Our first six National League games are on TV

It’s often said that Mayo are box office. Well, that certainly appears to be the case for this year’s National League, as all six of our first fixtures are set to be shown on TV. Along with Tyrone, we’ve the most number of League matches available for viewing on television this spring.

Our Round 7 match, away to Monaghan, could, of course, be broadcast too but that will depend on what’s at stake in which matches when the spring competition gets that far.

Here are the details on TV coverage for our National League matches over the coming weeks:

  • ROUND 1: Galway v Mayo, Sunday 28th January (1.45pm) – live on TG4
  • ROUND 2: Mayo v Dublin, Saturday 3rd February (7.30pm) – live on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player
  • ROUND 3: Kerry v Mayo, Saturday 17th February (7.30pm) – live on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player
  • ROUND 4: Tyrone v Mayo, Saturday 24th February (5.15pm) – live on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player
  • ROUND 5: Mayo v Roscommon, Saturday 2nd March (7.30pm) – live on TG4
  • ROUND 6: Mayo v Derry, Sunday 17th March (3.45pm) – live on TG4

Credit to the excellent @GAALeagueTables for the above TV broadcast information.

124 thoughts on “Our first six National League games are on TV

  1. Thanks Willie Joe for all that.

    Just a query on the time of the Galway game (2 Hops has noted it’s Sunday not Saturday). I have had all the fixture details ‘dropped’ to my calendar by the league fixture list thingy which also has a book. It’s showing the time as 14:45. I think this is wrong, but it has set me wondering…

  2. As they say here we go again the proper start of another rollercoaster, I sopos we really do have to bear in mind it is just the league and none of us can predict how we’ll fair out we certainly didn’t last year but that’s what the league brings different teams are at different levels trying new things and hopefully new players, my honest opinion the league has zero emphasis on the most important part of the year which is the championship the 4 teams that contested the semifinals this year 2 were in division 2 and the others mid table division 1 we literally as supporters need to take each game as it comes don’t be getting all excited when we win and don’t be getting frustrated when we lose it’s all about the evidence of progress from the failings of the previous year and maybe unearth a few new lads that can impact the team that’s all the league is as supporters we can get over emotionally with wins and losses it’s certain we should debate what we see but try enjoy it anyway away we go

  3. Id agree with Tenacious Yew, its only the league. Though not my cup of tea, its important to judge this managment team on Championship only.7/2 for relegation is a very good price. We got relegated before after winning D1.

    I’d urge supporters to not lose the run of themselves over the next few weeks results (good or bad). Theirs only one show in town – Championship.

  4. A good run in the league is very important in my opinion and last year we sertinally had that
    The timing of the league final was no doubt unfortunate as regards the 1st round of the championship v Roscommon as we were always on a looser in that one.
    What shape we’re in this year as regards the league is hard to tell but we won’t have long to wait as meeting Galway will no doubt get the jucies flowing from the off.

  5. Hey all, could someone enlighten me. Bringing an 8 year old to the galway game…are under 16’s free or do they need tickets?

  6. @moyside.
    In an incredibly short sighted move it was announced in November last that Mayo are the only county board in the country (outside of Croke Park) to not let u16s in free.
    Apologies to be the bearer of bad news.

  7. Sorry,just to clarify that’s for games in MacHale Park
    Anywhere else its free as it always has been is my understanding.

  8. Best of Luck to the Green and Red of St Brigit’s representing Connacht today in the Club final..Safe travelling to all from Derry and Roscommon. January for All Ireland Club finals? Really has to be questioned, weather as we can see today and of course Christmas in-between the provincial finals and All Ireland club final, begs questions as to how the GAA treat’s Club player’s. As Michael Commins said on Facebook with the Red Weather warnings it certainly questions the wisdom of the Club finals in January.

  9. Building sites close during a red warning for insurance reasons as well as safety obviously . Expecting people to travel to a game during a red warning is very disrespectful and a risk that god forbid could come back to haunt the association .

  10. @FW

    Wasn’t there a specific turnstile you could bring the u16 to and get refunded what you paid, or I might be getting that confused with something else?

  11. Some very inconstant reffing in the All Ireland Club Hurling final..St Thomas of Galway..every reason to feel aggrieved.

  12. Congratulations to St Thomas hurling team.. one All Ireland Club title heading to Connacht… hopefully another to follow shortly.. very exciting game..Ball crossed the line for what should have been a goal for O’Loughlin Gaels..on the other hand O’Loughlin Gaels should have gotten at least One Red card possibly Two Red Cards.. the Red Card given to St Thomas was more than questionable.. multiple yellow card’s. very exciting game.. last minute winning point by Burke on the sideline a deserved winner for the Connacht side.

  13. I wonder if O’Loughlin Gaels will appeal that result, given that the ball was clearly over the line for the disputed goal, and they ended up losing by a point. Then again, they have a man’s advantage for almost the entire second half and failed to make it count.

    I suppose also that the unfortunate precedent with Kilmacud Crokes and the Glen last year would probably dissuade teams from appealing in those circumstances again.

    St. Brigid’s playing well here, am impressed with the quick ball into their full forward line, particularly as Ben O’Carroll looks lively. Maybe we could take note instead of persisting with this stale hand passing rubbish across the field.

    Edit: The Glen just got a goal…

  14. I missed the first half.

    My take is that Bridget’s were in control and built up a healthy lead – only for Glen to reel them in with a late burst.

    Is that a correct synopsis?
    How were the first ten minutes? Were Bridget’s in control from the throw in?

  15. Glen look stronger around centre field, but some immaculate point taking from Brigid’s. Ben O’Carroll looking very lively but butchered their best goal chance. I’d fancy Glen slightly from here after 1-1 on the bounce just before the break.

  16. Glen’s forwards also kicking a lot of wides though, still in the melting pot.

    Edit: Goal for Brigid’s. Three up now.

  17. How is it that St Brigids can produce such great footballers, young guys, showing us how football should be really played.

  18. Jeez, Brigid’s will be kicking themselves after that one. No way that they should have lost that a man and four points up.

    Conor Glass though, pure class indeed.

  19. What a really enjoyable and interesting second half.

    Tough on Brigid’s …. but Conor Glass is a force of nature.

  20. Brigid deserved to lose because they lost control of midfield for the second half..and they gave away a stupid goal at the end. What was the keeper doing?

  21. Agree regarding conor Glass. A true leader with high fielding, scores and excellent all round play

  22. @Frost-T-Hammer .. you called it right fair play to ya, over an hour ago..hard luck St Brigit’s.. deserved congratulations to the Glen..epic finish to a great game that both teams contributed allot to. Very well reffed as well unlike the Club Hurling final. Safe traveling to everyone in this Red Weather warning.

  23. Brigids will take that to their graves, four points up , ten mins to go and a man up for the next five mins of that ten. What on earth was the keeper thinking for that glass goal .

  24. In case anyone hasn’t heard it yet, Kevin McStay’s response on the podcast to Mike’s question about Evan Regan is up now on our new YouTube channel. The link is here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/DxNWBYpBEWY.

    We’ll be uploading to the YouTube channel clips like this from our podcast content on a regular basis from now on so you might want to subscribe to the channel to get early notice of these.

  25. @Leantimes

    I might have called it but I still got sucker punched by it. 😀

    I pretty much missed the goal because I was typing “A victory for Brigid’s organisation, but everyone will be casting covetous glances at Conor Glass” in my head.

    @Sean Burke – that late one that Glass broke for Glens final score as well. What was he thinking lumping that down anywhere close to Glass. Big mistake and cost Brigid’s.

  26. Hard to see Brigid’s meeting a better team in Connacht next year – no one I’ve seen look within a year’s development of them – and there’s only a handful of individuals in the province capable of doing a Conor Glass on them – Enda Smith might be one they come across early.

    The Rossies though are experimenting with Regional teams this year, and it’d be interesting were that to be Brigid’s undoing.

    Both sides looked roughly bottom half of Division 2 quality to me, and when the Rossies have those guys back they should be comfortably a Top 8 team – Division 1 is stacked this year though, so that’s not quite the same as saying they won’t be relegated.

    Big game in the Hyde in two weeks though.

  27. Hard luck to St Brigids i feel they were the better team and played the better football but not the first team with a bit of Green and Red in their jersey to blow and all ireland final. Roscommon will be formidable this year.

  28. Jaysus Conor Glass is something else though. He has everything in his locker. He will land derry an all ireland yet, what a leader

  29. Both brigids and Glen teams were a credit today in a fantastic game,both playing heads up football going at it full tilt. No cautious cowardly stuff.

    Would love to see the coaching going on underage at brigids that has them all so technically good and skillful

  30. Rossie are producing a nice type of footballer for a few years , forwards who can score . It is starting to work out for them , wouldnt be surprised at all to see them contest a semi final this year as they are starting to see big units of lads develop too . They will make bits of us in the hyde if we are at the same levels as last years championship meeting in castlebar .

  31. Hard luck to St Brigids .. they left it behind them .
    Not nice to hear their supporters bringing the traditional Rossie booing and jeering to Croker on All Ireland club final day .
    Glenn won’t be to bothered about it tonight

  32. Brigids should have been 4 or 5 up at HT. They had so many chances. Glen were awful in the first half. Lateral stuff. Took forever to get the ball upfield and when they did and lost possession it allowed Brigids to break quickly and with acres of space. That 2nd goal will haunt Brigids. They kicked away and stupid free in their own defence and their keeper was caught napping. Awful way to lose. The better team doesn’t always win.

  33. Fw. Sure it’s simple. Charge the kids a fiver and they will behave better and won’t run around. These people are wasted in the Co Board. Imagine what they would achieve in the Dail.

  34. David Burke 33 had his acl surgery 9 months ago and put a motm display on today for his club in an all Ireland final, Tommy Conroy is nearly 2 years since his and people are saying he needs time to recover from such a injury, just shows

  35. Hats off to brigids today. They played simple football. Early ball into the corner forward s. It was so easy on the eye. I hope mayo management takes a leaf out of there book. It was so effective. Got caught napping for glass s goal big time. Roscommon will be tough to beat if these lads takes this kind of performance to inter County level.

  36. I think it’s great to see and hear children having a bit of fun in McHale Park… charging them money won’t make them sit down all the time..If a few thousand children invaded the pitch for the Louth bore fest last Summer and the game had to be abandoned .. Those children would be seen as hero’s for saving the adults in the stand and terrace’s from having to endure the risk adverse show.

  37. @James Nolan, to be fair, you’re comparing apples with oranges there. Much higher demand placed on footballers to cover ground than hurlers, you can hit the sliotar nearly the length of the pitch in hurling, but you cant kick the ball 100m+ from play (not to downplay David Burke’s recovery, some going from him).

    That being said, Conroy’s recovery is approaching the point where if we don’t see him return to form soon it will get concerning. Over two years now since his last standout game for Mayo (Semi Final vs Dublin in 2021, and if we were to be honest, he only came to life in that game after an hour had been played). Cant read too much into club form as The Neale struggled big time in 2023, but he didn’t catch the eye for them, or for University of Galway last week vs ATU Sligo.

  38. A bit of in experience cost Brigids yesterday and they will be a formidable side for the next few years if they stick at it. Some of the passing and shooting was excellent and you wouldn’t see at inter county level. its no secret that they have been well coached from a young age. the pass for brigids goal only colm cooper could produce. Lets hope the Brigids lads can bring this form into the county.

  39. 2 excellent games yesterday, The winning score in the Hurling was absolutely sublime.
    Felt Brigid’s left it behind them in the football. Lacking experience at the death when they conceded that late goal.
    Overall a breath of fresh air in terms of End to End and long ball.
    Enjoyed FBD final on Friday. Rossies were on fire against an experimental Galway Outfit.

  40. Totally agree with on the fence re tommy conroy but i will add that a 60 -70 % tommy conroy is still good enough for Mayo , its whether he ever gets back to that extra time shift v dublin in 21 type of form and the curve he was on that year , jesus he could go at the best defenders , beat them and score .

  41. @James Nolan Tommy conroy is getting back his confidence in every game back I’d give the guy a break he just needs more game time.

    It’s hard on players when they get such a bad injury as the one he got.
    He’s still a top forward even when not at his full best.

  42. Football club final was high quality and entertaining yesterday. Brigids was a decent keeper away from winning. The keeper is apparently in his 40s and and has played outfield before this year. Not sure what he was at for the 2nd goal and wasn’t set for the Glass shot. His kicks outs were all over the shop with 11 won by Glen and no where near his intended targets.

    Glen more experienced was well talked about afterwards but just as important to get over the line in All Ireland final is cuteness and street wise to close out games that are there to be won, Brigids simply hadn’t that in their locker yesterday. With the Glen players to return to Derry now they are going to be a serious contender under Mickey Harte to win the All-Ireland this July.

  43. Tommy conroy is the least of mayo s problems. Did he not have a fine first half against the dubs last year. Everybody collapsed in the second half plus our super management decided to take aos off when he could have been deployed at midfield for 15 minutes to stem the tide. Tommy is everything mayo needs. He has it all. He will deliver for sure. Bigger question is… Will we get the ball in fast and direct or ponder about back and over and pot pass to each other on this so called loop that’s going nowhere. Only Rochford can answer that question.

  44. The Brigids keeper was the best keeper they had and playing in the most difficult jersey in Gaelic football. Give the guy a break. That was Glen he was facing not Glenamaddy.
    I think the reason he was out was the ref surprisingly gave a late free to Glen and most thought it was a Brigids free.
    Brigids I read before give a lot of O’Neills to club member underage on their birthday.
    The easiest skill improvement in most clubs. Do your players actually own an O’Neills football?

  45. Looking forward to the weekend’s games now. Ourselves against Galway and Kerry versus Derry the stand outs for me. Slightly worried about avoiding relegation given the strength of the teams in Division 1. Monaghan less Beggan probably the weakest, and even they made the semis last year. Tyrone maybe next, then Galway, Ros and ourselves. We could be under pressure after playing Kerry, Galway and Tyrone away and Dublin at home in the first four games.

  46. This would be my team for Galway. A mix of lads who need game time / exciting talents / experience.
    Hennelly – in my opinion although Reape had a super middle of last season he showed why at 28 years old he hasn’t been seriously selected. Hennelly clearly wanted a year off to reset and refresh and we shouldn’t forget his flawless 2021.
    Coyne – needs to mature into a true cornerback – game time only way to do it.
    Brickenden – has had critics (myself one of them) but not many players we have with his size and is an intriguing option (and probably our only option) if we want to move McBrien to #6.
    #4 – Eoin O’Donoghue, if he can show the talent we saw when he was younger our full back line looks a lot stronger. Open to suggestions, Sam playing with ucd and I’d probably rather see him developing his ball skills further out the field. Will be extremely disappointed if the likes of Plunkett is wearing this jersey. No standout young lads to take this jersey however in my opinion from last couple of years u20 sides.
    #5 eoghan McLaughlin – has had no league games last few years with injuries, man needs as much football as he can get to finally push on instead of being forced to be Mayos only attacking threat from deep all of a sudden when we get to Croke Park.
    #6 Donnacha McHugh, huge sized man after recent S+C development and is our most underrated player. Was outstanding against Kerry in Killarney and our issues at the back became more apparent without him in my opinion. Still only 21, extremely talented player.
    #7 Enda Hession if available but who knows if he is. Diarmuid Duffy would be a wildcard option here and a good one.
    #8 Jordan Flynn, enough said
    #9 Jack Carney, believe he can be Brian Fenton in a year or two.
    #10 Bob Touhy, huge huge fan of his and found it bizarre he got left on the bench down the stretch. Left footed kicker who is a brilliant athlete with great size. Potential is off the charts.
    #11 no idea
    #12 Conor Reid, big man, left footed, great option for kickouts.
    #13 Tommy Conroy, needs games
    #14 no idea
    #15 Kevin Quinn

  47. Good team that Retro. Let me fill in the blanks:

    11 – Ryan O’Donoghue – can add intelligence and variety and ball winning skills to this position
    14 – Cillian – he needs games as well to get back in the groove. AOS as impact sub for this one, though he is my number one pick for 13 based on last season.

  48. is it just o hora and carr unavailable for selection through injury , mcbrien is good to go ?

  49. Interesting team retro. League experience will certainly go along way in Touhy’s and McHughs development.
    Conroy can deliver on potential he has shown in past and Eoghan mcLaughlin is as exciting as it comes.
    I take it management are in best position to select anchor man at 6, but they messed it up so much last year. McBrein still my choice as leader of defence if available.

  50. Retrofit Reape played outfield for years which why wouldn’t have been selected, Dempsey managed convert him to goal and Knockmore won two in a row. Based on past experience I’d start Reape.
    Looks like you’ve 8 of the team that played Westmeath besides.

  51. Sean Burke, Conor Loftus, Darren McHale don’t think fit yet. McBrien didn’t start the weekend apparently so has been out quite a while it seems.

    Ryan played weekend, don’t know if Tommy featured at all. Both would have Sigerson so given Tommy sustained injury in Sigerson he’s unlikely to play v Galway with NUIG out again in next round.

  52. A genuine question that might unintentionally stir the pot mostly for the league is meaningless gang. What do we want to happen on Sunday v Galway? The last couple of years I’m hearing the league doesn’t matter and it’s all about championship well does that mean we should lie down on Sunday incase we win and get carried away. I’ve no idea what to do anymore as I always want to win every day mayo go out.

  53. No doubt, in my opinion whatever happens Sunday is irrelevant in the overall analysis of our year. It’s January. It’s the league. It’s worth little to nothing. I’d be trialing players if I were McStay. That to me is more important than putting out our strongest team possible looking for a win. We learn nothing by doing that. He’ll probably go for a middle ground approach. Try a few things out, new players, established players in different positions etc. I’d be surprised if we get any result Sunday. Just a feeling and tbh for me it’s all about Championship. I’ve always placed little weight on the league.

  54. Well I think McStay did the league last year, so winning not a priority, but having a settled team playing to a pattern the players are buying into is a priority.
    You always play to win, McStay will try and balance things, give a few players, mentioned by Retro above some game time but have strength on the bench to win game in last fifteen mins.

  55. @No doubt I think mcstay and Co will go all out to win on Sunday just cause it’s Galway and salthill.

    The league does matter in terms of staying up for sure. But in the long run I don’t care if we finish bottom of the league so long as we come bouncing come championship.

    I still think we will come away Sunday with a point or two over Galway but I’d say mcstay is saying just stay safe in league rest of results don’t matter once we’re safe in division 1 he will have learnt a lot from last year.

  56. League is about getting points early, retain status and can experiment later. I would expect McStay to pick what he believes is his strongest available 15 on Sunday.

  57. Don’t care where we finish up in the league, as long as we go far into championship. I want to see as many players as possible trialled in the first few games. You have to think of the bigger picture. I hope players that need a break are given one, and as stated well by retrocut, the likes of Eoghan McLoughlin needs lots of games to sharpen him up.

    It seemed last year we were reached 100% of our fitness level somewhere around game 4 or 5. We were always on the decline then, month by month the tiredness started to slowly seep in to our legs and minds. Im hoping this year we are at 60-70% and slowly creep it up near the 100 for the group stages.

  58. We need to trial fringe players in the league for sure, but hopefully our sideline can recognize when a ‘trial ‘ is not working….hold their hands up and not continue to flog a dead horse. Even that will show a bit of a ‘learning ‘from our sideline.
    We will of course be targeting a win on Sunday,as I believe we will on every day we go out but there might be days that the team sent out won’t be up to the task and that’s fine. Once we learn and improve for the next day.

  59. So many of the lads we want to give game to are busy with Sigerson – and tbh I’m not sure how much you are really going to learn about young lads in Pearse Stadium in January.

    It might be a great opportunity to see what the hunger is like in our experienced players, and I expect a very strong Mayo side with no debutants, and very few if any of the Sigerson guys actually starting.

    Donnacha McHugh and Eoghan MacLaughlin at 3&6 – Donnacha might be ready for and Eoghan is built for Johnny Heaney.

    And we may see a Bryan Walsh or Fergal Boland in the half forward line.

    I’d be saving debuts and Colm Reape for the hopefully far more serene environment of Castlebar and the Dubs.

  60. Comer didn’t play there game the weekend so may not feature. I’d say Brickenden 3, Plunkett or Coen 6.

  61. I’m not expecting a win for Mayo this weekend.
    Galway have been targeting this game since last June and are due a win over us,I won’t be too upset if thats the first game of the league.If McStay plays Sigerson players (which i dont think he should)then we might have a chance.

    If we show signs of an attacking plan and some sort of a defensive shape I’ll be happy enough.
    I think we’ll be all set to take on Dublin the following week and I think we’ll beat them.

  62. FW I agree. Galway will be all out for this. I’d worry about our league status this year. Relegation isn’t the end of the world I know, but if we were relegated and Aido, Cillian etc were to fininish up after this year, well..

    I thought last year we were going to get a clipping from Gawlway at some point, I still think there is one coming but even if it did we know the road is long and what happens Jan/Feb will be long forgotten when the real stuff happens.

  63. Performing well in league and championship is not mutually exclusive folks!

    There have been many occasions in the past decade where kerry or dub would have won yyhe league and gone straight on to with the championship

    Now peaking at the right time is a thing alright and it was clear last year we had peaked fitness and intensity wise in middle of league when everyone else was still training, theres a happy medium to hit but losing a lot of games doesn’t help a whole pile either and seeing as Mayo are actually starting into a league with very few injuries for once I expect to see victories on the board early.

    The notion that we should be happy to lose this weekend as it means we will perform better in championship is pure fallacy.
    We have New York this year in championship, its not a situation like last year where you have a week before playing a primed roscommon team.

  64. looking at the fixtures, we could have no points after first four games, if that happens and its very possible, them big preasure is on everyone , players, team management and supporters who will be calling for heads. How will we react to that.

  65. culmore – We could also have 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 5 points, 6 points, 7 points or 8 points.

    Why focus on worst the case ?

  66. Winning is habit,same with losing,we need to target every game for a win,I am confident that having two all Ireland winning mangers on our management team will know what to do,I will set out for the game on Sunday expecting to win, we have a large panel of players who will do us proud

  67. To Culmore’s point, it’ll be particularly interesting to see the reaction of those now saying they don’t care if we get relegated should we find ourselves on zero points after four matches.

  68. Thats a very good post super mac , its one thing to not be all out to win the league throwing everything at it but its also total nonsense to think its just a light trainning session .

  69. I think he will go out to win the 1st game to avoid the knives out then pick and choose therafter – probably ensure safety as soon as possible. Most I want to see from the league apart from that is – suitable systems, players that need a game get games, try and show proper cover for all positions, those getting close or in exctended squad get a chance to impress..

  70. @williejoe.agree fully regarding the conversation if were still on zero points after 4 games. I could write the comments now and probably from those who still think the league is meaningless. I stated on another thread disregarding the league is a dangerous road to go because let’s not forget two relegations means a struggle to even get into the race for sam.

  71. Agree also if we had zero points after 4 games the comments on here would be asking for certain people to resign.

    Yes Galway might be going out all out to win on Sunday after loosing to us the last two times but we will also be going all out to win after loosing to London with a point to prove also after the worst exit we’ve had in years in the quarters against the dubs.

    Getting relegated is really dangerous and guarantee if we got relegated people would be giving out.

    Still think we will win by 2 or 3 and think we will beat the dubs the following game to.

  72. I wouldnt be at all shocked to see as near to full strength galway team as possible come out sunday . Comer doing fitness tests along the line at a challenge game suggests to me hes preparing for sunday .

  73. I can’t see too many changes for this Game, new players should be introduced to an almost full team to give them a chance.

  74. @Corick who are the two we have in backroom now that have won Sam? Did not hear the new people added to the backroom team are bar the psychologist so presuming them. Could not be the club all Ireland you on about as club football is “Chalk and Cheese” compared to Intercounty as McStay put it himself when ruling Evan Regan out as not being good enough.

    I think we have good chance the weekend, if weather dodgy Salthill can be a lottery, but equally would not be surprised or disappointed if had no points on board after 3 games so long as looks like we have learned from our many mistakes from last year. The Monaghan, Tyrone games should be enough to keep us up with wins possibly, and Roscommon and Dublin depending on lay of land towards league end other opportunities to stay up.

  75. @gizmobobs

    “If the weather dodgy salthill can be a lottery”… I don’t think there is any if about it lol. Its a terrible venue for football, always lashing or gael force winds in pearse stadium, then it turns the games there into a bit of a freakshow where the elements are more influential than any player.

    They should have their games in Tuam from now on whenever the stand gets a makeover, far better suited to football

  76. Anyone who says the league isn’t important should go back into the results archive and view the comments around the time Rochford’s team were taking hammerings against the likes of Tyrone and Dublin. It’s vital that we stay in Division 1 for the simple reason that our championship status depends on it. We want to be regularly competing against the Kerrys and Dublins of this world, not down in the doldrums in Division 2. Galway fell through the trap door in the previous decade and were years trying to bounce back.

    I think we will do enough to avoid relegation this time around but hard to see us blitzing teams like we did last year. Some tough away games in Omagh and Tralee and the Dubs will want to bully us on our own manor as they have successfully done so for the past decade. I can’t see us winning in Pearse Stadium, a draw would be a good result for us

  77. As I understand it the new Tuam stadium won’t be able to hold games with a predicted capacity of 10k or more.

    The new stand there is not as I though.Its the original structure with a new roof and the wooden seats removed,there are H & S issues with that.Its not of the standard of a properly built new stand.
    It cost €350k.To give some context the stand in Machale Park cost €16m 15 years ago.The new stand proposed for the RDS (capacity 6k) will be €30m

    This is not a criticism, I love to see new infrastruture being built and they have really taken on the initiative themselves with no backing in Tuam so fairplay to them.Itll be interesting to see what they can do on a tiny fraction of other projects budgets.

  78. If Mayo show a discernible improvement in style of play and an obvious tactical plan geared to the type of players we have I’d be happy enough regardless of the final result. I don’t think we should be going all out to win the league but rather try to shape team preparations towards the championship. Staying up without worrying about a final or relegation would be ideal.

  79. Galway down a lot of big guns on Sunday. McDaid/Sean kelly/tierney/silke all out on long term injury seemingly with Cooke having finished up. So this is absolutely one mayo should be targeting as a win

  80. Tommy and ryan are involved tonight for ucg or whatever its called nowadays and are very much fancied to win , so would they have to play again next midweek too ? Game on sunday id say is doubtful for them .

  81. Sean Burke, from a player Welfare view probably not, but I would be far from Shocked if they do play. Will that be 3 games in 7 or so days for likes of Ryan, Rory and Sam v ATU Sligo/St. Marys, Westmeath and Sigerson again this evening.

  82. “… I don’t think relegation to Division 2 does anyone any good, I wouldn’t like to see a scenario where Kerry got relegated. I would just find it hard to live with it.” Jack O’Connor in the Examiner. Spot on Jack.

  83. Two big things I’d like to see in the league.
    1. Bringing something elite to the table around the middle eight. It’s not going to be fielding, so I can only think we could bring a lot of mobility and height with subs to come in to maintain that. No mix and match middle eught. I want to see a lot of big strong lads.
    2. Improve the attacking tactics where we are finding a shooter in space. This recent years total democracy in who shoots is a disaster. Defenders not comfortable shooting ending up with marks. We need to move to a get it to the shooters mode of attacking.

  84. It’s not all about when we speak in terms of fitness. By the end of the league, we need to be playing to a system that works for us. We need leaders to emerge that can whip us into shape. We need to keep the foot on the pedal in the last quarter against weaker opposition. We need a level of maturity as a team…… I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen this year but if we can get on the road it will be an achievement

  85. Can’t understand why posters say Galway will be going all out to win….. Isn’t that the point?
    Are you telling me Mayo won’t want to win..

    As with this time if year both squads will be slack.. From what I believe we are down a few key figures, but I’d imagine we should still be relatively strong..
    I’d be hoping for a few new players to step up to the plate.

    In relation to Tuam Stadium , the poster above is quite correct. The stand is a new structure only in the roof and back of the stand. New seats added as well so it will look a whole lot better.. its important to note the whole refurbishment over the last few years is been driven by the people, fundraised and donations by the late Joe o Toole along with Government grants..

    Don’t be thinking the Galway county board are solely backing this !
    It’s due to be ready to host Derry in February.

  86. If we win on Sunday then its only the league and it doesn’t matter because its only the league and Galway were missing players anyway.
    If we lose on Sunday then we should have won and our hopes for the year are gone.
    If we draw on Sunday then we should really have won and were lucky not to lose and our hopes for the year are gone as well.

    I think I have all areas covered there. Anyway, just for the sheer comedy value alone I would love to see a Mayo win or draw on Sunday. PJ used up enough excuses last year. I wonder what he’d come up with this time. That’s nothing against Galway either the place or the people. I have a lot of time for both.

    Maigh eo Abu

  87. The only thing I will say and I base this on last year would be that the time to peak is not January or February. I would nearly take survival in div 1 ahead of winning the league. Last year showed with the new format that definitely Kerry and Dublin timed their run for later in the year. Mayo ran out of steam and Galway even more so by the time they needed to up it.

  88. We could have peaked against the Dubs but it wouldn’t have mattered. Structurally we didn’t know our arse from our elbow. We persevered with a system that didn’t work, abandoned it and we’re all over the shop for zdubs game. Management take a bow.
    By the end of league, we need a system that works

  89. In the first half of the Dublin game in terms of attack we were 7/10, but we were held back from 8 or 9/10 by a small few players playing safety and passing backwards inside our half.
    There was some of the team were really operating well.
    Then the two goal messups killed us.

  90. I’d say that’s correct, Catcol. Incidentally, the first call for heads here on the blog for 2024 occurred following the FBD loss to London!

  91. Thanks for that info Sean Burke……….something to look forward to providing the power stays on..

  92. Culmore. If we have nothing from 4 games so be it. I’d rather do my learning now . Not like last year. Coasted the league and flopped in the real deal. All I want is division one safety if possible. Its all about the championship. No calling for heads in the warm up competition called the national league. The most thing I will be focusing on is. Style of play

  93. Interesting comments from Jim McGuinness on his RTÉ interview today.

    The provincial championship people’s perception of it, that people are not taking it seriously or people are focusing on the All-Ireland, it’s absolute nonsense. A paper doesn’t refuse ink, or conversations on podcast.

    “The bottom line for us is that it will always be the number one competition. Whenever we’re out of that competition, the next one will be the number one competition. There is two competitions every single year, in terms of championship football, and you focus on the first one first and the second one second.

    “That is absolutely it. For us, everything from that very first training session to that ball being thrown in at Celtic Park is focused on that moment, nothing else.

    League used to win as many games as they can keep the wheel turning, build the positivity and try and get up into a higher level for the next year.

    “But the only reason you’re trying to do that is to be in a better place against better teams so you’re better positioned for the championship.”

  94. Poor Ryan nearly had head taken off him following bad pass from Tommy, won’t be thanking him 🙂
    Cute to use opportunity to burn up NUIG black card time though.

  95. I was nearly calling for heads myself after the London game, Willie Joe! I calmed down after a while.

  96. Tommy conroy just needs to get his confidence back he had such a bad injury but he’s still a top forward at his 100 % best hopefully he can get back to his 2021 form some day.

  97. – We all have our own benchmarks as to what a successful 2024 would look like. Mine is retain Divsion 1 status, win Nestor Cup and reach semi final.
    – It would be very disappointing if a Mayo team went into a match against Galway not caring if they won or not.
    – The areas we need improvement in have been well documented since last June, will be able to start judging progress after out first 4 games.
    – If only our issue was fitness / sharpeness last year then great but if you compare out team man for man last year against their Dublin, Kerry and Derry counterparts you will find we come second best in majority of positions.
    – Anyway looking forward to going to Salthill on Sunday and if we win the toss can we play with the wind in the first half and use it for a change.

  98. Thankfully the lads seemed to come through without picking up any injuries tonight anyway. That’s the most important thing. Both well involved in the final push too.

  99. With them in action again next week it likely frees a slot for the likes of Quinn to get a shot to show what can do.
    Himself and Reid most likely to make debut’s. With rest of team more familiar faces.

  100. Just about being competitive these early games.
    Get as many of the championship panel started into the season as possible. Give nothing away easy.

    Every point we can bag now gives us the space to experiment down the line.

    I have the feeling we’ll look to use a two week model – the calendar breaks down quite neatly into 2 week cycles – and I expect to see strong sides named on those weekends, with the exceptions being used to experiment.

    But I am also expecting more changes between those strong 15s than there was last year – with maybe 20 players or so rotated. 2-4 changes between games……
    But that’s also assuming we can keep everyone fit.

    The wind in Salthill is going to make this a brawl of a game, and if we play our most experienced players I fancy us to beat them in an arm wrestle.

  101. @FW Galway are missing over half their starting team supposedly and no more than ourselves they had a pack of kids out in the FBD. Word is certain senior players (McDaid, Kelly X2, Silke) have been given basically the full league off which kind of tells your their mindset. We should be getting two points on the board without question on sunday and getting some semblance of safety into the equation

  102. @Stephenite Seán is the only Kelly that would be first choice for Galway. McDaid got injured playing for his club and Silke picked up a knock all three will play in the league once fit which isn’t this Sunday.

  103. Olive. When jh lost the 21 all Ireland he got slaughtered. Why now do you believe that a semi final is acceptable with practically the same team. Have we regressed that much.

  104. Updated predicted 15:

    Coyne McHugh Hession
    Durcan MacLaughlin Coen
    Ruane Flynn
    McDonagh Diarmuid Walsh
    Cillian Aidan Boland

    Might not be what’s named or how we’re numbered.

    I took out the guys I’ve seen mentioned are injured but may have missed guys or maybe they’re not true ?
    I have named McDonagh because I don’t know if he’s officially left, and I’ve read it’s not the first year there have been rumours.

    Plunket probably next up. I’d say there’ll be some Sigerson guys on the bench, but I’m struggling to follow that competition and I’ve no idea who is still going other Ryan and Tommy. And guys like Towey and McStay – who a game like this just isn’t going to suit.

  105. @Frost the hammer I would hope to see reape in for a game v Galway hope he’s not ruled out now just because hennelly is back in my view anyway ha..

    I’d say Ryan O D will be named v Galway I know he’s playing sigserson but think mcstay will name him. I feel Tommy c needs a mayo game to feel he’s more invested in mayo this year then sigserson tbh.

    Is enda hession available even? Who will be at number 6?… Will eoin O D get a chance? (I think he should)

    Loads saying Galway will be out to win this one but I’ve no doubt at all that mcstay and Co will be going for this one just as much I expect our strongest team out for this one not for entire league obviously but cetanily against Galway I do.

    Will be very interesting to see the team come weekend..

  106. @FrostTHammer
    I’d be surprised if we didnt pick Brickenden at 3 especially if there’s any sign of Comer. Callinan and Carney would be in my 15 also and I’d be giving a run to Towey. Kevin Mcstay said this week that Carr and O’Hora were back on the grass but they will be a while yet. He didn’t mention any others I don’t think. I’m not sure where Mcbrien is at and I certainly wouldn’t be gambling on his fitness at this point.
    It sounds like Galway may be missing a good few. Silke Kelly Tierney Mcdaid Cooke.
    The bookies have Galway as marginal favourites the same as all the games against us last season.
    There won’t be much in it.

  107. Free taking will be critical on Sunday, as it has been in recent MvG games. That makes Cillian critical, and it should be a deciding factor in the choice of keeper.

  108. Team for Salthill to be something like this.
    Quinn Kevin.

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