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All roads lead to the capital at the weekend but ahead of Sunday and all that lies ahead, we’ve taken ourselves off in the opposite direction for a few days.  There’ll be plenty to chew over in the next few days but I think we really need a team announcement to spark everything off properly.  We should have this, I guess, tomorrow night or the night after and then we can start to think seriously about Sunday.

In the meantime, I was of a mind to do something on 1996 but I think I might just go for a long walk on the beach in Lahinch instead.  As Henry Ford said, history is bunk (although I have to admit that I have more than a little soft spot for this particular subject) and so the only Mayo v Meath match that counts is the one that’s going to take place at 2 pm on August 9th.

4 thoughts on “Out of town

  1. Definitely think we have the beating of Meath. Our attack is better than limericks, and we should put up a good score against them, if we move the ball quickly. Meaths forwards look good, they are strong and are capable of winning their own ball, particularly Farrell and Ward. The loss of Bray is a big plus for us, although he is appealing the red card, so he might play yet. Meath gave away a lot of frees in scorable positions. Barry Moran is a big loss, he might not be playing brilliant but he has size that can cause problems at any time during a match. He would have caused Moyles (who is not a full back) a lot of problems. Especially if the right ball is played in. word on the street it that Tom Parsons is playing at FF at training. So the long ball is still an option.
    Overall I am looking forward to the game; this is an experienced group of players they know what to expect and what is expected of them. I think we will win and win well.

  2. i certainly think we will win but not by much , meath are exactly the kind of team we need to play right now , if we cannot beat them then no one will feel aggreived , if we do then we can rigthly say we deserve a shot at the kingdom,

    meath , then kerry , then cork… thats the dream route!

  3. Yes I think we are finally focusing our thoughts on Sundays challenge and I for one believe it will be a battle royal. Interesting tour of the forums show that Meath posters are exactly as confident of winning as we are… exactly means 67% each at lunchtime to day!!
    also and frighteningly they are glad to see us thinking and bladhering way too far ahead of ourselves.So lets keep the lid on til Sunday

  4. In response to Willie Joe’s quote “history is bunk”, there is unfortunately another saying “history repeats itself, it has to, nobody ever listens”. I hope that isnt the case and it dosnt have to be!.

    This year we have shown the ability to score well and have kept the descipline. But it will be the hunger shown on the pitch on Sunday (like Kerry showed last Sunday) that will make the difference. If we get past Meath then that Hunger will be even more important against Kerry.

    If hunger comes from lack of food and food is all Ireland sucess, then we are starved. Hopefully that will drive the lads on over the next few weeks and most importantly in Corke Park.

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