Out with the old

The old year is dying rapidly on us, with delusional hopes about what 2008 might bring already taking wing furiously. We might win Connacht again! Beating the living shite out of Galway in the process! We might, once again, make our improbable way to the final! We might meet Kerry again! And they might … you know, they might, the hoors, as they’ll be aiming for the three-in-a-row. Okay, that’s enough delusion for now.

With the New Year comes the return of inter-county action (unless you happen to be from Cork, in which case the only action you’re apparently going to see will happen on the picket line). The first shots in sort-of anger have already been fired, with Monaghan (about whom many have high hopes for the coming year) losing their opening McKenna Cup fixture by a point to Queens up at Clones yesterday. That’ll teach them to jump the gun. Next weekend sees the start of the O’Byrne Cup with de Dubs tackling the Goat Suckers at Parnell Park on Saturday evening. Micko v the Dubs: that might be worth a look, I reckon.

No word yet on the FBD league but it’s got to be getting underway soon, as they need to finish it before the league starts in a month’s time. Oooh! I’m almost giddy with the excitement of it all.

On that note, all the best for the New Year. Here’s to silverware. Here’s to delusion. Here’s to another year of following the Green and Red.

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