Over here, over there

Photos: Rossport (me), Manhattan (Mike Finnerty)

The die is pretty much cast at this stage about the weekend. If you haven’t yet had a peek down at the Gulf of St Lawrence from close to 40,000 feet up then it’s fair to say that – like me – you’re stuck on this side of the pond for the next few days. If you have, then good on you. Here’s hoping you’re well settled in over there by now and have a ticket for Sunday nailed down as well.

This weekend isn’t, of course, solely about the match at Gaelic Park. Indeed, given the significant fundraising push that’s happening to coincide with the trip, plus all the cultural and other stuff that’s going on, the game itself is only a small part of the action. A very important element, for sure, but not the whole story of the weekend.

Image: Mayo.ie

Tomorrow is Mayo Day, which, since its launch a few years back, has become an important date in the calendar for those sporting the Green and Red specs. To commemorate this event, the team will play the match on Sunday in the limited edition retro-style jersey that was launched a few weeks back. There will, I’m sure, be plenty of them worn by those on the bleachers at Gaelic Park as well as, no doubt, featuring at other Championship clashes involving the county this summer too.

We’re expecting that the next of these will be on 25th May – which, if it is, is another Mayo game I’ll miss as there’s a family wedding on that day – but, for now, it’s as well to stick to the mantra and take it once game at a time. In Horanspeak, then, this is Game 1 so let’s deal with that one before thinking any further ahead.

Photo: Mike Finnerty

Rob and Mike have arrived safely in the Big Apple and are already working the crowd over there for podcasting purposes. I’m due to speak with Rob myself later on this evening for the podcast and he’ll then be beavering away on the editing side, with the ‘Over for the Match’ podcast episode expected to go online tomorrow morning.

That’s the first of three Mayo News football podcast episodes that’ll be recorded over there – on top of the two we’ve already done over here inside the last week – with the normal post-match one set to go online, time differences notwithstanding, the day after the game, on Bank Holiday Monday. There’ll then be another one, most likely on Wednesday, to wrap up the trip and to pick up on wider themes of Transatlantic connections, emigration and all that.

So, regardless of whether it’s over there or over here, we’re all over this one.

11 thoughts on “Over here, over there

  1. Once again, Willie Joe and team, a huge thank you! It’s great to feel such a part of the action on and off the field. It feels like you and the lads are only getting better and better. Onwards we go.

  2. New York.

    Look up at Manhattans tall men
    The Irish faces, skywards looking down
    That built this mighty city
    Strong arms that span the Hudson

    They paved the streets the millions walk today
    On leaving
    Drank and cried and sank and died
    And some survived
    In Addergoole a mother cried
    Mo stoirin

    You’ll all return
    Safe and sound
    A week away from Irish ground

    Remember those tall men
    Manhattans sky
    The Hudsons mighty arms
    A mothers cry

    Today we pack a bag and then we fly
    But in bygone days
    They bade their last goodbye.

  3. Chripies, it’s easy to knock this but I’ve never felt more confidence from myself and every Mayo person I meet, in Mayo having great success this year.
    Feels good and feels real!!

  4. Wow seriously impressed with pictures this evening from.MayoGaaFoundation (whoever running the show – hats off to ye and well done…set up looks amazing (no biscuit tins in sight ha ha!). We are in a golden era with Mayo football at an all time high – long may it continue.

  5. Mike looks well chuffed with himself.. and I don’t blame him either.. would love to be over there.

  6. Thanks very much Swallow Swoops. I was contemplating earlier, the thrill and joy and crack following mayo and the thousands that have made it over for Sunday. A good bit of effort to get there, but manageable for thousands.
    I thought back to decades ago and the hardship and sheer necessity of the throngs that had to go. Thank God times have changed and things are easier.nowadays.

    I know it’s changing from time to time, but where can I get the full panel as it currently stands. Has WJ had it up here on an earlier thread ? Thanks.

  7. Would be great to get the chance to say hello to Rob. Love his enthusiasm! The better part of that wish is that it means I actually got into Gaelic Park to see the game!

  8. Yes Rev . WJ hasit up with a link to Mayo News for full panel Thank you for poem.

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