg connections

  88. Paddy Power has Ray Dempsey at very short odds,no bookie ever went broke,usually have some inside information

  89. The list of possible names people are tossing out is getting ridiculous. I know half of you are only doing it for a laugh but I think the joke is done to death at this stage on the subject so maybe ease off with the ludicrous options.

  90. Ah folks John Maughan, jack O’Shea (failed miserably before), Tommy Lyon’s and graham geraghty are not the answer here! No offence to any of them but they’re not of the calibre we need. The next manager has to be a proven winner – Jim mcguinness or Jim gavin with Stephen Rochford as coach and a proven sports psychologist. Saving money can’t come into it as it would be penny wise but pound foolish. Mayo are a massive cash cow but if we start to slide our revenue will dip further. Spend money to make money – it’ll keep us at the top table

  91. Glad you stepped in there WJ. Some stupid suggestions coming in. I know it’s probably time for change, but I’m certainly sad that this era is at an end. We are facing an uncertain future and I for one isn’t in much form for jokes.

  92. Forget about outsiders, only want the money. If Graham Gerarhy was any good he would get the Meath job. Not rated as a manager.

  93. Paddy power seem to have removed the page for betting on next manager just now?

  94. Paul Kinnerk (Limerick hurling coach) seems like he’d be open to coaching football in the above linked article from last august. He’d be a great appointment as part of a ticket – much of limericks success is attributed to him. May be worth approaching when their hurling season ends

  95. The County Board are left with a difficult task to get the next Managerial team right. I for one don’t like the idea of players very recently retired as they are too close to the older team members.
    There could be huge costs to be considered also depending on the size of the new setup.
    I was relieved when Horan was given the job in late 2018.
    It will be an interesting few months.

  96. WJ
    I wasnt really suggesting Paul Kinnerk as i cant see he would be available….rather i was suggesting that he is the kind of new thinking we need in my view

  97. Dont think that kinnerk suggestion is what was referred to, 1989 – in fact Mayo could genuinely do far worse, in my opinion, than approach him as part of a backroom team (all he can do is say no – but like with Jim Gavin, I suspect kiely and co are well aware this great limerick side has a limited shelf-life and it’ll be very hard to keep up the hunger going if they do win three in a row)

    It’s the other bizarre suggestions above – by either those with wild imaginations or those on a wind up – that are just getting so tedious at this stage

  98. Roy Keane seems to enjoy attending Gaelic football these days , be a great appointment . Boyler could work alongside him as he idolises him too .

  99. On a more serious note it’s time they announced details of minor final . What’s the delay all about ?

  100. Agree Sean, it’s time the CCCC fixed a venue, date and time for the Minor Final, the team & supporters are left in limbo wondering where and when it will be, my bet is that it will be on the Sunday in Hyde Park at 1pm. They are already selling tickets for the two Senior Semi Finals, there is no mention of the Minor Final being a ‘curtain raiser’ to either game. With Galway playing on the Saturday in the Senior Semi Final, it’s unlikely they’ll fix it for that date. TG4 have a free schedule on the Sunday as the LGFA Quarter Finals are all on the Saturday.

  101. That’s not a done deal as yet, Done Deal! I’m hearing the same, by the way, though it has yet to be confirmed officially. Hopefully this will happen soon, it’s hard to know why they haven’t confirmed the details yet.

    It wasn’t suggestions like yours, 1989, that I was referring to in relation to the manager position. It was just the daft stuff, of which I think we’ve now seen more than enough.

    Ciaran+2 referred to Rob’s piece for the Irish Examiner, which is well worth a read and is available here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/gaa/arid-40905932.html

  102. I think the biggest liability we face is the County Board. For decades they have been mired in politics. I have zero faith in them to pick the best candidate. We do not need a nice guy – we need somebody with a ruthless streak backed up by a top class and capable backroom. The players have to respect the manager but he does not have to be their friend.

    Perhaps an outside manager who is not caught up in any local politics. It is all about winning the big one. A poor management choice will immediately be obvious to everybody and will set morale back years. Also it would be very unfair on this talented crop of young players that JH has given a chance to. I will be surprised if the County Board get this done to a professional standard. This is a huge decision given our current stage of development.

    And please appoint somebody in the backroom with motivational and psychology skills. Tyrone loss seemed to suck the life out of player and supporters self-belief.

  103. This should be seen as a huge opportunity for MCB. Six months before any senior inter county football, this could be a time to make some brave bold decisions and restructure an awful lot.

    Debt should not hold us back – remember if you’re not in debt you’re not in business. We owe Croke Park, what are they going to do, stop Keegan playing in Croker? No decision should be made based on financial fear.

    Everything should be reviewed, is fundraising harnessed to the maximum? How many Mayo fans around the world could easily donate money into a structure they believe in.

    Our minor success should be beamed around the world for everyone to see. If you have two minutes, head over to the official Mayo GAA website, I can’t even find a link to a match report celebrating the win.

    If we are focusing now on purely who is going to be the next manager we will once again miss an opportunity. People talk about JP in Limerick but it is much bigger than his funding. This is a county all pulling in the same direction.

    So having said all that I think we will end up appointing Dempsey and maybe someone can sponsor a park bench. Insert the emoji of the money flying away here please…

  104. Tomas O Se is learning fast with Offally and no doubt will one day win all irelands as manager of Kerry. Imagine him and Paul Galvin walking into the Mayo dressing room they would command instant respect and the lads would be mad trying to impress them. Theyre might be a few glantors thrown if lads are dropping the ball into the goalies hands or putting it wide but maybe thats would be no harm either

  105. Well Jim Gavin won’t take the job, unless there a couple of million in it, originally I would have been opposed to McGunniss
    but now I feel we need someone who’s one something to get us over the line

  106. Down under I fear that you will be proved correct,I have not heard a word why Liam Moffat walked away

  107. Why in god’s name at you thinking of bringing back managers that have already been there we can see what it has achieved need an outsider

  108. In the absence of a strong conveyor belt of success at underage, Mayo will be grasping at straws. Our record over the past few years at minor and U20 ought instead be the subject of focus.

  109. I dunno about that , 83 under 21s led to 88 and 89 year.

    There was a decent under 21 batch in 94 then with Ciaran Mac , Ken mort , Maurice Sheridan , Kevin o neill . 96-99 senior era

    2006 under21 along with some more besides led to 2011 to 2017 era

    2016 under 21 , 2018 under along with some very good minor players in them years will see us through till 2026 at least .

    It’s definitely not all doom and gloom , we are very lucky to have the players we produce . Getting over the line at senior level of course is the obstacle but do I believe we will go years without big croke park games like we’ve become used to , nah not on your Nellie , we will be back up again next year in that context .

    Oisin Mullen , Eogan McLaughlin, paddy , Tommy conroy , Ryan o donoghue, some of the best footballers in the country. Not trying to be overly positive but your hand gets forced sometimes when people go on as if we just became a tailteann cup side overnight .

  110. good luck to sean and our minors tomorrow, a win would give us a badly needed lift. also i hope the new senior manager will be from within the county. would love rochford or mike solan get the job with mc donald

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