Paddy Mc takes the chair

The big freeze notwithstanding, the County Convention went ahead at Julian’s in Midfield last night, where Paddy McNicholas, from up the road in Kiltimagh, was elected Chairman of the County Board.  Paddy, who steps up from the post of Vice-Chairman and who succeeds James Waldron, beat Swinford’s Vincent Walsh in a vote for the top job.

The new Vice-Chairman is Hollymount’s Mike Connelly (brother of Noel and Ray) while Aidan McLoughlin from Swinford takes over as PRO.  Others elected on the night were Eddie Cuffe from Belmullet as Assistant Treasurer, Vincent Neary from Bonniconlon as Assistant Secretary and Breaffy’s Gerry Burke as Cultural Officer.

All this info and more comes courtesy of this report in the Mayo News.

5 thoughts on “Paddy Mc takes the chair

  1. vincent Neary from Bonniconlon is assistant secretary – so who is secretary ? ….. Yawn …zzzzzzz…..

  2. The same AGM that voted against west mayo entering the Senior Championship even though they performed so well and the participating clubs themselves wanted it. Westport led the offensive against West Mayo for some reason. Mayo football is as backwards as ever

  3. Are you serious Islandeady – did that happen ??
    If it did then its a disgrace and you’re right – a totally negative and backward thinking attitude. Mother of God – what is the point of having this Mayo tribunal if this is the attitude of some of the senior clubs. Giving themsleves priority to county as usual. Will the new board do anything to reverse this ?

  4. JPM absolutely true. We had Senior clubs like clubs like westport pushing hard against the inclusion of the west mayo side. I wonder will this come up in the review? Fair enough Parke have been promoted to Intermediate but there is still Islandeady, Louisburg and Balla left enough to put out a strong side.

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