Paddy Durcan our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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We’re still in transit, with another flight to come shortly before we get home later on tonight. But I’m currently connected to the internet and have a beer at my elbow so I may as well close the book on the Man of the Match poll from yesterday’s stirring win over Donegal.

A few of you have said – with some validity – that a MOTM poll is moot on this occasion, given that yesterday’s performance by the lads was the epitome of a team display. It was that and more and this is reflected in the wide spread of votes cast in the poll.

That said, every match produces standout performances. Yesterday evening’s display by team captain Paddy Durcan, who utterly nullified Donegal’s dangerman Ryan McHugh while still finding time to scamper forward and bag three points, was little short of exceptional. With 31% of all votes cast he’s the richly deserving recipient of the MOTM award from yesterday’s game.

Well done to Paddy and to all the lads who gave absolutely everything for the cause in yesterday evening’s enthralling win.

72 thoughts on “Paddy Durcan our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Looking to the game again, DOCs injury I don’t think is crutiate. It was pure impact. Wonder what it could be.

  2. Well fuck me the sunday game are some joke. They highlight seamie picking the ball of the ground, but never mention Aidan getting elbowed in the face! Laughable stuff! Imagine if boyle does similar to golden balls o’callaghan next week? It will be reviewed to death! RTE is a running joke at this stage.

  3. Loads of Donegal supporters complaining about Mayo supporters when we were leaving. Probably were correct. IMO this is no harm. For too long we were probably seen as too nice, too soft.

  4. Sinabhul it is actually harm, you can supporter the team without disrespecting the opposition supports. The to nice thing was to do with players on the pitch, totally different to supporting.

    P. S, I recal how respectful donegal fans were to us in 2012,

  5. The Sunday game have a point about our ratio of shots to scores. This is an area we must improve. But that is the point. We have room for improvement.
    In fairness to Rob he had a good game. I would still pick Clarke simply because he makes the right decisions under pressure He reads the game well. We are very lucky to have two good goalkeepers.
    We have a good chance at turning over the Dubs. We are not afraid. Dublin might be.

  6. As I just heard in town and apologies if on here before but

    Ryan McHugh woke up this morning and Paddy was in the bed beside him!

  7. Fair play aidan oshea you gave me the 2 fingers on my thoughts on you last week.
    W.j you were correct as usual what player and absolute dedication to the cause.
    Lads horan is something special and he is ours.

  8. Lads and lassies, love it when they under estimate our warriors. Love it when they tell us we’ve no chance; and suck it up when we’re saying arrraa / mussa we’re going to turn up anyway and hope for the best maybe even push the Dubs for s while…
    Our warriors want us to turn up and support their next step, they don’t want to drowned the atmosphere their going to their day jobs all of next week in or their airwaves!
    Backs to the wall and underdogs tag is the oxygen we’ll spoil an even bigger 5 in a row party than Kerry had planned after Offaly.
    Every human-made Kingdom falls, and with your help, our warriors will perform and have a great shot at spoiling the legions and sky blue big city party.
    Our warriors (mature and young) and their generals will do their work, it’s up to us to do our share as the poor underdogs!!!

  9. Well I taught that the Sunday Game was a good show tonight… however Surely the most contentious issue from yesterday evening game was yet another example of open season on AOS… will anyone ever call it out? If you look at it as it actually happens after the softest of penalties. . Murphy should get at least a yellow, and McCloon deserves a straight red
    .,.Did ye see the knowing wink, Sky showed it. . Open Season on AOS has been going on for far too long by now…. Specsavers sponcer the GAA but they can’t make you Open your Eye’s if you prefer to keep a closed eye in the first place!

  10. Correct leantimes and what happened to doc right in front of us was a disgrace.
    Gough had a very poor game and the fact he only used his family for advise(umpires) and ignored his linesmen tells its own story.
    I hope he sots down and watchs his awful display and takes can one man be so wrong on so many things in so many ways in 77mins.

  11. The consensus was that this year was finally the year Gough would get the All Ireland Final. He might have done himself out of it with that performance, it won’t look well when Dickie Murphy reviews it

  12. I’m worn on about the lack of protection of Aiden. It really upped after half time – seems it was planned. I mean seriously no red card and the ‘media darling’ M.Murphy roaring abuse at Aiden when he was on the ground. Are the linesmen blind too. No danger Des Cahill would raise that panel tonight.

  13. Isn’t Aidan a great advertisement for what a real sportsman should be. He takes it and his retaliation is beat them with football. What an icon that young lads will try to emulate. We know who came off the worse for the encounter. We know who is the sorer for it. Let’s move on to Saturday. The Dublin lads won’t bother Aidan. They know its a waste of time getting physical with him. He just plays football. What a man.

  14. It’s incredible the reaction to the assault on Aido , there has simply been none at all. Sunday game seemed to suggest in the highlights in analysis section that it would be discussed but it wasn’t . Fook them , it’s been goin on years and the only response I’ve ever got in general conversation with opposing counties is “shur he’s a big lad hes well able for it ” this it seems as simplistic as it sounds is also the mindset of officials .

    Any chance CB would fork out for them oxygen tents this week for recovery , pretty sure Dublin used them in 15!after drawn game . Possibly in the U.K. I think

  15. Well done Paddy Durcan. A standout performance.

    At least the Sunday game (o’shea) did say it was a disgrace that Mayo have to play again in 6 days against Dublin after us playing 6 in 7 weeks. Whelan and Mcmanus agreed with him.

    I also think Gavin meddling with his starting 15 today was a risk. Why break up the rhythm of a team that was going well ? Next Saturday they might be off their rhythm just a little bit. If we start well against them we can unsettle them another bit. If we put it up to them their invincibility comes in to doubt.

    Anyway. We’ll worry about our own game strategy next Saturday and I’m sure we’ll ask Dublin plenty of tough questions.

    Will they have the answers ? If our questions are tough enough, Maybe not.

  16. Dublin will aim to blitz us early. You can be assured that Gavin will.send them out to try to put the game to bed early. Use big energy early. From their perspective it’ll either blow Mayo out of the water or at least use up a lot of our energy reserves early in the game. Thatll be their plan. High tempo running from the get-go.

  17. Not since they met us in the all Ireland two years ago did Dublin get an actual test. Win or lose this next Saturday, this mayo team will be remembered as something unique in their time. Absolutely no way will Dublin be feeling anyways confident about this.

  18. Why wouldn’t Dublin be confident? They haven’t lost a championship game in about 5 years. This talk of previously giving them a test is irrelevant!. Its 2 years since we played them, we are not as good as we were 2 years ago, different personnel this time too. My biggest fear is that after Galway game we were hyped up going to Killarney, the lads put so much into that qualifier win, they couldn’t raise their game in 7 days to take on Kerry. A week is too short to get one game out of the system and fully tune in to the next one. We are 9/2 in a 2 horse race, thats a massive underdogs tag! Im just hoping it won’t be a rout.

  19. I can’t argue with Paddy winning the poll here, he was absolutely on fire yesterday and deserves the credit he gets.
    There was many standout performances, but I was very impressed with Fionn McDonagh. Played with a do or die intensity, similar attitude to Boyle’r. He’s got to bring the same to Dublin net weekend.

    A massive W but let’s now settle down and get the tickets sorted. Horan and his team will have this group ready for Dublin, not much motivation needed.

  20. Sunday Game analysis is so agenda driven but let it be. We have semi final against the best team ever, on there home turf, after battle to death 6 days previous. We have no chance None….. or do we 😉 I reckon we won’t be assaulted on media this week. After some bad ref decisions against Dublin ‘m hoping we get the rub of the green. These lads have spent week in and week out hitting highs and recovering. They know themselves how to get the best out of themselves for Sat. Dublin tactics and style are predictable. Nothing new is coming our way. Horan has been great in his return, he has evolved himself too and I think with him getting more animated is working. This day of reckoning is nearly upon us

    Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
    Live and die on this day…

    I can’t wait to see what Mayo bring, what surprise we spring, and how dung founded Dublin faces will be after their 5 in a row dream falls victim to my best team EVER!!!!!

  21. One of the great days in McHale Park. I fancied us all week but I did not expect as many of the Donegal players to be fit to play. In the end most of them played which made it all the sweeter.. The greasy conditions suited the blood and thunder intensity that we brought. Ball was being spilled and it took an extra split second for attackers to get it under control which allowed us to get hands on the Donegal attackers. Similar conditions next week would be no harm.

    Paddy Durcan was immense.. Jack McCaffrey is next for shaving..

    The short turnaround is a concern, as is our conversion rate.. but if Saturday evening has taught us anything is that the greater the challenge the greater the response that this group is capable of.

    If Dublin are to win the historic 5 in a row it was written that they would need to navigate past Mayo to do so.

    I cannot wait for Saturday.. and be sure to get in early and get behind a talented minor team..

    Buckle up folks.. Up Mayo

  22. The bay state – that link is for the Ladies Semi final. The Mayo ladies may indeed be in a semi final that day too.

  23. The Bay State- that link is to the TG4 Senior football championship. If I’m not mistaken – TG4 sponsor the ladies football. I could be wrong. Don’t think tickets on sale for our game yet.

  24. Those are for the ladies semi finals
    Our tickets will be FIFTY euro not twenty

    Conor Lane was the linesman for Donegal game. Where he apparently seen nothing …….

  25. Super stuff by Mayo on Saturday.Once again this team has stood up and made us proud of them Really think it’s appalling that we have to play again next week 7 matches of high intensity in 8 weeks is a disgrace Hurling tweaked their system this year so no county had to play 3 consecutive weeks yet football is physically more demanding and we have to put up with this Being brutally honest we should have no chance v the Dubs. They have had such an easy run Yesterday should have been their first test but Tyrone decided against that. Sunday Game not highlighting the hit on O Shea was poor People complain about Sky having rights to the game but I think their coverage and especially analysis is much superior to RTE While Gough didn’t have his greatest game Saturday I still think he is one of the better refs Penalty and black card were 50/50 calls which both went against us and Donegal man should hav got a red but he did allow us tackle and hit ferociously and he could have given Donegal a free or 2 near the end Atmosphere in Castlebar was brilliant and one can support their team without abusing opposition which in fairness is what the vast majority of Mayo fans do Donegal supporters must have been desperately disappointed They played well all year, definitely expected to win and then had to spend 3/4 hours in the car going home We have been there ourselves quite often

  26. Paddy was magnificent on Saturday night, between blotting out Ryan McHugh, getting on the breaking ball and kicking three points, he must have covered every blade of grass. He put in some shift given that he’s only just back from injury.

    And yes, it is disgraceful that we and the Dubs should have to play 5-6 days after the last Super Eight round, with us having played 6 games in 7 weeks to get there.

    Stepping outside our own circumstances, this is a serious player welfare issue. The GAA talk about their various initiatives in this area, but then they force amateur athletes into dangerous and unsustainable runs of games for what? TV scheduling, which ultimately comes down to money. All the while May and September are pretty much empty in terms of inter-county fixtures.

    Its no coincidence that we have shipped the amount of injuries we have IMO.

    It’s also still a very lopsided format, especially when you consider that Kerry will play a few Division Three and Four sides before swanning into the Super Eights.

    So yeah, it’s very annoying that we couldn’t get a week’s rest prior to this game. But as one ex Mayo bainisteoir used to say, we go again Saturday. I have no doubt that this troop of warriors will give every last drop of sweat for the cause.

  27. We really should have our media lads out in force this week highlighting the treatment Aido got Saturday night off the ball (every game ). Especially seen as the linesmen either didn’t see it or just let it go ……….

  28. The Sunday game analysis…highlights Seami picking the ball of the ground…there is a straight red on Aidan and it doesn’t warrant a mention…no point highlighting the abuse Aido gets when I am sure there is more in store next week..How he keeps his cool is beyond me.

  29. I think the real casualty of the weekend must have been Aidan O’Rourke’s pre-drafted tactical article on Donegal. Poor fella probably had to pull an all nighter to get the new piece up on time. If there was another week before the semi he wouldn’t have to put himself under so much strain. Pundit burnout’s a real thing too lads….

  30. Agreed Km79. I thought Aiden took dog’s abuse again on Saturday with little protection from the ref. The worst instance was after the Donegal penalty, where Aido was clearly trying to get back to his position while being badgered by Michael Murphy (who doesn’t go round giving out sweets, no matter what the media will tell you). Hugh McFadden then comes in and shoulders him in the face.

    Murphy and McFadden then start verbally abusing AOS when he’s lying on the ground.

    All in front of the refs and umpires.

    How this wasn’t at least a black card (IMO it should have been red) boggles the mind.

    Officials, do your fecking job and start punishing serious foul play of this nature.

    Because I’m sure there’s a limit even to Aiden’s amazing levels of patience, and God help the opponent who finally finally forces him to lose it.

  31. I’m disillusioned with the GAA, RTE, GPA!
    Dublin have all the advantages in them winning the 4 in a row to date i.e.
    1. Financial resources both from GAA & sponsorship
    2. Player numbers/clubs
    3. No travel time to training
    4. Games played at home
    5. All the available medical supports at their door-step
    Now that’s not enough, they gave them the opportunity to have a free weekend in Omagh, allowing them 3 weeks to prepare for the semi-final. This could have been easily avoided by having the two winners of the first round of the super 8’s play each other meaning the final round for the contenders is not a dead rubber.
    The final straw is that Dublin’s opposition will have only 6 days to recover after playing a serious championship match and a prior 6 matches on the trot .
    This is so so so wrong, players have put in so much effort and to be put out the next day in such an unfair situation is mind boggling.

    Lets create a siege mentality, if it were Dublin you would hear the cry’s from ex-players on all media fronts.

  32. That’s a good one Exile about Aiden o Rourke.

    Also for the treatment that Aiden o Shea got not to get a mention anywhere is a disgrace. The thuggery that went on. It’s like it never happened. Oh yeah, a Mayo player picked the ball off the fucking ground. Quick, make sure that gets highlighted. Jesus wept.

  33. McFadden also gave a little wink to Murphy after he only got yellow
    The funny thing about it all is it has no effect (mentally ) on Aido.
    He just keeps on going . I’ve said it so many times. He is prob too honest . He doesn’t make enough of these attacks (that’s what it was let’s call a spade a spade ) on him .
    And then he was vilified when he finally won a penalty ………..similar to Murphy did ……….

    Season ticket holders bring a friend option is live now . 310 or 313 so not brilliant tickets but will certainly get worse as they sell !!!

  34. Dublin will hopefully be off the pace for the opening quarter, if we can bring the levels we brought to Castlebar we may get a run on them, our conversion rate will have to be better as we will have to have a commanding lead at half time to win this

  35. Yes Km79, I have long given up on receiving consistency from the media on such matters.

    Take the penalty awarded to Donegal the last evening, for example. Most pundits agreed that it was a soft decision. Personally, I think it was six-of-one and half-a-dozen-of-the-other, given that both players had a grip of the other’s jersey. But IMO Michael Murphy went down very easily for a man of his size and strength, up against someone who is several inches shorter and several kilos lighter.

    Aido got lambasted a few years ago for going down a bit easy against Fermanagh for a penalty, but not a peep out of the same pundits concerning the incident on Saturday evening.

    It reminds me of reading a profile piece about the Mayo and Dublin squads in the Sunday Independent (I know, my own fault) before the All-Ireland final in 2016. They had all the info on the players, including their occupations. Andy Moran and Philly McMahon do the same job, running gyms. Yet Andy is described as a gym owner, whereas Philly was described as an “entrepreneur”. A small thing but it’s one of many instances in the media where “some animals are more equal than others”.

    Expect to read some faintly disparaging things in the national media about our players from Dublin pundits, with calls for the referee to be strong or aware or whatever. This needs to be countered by our pundits and on social media if possible, similar to the “Things Lee Did” tweets a few years back.

  36. Still full of pride after Saturday’s game. The atmosphere and the result made the soaking irrelevant. The overwhelming majority of the Donegal supporters were sound out, people like us passionate about their team and where they come from and from a country that is on the fringe of Ireland that has to pretty much look after itself. Regarding the Sunday Game- the highlighting of Seamie Sheas illegal pick up was sad….if you go down that road then go down it and highlight ALL the basic rules violations that are happening in every game every week. The amount of THROWING of the football is chronic. Murphy shouldered by Colm Boyle clearly throws the ball with both hands leading to a Donegal point, after Ryan McHugh had taken 12 steps to pass to him. It’s happening incessantly, even our own lads like to go walkabout with the ball. But if the SG start then continue and highlight them all. I know refs can’t catch everything but surely throwing the ball is one of them.
    Really looking forward to next Saturday in croker but the lads deserve longer recovery. It’s been a brilliant year to date and now bonus territory. Whatever happens I will wear the green above the red with the pride these lads have instilled in it and in us. Maigheo go deo

  37. Oh my bad, feel free to delete that link above willie joe to avoid confusion. The tickets are going to be on that site but won’t be out until Tuesday.

  38. Colm Cooper’s article on ‘Magical’ semi-final, but Mayo to fall short’.
    Aaarraa that’ll do fine. Mussa what can we expect against this great Dublin team?
    Well if Keith, Leroy, Kevin Mac and Cillian get to their higher levels that they just haven’t yet hit this season (and they all love Croker), I think we will be better than we were two years ago.
    We’ve a better and more competitive squad, they’re more mature, and the addition of Mattie Ruane, Fionn McDonagh, James Carr, Darren Coen (who just suffered a bit of big home game nerves last Saturday) in particular have changed our attacking dynamic for the better.
    The Doc’s work rate will be missed v the Dubs but our Captain may be back to pick up that baton.
    We may come up short, or we may pull off the shock of the decade, but don’t worry, we won’t be overwhelmed.
    They will be reenergise by Croker, by the underdogs tag, by knock-out Championship football (not the case in Kilarney or in the Connacht semi), – our warriors will fight a great fight in the GAA Coliseum in front of their super sixteenth man.
    And Gavin is worried about the 5 in-a-row in their heads at the penultimate stage, and Mayo having come the closest to toppling them previously. It will be epic!!!
    PS – Don’t forget to be in early to support our brave and talented Minors in their Semi!

  39. Can I make a suggestion, try and get yer tickets for the Hill or Nally, better position to confront the Dubs supporters than sitting on your assets in a bad seat in the Lower Davin or lower Cusack stands.

    Ps, I am able to locate flares but will need help in getting them, security gone very tight in Croker, all bags are fully searched

  40. Maybe if Dessie spent less time bitching about not having rights to show Mayo game they may have had more time to hight thr challenge on Aidan

  41. No word of Denis Bastic’s pick off the ground in thw fimal secondd in the 2016 drawn final I bet!!

  42. One thing for sure, we shouldn’t be expecting the rub of the green on Saturday. The old adage never give a challenger an even break applies. (not having won an All Ireland recently, we are the outlier, and that matters).
    We will get no breaks.
    Mayo will need to win playing uphill into the wind both halves.
    But we will.

  43. The comment about the pick-up by SOS being highlighted by RTE! What about the first two scores by Donegal? they should not have been allowed due to the tackler being taken out. It was as clear as day – watch it back!

  44. I normally like Colm Cooper as a commentator – I find him honest and fair.
    Yesterday after the Dublin/Tyrone there was a general discussion about the upcoming semi finals. Colm was pleased to see Mayo there but remarked among other things:
    “I don’t think Mayo are as good as they were two years ago…”

    I wondered straight away – what actual evidence is there for that view?

    In 2017 we struggled along up to Quarter Final stage. Same this time.

    Our good performances came in semi and final. Those haven’t been played yet this year.

    Tom Parsons is a big absence in midfield – I agree there.

    But we have more of a bench. Andy to come on towards endgame is a big benefit. This wasn’t the case in the 2017 Final though he did play the full game versus Kerry in semi final replay 2017. We also have Donie on the bench if fit.

    We have Aido in a more influential position this year at midfield. If Mattie Ruane is fit again next week he’s a huge addition to us. We have some more potency up front with James Carr. And when Darren Coen gets a chance he takes it.

    Boyler and Barrett looking fitter than ever. Harrison as solid as ever. Higgins as tenacious as ever. I don’t know if we’ve seen everything yet from Mayo.

  45. Is the bring a friend option sold out already. Trying to add people and its saying no tickets available.

  46. Mayo88…..are you for real ?

    Talking about confronting the Dublin supporters and bringing in flares ???

    Let’s not get carried away here..We’ve reached the Semi Finals, by beating 2 teams who just got promoted from Division 2 of the League.
    Next Saturday evening, we face a machine of a team, who have very few weaknesses.
    The fact that we ran them so close, 2 or 3 years ago, will count for absolutely nothing next Saturday evening.

    A big worry for me, is the amount of chances we need to actually get a score..A wide count consistently in the mid teens is not the type of conversion rate that will allow us to get close to Dublin.

    It’s going to take a mammoth performance for us to beat Dublin. Do we really have that performance In our locker?

  47. A great piece from Keith Duggan today titled “Everything you know about Mayo is wrong”. Well worth a read.
    When the first talking point on SG is Seamie’s pick up and footage of Aidan is blatantly bypassed it just re inforces frustration felt by supporters..It’s a joke at this point.
    Martin the Dub ..You cannot judge all the posters here on the opinions of a few over a couple of hrs..Your views I think have always been welcomed..That being said Im so over the “Drive for 5″narrative that has been rammed down our throats since last October..Against all the odds Id love a good twist in the tale.

  48. That’s a great point Erris head and a perfect example of selective analysis. Bastick pick up was never mentioned before or sense or McMahons headbutt on Tom Parsons just like the assault in AOS on Saturday.
    The narrative has run for a long time that the next defeat is fatal. It’s not. In 2020 we will be back and all of these players will be ready.
    For years it seems to be generally accepted that Higgins, Boyle and Moran and SOS are just about to go. There is no evidence of this on the field.
    This determination is exemplified by TP coming back after that level of injury.
    Imagine any of those fellas retiring and calling TP to explain……..
    I just think the collective determination with this group is exceptional.
    Let us be written off we might lose on Saturday but it won’t make a difference in Jan 2020

  49. Hope Ciaran Tracey is back in the frame for Saturday, especially if Jason doc is injured. By the way, best wishes to you Jason. A warrior with the strength and heart of a lion. As seems typical with our bad luck this year, he was in blistering form when it happened. Get well soon.

    Ciaran has the engine and mobility that will be needed for Saturday.
    The one thing I’m hoping is that the pressure gets to the Dubs a little (or a lot) in this one.
    Let’s accept the fact that they’ve been flawless all year and fair play, but that might not necessarily be the be all and end all on Saturday. I said it before, they are only human, and there will be tremendous pressure on them Saturday in a full house in Croker. Its not just their first test of the year, its their first knock-out match of the year and that’s a far more pertinent point and the weight of expectation for the drive for five will be enormous. That’s a variable that Jim Gavin and the players themselves wont be able to control, at least not fully. That gives me hope, that aligned to the belief I and we as supporters have in our lads. Sure where else would we want to be? We’re certainly in with a shout in this one and no doubt our lads will relish this challenge.

  50. It’s very hard to know how to rate our chances for Saturday on the one hand Dublin haven’t been tested at all this year and haven’t faced anything like the intensity we brought against Donegal last Saturday. Jason Doherty is a huge loss for Saturday but besides him we are almost back to full strength with Mattie Ruane likely to be able to come in and make an impact and maybe even Tom Parsons. On the other hand we have had a tough few months on the road with little or no break so can we replicate that intensity on Saturday? Would be great too if Diarmuid was available for us for selection it’s going to be an intriguing win in going with the attitude that Dublin will probably shade it but I have a feeling we might just shock them. It’s only Monday but oh me nerves lol now off to Bonniconlon to the show and some fresh air and recharge for Saturday

  51. If our pundits write any pieces highlighting overlooked issues such as the abuse AOS receives, it would be an excellent idea for such articles to be accompanied by a video montage of 7-8 graphic examples of such behavior. Words are too easily ignored, video is more effective and visceral.

  52. @Observer2, I hope the Mayo players on the pitch don’t hold the same fear as you, meet fire with fire, I say to all the brave Mayo supporters, bring your flares, bring your colour, bring your voices and drown out the Dubs support.
    I have been in the Hill for the 3 finals of 2016 and 2017, not as bad as you might think, great banter with most of the Dubs.
    Attack is the best form of defence, Mayo need to get ahead and stay ahead.
    I wonder do the GAA want the Dubs to be 5 in a row winners at any cost?.
    I am wondering which flank will the Dubs attack Mayo?
    I will be praying for a wet, messy day on Saturday.
    We all know the 3 main guys on this Dublin side, nr 1, nr 8 and Rock.

  53. And why wouldn’t we bring flags, flares (if you can get them) and colour to Croke Park? Or should that only be for the Dubs with the assistance of the stewards? This are the times of our life. Four people I know (young fit men) are already trying to get tickets for anywhere except the hill, even if it means back row of the upper Davin. With the minor match beforehand we have a golden opportunity to take the centre of the hill, which will give the team a boost compared to being stuck in the corner. However the extra few pints often take precedent. To do that we will need to enter hill via the turnstiles on the right. The smart dubs are prepared to queue up longer for them in big matches (However we can be in before them this time). Considering all these heroes have done reprenting us over the years it doesnt seem that much, does it. Important CB takes full allocation as well

  54. We should copy the Dubs, they get tickets for the Nally and jump over the 4 ft High railing, the soft stewards let their friends in.

  55. The last few times on the Hill the stewards have segregated us. Mayo get the corner of hill toward Cusack and the jacks get behind the goals.

  56. General sale though this time Mayonaze so much different. If a bundle of Mayo fans buy early and get in on time for the minors they can take that spot behind the goal

  57. I’m pretty sure we were in the corner because most dubs were willing to queue up for the turnstiles on the right. Then inside the hill where the food drink is there was a big steel gate in between. Impossible to go an mass between two sections on the terrace itself as stewards were in the middle. A ticket for the Hill is a ticket for the Hill and they have no right to stop us taking the middle section for the minor game. The main question is do enough of us really want it or are we happy to settle for what we are told to do on our one day out in the big smoke

  58. For finals all hill tickets are distributed through clubs. Wouldn’t be surprised if GAA pulled a fast one and put most hill tickets on general sale cos whatever we say here will make little impact – the darling jack’s will mop up hill tickets. Maybe i’m being overly suspicious but I hope CB are awake to the risk if that is going on. Club members should also have the option to buy thr cheaper hill tickets considering the travelling done to follow the team this year

  59. I thought Jason Doherty was MOTM. He is very under rated both locally and nationally. His ability to win dirty ball in those conditions was excellent. His handling was excellent. His distribution was excellent. His score was excellent. His tackling and work rate was excellent especially when the game was in the melting pot.
    Yet he doesn’t get the plaudits. He didn’t get MOTM or in any team of the weekend but he is a huge loss to Mayo IMO

  60. 1. Like Tony Hanlon and many other Mayo supporters I’m also disillusioned with the GAA, GPA, RTE. Player welfare is of crucial importance and our brave warriors are being called upon to sacrifice themselves the goddess Mammon (avarice, greed and ill-gotten gain).
    2. Jason Doherty was immense last Sat – he single-handedly solved the kickout problem (MOTM yes). Tragically he’s out now but we may have a stronger bench than previous years.
    3. Let’s hope we don’t have another let-down in Croker on Saturday after the exertions of last w.e – our players are all too human (despite appearances to the contrary at times!) – we had a number of hard fought wins going down to Killarney game and were never got firing – but maybe the easy games and light schedule will work to Dublin’s disadvantage.
    4. What about Andy Moran – a real “clutch player” as our US cousins say?
    5. Let’s go Mayo!!

  61. guys get over to Instagram and vote for Paddy as player of the week on the officialgaa story

  62. Am still buzzing after that magnificent performance on Saturday-I am so proud of the lads-they were immense and played with such commitment and intensity. They were 8/10 points the better team and could, probably should, have scored 2/3 more goals, while our defence was superb-no real goal chances for Donegal. Whatever happens in semi, and it will be difficult, I think this has been a very good year and good start by James Horan. Maybe the run thro’ the Qualifiers will prove to be a blessing in disguise, in that it provided a lot of top level game time to our new young players and also more time for James to impose his system. Our young lads will benefit hugely and hopefully we can add a few more next year. Once again we were almost derailed by officials decisions. 1.Never a penalty-two players tussling, using one arm and both holding-would Lee have got a free if he went to ground? (doubt it) If you start giving penalties for that you will have ten a game. Watch Dublin defending in square and see what they get away with. 2.For me no Black Card for Keith-he did not DELIBERATELY pull down, no allowance for conditions and Mc Brearty was pulling him down by the arm. I know it is difficult for referees in real time, but they should use common sense and should not make such vital decisions unless 100% certain. 3.I am bewildered how Donegal did not get red card for dirty challenge on Aiden-how that man keeps his cool in the face of dogs abuse and no protection, I will never know-I expect him to explode some day and God help whoever is on the receiving end. Disgraceful Sunday Game did not mention it-they were probably blinded by the halo around Murphy’s head-he is a brilliant footballer, but a bit of a thug. They made a big deal of Seamie’s pick-up-mind you, it was downright stupid, blatant and unnecessary-he could, at least, have put his boot against the ball.

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