Our heroes, our history

Here’s something to get the juices flowing ahead of the weekend, at a time when we’re all counting down the days to the return of inter-county action.

This is part of the Laochra Mhaigh Eo initiative, the aim of which is to help raise funds for the pitch resurfacing works that are set to be carried out at MacHale Park this year. Further details on this are here.

Prepare for goosebumps! Up Mayo.

14 thoughts on “Our heroes, our history

  1. Great stuff WJ thanks for sharing it with us. I was reminded recently that 20 years ago we beat Galway in the League Final in Croke Park. It was our first national title in thirty years against the star studded Galway team. We were unbeaten in the competition up to that point as far as I can remember. The great Tom Nallen had a big pocket somewhere that day and the great PJ got lost inside it. I think that man from Davitts McDonagh was MOTM if memory serves me correctly. I remember we were a very good price that day too. Rossies won Connacht and Galway won AI

  2. Was that the Connacht final that McCormack the Meath ref sent off a Mayo player for a second yellow card by mistake

  3. McCormack was suspended for 16 weeks for abusing an official in a game his son was playing in, but he still does umpire for one of the Meath refs in All Ireland Finals

  4. That was the “Frankie goes to Hollywood” Connacht Final where Ray Connelly was sent off for Frankie Dolan’s ham acting as if he had been poleaxed by Connelly. The deciding goal was scored just afterwards by one of the Lohan Bros, who I think had been marked by Connelly. Unfortunately that League was all that Mayo team achieved. Of course neither Roscommon or Galway went on to achieve anything from 2001 either.

  5. I cannot believe my eyes..Mayo County Council have posted a video of that Derry fella spouting about his “love of Mayo and its people”. After all the abuse/crap he said about our amateur players…it actually beggars belief..

  6. @Willie Joe great podcast. You referenced the idea of Aidan being an impact sub at 50 mins. My view would be laughed at but I would bring Aidan on at the first water break. We know that Aidan always delivers usually for 3/4s and fades in the last 1/4. So, if he has 3/4s of stamina help him and the team out by having him play the slowest game pace 3/4s of the game (2/3/4 quarters) rather than the quickest game pace 3/4s (1,2,3 quarters). Also he would get his half time break whilst still fresh. You’d have a relatively fresh Aidan to the final whistle. Playing Aidan for 4 quarters in Croke Park against Dublin has never worked since and including 2012. Even in 2012. Dublin owned the last 1/4.

  7. If anyone is familiar with integrals in Maths. Consider two teams performance graph. We look too much at the final quarter. My overall thought is teams should be braver with early subs. You try to have a high performance graph above your opponent for as long as possible minute 1 to 77. Your odds of victory would be linear related to the summation of the amount you had advantage above your opponents graph. Hence why I think that save your best team till last stuff is nonsense. It’s simply the inferior teams graph dipping due to running out of player options. It ain’t Dublin performance rising.
    We look too much at the last quarter in summary. The result is more like a 77min integral of superiority in team performamce.

  8. JP i think you have nailed it.AIDAN just does not have the stamina for running around out the field for the full game anymore.also he should be told to roam around the full forward line and not venture out the field .he is well capable of doing damage inside and winning frees and setting up scores

  9. Powerful article by Malachy Clerkin in the Irish Times today, talks with Niamh Fitzpatrick who worked with the 2017 Mayo team. “Live for the now” is one of her takeaways, comes across as a very impressive person.

  10. It is insane that on Mayo Day Brolly is given a platform. This would not happen in any other county. I am glad to see ex player Enda Varley calling this out. Is it today the first phase of sales of tiles is complete. Will there be an announcement as to how much is raised? This night two years ago was the big fundraiser in New York. It is that type of corporate fundraising that is required for Mayo to compete going forward. A Shane Lowry figure is needed.

  11. ” An adopted son of Mayo” is how Brolly is describing himself..Would be funny if it wasn’t so infuriating.

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