One change in team for final


Caught on the hop here a bit but we’ve just named our starting team for the final and here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC final v Dublin 18/9/2016): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain).

The starting fifteen we’ve named shows one change from that which lined out against Tipperary in last month’s semi-final. In comes Tom Parsons at midfield in place of Barry Moran with Donal Vaughan switching (at least where it comes to jersey number) to full-back.

As is standard practice, we’ve opted not to name our subs lists at this stage.

Whether or not we line out with the fifteen players named above is something that won’t, of course, be revealed until shortly before throw-in. Whatever the line-up turns out to be at 3.30pm on Sunday, the best of luck to them.

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  1. I was thinking that Vaughan could be deployed at full back or a deeper role. Good strong lad and full of running. We’ll need plenty of bodies back there to stop them when they’re bursting forward.

    Parson’s starting is the right call. Barry is a great option to bring in.

  2. Team named! Best of luck to all involved, keep calm, you have as much right to be champions as anyone!
    I wonder who would be our hero ? Time will tell. I am going for a score line of

    Mayo. 2 14
    Dublin. 1 13

    1 Mayo player to goal twice.

  3. I think that will be the team that starts,happy to see Vaughan at fb,if we don’t concede any goals which I don’t think we will I see us Winning,butterflies have begun,nervous but exciting times

  4. That won’t be too far away from the starting fifteen but options there if management want to do something different ala the Tyrone game.

    Nerves really beginning to kick in now!

  5. Jesus I’m more nervous than a lad with a itch after a night in coppers. Reckon there’ll be 1 change to than team no clue where though. Can’t bloody wait. Bring the colour bring the noise. C’mon Mayo.

  6. Best of luck to the lads now. Looking through that team there and we have some serious footballers and a handful for any team. I think we’ll win it and I’m not pushed if it’s a classic or a beauty to watch. Just a win. Rough, dirty, lucky, tight, easy whatever I don’t care. Just a win. They’re a fine group of men and a credit to their people and themselves, either way.

    “Any spare tickets there now…….. “

  7. Richie Duck, that’s a brilliant one!

    I was trying to get a few things done in work today but naming the team has blown any chance of concentrating out of the water. Feck it, I’m as useless in work today as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition!

  8. Even the BBC are getting in on the act with commentary on the curse including my old mate Francie Maloney from Kiltimagh

    Go on you boyo Francie and if I am not mistaken that is the Hogan stand pub in the background!

    Hon Mayo! -this team have given us a great bit of excitement and fun – and roll on Sunday…

  9. Best of luck to all the lads. This one is ours. It just feels different this time and for once, not a word from the camp. Even our friend in the CT has no news for us. It appears that Stephen put a bush in that particular gap. Hopefully I’ll have reason for a few days off next week, but could do with a few this week, to keep up with the blog , Mayo news, WP and all the rest.

  10. Luigi, Richie Duck’s itching is a goodn alright but not a patch on your own one-legged arse-kicking comp. Don’t know where ye guys come up with this stuff, but keep them coming – it all helps to calm the nerves 🙂

  11. Can expect at least 1 change and prob 2 before throw in. It’s one of the major pluses of this management, the dubs still don’t know what way we’ll line out. Barrett could start, b Moran could start. keep A Moran for 2 nd half, Dillon or even Freeman might start. 1 sweeper, or 2 or none, or a variation throughout.


    Just picking up on a couple of things:

    * Indo has a feature on the Dublin WAGS
    * Alan Brogan (on whom I’m keeping a close eye) talking yesterday about Dublin’s weekend away and his rousing speech to team mates, which Jim Gavin applauded

    Haven’t seen any on our side yet, but they may be out there? Has Liam McHale spoken yet?

  13. I live and work in Dublin.
    Overheard a conversation at the table beside me in work, they were already talking about “the anti-climax of the win”…
    … the poor boys basically were already feeling the comedown of winning the AI 2016.
    You couldn’t write this stuff. ?

    Dublin by 10

    no wait Dublin by 40 (Sounds about right)

  14. I am pleased to see Parsons starting.

    Barrett and Keane are 2 solid defensive covers as well.

    We have a great squad who have been there and done it all (almost). The way pundits have written us off is laughable really, most of them seem to completely ignore our last 3 championship games against Dublin which have all been close encounters.

    We may very well lose on Sunday but it’s certainly far from a foregone conclusion.

    There are a number of ways that we can win this game and I happen to think we will.

    Although 10-1 on the draw looks like a sensible bet too.

  15. I think you are right Puckout there will be one or two changes , personally I think Barrett will start and start in place of Jason Doh .

    Andy is a tough one do we “hold him”or do we start him .
    In my opinion he has had all summer to get as fit as he has being for a few years so I have no fear in starting him maybe take him off after 5 mins of second half and on again later but we need him calming influnece from the start and his ability t6o tag on a few inspirational scores.

    To be honest if we start without him then we are very dependent on Cillian and Aido as we have being for the lastg number of years.
    Jason doh has tagged on goals this year but has yet to prove himself on the big day.

    I would give Dublin food for thought and start

    Higgins___Aido____Kevin Mc


    ________Andy __Cillian

    That forward line can press and I think Diarmuid’s goal threat and accuracy would be of great benefit near goal . Not for the full game but something to put Dublin thinking .
    Aerially, breaking ball and pace wise he gives us a threat we havent got besides at FF, he being Aidos foil for knock downs would also wreak havoc .

  16. Anyone with any doubts about the value placed by the management and team on the support they get needs to read what Stephen Rochford has to say on the matter in the Mayo Advertiser today – here. I think this concludes that particular debate!

  17. The excitement is certainly building now.
    It just occurred to me that if we win on Sunday, and Conor O Shea gets a run, then the three famous O’Shea brothers from Breaffy will follow in the footsteps of the three famous O’Sé brothers from Kerry. C’Mon Mayo! !!!!

  18. Just to let everyone know today I got a response from RTE from my complaint about Tommy Carr and his commentating on the Mayo Tipp game.The programme editior RTE sport who shall remain nameless has spoken to Tommy and he admits his comments were clumsy and regrettable but were made tongue in cheek and no accusation was of any kind to Aidans personal life….but the editor goes on to say about Tommy being spoken too about the incident

    I hope Tommy Carr may have learnt his lesson but I dought it and he will be given his one sided opinions in future….anyway enough about that we have bigger things to look forward to this weekend.

    I think the Fermanagh game could really stand to us on Sunday…We came out in the 2nd half to a almighty roar from the Mayo crowd and played on the edge clawing a 6 deficit to winning by 5pts an 11pt turnaround at halftime, in the jacks at halftime people thought we were beat but the team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat
    more of the same Sunday please…no matter what Feb3rd at home Monaghan.
    Mayo forever

  19. I cant take any more fucking match analysis my head is fried. I want the game to start NOW!!!

  20. One minute I feel like a turkey that had just found out Christmas us coming. Next minute I feel like a kid and Christmas day is Sunday. But I guess a lot know that feeling. I had heard a whisper that dv would be named at 3. Parsons had to start as fully fit he has great mobility. Wherever and whoever starts for the dubs the match ups should be interesting. Every man has a battle to win on Sunday. It’s vital we win as many if those battles as possible. We need proper game management that leaves us competitive right to the end. Of course black cards red cards and injuries can crop up. The best laid plans and all that. Our subs bench will need to be primed and ready and they will be. If we score more than the dubs then we will win. Thee us never that much between us. Sunday will be no different.

  21. Plenty many potential changes to that team.
    1. Barrett – did well marking Brogan last year – if he’s fit he could slot into the back line.
    2. Dillon – proved against Tyrone that he is the best man we have to supply ball to O’Shea in FF. Could disrupt O’Sullivan’s sweeper role also. Obviously physicality is his issue against Dublin.
    3. Barry – His sweeper roll against Dublin in the replay last year did not work. And I don’t think he’s mobile enough for the Dub midfield. But do we want him in the full forward line? Maybe in there with Andy and Cillian to let Aido do his thing from 11. Maybe put him in FF with Aido.
    If you watch last year’s Dublin games back last year, Doherty flattered to deceive in front of the posts. A big call has to be made on whether to start him. We need him to do the business whether starting or coming on.
    Also – is Clarke a definite for between the sticks? You can be sure Dublin are going to put serious press on his kicks out.

  22. Shift over .buses train tube train plane ..croke park here i come..Cant wait for game and if it was up ta me I’d have a few of them pretty boys in blue busted before the artane boys start playiiing.. hon mayo

  23. Best bet for Barry to start is FF line but as a sub could be midfield especially if Dubs bring on Bastick who’s only slightly more mobile and not as good in the air as Barry. Barry at FF means more options for Clarke from our kickouts as he can go towards midfield for restarts. So I think there is a chance he’ll start. He often plucks a few from the sky when introduced so more likely subs role.

  24. Starting Rob hennelly is an interesting one, I think Clarke deserves his spot and I don’t think Rochford will do it but you could make a case for it based on:

    1 Dublin preparing for Clake’s kick-outs
    2 free taking option
    3 No ‘bomber’ FF to worry about

    I want Andy to start and I want Andy to come of the bench…. Is there 2 of him?
    On balance I would either do a Peter Canavan (bring off and back on) or start him on the bench. Johnny Cooper is made for marking Andy so why hand him over to them so easily and predictably? plus I’d much rather him on the pitch at 75 mins.

  25. The kickout is going to be crucial. Hennelly may have a better kickout but I doubt SR will change now but you never can tell. You’d need to have been at the training sessions to know. What is 100% critical is that Dublin aren’t let win any of our short kickouts. That would be disastrous……….and boy they will try. We already know that they will definitely press up on us. So why not go very long every time and focus on either winning the high ball and scrapping for the breaking ball. Turn both kickouts into a physical war for posession in the middle where robust physical encounters (shall we call them), can occur! In other words knock fcuk outa them at the breaking ball. As the good corporal in Dads Army said “they don’t like it up em”. It would sure make them play a game theyre not that used to and maybe not ready for. We need to knock them out of their comfort zone and force them to play on different terms – our terms.

  26. Oh Aidan! In the name of the sweet mother a Jazus what are you at? If you are for real I cringe. If you are pulling a big bluff then fair fecks to ya!

  27. Aiden should concentrate on big performance . He said not too long ago that past games have no bearing on the now. What the hell is that about

  28. Clarke has been superb for us this year, yet posters on this are still asking for hennelly to be started two days before an all Ireland final

    Let’s support Clarke and the rest of the team and let’s pray we reach the holy grail at 5 pm Sunday

  29. The headline is worse than the article, it’s a non event. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Diehard, I can see the merit in that approach, at the very least if you push up on kick outs and cover O’Sullivan you are making Dublin play a game that they haven’t played since 2013.

    I would lean towards that approach in the 2nd half. 1st half not so sure.

  30. Aidan is dead right to say what he said, thats the perfect article to send out. He probley gave that interview 2 weeks ago and the journos held it back till now. That article is designed to seep into the Dublin pysche, that we are nowhere near good enough to beat them. Hes took alot of pressure of Mayo shoulders and put the ball in their court.

    Imagine if he came out and said “we’re top of our form, in the best shape of our lives, we’re gunna do it etc etc…Jim Gavin would have the dressing room walls covered. Nicely played Aidan.

  31. Juan ya maybe ur right. Bit of editorialising done as well. Previous years our interviews hyped us up. That interview certainly does the opposite

  32. That article Aidan is quoted in appears to be an abridged version of a full article, as a teaser for tomorrows paper.
    If that summary is accurate, it does seem a bit odd, unless he’s attempting a bit of Yerra-ing and cuteness – there is Kerry blood there afterall.

  33. Doherty does not have the engine to play in Croke Park against the top teams. Badly exposed against the Dubs last year and against Tyrone this year. We need another runner in the half forward line along with Diarmuid. Our half forward line has got to apply pressure this time around and get Dubs on the back foot.

    Mayo must win the middle 8 battle

  34. No one called for Hennelly to be started. I listed the merits of Hennelly starting but clearly started that Clarke deserves his spot.

    There are some close calls and it’s a game of inches so I thought it was a worthy debate.

    It doesn’t mean I support Clarke and/or the team any less.

  35. Don’t see a lot wrong in what Aiden said,it is just for us dont think Dublin team or management will even see it,as for picking team I spent years doing it before I realised that it was futile,I think Jason gets a bad press on here,I have heard J Horan say that most players would have him as first pick,good enough for me he is a very physical player who softens up the opposition,I believe he will be abig player for us on Sunday,and may well be man of match for us

  36. Absolutely irrelevant at stage anf to be honest the reality is that this team’s best year was 2014 in terms of performance, we were shafted in Limerck. Simple as.

    It’s taken huge character to get back to another all Ireland final. It’ll take a 2014 style performance to win. Can these lads re-discover 75 mins of it? They need to…otherwise it’ll be same oul, same oul.

  37. A Galway die hard here wishing you all the best on Sunday, hope ye bring the cup back west. I think the Welcome Inn will have to reopen!! If ye don’t cough up handy frees ye have a great chance. PS don’t forget to shout for our minors!!

  38. I can’t understand aos article, so defeatist if not planned and actually hard to see how it’s a great rallying cry to his fellow players…
    Hope I’m wrong but if he doesn’t perform he will regret it forever

  39. Jesus christ the over-reaction to Aido’s article is insane. Hes playing down our chances, a bit of yerraitis, cute hoorism, whatever you want to call it. Its blatantly obvious what hes doing. Lets get back to focus on what matters!! Hope there is aload of us in the hill, need to form a large column in there and roar our heads off…no surrender!!! Hon Mayo.

  40. Agree with Juan on the Aiden article, let’s do the bigging up on the pitch and the cuteness in print.
    corrie bridge,
    have to agree with you totally regarding Jason Doc, one of the busiest footballers in the game, great going in for the dirty ball and winning it, superb work rate (that for some reason goes unnoticed by a lot of people) and can take a score or make one, the guy gets everywhere…..He has been left isolated and thus choke tackled a few times but his team mates should be there to support him as he does for them. As Pebbles says ‘it’s the quiet pig that hokes the most’
    We’ve got the men and the skill now let’s go for the kill.
    Backed them at the beginning of May @11/2 £100 __didn’t notice they went way out after the Galway game (don’t follow odds much and only do about 5 bets a year) anyway will be a nice bonus but pales mighty compared to getting this gorilla off our backs………I know!!! should be ‘monkey’ but it’s evolved due to time span.
    Would love to be there but health prevents it. Good luck to all going and be safe and happy, these are truly great days.
    The very best to our lads, SR and his staff.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  41. Just support your team lads and stop over reacting to a headline designed to cause a stir.

    I cannot pick a team so Sunday so I’m gonna leave that up to rochie, I don’t envy his task. I know what I wouldn’t do but I don’t know what I would do, my only certainty is that we need some serious runners coming off the bench in the second half. Parsons, cos, doc or whoever.

  42. Je’s lads I think ye are being a little bit hard on Aiden, he is just rubbing the dogs head. No point in standing on his tail as he is well able to bark and bite, trust me. The more roses you throw at the dubs the more they eat them up, I’m sure ye are familiar with the expression describing a gullible man that goes “he’d swallow a pike of briars” well sometimes you need need a little cuteness to get the gullible to swallow !!

    A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down ,,

  43. On Aidan’s “article” just remember who is togging out and who knows how the game is played IE AOS.
    I don’t believe for a second Aidan believes we are past our prime. He certainly isn’t !!.
    Have faith in the fellas who took the hits and got us here.
    It’s high time we had a bit of cuteness talking down our chances…..

  44. Doherty has scored 15 goals for mayo. Ya know he might bang in another 1 Sunday. He can be inconsistent though. He might just hit form Sunday

  45. For one I’m certainly not knocking aos!
    I just for one really hope he is not being honest in his article as he says he his, because if so were already beat…

    But I know I’ll smile for a lifetime if he has big game and knocks the dubs from their perch!!! Because then it justified.

    I am just concerned one of our main players has doubts.. But bloody hell let him prove me wrong and I’ll be a happy man…

  46. After reading that article my confidence has soared, I no longer have a gut feeling I now believe we will be at our best on Sunday. Just like “Rumble in the Jungle” Ali feigning tiredness, injury, past his best he turns the tables on Foreman and destroys him. IMO four weeks is enough time to make a fit player into a super fit player, four weeks is enough time to come up with and a game plan and be comfortable with it. My only concern based on past years is can we stop Dublin scoring goals, if we can I believe we will win.

  47. Hi Willie joe. Enjoy reading your blog. So many expert opinions. Don’t agree with many of them. I feel however that this time our boys can do it. Bad weather forecast might be good news for us The dubs are good but not that good. I’m lucky that Generous client dropped in hogan stand ticket yesterday. It was well worth my time putting up the flag in the office window. Talking of which did you know that dick Walsh chose the red and green colours. He was county treasurer when Mayo contested the final 100 years ago. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Come on Mayo. End the famine

  48. All year people have been saying, dont look ahead, keep it low key, go in as underdogs etc etc. They people get upset when a player does that. What Aido says in an interview isnt what the players believe. Its all part of the game. These players are a tight knit group and have agreed on what they will leak to the media, which is generally feck all. If anyone takes to heart whats said in interviews before a final then more fool them.

  49. It’s not daft, if aos means what he said then we are right to be concerned as its not a good state of mind.
    If propaganda then fair enough as I don’t mind that one bit, as why not play on everyone writing us off.
    You cannot ignore the artical as if it’s fiction…
    If we perform and win then it should be the no 1 artical in the fiction section in easons.

  50. I think most of us would agree that we had a better team in 2014. The 2nd half of the draw v Kerry was the best I have seen us play. We were also excellent in replay until Cillian and Aiden clashed heads and we eventually ran out of bodies. We were ok last year without being brilliant and the simple truth is that this year whether we want to admit it or not, is that, with the exception of the Tyrone game, we have been poor. That is not to say we cant win on Sunday. Like many others I try to console myself and convince myself that we have one big performance in us. This may be the case but it might also be true to say we are just average this year and if so the dubs will win. By the way if we lose please don’t blame AOS interview with Indo for our demise.

  51. Of course Aidan means what he says because it’s all true.. whats the point of denying it?.. as he said himself you dont need to be a genius to figure out that Mayo have gone back the way from their peak in 2014. We were brutal against Galway.. stale I think he described it as and wasn’t it Thomas O Sea who described Aidan against Westmeath as a Man not enjoying his football.. true true all very true.. but do not dispair people because that is all in the past.. and let’s not fool ourselves in thinking that this is his current state of mind.. no no and more no. You see something changed when we played Tyrone.. the players did what Stephen Rochford asked them do and it worked.. and suddenly the light has come that this guy knows his shit.. and it’s clear that there is now belief.. real belief that we can win this.. possibly for the first time since the dissapointment of 14. The timing of this piece is fantastic.. with suttle undertones of all the sledging.. Im loving this is build up.. As I sit here looking out at Clare Island the skies are clear.. calm, beautiful with a smell of salt on the air.. but there’s a storm out there and it’s coming in fast.. Time to head East.. Believe.. Mayo for Sam

  52. Of course we can win this,no we will win it,Mayo people all over the world are watching and waiting to crack open the old bollie,it is what we were brought up on as soon as we left the milk it was champagne all the way,but there will be a shortage of it,so get behind the team,no ifs or maybes,we are going to have sam in Mayo after Sunday,don’t worry about the players they are rock solid in their beliefs,Stephen and his management team have left no stone unturned to get an edge,I for personal reasons will not be there,but I will be sitting in front of the big screen thinking of many great supporters who followed the green and red down the lean years,but who will be looking down in joy at the end of the worries Mayo by at least six,best wishes to gamechanger,jaden and Martin the dub who I always enjoy,and most of all to Willie Joe for this wonderful site,and all who post on it even those I disagree with I enjoy,I am sure a lot don’t agree with me but we all are behind the monster that is Mayo

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