Our complete record against Monaghan

This one won’t take long because nothing much has changed (just one more win for us) since I last looked at our head-to-head record against Monaghan a bit over a year ago. I’ve also now been able to confirm that there were no further meetings between our two counties beyond those listed in the table I provided last March (I checked all the way back to 1902 – just to be sure, like).  All of which means that a quick update to the table, to add in that slightly fortunate and more than slightly bizarre victory we recorded over them them at McHale Park last March, gets us to our complete record against Monaghan.

That win last March means our winning run against them now extends to seven matches on the trot and they haven’t beaten us since they did so by a point in Clontibret in December 1986.  I can’t recall too much about that clash but I do remember well the meeting between us that took place earlier in that same year, which was in the league semi-final.  I even managed to lay my hands today on the match programme for that game (which we lost by a single point) – if you double-click on the image above, it’ll take you to a higher res version of the programme cover.

I also thought patrons hereabouts would be interested in seeing the team pics from that programme so here they are (same rules apply about double-clicking and so forth).  As I thumbed my way along the Monaghan teamsheet, a few long-forgotten names came to light – like Eamonn Murphy, Eugene Sherry and the Murray brothers – but, regardless of the fact that a quarter of a century has passed since then, I had no trouble at all naming everyone on our team in all their hirsute glory.

Go on – try it yourself and see how well you do.

Here’s the full record of our clashes with the Farney lads:


8 thoughts on “Our complete record against Monaghan

  1. New to this posting Business but following site with a while. I hope Horan gives all others a run this weekend. I wouldnt mind seeing him making a few switches throughout the game not just with subs but with positions also. Just reading back over last years report. I think Liam O’Malley got MOTM in that game as i recall an interview after. Where is he this year?
    Love what your doing willy joe… its a fantastic forum for fans.

  2. Its great that we got the points in the bag last weekend. Your right about the picture, all names roll off the tongue.

  3. someday, i dont think he should mix it up for the sake of it .i believe this is as real as a championship game for a descent monaghan side who will hit us with the kitchen sink .mayo could not have asked for a better scrap to be in ,leading into summer .

  4. Welcome aboard, SS, and thanks for the kind words. I dunno what the story is with Liam O’Malley but I’d say somehow he’s one that has now fallen off the radar for now.

  5. I was 10 at the time of this game and it’s amazing how many players both teams I could name, despite coming from nearly the furthest point from the two counties and being more interested in hurling. Were players larger-than-life in those days or was it just the enthusiasm of youth?

  6. A bit of both, I’d say, plus the fact that back then we weren’t exposed to the constant barrage of information that we are nowadays so things that might have seemed noteworthy then (OMG!!! A league semi-final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) wouldn’t carry the same kind of punch now.

  7. What a build Padraig Brogan had, he was a giant. Should have been one of the all time greats.

  8. aaahhh those were the days. A fine few scraps we had in the 80.s.Monaghan and mayo were similar in that we were hovering around the top without nailing down the big one(sam)

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