Paddy Durcan our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: GAA

Well, this was a Man of the Match poll like no other. These polls usually follow a common trajectory – once the first hundred votes or so are cast, a wisdom of crowds effect tends to set in and so whomever is heading the poll then is usually still at the top of the field when the voting ends.

This one was different, though, as Cillian O’Connor was out front early on and he was still, albeit narrowly, leading the vote this morning. Then, a bit like he did a few times at Dr Hyde Park yesterday, Paddy Durcan floored the accelerator and overtook Cillian. And there he stayed.

So it’s Paddy who is our MOTM from yesterday’s game. He won with 31% of the vote, narrowly ahead of Cillian on 29%. Others who featured prominently in the poll were Eoghan McLaughlin (10%), Conor Loftus and Kevin McLoughlin (both 6%) and Diarmuid O’Connor (5%). Well done to all of them.

46 thoughts on “Paddy Durcan our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. A bit like the US election then. Not that I’m expecting Cillian to launch any lawsuits…

  2. Fully agree with this, really building on his performances from 2019, plays the game with a smile on his face. An unsung leader.

    Let Shane Walsh worry about marking Paddy on Sunday next.

  3. Well done Paddy. Tight voting this week.

    I would love to see some of the new lads joining Eoghan in the running for man of the match soon.

    We have to be very careful how the votes are counted in future.

  4. The best half back in the country. Enda Smith now added to the quiet list that includes Ryan McHugh, Jack McCaffrey and Shane Walsh.

  5. Great photograph.. when Paddy gets going he ghosts past players like there not there! He has a heart of a lion and such an important player for mayo

  6. Both Paddy and Cillian were excellent on Sunday but which would we miss most if they were absent? I think it would be Cillian. We would have struggled to win without him whereas I think we would still have survived in Paddy’s absence. Scoring forwards are harder to replace than even the most outstanding defender. Even though Paddy, as he did Sunday, often doubles up as a scorer. After all, we did miss Cillian hugely last year against the Rossies. Had he been available we would have won.

  7. Paddy is absolutely critical to Mayo. Defensively and going forward. He just seems to be getting better every game.

    Great moment in the second half when you could hear Horan shouting “go Paddy go”. On he went searing through the middle before rifling over his second point of the day.

  8. Fantastic performance by Paddy, congrats to him! Cillian was mighty too – great to have to agonise over MotM votes

  9. “ “He nicked his hamstring against Mayo three weeks ago,” first-year manager Joyce told RTÉ Sport. “Hamstring injuries take four to six weeks so unless a miracle happens between now and Sunday, we probably won’t see him.”

    Joyce speaking about Comer to Rte .
    I’m not convinced at all by that statement , just have this feeling Joyce is trying his hand at a bit of smoke & mirrors .

  10. Seán, Joyce himself was meant to be ‘out’ of a county final once v Salthill. During the national anthem he miraculously appeared on the pitch.

    I’ll only believe comer doesn’t play if the game is over and he hasnt featured.

    Anyway, Mayo need to concentrate on getting themselves right. Galway have several players available who didnt play a few weeks ago. Walsh, u20s and Moycullen (county champs).

    Mayo need to be very ready.

  11. I hope we do see Comer, because the hammer will go again for sure. There were rumours about his fitness prior to the league game and he pulled up immediately and signaled he was in bother. With a “nicked” hamstring you might try to jog on a little but he was goosed straight away. It was madness that Joyce risked a player who had a tight hamstring to start with, on a soft boggy pitch, in what was a nothing game for Galway. That was very short sighted and poor decision making by Joyce. The pitch will be no better this weekend so that won’t help him, neither will the fact that he won’t have trained much either. Regardless, you have to go back to 2018 for the last time he was a major influence in these games so if he is in action it would be a sign of desperation on Galways part as they have plenty of good fit forwards besides Comer. I’d be far more concerned with Walsh (2-8 in the last 2 games v us, albeit all from dead balls), Heaney (always a danger to us) and Daly.

  12. Comer will be on the bench on Sunday, (at least, he may even start), as posters have said before, Galway are trying to go all ‘yerra’ on us, don’t believe a word of their poor mouthing. We need to be 100% tuned in for this game, anything less and we’re out. As I said yesterday, Galway have had this game on their radar for months, it has been their only focus and they will be looking to peak from here. The league game in October now counts for nothing, Galway had no interest in that game, the league counts for nothing in Galway footballing circles, the main currency in Galway is All Ireland medals. The reason why you see Sice back in the Galway panel is that he and Joyce firmly believe that they can win an All Ireland medal this year, I mean, they only have to win 2 games against lower level teams to get to a Final! Sice wants to complete the Club and Inter County set, we’ll be met with fire and thunder in Salthill on Sunday, let’s hope Horan and his team are ready.

  13. Pebblesmeller I’d agree 100% with you on that situation regarding PJ starting him in Tuam recently, it was madness!
    Comer hasn’t played for Galway in 2 years now; Kevin Walsh gambled with him in Limerick last year bringing him on for his first game all year when it was plainly obvious he wasn’t right.
    Unfortunately he seems to be following Michael Meehan with one injury after another..

  14. “He nicked his hamstring against Mayo three weeks ago,” first-year manager Joyce told RTÉ Sport. “Hamstring injuries take four to six weeks so unless a miracle happens between now and Sunday, we probably won’t see him.”

    Sean Burke, I’ve pasted Joyce’s comments from your post.

    Hamstrings take 4 to 6 weeks. Unless a miracle happens… we PROBABLY won’t see him.

    Translating that, we will see him. If medical science dictates 4 to 6 weeks, why didn’t Joyce say Comer won’t play? We won’t hear James Horan, hoping for a miracle with Jason Doc.

    Congrats Paddy, btw.

  15. No need getting all worked up about if Comer starts or not, either way its not going to be a big surprise to anyone, James will have a strategy in place either way. Personally I cant see him playing, Joyce surely isn’t going to make the same mistake he made in the league, poor management if he does. I do however hope he does start him because no way will be be fit enough and it will be another blow to Galway seeing him limp off again.

  16. Billie Joe was right in the podcast when he said this is a 50:50 game. We will definitely be met with blood and thunder and galway will throw everything including the kitchen sink at this. But we should expect no less.. this is a Connaught final afterall and it won’t be handed to us. The one thing I hope we don’t do is play with fear like Kerry did against Cork. I hope we tear into Galway and meet fire with fire and run at them. I expect the galway shaul of 15 plyers behind the ball to be deployed with counter attacking football so we have to me smart and patient especially against any wind out there. Also not buying all these injuries and I expect Comer to feature!

  17. Toe to Hand I can’t see Joyce employing a Blanket or Shaul as you say. I just don’t think that would be his style and from my view it doesn’t suit the quality of players that Galway have at their disposal.

  18. Lads, comer is out.
    Take it from me as somebody who has been cursed with hamstring injuries he wont be near right, was crazy playing him in tuam in what was a meaningless game for Galway.

    Anyway, even without comer Galway are still pretty well stacked in attack so no point spending all week worrying about him.
    An attack with some combination of the following could easily put on a big score…
    M Daly, Shane Walsh, brannigan, conroy, varley, finnerty, sice, conneely.

    Its not the area for concern for galway,
    Their main weakness remains the same as it has in previous years and its why i am very confident we will beat them, and its this….

    Their defenders and goalkeeper simply wont be able to live with our high pressing game.
    The teams best equipped to work around our high press are the ones with the best goalies who can adapt their kickouts (see Morgan, Patton, cluxton) and work round the press, for that simple but crucial reason i cant see them beating us

    ill leave the cute hoor and plamas to the kerry lads, thats just how i see it

  19. Hi guys
    I don’t live too far from Salthill
    So I expect to see a Large Ray of Light
    Coming from the sky with The Miracle around 1 30 pm on Sunday.

  20. Great to see Cillian back to his best form. Outstanding again and it’s what we come to expect from him every game now.

    Glad that Paddy came out on top. He kept his man quiet all day and scored two great points coming from deep and splitting their defense.

    I like the way the team is coming together. In my opinion the biggest change and improvement has been the introduction of Chris Barrett at fullback. Great to see him coming into form. One of the best defenders I have ever seen. Not very tall like your typical fullback but so sticky and must be as strong as an ox! Both he and Coen will bring discipline and structure to our defense something badly lacking a few games ago.

  21. The young lads came through their first major test against Roscommon. It was knock-out championship football against the Connacht champions on their own pitch. I think it will add to their confidence and look forward to seeing them against Galway. I hope the weather is ok. A wet windy day with soft underfoot conditions wouldn’t suit some of our lads.

  22. Based on the last day out against us Galway wont play the same way again and they havnt had time to adjust to match us in the way we play. We cut them open at the back so they’ll flood the defence by bringing bodies back to play deeper and give the full back line cover, They’ll play the heavy pitch, the weather conditions and most of all to their strengths which is greater S&C than our younger guys and a bigger midfield. They’ll kick long to get over our high press, try and get in behind us and drive for goal. We cant get sucked in too much like we did against Tyrone. I hope I’m wrong but I’m expecting a physical, low scoring, dour match. Drawing fouls and a good ref will be all important as Cillian will punish

  23. It can, Done Deal – that’s the rule for all games this year that aren’t settled in normal or extra-time (aside from the All-Ireland final).

  24. toe to hand, good luck with hoping for a good ref! Sean Hurson has the whistle for Sunday. He’s noted for using it when he shouldn’t and not when he should.

  25. Weather in Salthill looks absolutely terrible for the Sunday, unfortunately. 40+ km/h wind plus lots of rain.

  26. GBXI , that’s depressing news, salthil is bad enough on a dry day with that wind tunnel . Game turns into a lottery . Shame they couldn’t play the game indoors .

  27. Arrah look lads Im mad for Galway as ye are for Mayo and we wont play Comer the lad is injured. The main player missing for us is John Daly in defence. I hope to see Corofins Steed and am happy enough for us to complete at midfield with Sice to pick up the scraps to offload to the likes of Walsh. Its a pity we cant field our strongest 15 but then its a pity PJ isnt no.14 but what ya gonna do. Im more confident than I was as Mayo dont really know where they are as the Rossies were strangely muted and the league well its not exactly a priority in Galway. I expect us to deliver a performance and if thats not good enough then well done Mayo. We have the forwards to hurt Mayo so lets see the ball quickly into them and go for goals. PJ will demand it and those that dont deliver on Sunday may not be seen in Maroon again while he is manager.

  28. Don’t think I’ll be able to call this one until Sunday morning. Galway played poorly against us in the league yet every time they came up the field they looked liked scoring. I’m genuinely worried about our midfield especially the form or lack off of Matty Ruane he hasn’t been the same player since injury. If we don’t give away any soft goals we might just about win. There’s definitely goals in us this year but midfield is a worry

  29. Mayo are also missing players for Sunday who are out injured – Brendan Harrison, Jason Doherty and I presume Eoin o Donoghue.

  30. This is a 50/50 game again galway talking about the league as if they didn’t care about it just because we bet them of the park in tuam what happened in tuam will happen again in salthill maybe not by 15 points but 6 or 7 if they didn’t care about it so much why risk playing comer roll on Sunday

  31. Interesting to hear that Joe Biden was aware that Mayo beat Roscommon last Sunday when he spoke to the Taoiseach today. Friends in high places indeed.

  32. Knock out football suits Mayo.
    We are at our best when we are against the wall.
    The bad weather will be equal for both teams.

    The only worry that I have going into Sunday is discipline.
    We can’t get dragged into a dog fight, when the stakes are so high.
    Diarmaid o Connor is a key player for us and he will be targeted by Galway.
    He has being sent off in the past v the Tribe.

  33. Mayo Dave if I look out my front door I’m about 400 yards from the galway boundary so I’m well aware of all the slagging and mind games that goes on they were all having a good laugh at us back in March when we were missing a lot of key players and how they were going to send us down to division 2 we might be gone down a division but it wasn’t them that done it we have a lot veterans in the team james hasn’t used yet because we didn’t need to this will probably be there last chance to get to an all ireland so with all the younger lads and and those older men we will leave everything thing on the field make no mistake thats why I believe we’ll win this one with a bit to spare

  34. Alan on the border, I like the cut of your jib. I am more in your camp than the camp of those who lose faith in our lads the closer the game gets.
    I thought we’d beat the Rossies by 4 or 5 points in a tight physical game. For sure, I don’t think anyone expected the Rossies to be so tame but that alone did not lead to the defeat. We out-ran them, out-thought them and performed far better than the Rossies in many of the key aspects of the game, e.g. retention of the ball, winning turnovers, winning breaking ball, keeping our forwards up the pitch, putting huge pressure on their kick outs, winning a very large percentage of our kick outs, always building our attacks towards the scoring zone (look at the amount of tap-over frees we got in front of goal for example) and our foot passing to our inside forward line was well weighted and accurate. These factors, as much as the Rossies being stand-offish, are what won it for us. And these are the factors that Horan and his management team will be looking to again on Sunday.

  35. @Grainne Uaile, as regards Joe Biden, wish him well, wish him a peaceful transition to the White House delighted that he has Mayo’s GAA interests at heart, and Mayo blood in his veins… but as regards friends in ‘High Places’ it’s not long ago since we had his holiness, Pope Francis no less, signing a Mayo Jersey… We’re going to have to do it with our fantastic player’s on the ground, fair and square, no favours from friends in high places… When you think about it, with all that’s going on in the world, Pope Francis and President Elect Joe Biden will probably have even more pressing concerns than Galway V Mayo in the Connacht Final… but still it’s nice to know that they are rooting for us all the same!

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