On the Mark in the FBD

Although the FBD doesn’t officially reach its climax until this coming October, the fact that there’s an eight-month lacuna between the ‘Home’ final of the competition and what’s supposedly its definitive final act, scheduled for Gaelic Park in New York in the backend of the year, means that it’s probably worth looking at the scorers’ chart at this stage.  After all, who knows where we might all be at all at all in October?

FBD scorers 2010_It won’t stun anyone, I think, to learn that Mark Ronaldson has ended up, by a very wide margin, as our top scorer in the four FBD matches played to date.  His haul of 1-19 means that he accounted for 45% of our scoring total in the FBD and he was also our only player to score in every one of the four FBD games we played.

Aidan O’Shea’s confident start to the year – where he bagged 1-3 in the opening two matches – puts him in second place and it’s to be hoped that the dip in form he’s endured since then won’t last too much longer.  Andy Moran – easily our best player to date in 2010 – took three matches to rack up his four points, whereas Enda Varley bagged all of his the last day against Galway.

In all, eleven different players made it onto the scoresheet over the course of the four FBD matches but the fact that Ronaldo accounted for close on half of our total scores means that there’ll be an increased burden on others to pick up the slack given that Mark will now be kicking his heels on the sideline for the coming month, thanks to that elbow he delivered into Ryan McMenamin’s deranged-looking visage the other week.  Little wonder, then, that Johnno expects to see the Two Amigos back at training on Thursday evening after their anticipated arrival back into the jurisdiction at some stage tomorrow.

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