21 thoughts on “Opening round of Club Championship ties confirmed

  1. Hope to make it over to the Breaffy v Mitchels league game later on. Should be a good game with a lot of county panellists on show.

  2. For anyone interested Mayo Gaa TV are streaming Ballinrobe v Islandeady league game on YouTube this evening at 5:30

  3. FDBinashui you can go on to YouTube and type in Mayo Gaa Tv and you’ll find it there.You could also subscribe with them on YouTube and you will be able to get updates as to when they are showing more games into the future.They hopefully will show more games over the next few weeks.

  4. Mayo Gooch, I think that’s a radio stream. Not sure. Know that the first league game v bonniconlon was a radio stream. Maybe it has been upgraded to a TV stream.

  5. Not for the 1st time I see my name (Mayo Exile) has bèen usurped, on April 5th 2019, 8.42

  6. Hi All,
    I just have to say that the amount of absolute bull I have listened to from loads of people from all around the Country regarding how Mayo celebrated their win is unreal. Do these people expect the Mayo team to shake hands with each other and get the trophy and then have a pot of tea and some biscuits!!! Any person who says ah it’s only a league title is from a County who have won fuck all. I celebrate our League Final wins like the All Ireland wins because you don’t know if you will ever see them again. I genuinely hope Mayo win the All Ireland ( but in 2020)

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  7. On the Mayo Exile issue, I’ve searched back over the comments and, from what I can see, it does indeed appear that the Mayo Exile who commented yesterday at 8.42 did not use the handle first. The Mayo Exile who last commented today at 4.54pm did so first back in 2013. First in gets to use the handle, that’s the way it has to work. I’ll alter the other handle to Mayo Exile 2 – can this user please note for future reference? Thanks.

  8. On the Ryan O’Donoghue issue, I’m going to have to stop people posting information that hasn’t been officially confirmed. It’s long-standing policy here on the blog that the comments section used to break news stories that haven’t been published elsewhere and so I’d appreciate it if this convention is held to in relation to this issue. Thanks.

  9. Your right Martin…Mayo celebrated winning the National League perfectly We could have but those not to have a homecoming for them…It took 8 games against all Div 1 teams to win the league I have seen teams win the Sam after only playing 2 Div 1 Teams…All national titles are hard won and deserve to be celebrated after all the players are all amature training like profesionals and going to work the next day

  10. Breaffy 1 20 Castlebar 1 11. Breaffy out of the blocks quickly to lead 8 2 but Castlebar battled back to turn that into a one point lead heading towards half time. However 1 – 2 from Breaffy left them 1 12 to 1 8 ahead at half time. Castlebar lost J Maugham and D Vaughan to black cards with N Dougles getting a red. Game was played in a good spirit though. Castlebar started without Paddy and James Durcan D Vaughan E Reilly and B Moran. No S O Shea for Breaffy. James Durcan D Vaughan and E Reilly appeared in second half. L Irwin came on for the last five minutes for Breaffy and two little cameos where he hit the crossbar with a thunderbolt then fielded a long high ball in from Aiden swiveled and kicked a point off his left foot showed what he is capable of. Overall Breaffy the stronger on the night but Castlebar far from full strength. Enjoyable game for supporters and neutrals.

  11. Yes, a very enjoyable game to watch. Breaffy were extremely direct in the 1st half and had Mitchels in serious trouble. Aidan played in some serious long diagonal balls and it worked very well with Conor O’Shea getting 4 or 5 points from play. Matthew Ruane scored 2 points and was good throughout. For an U20 I thought Gavin Durcan was very good in midfield for Castlebar. He actually won the throw in for the 2nd half ahead of Aidan and Mattie.

    A very exciting cameo from Irwin as well. There is definitely a quality player there.

  12. Martin the Dub I’d settle for winning the All Ireland in 2020 it would be nice to Win back to back all Ireland’s lol

  13. TBH, I think Horan’s second coming is inspired. I also think, overall, in terms of “aces for places” he is better equipped to win an AI this time around. I’m very impressed with the newbies, and more so, as they are predominantly forwards. I also feel there is huge potential to refine their forward play – thereby, creating easier scoring opportunities. Also, the fact that Galway are also playing well, means the high tide will raise all boats. I, for one, am giving Mayo a greater chance than ever of stepping up the hallowed steps of the Hogan in Sept. And make no mistake, Kerry are in the throes after that defeat. Finally, from a management perspective, I think JH has learned a hell of a lot from his sabbatical, and to me, now commands the greatest respect in IC circles. Finally, I always enjoy the Sawdoctors rendition of “The Green and Red of Mayo”. Leo Moran/Turps take respective bows…

  14. Championship team coming together nicely. Based on league form and fully fit the following are starters.

    Hennelly or Clark

    Barrett, Harrison, Higgins
    Durcan, Keegan in defense so one spot up for grabs. Plunkett gets my nod if fit.

    O’Shea and Ruane at midfield

    Boland Doherty (CHF) O’Connor
    McLoughlin in the forwards with 2 spots open.
    O’Connor, Coen, McDonagh and Carr in the running with O’Connor (if fit) and Carr getting my nod.

  15. Cillian did not play but no doubt, if he is anywhere right, will play for his club next weekend.
    Great for the club players to get back into the limelight, maybe a few more of them will put themselves into the reckoning for mayo.
    Great weekend football in prospect.

  16. Does anyone know if the championship game Mayo GAA tv are showing this weekend needs to be purchased or if it can be viewed free via YouTube ?

  17. It’s a free stream yew_tree.
    Not sure about the YouTube bit, but you can watch it from the Mayo GAA tv website.

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