Paddy is captain again this year

There was a pre-National League Mayo GAA press event at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park today. As part of this, it was announced that Paddy Durcan of Castlebar Mitchels will captain the team once again this year.

The official announcement is here. This also confirms that Stephen Coen and Tommy Conroy will continue as vice-captains in 2024. The best of luck to all of them.

Incidentally, Mike was at the media event today and we’ve just released a bonus pod on Patreon in which he speaks with Kevin McStay. That’s available to club members here.

28 thoughts on “Paddy is captain again this year

  1. @Paul paddy did get a bad enough injury last year which played it’s part he’s a great choice for captain I think anyway.

  2. Really tough for a captain when they have those kind of niggling issues. It can be difficult to manage the team focus at a time like that, when you really need to be focused on yourself to get right.

    Glad he’s getting another run at it.

  3. Completely disagree, Paul. Paddy was the difference between Mayo and Galway in Salthill. Leadership personified. He’s the only legitimate choice for captain.

  4. Poor choice IMO. It was time to rotate the captaincy after giving it to Paddy last year as well.

  5. @Clare well in a captain I’d look for consistency,leadership and a man to take the game by the scruff of the neck to inspire those around him and gee them up so I’d be thinking the likes of Ryan O Donoghue, DOC or Jordan Flynn should have been given a shot.

  6. @PK, you don’t “get a shot”, you earn it. Paddy has earned it. Ryan might get there someday but he’ll need to show more consistency. Diarmuid was captain 2 years ago and he’s a very quiet leader. Jordan is playing great stuff but like Ryan doesn’t have a half the credibility yet that Paddy has.

  7. Tony Freeman – no offence but that was an utterly vacuous comment from you, which I’ve deleted. If you’re going to take issue with someone else’s comment, you need to make an effort to explain why.

  8. Apologies Willie Joe, i dont think it’s a vacuous comment what I posted but have no issue with it being deleted.

    I just said they were talking nonsense, i strongly disagree that a senior player like Paddy Durcan is even considered a poor choice for captain, lacks consistency, leadership and can’t take a game by the scruff of the neck.

    Anyone who has followed Mayo since Paddy came on the scene knows all of the above incorrect.

  9. GBX1 well then in my opinion the three I’ve named earned it and in the previous season showed more consistency and to question their credibility is incredible…to say one player doesn’t have half the credibility of another player is an unbelievable statement seeing that he was probably our best player last season. Doc is very vocal on pitch so again don’t buy the quiet leader comment either..

  10. The system for selecting the captain in Kerry is an interesting one. The captain is selected from the county champions. I wonder how that system would work in Mayo for example?

  11. Best man for the job. Captaincy is about having full respect of your teammates and management. I don’t think anyone could doubt that Paddy has the respect of pretty much everyone in the county and beyond.

  12. That’s fine, Tony, and thanks for responding. The point, which I think you appreciate, is that criticisms of what others have posted should be substantiated, which you’ve now done.

  13. PK – I’ve deleted that jibe where you accuse another contributor of bias. You’d made your point perfectly well without making that kind of allegation, which has no basis and no place in a reasoned debate.

  14. No bother Willie Joe. Anyway my main point was and is I believe the captaincy should be rotated. Kerry changed their captain this year but that doesn’t mean David Clifford was a bad captain. Anyway I’ll leave it at that

  15. Durcan is the obvious choice for me, I think ROD or Flynn need another couple of campaigns under their belts.
    Lets hope he can lift the other cup this year!

  16. I’d have the world of time for Paddy and couldn’t have an issue with him being named as captain for the year but I wouldn’t have objected to Ryan getting it….he always reminded me of Roy Keane on the pitch,edgy and yappy. Showed leadership on taking on the free taking duties in Cillians absence,and not afraid to grab a big fella by the throat if needs be in his opinion.
    Anyway to see some silver being hoisted by a green & red jersey is all that matters.

  17. 2 Hops I’d agree with you re Rod. I think we’re in transition so don’t think we will be seeing Sam this year. Nestor cup hopefully

  18. The impression I got from both Ryan and Jordans interviews is that they were not interested in captaincy ATM

    Jordan spoke about how he put a real focus on being the best Jordan he could be in 2023, after an injury disrupted 2022, and the impression I got was that he wanted to do the same in 2024.

    Ryan, and I might be wrong about this, gave me the impression that he’s focused on making 2024 the year he becomes a Superstar of the Game.

  19. With ROD and Tommy Cul at full tilt we should be a match for anyone. Throw in Carr and Aido and a fit Cillian, its the one area on the pitch that give me hope. ROD has the potential to be among the Greats and as 2 Hops alluded to has the grit of Keano and the finishing potential of Cillian. I hope this year we are ruthless in terms of going for goals.
    If Jordan can produce a season like last year he should be picking up an All-Star. Nestor Cup would be advantageous this year but there’s only one Cup that matters. Agree with PK in that realistically we might not have enough in the tank for SAM but will be delighted to be proved wrong.

  20. Roy Keane is not a good example for the modern world.

    Roy Keane exhibited an awful lot of what would nowadays be described as “undiagnosed personality disorders”.

    Roy Keane would not be carried on a modern day GAA panel. Management would identify that he had a lot to work on wrt his mental wellbeing, they’d cut him from the panel for “his own best interests”, and they would be perfectly correct to do so.

    Modern Player Welfare would oblige them to do so for both Roy’s and the rest of the panels well being.

    The past is a completely different animal. We had neither the knowledge, nor so many of the tools we now rely on to help with these kinds of things.

    I understand that it can be difficult to hear at a time when so many of our heroes are being stripped of their status for far more salacious behaviour – but that’s not really what this is about.

    Despite all this, and possibly thanks to some, Roy was able to make himself possibly the premier icon in Irish society – but if you are going to tell your grandkids to be more like Roy, don’t be surprised if they respond with “Roy Keane was a troubled man”.

    And I’m going to be honest; for the most part I think my parents generation, which is about current retirement age, have coped really well and been very responsive and open minded over what has been a period of huge change.

    But guys like Roy Keane is one topic people of all ages aren’t entirely understanding of yet.

  21. Happy with Paddy as captain, like so many others he had a patchy enough season last year (I’d put that down to injuries in his case) but what I want in my captain is him to be the most likely fella who is going to turn up in the biggest games and grab it by the scruff of the neck, and as GBXI points out Paddy did that in a motm performance v Galway last year when it was needed.

    RoD the only other clear contender imo but his time will come

  22. It shouldn’t matter to any player out on the field who the captain is. There should be 15 captains out on the field like Dublin have and the Limerick hurlers have.
    Are intercounty players waiting for their team captain to lead by example and follow the captains lead then. If they are they shouldn’t be out in the field in the first place. Teams with a winning mentality aren’t looking for inspiration from their captain.

  23. A leader in every line is the minimum.

    A lot of ours have two in fairness.

    I think we’re spoilt for choice TBH
    The calibre of young people our county is producing is impressive, and we should all be incredibly proud of the environment we’ve fostered in the county.

    It’s not a perfect world but that doesn’t mean we have been doing everything badly.

  24. Agree southmayo, in reality when out on field the captain is irrelevant to an individual player. Players at that level have to self regulate, and as frosty says we lucky to have a great bunch of lads willing to put in the hard graft and provide us such great entertainment and memories.

    Would have no objection to any of them as captain, continuing with Paddy is a fine choice for what from team experience is a largely ceremonial role.

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