Our week on Patreon – it’s been another busy one

Just another quick update about what we’ve been up to over on Patreon, where club members have again had to cope with a significant amount of podcast content and other stuff coming in their direction.

The fun started on Discord on Sunday where we were across the matches at St Tiernach’s Park – where Mike, in effect, had a live blog running in the chat, while I chipped in with some updates as well – and Croke Park, where Rob kept everyone updated on Kilmeena’s nail-biting All-Ireland final victory.

There were even updates in the chat on the Castlebar ladies’ All-Ireland final and the hurlers’ League match. It was so handy to have all of these updates in the one feed so I think Discord hit the spot nicely on Sunday.

Once the match was over, it was back onto the podcast and the ‘Final Whistle’ pod that Mike, Billy Joe and I recorded before just we left St Tiernach’s Park. This went online early in the evening – I even got to listen back to our chat before I’d finished my journey home from Clones.

The three of us were back on the Match Review podcast episode, which we also recorded straight after the match finished, that went online at lunchtime on Monday. That episode also had post-match quotes from James Horan and Banty McEneaney.

On Monday evening we had a real cracker of an episode. This one told the story of Kilmeena’s All-Ireland victory at Croke Park, with Rob Murphy and Stephen Drake at HQ to witness the west Mayo club’s day of triumph.

Central to this episode were the voices from the victorious Kilmeena camp. As well as Peter Carney and manager John Reilly, these included Man of the Match Jack Carney:

Mayo Football Podcast Bonus Episode 7th February 2020 – Jack Carney

Goalkeeper Paul Groden was also in ebullient mood when chatting with Rob:

Mayo Football Podcast Bonus Episode 7th February 2020 – Paul Groden

Our Mid-Term Review podcast episode went online – in a specially extended version – for club members on Thursday morning and then went up on all the usual podcast platforms that night. Mike hosted this one, with Martin Carney and Malachy Clerkin chatting about Mayo’s positive start to 2002, while Stephen Drake had another look back on Kilmeena’s great win.

Also on Thursday we had another bonus episode for club members. In this one Mike chatted with Kilmovee and Mayo footballer Lisa Cafferky ahead of the start of the LGFA National League this weekend.

Last night we recorded a Q&A podcast episode for club members, which will be online on Sunday evening. Rob was back in the chair for this one, with Ed and Billy Joe in the hot seat providing answers to questions posed on Discord during the week by club members.

Speaking of Discord, there’s a match-day chat open there now for club members on the Mayo LGFA match against Westmeath, which throws in at the Dome at 7pm this evening.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to on the podcast club side of things this week. There’ll be loads more happening over the next seven days too, as we gear up for the match against Dublin at Croke Park this night week.

Membership of the podcast club on Patreon costs the equivalent of just a pint (or, if you prefer, a coffee and a bun) per month and you can join the club here.

4 thoughts on “Our week on Patreon – it’s been another busy one

  1. Been well worth it so far

    One suggestion though, if it’s relatively straightforward, would it be possible to put a post on Patreon when there’s a new article on the Blog? Even if it’s just a link

    The reason being, when there’s a Patreon post I get an email notification, and I’d assume if I’d the Patreon app I’d get one from that too. As far as I’m aware there’s no way to get notifications from the blog.

    Seems a small thing but these little quality of life things add up

  2. Thanks, FrosTHammer – the two sites are still different entities (albeit moving more in tandem and, in time, it’s likely they’ll come together in some form) so it probably wouldn’t make sense to do that in the way you’ve suggested. What I do already, though, is add links to relevant blog posts in the match-day Discord chats but I’ll look to see if I should start to do so more widely on Patreon too.

  3. Delighted for mickey moran a gent and a brilliant gael

    Unreal finishes in both club finals today, club is king. Nothing beats club

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