One change for Tyrone

Tyrone have announced their team for Saturday’s All-Ireland minor football replay.  There’s just one change from the team that started in the drawn match, with Ronan Tierney coming into the full-back line in place of injured captain Ryan Pickering who suffered a broken collar bone in Croke Park.  Here’s the team in full:

Tyrone v Mayo (All-Ireland Minor Football Final Replay): T Harney; F McQuaid, G Teague, R Tierney; S McCrory, P Harte, R McNabb; N McKenna, M Rogers; C Girvan, D McNulty, M Donnelly; K Coney, P McNeice, C O’Neill.

No sign yet of our team for Saturday – I guess we’ll get an announcement tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “One change for Tyrone

  1. No sign of our team ? no mention of John Carney either ? what happened to him he was very impressive in the limerick reply.
    I hope to see him on saturday a real gutsy lad.
    Please note their is a festival on in longford on sat to add to traffic troubles so their is only one action required… an early dinner 08 30 hrs then point her for dublin and full steam ahead to strokestown then adjust speed before parking somewhere shy of Longford town and WALK the ground is through the town to the left.
    there are still tickets to be got on ticket master if ye haven’t organised them from the club
    no excuses or sick certs this time… be there .

  2. Sounds like it will be mayhem with Traffic to and from Pearse Park. What time would one want to be leaving, say Castlebar on Saturday for the match?

  3. No team as of yet, Albany – I’ll keep an eye out today and will post if it’s announced.

    I’m not sure what the crack is with John Carney as he was named in the team for last Sunday but didn’t feature at all. There was some talk of an injury there so maybe that was it. I doubt if Kieran Charlton will start tomorrow – Dean Gavin might be a better bet there from the off.

    You’re right about the traffic, lads. Longford is a complete pain in the hole to get through at the best of times but there’s some kind of banjo festival or something on tomorrow so it’s likely to be worse than usual. Coming from Dublin, it’s best to park her on the N4 bypass pointing back to the metropolis (which it what we’ll be doing) but I’m not sure what’s best coming from the sacred ground – you should, I think, abandon ship before getting near Main Street as you could get rightly choked up there. It wouldn’t do to wait 23 years and then miss the fun due to a traffic jam, now would it?

    Not sure when you should head off from Castlebar but it’s best to err on the early side. You should scoot up to the edge of the town without too many problems but the last mile or two is what you need to be thinking about. I’d say put the pan on in the morning and then once you’re fuelled, hit the road.

  4. normal driving day castlebar — longford is 1 hr 40 mins. so saturday i will be leaving at least 1 hour earlier to allow for parking out the glenisland rd and walking to the ground
    there is a rd off to the left before hitting longford…but i was talking to a man from that country who said its no advantage as it is too well used already so the advice is to stick to the main.

  5. All good and well, but I bought my tickets before the email option was on offer, gggrrrrrrrr
    Sitting here waiting on the mail man as we speak…………….

  6. That is a pisser, alright. I know it’d mean paying on the double but I think there could be a chance of getting tickets at the ground tomorrow. You can leave the An Post lawsuit till next week.

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