Oisín’s departure an early blow for new management team

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It’s been well flagged in recent weeks but last night’s official confirmation that Oisín Mullin is departing for Australia shortly to take up a professional AFL contract with Geelong is nonetheless a significant blow for the county ahead of next year’s inter-county campaign.

At a personal level, it’s only right to wish Oisín well. We’re all given only one life to lead and we’re all entitled to follow our dreams, wherever they may take us. Oisín has decided – following his decision not to go this time last year when the option was also there to do so – to head for Melbourne and the AFL and, from the comments posted here on the blog since the news broke last night, it’s obvious he’s going with plenty of good wishes from Mayo supporters. As is right and proper.

It’s tempting to make comparisons with Pearse Hanley’s departure back in 2007 but, as has also been pointed out already by contributors here, that comparison isn’t fully accurate. Pearse left at a younger age, having played just two qualifier matches at Senior level for us. Oisín, by contrast, played three full years at Senior level for us and appeared in two All-Ireland finals in that time.

Looking back on those three years, it was his breakout year in 2020 – a season like no other, greatly interrupted by Covid – that proved his best in a Mayo jersey. He burst onto the scene at the start of that year as a fully-formed talent, immediately establishing himself as a key performer for us, despite his tender years. It was no surprise that he ended that year with an All-Star and the Young Footballer of the Year award. For good measure, he won the YFOTY award again in 2021.

2021 and 2022 were, in large part, years in which Oisín was blighted by injury. Despite this, however, he still made a significant contribution to the cause over the two seasons, evidenced by that second YFOTY award last year.

The news of Oisín’s departure is definitely an early development that Kevin McStay and his management team could have done without. The ongoing doubt about Lee Keegan’s availability for next year doesn’t help either, even if it’s right that Lee is given all the time he needs to decide how he’s fixed for 2023. Indeed, if ever a player deserves time and space to make such a decision, it’s Lee.

Whatever Lee eventually decides to do, Oisín’s departure creates a gap in the ranks, one that needs to be filled by one of the emerging talents we have in the backline. Clearly, we’ve no like-for-like replacement – which is why losing a player as talented as Oisín is such a blow – but we’re not bereft of alternative options at the back either.

The news that Oisín won’t be with the county team next year is a blow for us, one we could definitely have done without as we seek to re-establish ourselves as serious contenders for national honours. Ultimately, though, it’s one we have to live with as another year of inter-county action approaches.

71 thoughts on “Oisín’s departure an early blow for new management team

  1. Oisin is dead right to throw his hand at the aussie rules, these opportunities won’t come knocking too often and weather he makes it or not he will have no regrets, Mayo will always be here but a chance to play professional sports might never come again.

    All the best to him, he will be missed by us Mayo fans but no doubt we will be all shouting for him to succeed all the way in Oz.

  2. I can only wish him all the best a wonderful footballer who hopefully makes it at a professional level,he has only a few years at top level,speaking as someone who only visited Australia in my mind fifties much too late to live and work there I would certainly have loved to live there in my teens or twenties,the lifestyle is wonderful

  3. Waa sad to hear the news but he has to take the chance wish him all the best no one would really turn down the chance and after the awful year hes had probably wants a change of scenary. Hopefully see him in the green& red again!

    GAA need to start paying the players properly they earn a fortune but will they I doubt it and more of our star players will be tempted to go and who can blame them!

  4. Good luck to him,joining the grand final winners with 2 Irish lads established on the team.
    People talk about Kerry holding on to Clifford, I dont think he has the speed for Aussie rules

  5. @JR David clifford is a great player but not on the same league as osin mullin as in stamina your right there!

  6. Melbourne were interested n Clifford despite what everyone keeps saying , he has/had zero interest in going .

    “Melbourne were looking at him to go out to the Aussie rules and I was coming over to have a look at him and said, ‘This is a player’ but he didn’t want to go,” explained Stynes, who is back on home soil this week as he completes the purchase of the Flowing Tide pub on Dublin’s Abbey Street. “For a fella that tall to have the balance and the composure he has, everything stops when he gets the ball.” Bryan stynes July 2022

  7. Fair enough clifford didnt want to go but I still do not think he has the same stamina as mullin etc great player though but not unstopable wish oisin mullin all the best! Enjoy the sight seeing sea& sand and build some dosh up he deserves it ! He will be waving the mayo flag if/hopefully we do bring home sam!

  8. Wish Oisin Mullen all the best but he is no David Clifford or Lee Keegan . David Clifford choose to stay Don’t forget we beat Dublin without him. Hope he does well

  9. Wishing Oisín all the best. A wonderful servant and true warrior. As the resident American, I am always blown away by the amateur status and commitment in the intercounty GAA setup vs the professionalism here. Totally understand the allure. Massive shoes to fill. Not losing faith — opportunity beckons for many including J Coyne (big fan) and D McBrien. It’s gonna happen someday, why not 2023!

  10. Can’t help but feel that mcstay may become a victim of circumstance.

    The role was certainly a more attractive one only a few weeks ago

    Since he’s been confirmed, he’s watched a dour mayo championship, the (apparently star studded) winners annihilated in the province and all other grade winners knocked out in round one. One of his best players has just left and there are huge question marks over another

    What’s more Dublin welcome back two of their greats, while I’m reliably informed some old faces have made their return – or are returning – to the Galway squad. It’s hard to see Kerry getting any worse either

    This is all following a very underwhelming season.
    Even if none of the above happened he would still have his work cut out.

    And all of it through no fault of his own

    When 7 Westport players are making the squad you know that he has much less cards to deal with than his predecessors.

    The problem for him is that expectations are still going to be as high as ever amongst certain fans – and unrealistically so. He seems a good guy but I really fear for him that he could be on a hiding to nothing of sorts next season.

  11. Really hope Oisin is a massive success down under. Seems from what everyone that knows him says he is an absolute gentleman as well as a thoroughbred sportsman. Geelong’s gain is Kilmaine’s and Mayo’s loss but no-one could begrudge him this chance. Including myself I reckon everyone who ever played and loved sport wished to be able to do it for a living. All the best Oisin!

  12. With Mullen gone and a few more top names reaching the end of their careers , maybe its the right time for McStay to go for a new team with a new style of play and take the Championship by storm. Mayo have been a top team for over 10 years now but could not get over the line , wheather that was the players or the Managers fault it doesnt matter at this stage, so something new is needed from McStay and the worst result will be no different than the last 10 years, No Sam , but there is a chance with a new team and new game plan Sam might arrive in Mayo. Give McStay and the players a chance to change things, without all the media etc the past teams and Management had to deal with.

  13. @Ciaran last year was always going to be bad for us after the Tyrone final.

    Oisin was always bound for Australia covid just stopped him before .
    We will have Tommy conroy back , hopefully a fully fit cillian and also Ryan O D and loads of younger talent coming through !

    Kerry I really think are overated we held them for a good part of the quarter final and we were terrible! The two guys going back to Dublin are much older then oisin and settled in Ireland.

    Keep the faith sick of all the negativity from last year can only get better ha!

  14. One or two people on here seem to have a problem with 7 Westport players making the panel a panel that is surely in its infancy and will be much changed by when the championship starts in April. As a Stephenites man I say good luck to Westport they beat us fair and square in the county final they are not that long up from intermediate where they won the all Ireland final so thats some achievement. I wouldnt be hard on them losing the way they did in Connacht id say all their energy went into winning a county title and they deserved to celebrate after. I for one am going to go easy on McStay for the next year or two. We have zero chance of winning Sam in that time frame with Oisin gone and Lee and AOS in their twilight years and Cillian not far behind with his pace now all but gone. As I said on another thread ill be happy to see a semblance of a game plan and an improvement from our half forwards whoever they may be. I think we are entering into a slight rebuilding phase even tho McStay himself says were not rebuilding. Patience and tempered expectations will be required. Its probably the same for Donegal. Galway Kerry and Dublin are probably the only realistic contenders for Sam this year

  15. Best of luck to Osion.. He deserves his shot at the big time. Hopefully he will fo very well but i would worry about the injury risk which is so high in Aussie rules especially for a player just adapting to it.

  16. Glory days,I mainly agree with you. Will either Aido or Cillian start?
    Remember Galway only beat us by a point Last year and had a dream draw to the final against inexperienced teams.
    IMO they beat a poor Kerry team and only 2 of their forwards scored
    When will Walsh be allowed play like that again,I feel Dublin left the All Ireland behind them.

  17. All the very best to Oisín in his career down under. Hope he goes on to achieve great things there. A huge loss for Mayo no doubt. However I would disagree with people saying Clifford doesn’t have the speed or stamina to play in Aus. For reference look at the goal he got in the Q final against us last year where he flew past Paddy Durkin who is no slow coach himself. The difference with Clifford is that he is told to not pass the 45 by his manager. The man is a physical beast with plenty of strength and speed. As much as I love Oisín, he couldn’t live with Clifford last year. And that’s no disrespect to Oisín he’s a great player. The big difference is Clifford doesn’t appear to want to go to Aus. Has a young family to look after aswell.

  18. Good point Green&Red. And Clifford was carrying an injury into that quarter final.

    Oisin is a monumental loss for us. I wish him well in Oz. He is right to take this opportunity.

  19. Stop all the doom an gloom, the man has made his decision, a opportunity for someone else to step up, get behind the team and management! Ok!!

  20. @James Flynn totally agree someone else step up alot of decent defenders out there some very good ones from Ballina/ westport etc I think we will still do well this year even if we do not win sam just yet sick of all the negativity!

  21. IMO AFL aussie rules as a game and spectacle is a shit show……spoiled by far too many marks and stops……..But the intensive training and physiques it puts on male and female players is amazing…….Best of luck to Oisin and who knows, we might see him again in 5 years in the green n red…….

  22. The Big South Mayo Schools derby this Wednesday at 12 when Oisins old school Ballinrobe Community School play St Colmans Claremorris in the Senior A Colleges Championship in Ballinrobe.
    An awful pity these big school games can’t be scheduled on weekends when all members from the public can attend.

  23. What a sad place to visit these days…so much doom and gloom…take a break everyone and go watch the world cup or get planning for Christmas.
    The new year is just around the corner and with it comes a new beginning for everything and that includes Mayo football!!!

  24. Well done to Tooreen today on claiming another Connaught crown. They are flying the flag for the county . Fergal Boland seems to be in flying form, judging by commentary.

  25. Wishing oisin all the best. A top class footballer and a fine young man. Probably won’t have a problem switching codes. In his hometown of kilmaine every winter for years all the kids take part in indoor soccer. Training before Xmas and a league after Xmas boys teams and girls teams (brilliant dedication from a few people in the parish). One of the boys teams coaches once told me that oisin was the easily best soccer player to take part over all the years. Just shows he’d probably have succeeded at a higher soccer level also.

  26. Comhghairdeas to Toorenn. What a huge achievement to beat the Galway champions!
    Fergal loss to the footballers is the hurlers gain!
    Go neiri libh i gconai foireann Toorenn!

  27. @John+McHale I totally agree with you yes the last 2 years has been espcially hard to take but we will come back again like we always do and as others have said someone else will step up in oisin mullins place like they always do in mayo gaa!

    We need more positivity not negativity new era with new management and I am sure oisin mullin would say the same wish him all the best I think hell be back in the green&red at some stage!

    And well done to Toreen great achievement!

    We need to keep the faith and stop with all the gloom &doom mayo will cross the line at some stage I am sure of of untill then we need to support them all the way with positivity this is coming from a girl who cried when we lost to Tyrone like many others but keep the faith!!

  28. Have to say this whole business makes my blood boil. I just hate the way the Aussies come along and cherry pick the best available GAA talent.

  29. Wish him the best of course, he has been injury prone these last two years and AFL has a high injury rate, so I hope he can hold onto a high level of fitness.
    As for aussie rules cherry picking players – I have to agree with catcol. It is pure poaching.

  30. Sorry lads but I can’t agree with the disdain for Aussie rules. Of course I would want Oisin to stay here and play for Mayo but every code does what it can to improve within the rules. There is nothing in any rule book to stop Oz clubs signing Irish players. It’s not as if they have a right to sign players…..the players have to want to go. Hard to begrudge an elite sportsperson the chance to earn a living and live as a full-time professional. GAA is and has been my life for over 60 years but if I had been offered the chance to play sport for a living I would have been gone like a shot! Best of luck Oisin.

  31. I cant see Cillian staring next year.He has been out injured for too long.
    Indeed a lot of the old team may not start.Time to build a new team.

  32. Cillian has been coming back into form he just needs time did he not get man of the match in one game?? I wouldnt write him off just yet I do not think we need to build a new team the guys just need to get their confidence back with one or two new lads coming up they will be in a good place again wish people would stop being so negative !

  33. @Paddyjoejohntom your right cillian has been playing the last 3 months and is coming slightly back into form he just needs more game time etc I am sure when Tommy conroy comes back hell be the same but will get there like cillian will to wouldnt write him off at all!

  34. Joe, I don’t disdain Aussie Rules. I just don’t want them to poach GAA players, and especially Mayo players.

  35. The very best of luck to Oisin, an opportunity very hard to reject to be a professional athlete. I have no doubt he will be a success if he can stay injury free. His injury profile hasn’t been the best the last few years and aussie rules is even more demanding on the body than GAA.

    I would like to see Donnacha Mchugh get a rattle at full back this year, he may not stand out in terms of attacking play but he does his primary job of marking his man very well. We have few and far between of this elk player in the county, most of our defenders all love the front foot attacking football,

    As for the forward line I think Paul Towey is the most realistic “new” addition to the starting XV. Although hes got the odd chance here and there, this could be his breakthrough season. A lot of negativity recentlybut we had a midfield up of the following I think we have the scoring power to challenge again:
    8. Mattie Ruane
    9. Jordan Flynn
    10. Diarmuid
    11. ROD
    12. Jack Carney
    13. Tommy Conroy
    14. Cillian
    15. Paul Towey

  36. @Clubman51 – Would love to see towey breakthrough at intercounty level but he hasnt set the world alright to date yet with the games he has played in. Until he does id have darren mchale ahead of him.

    8. Mattie Ruane
    9. Jordan Flynn
    10. Diarmuid
    11. D McHale
    12. Jack Carney
    13. Tommy Conroy
    14. Cillian
    15. ROD

  37. Fair enough JKEL88, I like Darren too. Very intelligent and seems to find pockets of space very easily.. I watched Towey against Garrymore and it was a scintillating display of shooting even if slightly erratic. If we need extra scoring power then he has it in the locker. If he has the other attributes required is another question such as team play, athleticism, tackling, conditioning. But in terms of knowing where the posts are he’s the best I have seen in this years club championship.

    I also think Conor McStay could be an excellent link man in the big wide open spaces of Croker. Seems to be a very elusive, intelligent player who layed off a famous amount of assists to Evan Regan this year.

  38. Club man 51 I agree we need 2or3 out and out defenders in our back line.
    We scored enough in most All Irelands but conceded too much particularly soft goals.
    I just hope those picking Cillian know more about his fitness then I do.
    It would be great if he was back to his old form.

  39. I’d agree with ROD, Cillian & Tommy in ff, I think that’s our strongest ff line. Some are putting Carney on the hf, I see him as a midfielder all day long. Carney & Ruane would be my preferred midfield pairing, they offer more all round as a pair. Id go with Plunkett, Flynn & DOC at hf. Plunkett and Flynn have shown they can take scores which is what we need from hf

  40. @JR RE:Cillian I think the assumption with Cillian is he will get a full pre-season in and ample time to recover from the achilles injury he will improve significantly from last season. The injury requires people to learn how to walk correctly again so the fact that he came back and played a part for Mayo last season was an achievement in itself.

    From watching him way off his best for Ballintubber, he is still better than what we have, whether that is a measure of good Cillian is or how average the talent is coming through. He went CF against Ballina and his delivery into Diarmuid at FF was top notch.
    I don’t know him personally but would assume by looking at him for so long he will leave no stone unturned in trying to get back to his 2020 form.
    Diarmuid also looked a handful at FF against Ballina, he has scored a few fisted goals in his day. Could he be a left of field option for 14 next year?

  41. I’ve always thought with Cillian that if he lost a yard of pace he would be cute enough to find another way to get the job done. Same applied to Andy Moran. Little did we know that Andys best years were yet to come after an injury in 2012 that might have finished him. Let’s hope Cillian can get back to somewhere near his previous levels.
    It’s a good shout regarding Diarmuid. He played some great stuff at 11 early in last years league. His best form in years but was bizarrely shunted back out wide. He has the ability to contribute plenty from central areas.
    If I was Kevin Mcstay one of the very first things on the list is to get the most out of Diarmuid. He needs to play centrally and I would give him a good spin at 11. Hes well able to win his own ball and it would be easy to see Diarmuid spending time at 14 during games as well. No more hugging the touchline please for Diarmuid. Let’s get him playing down the middle.

  42. Interview with James Horan on the football pod . He definitely left his mark on mayo football ,Great servant to the county ,not always his biggest fan I’ll admit. Don’t agree with everything he says in the Interview but was interesting to hear his logic and reasoning on certain situations. Be interesting to hear other views.

  43. Club man 51,I have the height of admiration for all Mayo players and realized the sacrifices they put in.
    I hope it works out for Cillian probably the best ever Mayo forward,great scorer and most importantly brave as a bull.

    You dont get that combination often in a forward.

  44. I for one have high hopes for James Carr next season. Thought he had a very solid season. Deserves a chance to build on his performances imo.

  45. @mindthehouse Excellent point on Diarmuid at 11. Had completely forgotten his excellent league form. The game in Dublin in particular springs to mind. One of the best performances any man in a Mayo jersey has ever put in was his display in Newbridge in 2018. He had a great league final in 19 but don’t think he has hit those heights for whatever reason since. Injuries may be a underlying factor here for sure, no more than Cillian he has taken a lot of abuse physically from opposition.

    @FrosTHammer Interesting take on James Carr. No doubt a talent but seems to be extremely injury prone. From watching him he starts games very well and then appears to run out of juice in the second half. His dazzling runs crank up the excitement in most games and I would love to see him kick on and fulfill his undoubted potential. I noticed him not putting up big scores for Ardagh this year from newspaper reports and was wondering if he was playing out the field for them possibly or is it a lack of form/injuries?

  46. The James Horan interview was very interesting. It revealed several points of note.
    He really doesn’t like the local media here in Mayo. Barely disguised contempt was probably the best way to describe how he felt and presumable still feels about the Mayo gaa local media.
    4 starting players were injured on the last training session before the league final.
    The lack of a proper training pitch last season had a much bigger impact than most outsiders would think. On some occasions training had to be abandoned because the pitches were not up to scratch. Amateur stuff really when you compare to the other top sides. And now it’s happening again heading into 2023 as there are concerns about the pitch after all the recent county finals. Isn’t that just typical.

    People like Chris Barrett and seamie o Shea were regularly namechecked by James as much greater influences on the panel culture than probably most outsiders would realise.
    Forwards win all Irelands and while we have had some of the very best in Cillian and Andy, we havent had enough of them to get across the line.
    James named Cillian, Tommy, ROD and Jack carney as 4 forwards he has a lot of faith in to convert chances in big games at the rate required to win all Irelands

  47. @Clubman51
    I have no idea about the club side tbh

    I just find it odd, Carr was a guy a lot of people were calling on to start prior to this year. He finally appears to get an injury free run, comes in and is solid, without being spectacular, and it suddenly seems like everyone has forgotten that he exists.

    Imo last year puts him ahead of someone like Paul Towey. Tbh I’d be happy if towey or any of our “new” forwards were to come in and have a similar season to what Carr had this year. Incremental growth might not be as spectacular as exponential but it should not be overlooked

  48. Mikey3, the dislike between Horan and some of the local media seems to go both ways, Mike Finnerty is obviously sore about it going on the latest mayo news podcast, BJP was laughing awkwardly at Mike’s comments.
    On the training pitch, it was mentioned on the pod that they’ll be doing most, if not all, of their training in the Connacht CoE.

  49. @ClubMan51 I totally agree with you itvwaa serious injury for himmto even come back like he did in the club championship says so much about cillian as a player and someone who is commited to his county &gaa such an awful injury I hope Tommy conroy comes back full force but will take some time like cillian!

    I was at the mayo v kildare match highlight was cillian back playing for me and some girl from kildare goes I thought cillian o connor was meant to be star he is no way near it I had to hold back my tongue because I was fuming! I say fair play to cillian o connor and I do really believe hell cone back to pre inhury form !

  50. I had a serious ankle op a good few years ago and took me a year to recover so fir cillian o conor to have come back the way he has is amazing I think give the guy a break I seriously think hell be back in full swing end of next years league!!

  51. I enjoyed the interview but I thought it was in some way spoilt by paddy andrews constantly blabbering on .

    Eight weeks tomorrow till league opener v Galway , be great if we could get a big crowd at it . We need to reenergise the crowd , it’s time to start again and completely put 2021 to bed once and for all .

  52. Yes, Andrews ruins that interview tbh

    He even goes to the bother of trying to answer several of James’s questions on his behalf.

    Some interesting insights to be found however when he was allowed get a word in edge-ways

  53. @Ciaran – Really enjoyed Andrews and O`Donaghue at the start but it is getting a bit monotonous now. Hopefully they can get 2 new co-presenters next year and freshen it up.

  54. Agree JKEL, but I do like JOD on it to be honest, Andrews is fundamentally harmless enough and I’m sure is a nice fella, but I find his regular interruptions are frustrating and with Horan the last day he would have been far better off letting the man speak, than interjecting to give his inane thoughts “from the outside looking in”.

  55. Andrew’s for ever interrupting everyone and anyone on the pod. J.o.D. is alright in fairness even if sometimes you’d think he was a Loughnanne impressionist. Horans disdain for the local press evident alright even if somewhat justified in his own mind. Blame lies else where was what I took from it. What was that quote again . Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?.

  56. Horan had a good cut at local media too, and social media, in 2014 also. Obviously a big bee in his bonnet. I certainly couldn’t fault him for his disdain of the latter, but Mayo local media is hardly that bad for the most part (barring a certain publication)?

    If anything much of the local commentary can tend to be – if anything – over the top in its praise, including the analysis throughout a mediocre club campaign. Granted there was a lot of revisionism that took place afterwards and sobering articles about the reality of the quality of club football in the county, but none of it was unfounded or unfair in the slightest to be honest.
    I didn’t religiously follow the local papers throughout the year, but I’m sure there were some hard questions asked at times.. however when you’re hammered in a league final, lose to your Connacht rivals, stumble through a back door, and go out meekly in a quarter final how can you really expect any different, when you’re used to making semi finals at minimum? The general sentiment – I felt – was more an acknowledgment of how unlucky the season was in terms of injuries

    I’m guessing his thoughts extend to beyond the local newspapers however, and in the world we live in now there’s never been more platforms online for people to share all sorts of opinions, but general comments across the internet varying from one extreme to another are never the best gauge to put it mildly

    You want to see over the top? just look at the German front pages this morning 😀

  57. When Horan gives out about “local media” I wonder is he including a certain individual or 2 that were posting every rumour under the sun online. Most of which was complete rubbish.

    There was a lot of stuff written in local media outlets after the Tyrone final about the huge bust up between Horan and his selectors. McDonald and Burke had walked by all accounts. All of which turned out to be false. I can understand Horan being annoyed with that when he’s obviously more disappointed than anyone with the defeat.

  58. My Dad RIP used to check the date on the Connacht Telegraph to see if they got even that correct ???

  59. Any word on Conor Diskin, Brian Reape, and Eoin O’Donoghue in McStays new panel? Billy Joe Padden mentioned in the Patreon podcast that Eoin O’Donoghue was coming back from Austraila.He was one of the standout players in the 2021 championship at centre back in Belmullets run to the County Final, he would be a perfect replacement for Oisin in the panel.very little info coming out of Mayo camp about new playersbrought in, Padraic Joyce mentioned during the he brought in 8 players during the week.

  60. Yes and Joyce more or less ridiculed them saying maybe one might make the panel
    Don’t get carried away with Galway last year, they beat a depleted Mayo team by a point.Beat newcomers Armagh in a penalty shoot out and then beat Derry who needed a sat nav to know where Croke park was.
    The Kerry teams of of old would have hammered the hammer and taken Walsh out of the game
    Let’s see can they repeat it next year or 10 yrs like Mayo.

  61. Jesus Jr. The tide has turned towards Galway as it always turns in Connaught. Those games against Armagh and Derry are worth their weight in gold to develop big game experience. I dont want Galway to repeat what Mayo have done in last 10 years thank you very much!

  62. Dont worry Chrsney, Galway won’t be near the top as long as Mayo have been.
    Galway come and go quickly, that’s always been their way. They can’t sustain it.

  63. Galway got better with every game last year so they’re well set up to build on that and Ian burke returning is an absolutely massive boost for them

    There is a feel good factor in Galway like none I’ve witnessed for 20 years

    They’re now set to hold all the club provincial titles, and they won the minor all Ireland also

    It’s been a phenomenal year for them – yet any positive mention of them seems to really get some people’s backs up on this. Are we really that sensitive a fanbase? If anything, a resurgent Galway can only be good for mayo.. it will help lift standards in a period of rebuilding

    Things come and go in cycles

  64. Now in fairness Ciaran, if Galway supporters come on to a Mayo blog to trump how great they are and have a cut at Mayo, then they can expect to get some of the same back.

  65. Ha true but it’d be great to have a high quality rivalry to look forward to this decade!

    Not the highest quality stuff on tg4 but Moycullen have them well at arm’s length despite the score… Tourlestrane will need to be a bit more adventurous, dare I say they might even let two players into the Moycullen half at some stage

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