O’Malley’s thumb and other stuff

Medical update on Kenneth O’Malley’s thumb: reports now say that he has dislocated, not fractured, it but he’s still – according to the Mayo News – looking at an eight week layoff. Not only does that rule him out of the Galway showdown on 20th May, it also means that he’ll miss the rest of our U21 campaign, even if we get all the way to the final again (this is due to take place on 4th May). That’s a heavy price to pay for deflecting a goalbound shot from Dublin over the bar the last day.

In the same Mayo News article, Johnno confirms that he’ll do a bit of experimentation for Sunday’s trip to Omagh, now that we have the luxury of not giving a rat’s posterior about the result. More on that topic tomorrow.

Finally, here’s Kevin McStay’s thoughts on the weekend’s activity – penned while on his Easter hols out in Spain – where, in all likelihood, it was marginally cooler than at McHale Park last Sunday.

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