One change for the minors

Mayo minors v Monaghan 2013

Photo: Mayo Mick

The minor team for Sunday was named a bit earlier this morning and it shows one change from the side that started against Monaghan in the semi-final. The unfortunate Cian Hanley, who broke his collarbone in the semi-final, is replaced on the team – as he was on the day – by Padraig Prendergast. Full details of the starting fifteen and subs to face Tyrone in the battle for the Tom Markham Cup (throw-in 1.15pm on Sunday) are as follows:

Mayo (All-Ireland MFC final v Tyrone, 22/9/2013): Mark Mulligan (Claremorris); Eddie Doran (Achill), Seamus Cunniffe (Ballaghaderreen), David Kenny (Aghamore); Michael Hall (Breaffy), Stephen Coen (Captain, Hollymount/Carramore), Sean Conlon (Castlebar Mitchels); Val Roughneen (Balla), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Conor Loftus (Crossmolina), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Padraig Prendergast (Louisburgh)Darragh Doherty (Kilmaine), Liam Irwin (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (Kiltane)Subs: Matthew Flanagan (Balla), Hugh Cafferty (Crossmolina), Kevin Jordan (Mayo Gaels), Ronan Finn (Claremorris), Brian Walsh (Ballintubber), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Fionán Duffy (Claremorris), James Langan (Knockmore), Conor Byrne (Moy Davitts).

Tyrone have yet to announce their team for Sunday … what’s this about our final opponents failing to get their teams named in reasonable time?

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  1. I for one think it’s going to be an absolute annihilation of Dublin on Sunday, Mayo are something else this year, don’t forget Tyrone have won this 3 times in recent years and we all seen what happened to Donegal, Kerry are nothing like they used to be but they still managed to score goals,
    Trust me it’s going to be something special Sunday
    Load them up!!!

  2. Don’t be worrying about no curse, the only thing you need to worry about is whether to load them up for next years final, the true test of a champion is to retain your title the following year.

  3. mayomaningalway – for Christ’s sake don’t lose the head. You won’t be able to see the match or even listen to it. Keep it cool and fuck the curse.

  4. Haha fear enough just getting anxious about Sunday.Busy in college during week so was fine for most of it.ill have to clean the apartment from top to bottom in order to get though the day.This is our year lads our fucking year and that’s that.

  5. Forget about any curse, the fact is this: if you are good enough and hungry enough on the day you’ll win: simple as that. Last year we weren’t good enough for 15-20mins….
    As far as the curse goes, the 51 team done nothing wrong on the way home, we are not that important in the whole scheme of things….

  6. Mayomaningalway ill be wearing my stauntons jersey tonight if u go say hello!!! Heading infor about 9ish .. I’m drained today can’t bear to read or listen to anymore so best of luck everyone this is it try enjoy match see ye all the other side!!! Keep shouting no matter what #seaofgreenandred

  7. This curse nonsense has to stop. Pisreoigeach nonsense as Sean Moncrief correctly called it. What other county has to endure this drivel? For those among you who still value the spiritual dimension, just remember that we have ‘Chriost Linn’ on our jerseys. No doubt he is also on Dublin’s side too, but at the very least that should put all of this to rest. Let’s get on with the business of winning and start by being there on time and in numbers for our minors. Muigh Eo Abu!

  8. Ya in hoping to get in i have to drop into my friend who is playing music in coilis first and then head out.i say hello surely.your living in Salthill livenhope?

  9. The county got over 4000 hill tickets, from what im hearing the
    dubs are mad to swap for stand tickets and unfortunatly some
    mayo folk have traded already.
    My advice if you have a hill ticket hold on to it.
    I know its tempting if you get the offer but we need to dig our
    heels in and hold our ground in the hill.

    It could be the difference-inches.

    Good luck to the minors, honest lads and products of the coaching thats
    going on in the county.

    Wille joe i might not get a chance to post again, this site is truly a gift to us
    I hope you and every mayo person get to the promised land on sunday, the journey has been great but the destination will be even better.

    Hungry starved since 51.

  10. willie joe would you please remind all mayo supporters , who is buying tickets from internet , to be aware of forged tickets and sellers on web sites posting tickets ,. A guard friend of mine has told me of scams of sellers asking to lodge money into bank accounts , etc which were set up this last week with false papers . quiet a few people has already be caught out with this scam. done buy tickets unless you meet seller face to face no mater how good the deal sounds . check tickets against some else good ticket for water mark . good look to all on Sunday, minors and seniors .

  11. Jaysus lads my heart went out to the Dublin man who went to Kerry for a ticket only to be called a Muppet and no ticket for him and his daughter.if someone done that to me id track the fuckhead down.

  12. I was actually going to ask same question.if they can get in early and go right into middle.

  13. hello, All may not be well with the Dublin camp? Why no team?

    There was much more excitement and colour for the Dubs when they beat Galway in the Hurling. Maybe it has been the downturn in the weather.

    it really is so exciting, not known just what will happen. My sense is that Kerry filled in James Horan whatevever else he wanted to know about the Dublin set-up. The league semi-final was never a target. The work was done in raising the tempo to beat Donegal and Cork.

    It all looks like a great master plan to me now. Andy to peak and a wonderful 30mins for Cillian and he will go off to a satanding ovation. There will be a few dodgy 2nd half moments before the Dublin subs make no impact and Mayo go for the final goal.

    Thanks for the great site and there has been such a wide range of comments recently. People travelling from the Sahara(Trevor Mortimer), Dubai(Twitter) and the USA.

    I will need the Rosary Beads in front of the TV myself as well as tea and biscuits.

    May the 4 be with James Horan and team. Have you seen the pic?

  14. that should read.

    MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU (from twiiter – mayo gaa – and Irish News Sport. Lovely pic

  15. Mayomaningalway great minds and all that!! Ciaran wouldn’t worry about dub not naming team sure aren’t they always late (ha ha ha )

  16. What’s going on? 9.48 and I cannot find mention of the Dublin team. As WJ said earlier, it doesn’t give much time to those preparing the programme.

  17. Dublin team to play Mayo on change, McMahon is in.
    1 Stephen Cluxton Parnell’s
    2 Philly McMahon (Ballymun Kickhams)
    3 Rory O’Carroll Kilmacud Crokes
    4 Jonny Cooper Na Fianna
    5 James McCarthy Ballymun Kickhams
    6 Ger Brennan St Vincent’s
    7 Jack McCaffrey Clontarf
    8 Michael Darragh Macauley Ballyboden St Enda’s
    9 Cian O’Sullivan Kilmacud Crokes
    10 Paul Flynn Fingallians
    11 Ciarán Kilkenny Castleknock
    12 Diarmuid Connolly St Vincent’s
    13 Paul Mannion Kilmacud Crokes
    14 Paddy Andrews St Brigid’s
    15 Bernard Brogan St Oliver Plunkett’s/Eoghan Ruadh

  18. Just got my ticket. A complete stroke of luck. I live up here in Tyrone and there’s not much talk or atmosphere around . Thanks WJ for this site. I feel at home here. I look forward to just docking in. I got a bit out of hand in here two weeks ago and I apologise for that. Things get abit heated sometimes in the head and in the heart. I am sorry about that, sometmes words do get in the way.

    Anyways I’m heading up on Sunday and this year I feel different. Other years if I was honest I went to HQ on a wing and a prayer. I was just there in hope and wanted to see my team take their place in Croke Park and be a part of that. Winning the thing was almost unthinkable (with the exception of last year). Last year I really felt that we were ready but maybe just maybe, Horan and the team didn’t fully realise how ready they were.

    We let that one go.

    We won’t allow that to happen again.

    This year is different and despite the long wait I feel steady and confidant.

    My worry now to be honest is that thankfully I’m buzy enough at work but when that euphoria does start to kick in at fivish SundayI could go MIA and theirs nobody there to rein me in. I used to be a good header a long while ago. The head still here, like Vesuvius.

    The work is done now.

    It’s time to reap the rewards.

    Sunday the 22nd is Mayos day.

    We won’t be denied.

    I f anyone spots a middle aged man wandering around Dublin with a pair of green and red boxing gloves around his neck, be kind and point me North.

    That’s UP.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  19. Are ya serious about the gloves? Im sure i past a mayo supporter at the semi with green and red gloves.wonder was that you Joe?

  20. Wecandothis I just got a hill tk,over da moon I was starting to think I wasn’t gettin in.I hope I’m not on my own but if I am I’ll stand out(my very own “pond” of green and red

  21. Well done eddie, we are all the way over in 309 but you’ll hear us over in the hill !! So tell us have you a banner done after all you’ll have to stand out from the crowd!!

  22. The brother got a ticket for the Hill so we obviously got some allocation. There’ll be a good enough crowd from Mayo there but I get the feeling a lot will be trying to swap for stand tickets. Still no ticket myself. It goes without saying but if any of you out there have a spare ticket or know of anyone with one, please let me know. I’d probably get one late on the day but really want to get in early to shout on the minors. Anyway. W.J. thanks for the great site, it’s been a great rallying point for so many of us fans.
    This is our time! Maigheo Abu!

  23. Get in early Eddie and get to the front! Hopefully by half time we’ll be out of sight and half of the Hill will decide to head to the pub for the United – City match 🙂

  24. I believe there is a few girls from Achill who got a ticket for the hill and the banner the done reads ,62 years waiting Dublin 4 a bateing. Will look well in the hill 🙂

  25. Eddie looks like you won’t be on your own over there.
    Seamus anyone that has a hill ticket shouldn’t be swapping we need all the support we can get the whole way round CP.
    Mayomaningalway I like that, anymore with banner ideas? Anyone else joining Eddie on the hill?

  26. What’s the story with then nally tce, is it separate from hill 16 or can you walk into hill from nally ?

  27. Sean there is a barrier between the two you could hop across just don’t get caught doing it, and don’t say I told you to hop across!!

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