One-way traffic on the way to first win of the year

Another Sunday in January, another FBD match to talk about.  It’s also another one that I had to follow on Midwest (with Angelina and all her cheesy musical selections), as my fanaticism stops short of driving across the country on a blustery day like today to see 30 minute-a-side pre-season fare. Because of this, I can’t do much more than give you the result of today’s FBD League Section A tie with Sligo IT at Ballinode, where the outcome was a very comfortable victory for our lads on a scoreline of 2-20 to 0-7.

The adverse weather appeared to play a significant part in proceedings today and it sounds as if it was one-way traffic in our favour for the whole hour.  We led by 0-10 to 0-2 at half-time and the radio reports mentioned Barry Regan, Pat Kelly, Aidan Kilcoyne, Mickey Mullins and Austin O’Malley being amongst the scorers for us in this opening period.

In the second half the conditions got even worse, with rain now spilling down and the cross-field wind continuing to blow, and the weather seemed to get to the impoverished students more than it did to our hardy lads.  We contined to pile on the points, with goals from Mikey Sweeney (that’s two goals in two weeks for him) and Austin O’Malley turning it into a proper rout.  We won in the end by all of nineteen points.

The guy doing the reporting for Mad West was short on specifics so although I know we had two lads yellow-carded (and they had four), he didn’t say who they were.  Likewise, I don’t have a full list of scorers apart from those mentioned already so I guess we’ll have to wait for the match reports tomorrow.

That’s it, then – a good win that counts for little and shite weather.  That’s football in January for you.

4 thoughts on “One-way traffic on the way to first win of the year

  1. Your lucky to have stayed at home today, WJ.We did hit 2-20, but Sligo were so poor it’s hard to fathom were some of the lads even trying to impress at all. But it is only pre season

  2. Fair play to you for getting to the game. From the sounds of it (and if the weather was anything like what we had up here today), it was the kind of day you wouldn’t put the proverbial dog outside the door. Looking forward to seeing your report on the match tomorrow.

  3. Glad to see Barry Regan getting amongst the scores. All I want from these FBD games and the league are to hopefully find ourselves a settled full back and full forward. We have to have these positions nailed down before the start of the championship.

    Anyone any idea on how Aidan O’Shea has played over the 2 games? I see he’s scoreless, although he brings much more than just scoring ability.
    I’m assuming he’s just being given a taste of senior football and won’t be involved too much in the league games. You never know with JOM though, and he did say he wanted to give a few of the minor lads a run out.

  4. Dan you are spot on…If we sort out FB and FF we will be in much better shape but Kilcoyne needs to step up to the plate also in general play and from long range frees/50’s. His contribution could define our season.

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