Oral hearings + Liam Horan to drive strategic review

The Mayo News is reporting that three of six candidates for the post of Mayo manager held ‘preliminary discussions’ with the County Board’s Gang of Four last weekend, with the other three pencilled in for the same treatment this coming weekend.  It was decided, quite sensibly, to dispense with the written questionnaire and so candidates were instead giving an oral grilling on a whole plethora of issues, from the composition and associated costs of their proposed backroom teams to more expansive stuff about their footballing philosophies.

The three who have already met the Gang of Four are James Horan, Tommy Lyons (who really does appear to be seriously pursuing the post) and John Maughan and, in a separate report in the Mayo News, Mike Finnerty says that this trio are now the clear front-runners in the race to succeed John O’Mahony, with Maughan narrowly ahead of Horan and Lyons (in that order) in the betting at this stage.  Tommy Carr, Denis Kearney and Tony McGarry are due to have their oral inquisitions this coming weekend but Mike reckons that, from his soundings, they’re well off the pace at this point.  So much for the poll here on the site, then.

The selection process now appears to be one that has evolved into one comprising multiple rounds of  interviews (a bit like trying to get the start with Google) and, once the tyre-kicking has been completed with the six lads, the Gang of Four will report back to the County Board executive early next week.  This is then likely, so says Mike in his report, to be followed by a full County Board meeting where a selection committee will be picked and a final shortlist of candidates decided upon.  This final shortlist could contain the names of no more than “two or three candidates” according to Sean Feeney.  Oh good, we’ll get to have another poll then.

In other news, the Mayo News is reporting that it’s now been officially confirmed that Liam Horan (yes, I understand they are related) has accepted the position of Chairman of the County Board’s Strategic Review Committee.  Liam’s brief is now to put together a draft Action Plan which will then form the basis for the development of the GAA within the county over the coming 5 – 10 years and so will tie in with the Strategic Plan, which has to be submitted to the lads in Head Office later in the year.

Actions Plans and Strategic Plans (and those dreaded Away Days) were never my cup of tea, I have to admit, but I think that the executive have chosen wisely in picking Liam for this gig.  He’s a man of considerable experience who will bring a fresh outlook to this process and will, I know, want to ensure that the proposals he comes up with have relevance and will be capable of being implemented in practice.  He deserves our support and best wishes as he embarks on this important task and, with Championship Man there in the background providing wise counsel, he has, I’m sure, every chance of success.

9 thoughts on “Oral hearings + Liam Horan to drive strategic review

  1. well if maughan gets the job the county board should be ran,he stated that he had no interest in it.i for one will never attend a mayo game again stand up club delegates and lets get a new face in the job and not someone who has failed at losing finals at u21 club and senior,give mcgarry or horan a chance with new fresh start….

  2. i will back whoever they appoint, we wont know what maughan or whoever they pick will bring to the role until our first championship squad is finalised or our first championship game is in the record books anyway..

    as for liam horan , i always enjoyed his writing and was a big fan of championship man , the young fella comin’ , the man in long trousers and the man who runs the lotto…

  3. WJ, the Gang of Four seem to belong to the county board. They will return and tell themselves who they should interview! It seems a bit of going through the motions to me. John Maughan seems to give the impression that he doesnt want the job. Good. Let him say that outright and withdraw his name then.
    If he gets the job he can say that the county board came after him. What puzzles me is this? What has he done since 2005 that now makes the board see him as one of the favourites?
    If Maughan gets the job we are telling the players, supporters and people of Mayo that we have only one viable man to run Mayo football since 1995, with a break for Holmes, a briefer break for Moran and Morrison plus a near fatal experience during O Mahonys tenure.
    Time for a new brush to sweep out the stables.

  4. P.S Well done to Liam Horan. Given the chance Liam wont stand over any old waffle. Will the table topping men listen to his report? That will be the key.

  5. We know the strengths and weaknesses of John Maughan – I don’t expect him to have developed a tactical brain overnight but we will hit the field fit and (hopefully) motivated.

    On the other hand what have either Horan or McGarry done? Its not good enough to appoint them just because they are young and new. Where would they differ from other candidates, what new approach would they bring? Perhaps it is just someone new we need but there must be more than just that.

  6. This gang of 4 of the county board reminds me of Fianna Fail – we will have a review of the state of Mayo football before appointments at Minor, U21,& Senior, (No we won’t) we will have independant selection committtee to interview and make appointment selection to county board for ratification, (No we won’t) we will require all applicants to make written submissions and be available to all members of the county board for scrunity and not get lost in translation, (No we won’t) we will have a speedy process of selection, (No we won’t) we will have interviews with some applicants giving them 1 day of notice, we will come up with shortlist for proper interview, we will not tell them what we the county board can offer or indeed what we cannot offer by way of support. This county board is like our goverment in too long, arrogant and unable to perform their duties! How could they – as they cannot see the biggest problem is themselves! I admire all applicants for having to tolerate this sh..e

  7. Anyone see Brehonys article in the Indo yest? he’s slapping us in the wrist for not selecting Micko!There are positives in the article too…worth a read.

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