Paddy’s cruciate injury confirmed

Mayo GAA have confirmed a short while ago (here) that the injury Paddy Durcan suffered in the final seconds of Saturday evening’s All-Ireland SFC Group 1 clash with Cavan is an anterior cruciate ligament one.

As a county we’ve had far more than our fair share of the dreaded ACL injuries over the past decade and now, sadly, team captain Paddy Durcan is added to that list. It’ll be well into next year by the time he’s fit to resume so, not only is he now gone for this year’s Championship campaign, he won’t be back for next year’s National League matches either.

We’ll miss Paddy’s dynamic presence and his on-field leadership greatly over the coming months. This injury is a big setback for us but, more than that, it’s an enormous blow for the player himself, as he now faces into several months of rehab and recovery before he’s back in action once again.

As supporters, all we can do is wish Paddy the very best, knowing that, as he always does out on the pitch, he’ll be giving his all to complete his recovery as fully and as rapidly as possible. All the best, skipper – we’ll all be looking forward to the day when your back out there doing what you do best.

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  1. Brilliant whole hearted player who I can’t remember seeing having a poor game. Wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the green and red soon. From a Galway fan.

  2. Ya I heard that news from a reliable source on Saturday evening but out of respect didn’t want to go saying anything or cast rumours.

    Awful shame for Paddy, class act. At this rate we will do well to see him before the end of the league next year. Big blow for Castlebar and Mayo.

    In defence of mgmt I don’t think you can blame them for giving him 15/20 minutes. We had the game wrapped up and was a perfect time to get a bit of game time into the legs. ACLs are a freak accident, just like breaking a bone. Had it been a muscle injury then maybe an argument against mgmt but not on this occasion.

  3. To repeat what I said in other thread…

    Gutted for paddy on a personal level, he has had no luck with the captaincy and was in superb form at the start of the league.

    What we lose in his absence is he, along with ROD, is our best player. Also outside of Leeroy he has been our best performer on the big days going back several years now.

    Hopefully he takes his time and gets the recovery right

  4. Not good news, I hope he makes a good recovery and doesn’t rush his comeback.

    If I am correct the ACL usually occurs on one weaker side, ie left foot kicker will get it on the right side and right foot kicker vice versa.

    This is all too common and injury, it’s happening even to juvenile players as young as 15 now in Gaa and Soccer.

    My belief is that All Weather pitches could have a lot to do with it.

  5. Jr you are exactly right. It’s shocking bad luck for Paddy and the whole squad and management, and I wish him all the best for his recovery. But it gives others an opportunity… Hession and Plunkett are the 2 that come to my mind. In all truth we haven’t had Paddy much in 2024 so far, so although his loss is huge, Mayo just need to get on with it now.

  6. Unbelievable hard luck for Paddy. Speedy recovery. Still will be a fantastic captain and influence from the sideline I’ve no doubt.

  7. Disaster for Mayo and Paddy. I think he’ll be back for the league next year, he is that driven.

    In way I think it will calm the supporters a little. Any outside chance Mayo had of winning Sam is without doubt gone now so every game Mayo go into will have less expectation on them.

  8. Wishing paddy a good recovery. Massive loss but we have a panel and that’s what it’s there for. Roscommon will be a different animal next week. Cavan down some top players. Is flynn playing better than boland in the last 3 match s.

  9. Absolutely heartbroken for Paddy with the confirmation of a cruciate injury. Even the ‘best case’ there is a relatively damning prognosis.

    Has it been confirmed somewhere it’s the ACL? The official Mayo GAA statement kept it incredibly vague, with no mention of a specific ligament (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL) or severity (Grade 1/2/3). The ACL being the most complex to repair and heal, as we’re sadly too familiar with a number of the worst case Grade 3 ruptured ACLs over the years.

  10. Awful news. I got that pain in my stomach after seeing it happen . I knew it was bad. We can still go far without paddy.

  11. Very sorry to hear about Paddy’s injury.. Unquestionably one of Mayo’s best players of this century, and a gentleman with it. Glad to hear that Paddy will remain our Captain, probably very small consolation for someone who has dedicated so many years to become such a top class sportsman.. Best of luck now to Stephen Coen who I imagine will be our on field Captain , and a very successful captain Stephen has already been at under age for Mayo already.. Best wishes to Paddy now for a full recovery. Mayo ABU.

  12. Shocking news on Paddy surely. I think we all feared it at the time but didn’t want to believe it.
    Speedy and successful recovery Paddy.

  13. Unfortunately injuries of this type are now very common. This will test our panel.
    Wishing Paddy a speedy recovery. I’m sure he will get the best care available.

  14. Said on rte that mayo v the rossies is on Saturday week
    Is it confirmed for Saturday?

  15. Nightmare scenario for Paddy and wish him a speedy and successful recovery. He still has a few years in him if he wants it.

    From a Mayo perspective if pretty much destroys our chances of an All Ireland bar some miracle. And any supporters who might say we wouldn’t have won it anyway, well the players target is Sam and don’t you believe it’s anything less. It just makes what was already an incredibly tough task even more difficult and it pains me to say it but with the players we have, their form and the strategy being employed, I just can’t see us doing it. My heart sank when the news broke today.

    Anyway, all we can do is continue to attend, support and hope but we have lost our best defender;by some stretch) and our leader.

  16. Wishing you the very best with your treatment & recovery Paddy, you are one of the greats to wear the Mayo Jersey, come back better than ever.

  17. Disappointed for Paddy. A great servant and a top defender. No doubt he’ll be back but others have to step up. While very much one of our main leaders we have several more, Stephen Coen, Cillain, Diarmaid, Mattie, Aido. And the younger or fringe lads need to step up too as they hit the mid 20s. Jordan Flynn has also shown good leadership over the last few years as well. Boland and Loftus are well experienced too and playmakers with plenty to offer in that area. Of course it’s a dent, but we have had to do without him a fair bit recently.

  18. My heart sank when I heard the news. For him to just come from an injury to this massive blow is heart breaking espcially to someone who puts so much time, energy into it.

    As others said he’s so determined he’ll hopefully come back stronger then ever.

    He’s still going to be the captain mcstay said and he’ll still be a great leader in the back ground and on the sideline.

    Time for others to step up now.

  19. Why the hell can’t the gaa get there fixtures sorted. On scorebeo app says Mayo are playing Roscommon on bank holiday Sunday at 1.45 pm. Rte have the game for the Saturday evening
    The gaa website has it for either Saturday or Sunday with no definite day or time.
    Ffs how can it be so hard to fix the game and let supporters know so they csn plan there long weekend. It’s not rocket science.

  20. Best wishes to Paddy for a quick and complete recovery. One of very best at changing the tempo and making serious yards with a burst when a game is in the melting pot. A huge loss for Mitchels and the club championship as well.

    The only small consolation for this summer is that it is probably the area of the team with the most options as cover, even if none are to the same standard. Hession, Plunkett, O’Hora to name just three.

  21. Heartbreaking for Paddy.

    Real chance for sure now for the likes of O’Hora.

  22. Oh so sorry for Paddy and Mayo.
    But we have to put up with it. Let him forget about foot ball now and look after himself. He’ll be grand, and if he feels ok for next years championship, super.. Let the others do what they can for Paddy. He’ll be on the side line before too long doing his bit. Let the others continue to improve and in the next year or two Paddy may be lifting the cup. No better man. Mind yourself and thanks. Up Mayo.

  23. South Mayo Exile. With Roscommon playing Dublin this Saturday, I’d say they’ll be out the following Sunday, to give them an extra day’s recovery. The fact we are getting 2 weeks break, and they’re only getting one.

    Maybe, we’ll see. We probably won’t find out till next Monday

  24. Terrible news, speedy recovery Paddy. When will we ever get a break?

  25. Best wishes to Paddy for a full and speedy recovery. A huge loss to Mayo, as an inspirational captain and leader and one of our most important players. And devastating for Paddy on a personal level. So, I say to our squad, management and fans, let’s use it a a motivation-let:s do it Paddy. Take off the shackles now and give it a real go.

  26. On the pragmatic side of things , we now need enda hession to find the form he showed v dublin in 2021 , we need the players to step it up in paddys absence , every player needs to give that extra bit to compensate . Mayonaze you are correct , no matter what anyone says outside of the mayo camp , players and management believe they can win the all ireland . Good to see your flag at mchale park last sat .

    Lets get behind the bucks now please , this is the time we need to row in . Lets just take a terrace at the hyde , make it our own , flags and noise qmd follow it up to wherever we play the jacks . . Thats showing solidarity with Paddy Durcan , no amount of good will on the internet will do it justice . The last rally call in the hyde dressing room will be lets do this for paddy , its the same for us , lets fuckin do this for Paddy Durcan .

  27. So sorry to hear about Paddys injury. An outsanding player, who gave 100% plus always on the field of play. I hope some of the other players follow his example, and take on some of those great attacking runs which was a joy to watch. I wish you a speedy recovery to full activity.
    Its time the team made more use of Jordan Flynn. He is fine strong player well able to hold his own against tough markers, but time and time again against Cavan he was unmarked calling for the ball and not one Mayo player sent the ball his way.
    Come on guys, get rid of that loosing mentality ,the home straight is the toughest and where ye always get caught. Good luck against Roscommon. Your committment, concentration, and belief in yourselves commences at the throw in and does not finish until the final whistle is blown.

  28. Best wishes Paddy. Sad news for us all but absolutely devastating for you and your family. Stay strong!

  29. At a time like this we can only sympathise with Paddy on such a cruel accident. The effect on the Mayo team is of secondary importance. It is terrible to see players injured so horrifically in their prime. Hopefully he can fully recover and get back playing. The priority is that he gets a full recovery. Getting him back should not be rushed. Maybe we have to wait another year for SAM. But so be it.
    Having said that, it is a team game and there are plenty of players chomping at the bit for game time – guys who didn’t get a sniff last Sunday. We have to give this championship our best shot.
    On a positive note, based on last Saturday, we now have two of the deadliest finishers in the country, in Cillian and ROD, in rude health. Their combined presence undoubtedly brings us up a few notches in the rankings. They are both deadly. Their combined presence up front seems to have created so much more space for everyone coming forward.
    My feeling is that Cillain’s and Diarmuid’s returns to full fitness really pads out our panel significantly. When you factor in the guys who didn’t get on the pitch on Saturday, like Pádraig, Enda, Fergal, Rory – we really have some strength in depth.
    I, for one, am looking forward to the rest of the season.
    Again, my heart goes out to Paddy. But I am sure that his presence around the squad will still be a motivating factor for the rest of the campaign.

  30. Absolutely sickened for Paddy and his family,
    Saw it happen and unfortunately I knew by Paddy’s reaction he was in bother..
    I know Paddy reasonably well and a nicer, unassuming lad you will not meet. A credit to his family. He did not deserve this
    He will be a huge loss but as eluded earlier he still is the Mayo team captain
    @Sean Burke I totally agree with your post, let’s galvanize support, circle the wagons in solidarity with Paddy, this team is still Paddy’s team.. let this be the turning point and give our team, our lads rapturous support from here on in..these lads are giving it their all and some support and appreciation could be a catalyst for them.. let’s start in the Hyde!!
    Finally wishing Paddy a speedy recovery

  31. Terrible news indeed we’ve had alot of cruciates ,or knees – Doherty twice, carolan, Andy, cillian, harrison, parsons all spring to mind .
    Also haven’t our captains or vice captains been in terrible luck with season long injuries from cillian and Andy to paddy to conroy and parsons , anyways terrible loss but we have time to process it and be ready , great chance for O Hora, quinn, hession, Loftus to battle for places.

  32. So sorry for Paddy just as he worked his way back to full fitness. It was very encouraging to have him back and with Cillian and Diarmuid also returning it looked like our management seemed to have a full deck to deal from. But Paddy will continue to inspire his colleagues. So boys pull together in all kinds of weather………

  33. Very sorry to hear this for Paddy personally and also for Mayo GAA – what a player paddy has been leading by example year in year out (the best type of leadership). And he will again but now is the time to rest up, get the surgery and rehabilitate the injury fully and properly without any shortcuts. If it is a ACL repair that’s a 9 month minimum. Rates of recurrence increase significantly for every month you take off that timeframe

  34. Sorry to hear that. Hate to see any player suffering such a terrible injury. From a Galway fan. Hope his recovery is quick.

  35. Hoping Paddy makes full recovery, doesn’t rush it and comes back strong.
    As mentioned above, the list of players who have had to come through serious injuries just gets longer every week. And the number of youngsters with ACLs and torn hamstrings is shocks me.
    The emphasis is so much on training, fitness, speed and stamina but it takes a toll on the body.

  36. Paddy is 29 year old now? hopefully he comes back as strong from this ACL set back as Andy Moran did a decade ago.

  37. The worst possible news in terms of our season. Paddy is normally the match that lights the fire in Mayo.
    Hope you get well as soon as possible, maybe ye can get a gig with Leeroy for the rest of the summer.

  38. That is unwanted news. Was at the Roscommon match couple of weeks ago. A Roscommon player got the ball, and he turned to find Paddy between him and goal. Two choices, take Paddy on one on one, or turn and look for help. He turned and looked for help. And would you blame him.

  39. is it really that difficult to announce details of our next game v ros , surely they know time and date . No consideration for us mere mortals at all , work , trains , family commitments etc etc all to be considered/juggled .

  40. Very difficult for a player who now has to go through surgery and rehab which is a lonely road. I cant help but think how we quickly say hard luck and move on but of course for the individual involved its not that easy as they have to face surgery and rehab. Its why I am always so reluctant to get frustrated or criticize our players because they give so much and its very easy for us to just look on from the sidelines and be critical.
    When you look at guys like Cillian that have had so much medical intervention since he was 21 or so you really have to stand back and admire the mental focus and strenght these guys have I often dont think we think of that as they go through bad days and runs of form.

  41. Sorry to hear about Paddy Durkans injury. The championship is robbed of one of its best players. Sick of all these injuries, the effort lads put in to make intercounty then an injury like this. Best wishes to him for a full recovery.

  42. Congratulations to the Longford Minors who beat Dublin in the Leinster Final by 15 points to 1-10

  43. Poor Paddy.
    Don’t forget he is an amateur.
    That is why I never complain about players.
    They put their life on hold for our dream.
    Good recovery hopefully.

  44. Good video coverage from the stand side from Michael Maye – Mayomick1 on Youtube.
    You can see a lot more of the overall match vs Sunday game, some skewed passing from Mayo at times and also some great scores in fairness.
    We were well on top and probably should have scored more. Ref was good too.
    The Mayo Gaa Blog and Podcasts are a godsend when you can’t get to a match in person.
    Fair play WJ, Rob, Boyler and the rest of the legends.

  45. im gutted after hearing about paddys injury, i wish him a full speedy recovery. lets all give our captains team our full support

    so sorry to hear about paddys injury , i wish him a full speedy recovery . lets all stay supporting the team and do it for our great captain paddy .

  46. – Wishing Paddy a full and speedy recovery, great player and leader.
    – Was at the Leinster minor final and just as well it did not go to penalties as they would have to have used torches. The scheduling of these matches late on School nights is another mis step by the GAA.

  47. I think all GAA supporters regardless of their county are gutted for Paddy this evening.

    A player everyone admires and respects.

    Wishing him all the best in his recovery.

    We lost Gooch in 2014 and others stepped up I’ve no doubt others will do likewise in Mayo.

  48. Desperate news for Paddy and for Mayo. A player who took the game by the scruff of the neck, drove forward and often kicked an inspirational point when we would be going lateral with slow play. One of the few men who could take on the blanket defence.. A huge loss for Mayo and a terrible blow for himself. Speedy recovery Paddy

  49. Paddy will be a huge huge loss to us. Wishing him all the best with his recovery

  50. Firstly let me say that what happened to Damien Comer should be punished properly,as a Mayo supporter he always worries me when he is playing because he is so strong and skilful,I hope that he is OK,but Paddy is really hard to take,a wonderful player who inspires all his teammates, I hope that he will make a full recovery,we as supporters will miss him,but for him and his family it is a disaster,he has always given it everything for our enjoyment, so all the best to him and his family

  51. Still feel so deflated for Paddy such a loss you’d feel so bad for him.

    In the dying moments of the game to I saw a clip of him when he went down to and literally moments later the kids came swarming around he must have been in a panic then to.

    Wishing you speedy recovery paddy your an absolute gent to anyone you meet and a credit to your family & county no doubt when you take to the field again after this awful injury there will be the biggest cheer for you.

    Agree with @sean Burke let’s build the support now for the team and go louder and bigger do it for paddy he’s still the captain and that’s what he’d be saying to.

  52. I am sorry that this has happened to Paddy. As a poster above said, he is someone we have enormous respect and admiration for. He’s one of our best players, and something about following Mayo over these last few years, he’s close to our hearts.
    We’ll miss Paddy this season and I hope we still see him in some way, shape or form. This is a selfish wish.
    More important than anything, I wish Paddy peace, a feeling of being settled, that he knows the love and respect we have for him, and that he makes a full recovery. Until soon again Paddy!

  53. Gutted for Paddy. Undoubtedly one of our key players and will be badly missed for both club and county. The type of player you build an attacking defensive structure around. I wish him all the best for his recovery. We’ve had some amount of bad injuries to big players down throughout the years. Andy Moran, Tom Parsons, Jason Doherty, Cillian O’Connor, Tommy Conroy. Realistically to have a chance at the big one we need all the pieces on the board. As others have said, now there is a opportunity for someone to step up. Who will grab the chance?

    I totally agree with Sean Burke. Enough of this negative nonsense. Let’s get ourselves to the Hyde and wherever it is we’re playing the Dubs and roar them on as loud as we can. The supporters made a difference in those big matches over the past decade. It’s time we rediscovered our own form as supporters. Paddy and the players deserve no less

  54. Best wishes to paddy and a speedy recovery. I don’t know if there are any questions about how his return from injury was managed and whether he was played to soon but he is out for a season and that is that.
    Enda Hession and Michael Plunkett two players that can fit into game plan that paddy fulfilled.

  55. My very best wishes to Paddy and a speedy complicated free recovery. A model footballer for all aspiring young players, consistently high level performer and always shows up on the big days for Mayo. Here’s hoping he’ll be back better than ever next year.

  56. When Paddy stepped onto the field against Cavan, he immediately made his presence felt by charging straight through the heart of their defense. His blend of blistering pace, raw power, and exceptional footballing skill makes him irreplaceable. Losing him is a massive blow for Mayo. Durcan is a game changer in every sense.

  57. Any Mitchell’s people think Sean Morahan will be called into the squad as a replacement?

  58. Horrible news for Paddy. An absolute gent & one of my favourite Mayo players ever! Hope to see him back on the field next year.

    someone else now has to step up & fill the void, its as simple as that

  59. GBXI , I think sean pulled up with an injury in a league game recently. As they say in the lingo, TBC..

  60. Thats such hard luck. Wish him the best on his recovery. Keep sam on the half back line for season he has awesome engine

  61. This will keep happening to our players ,if we don’t do something with our strength and conditioning of players knee and leg muscles.
    I don’t know of any team that has suffered as many ACL injuries as we have.
    This needs to be investigated thoroughly or it will continue to happen regularly with our team.
    I wish a speedy recovery to Paddy.

  62. Shite..
    Best of luck to Paddy in the recovery, tough year ahead for him and hopefully he will be back by end of the league next year.

  63. Paddys injury is bad news for team but the return to full fitness and form of Cillian is good news. Cillian has to start every game from now on, just like Andy Moran his last few years might be his best and that would be something worth watching.

  64. Does anyone know why the minor game is in The Hyde even though mayo topped the group?

  65. Hession is the best front foot replacement. Potentially a line breaker. But for god sake I can’t understand how management hasn’t seen that Tommy needs to come to the half forward line. In 21 against Dublin he done all his damage facing goal . Not restricted within in the corner. If cavan had their shooting boots on and a full compliment it may have been much tighter

  66. @Cp. Because the group game between the teams was in castlebar. I think it will be a very close minor final and could go either way. Hopefully MAYO will have good vocal supporters becsuse we can be sure roscommon will have good support. It would be great if it was put off for a week and play it as a curtain raiser to the senior game. It would be like old Times. Any way roll on Friday evening.

  67. @Craggy boglands agree with you! Tommy’s at his best at half forward and that’s 100 % where he should be they should go Ryan O D, Aido and cillian O Connor forward and Tommy C and Darren mc hale half forwards.

    Hession is the best option to replace Durcan of course no one can live up to his skills but they could come close. Hession when he is at his best form is hard to stop hopefully see him back to his best soon.

  68. Jimbo. The usual suspects will be there but we could really do with a lot more making the trip. The first Connacht match Connacht GAA can’t show live as it’s on TG4 but they are showing Munster U20 hurling final live and Roscommon/Mayo is deferred coverage at 9.15. So anyone who wants to watch the lads live has to make it to the Hyde.

  69. I think you’re onto something there, Craggy. There’s an argument for Tommy at 10, with Cillian inside alongside Ryan and Aido.

  70. @Willie Joe, a great GAA man in Meath said that to me months ago.
    Worth a try.
    Now with Ruane finding form and Diarmuid back we have not as much need for workhorses in half forward line.

  71. So sorry to hear of Paddy’s injury both for him personally and what it’ll mean for Mayo without his dynamic presence. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he gets through the horrible rehab and recovery period as quickly as possible with no setbacks. Keep the chin up Paddy, you’ll be back. Its a lonely place for him but so glad McStay has kept him as captain.

  72. Big loss for us but in the photo above where are the team and management clearing supporters out of the way to give Paddy and the medics room? The ref too blowing it up with a man on the ground, he was sure to know there’d be a swarm of people onto the pitch crowding around.

    I have no doubt everyone was in to wish Paddy well, or at least most of them were but it shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in my opinion.

  73. In fairness, MayoMayo1, it all happened in an instant. I don’t think the ref even knew he was on the ground and then the medics were out to him straight away.

  74. New pod up on Patreon – Mike and Colm Boyle, chatting about the Cavan game, Paddy’s injury and our upcoming rematch with Roscommon.

  75. @Taigho: “This will keep happening to our players ,if we don’t do something with our strength and conditioning of players knee and leg muscles.”

    That’s a confident and specific attribution of cause that I’m not sure if the leading ACL experts on the globe would be capable of making.

    Can I ask where it comes from or what it’s based on?

    The statement in context with the sentence after looks like it’s being applied to our S&C team specifically rather than S&C for GAA as a whole (where there’s active work happening on stuff like GAA15 to improve general standards – – and consistent improvements being made). I’m not sure where the foundations are coming from. Conor Finn and the entire S&C team (going back through Barry Solan and Ed Coughlan before him) has got nothing but glowing praise from the players and anyone with knowledge who has worked with them (which would include Paddy’s brother Mark who has worked with our S&C setup and would be Paddy’s S&C for Mitchels).

    When you see the likes of Barry Solan being poached by Arsenal, quickly moving up to Lead S&C for their 1st team operating on a global scale, yet still coming back to start a business with Conor (Pod1um) it shows the type of standard the lads in our setup are operating at.

    S&C plays a big part in injury prevention and protection, but it is only a part. Factors such as training surfaces, playing surfaces, weather conditions, fatigue (mental & physical), genetics and simply luck all play a part in an injury like an ACL. I’d personally take exception to trying to throw our S&C folks under the bus without anything factual behind it.

    “I don’t know of any team that has suffered as many ACL injuries as we have.”

    Outside of Dublin I’m not sure too many teams have come close to playing as many minutes as us in the last 10-15 years either.

    With injuries like ACL far more likely to happen in match-play (games accounting for 56% of time-loss injuries while only making up ~10% of time engaged with the game) that will push our expected number of injuries well above the averages (going on nothing but my gut I’d expect Cork could be higher than everyone else on ACL injuries/minute played).

    The most recent figures I’ve seen (from Mark Roe and the GAA National Injury Surveillance Database team) are from pre changes to the structure, so involving far less match time for anyone not making a semi-final/final, and potentially depending on Provincial draws even less time for the teams making those. Even before the changes, the odds put it at ~1/68 chance of a male GAA player (even higher for LGFA) doing their ACL in a given year. Those odds higher for senior than underage and higher again for the more minutes you play, so Mayo operating at an average rate would have more ACL injuries than others.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a comparison on teams by minutes played in the last decade (I’d love to see that if it exists anywhere) or on injuries/minutes played (again, I’d love to see it if it exists) but glancing at what you’d assume is our closest match in Dublin I don’t see any major discrepancies or outliers in our numbers.

    By my rough counts we’d have had ~9 in the last 12 years with Durcan, Conroy, Harrison, Doherty x2, Boyler, Moran, Carolan & Parsons (very open to correction if I’ve missed anyone there. I’ve a funny feeling we’d one more I’m blanking on) while Dublin would have had ~7 with Kilkenny, Brogan, McCaffrey, Macauley, Byrne, O’Brien & O’Gara (again very open to correction if I missed any, way more likely here as I wouldn’t be nearly as familiar with the Dublin lads’ injuries, especially if they weren’t prominent names expected to start) in the same period.

    When you include the additional fatigue the Mayo lads would have been under during that period ( – an area we have improved on dramatically in recent years so fair play to the organisation as a whole for their role in that – with travelling to training, travelling back from training, training later in nights due to travel, often only 1 group session a week vs 3 for the Dublin lads or isolated gym sessions rather than group ones you’d imagine our slightly higher number is significantly outperforming the Dublin number. Despite Dublin being under 2 of the most highly respected and elite performing head S&C folks in the business.

    If you’re comparing with other teams in other codes you’d be right. GAA, be it football or hurling, have a higher occurrence of ACL injuries across the board. Rugby somewhere in between soccer and gaelic but with most of the running straight line it wouldn’t come close to the stressors a GAA player would come under in a given match. The science is still trying to accurately work out why on the specifics there, but most seem agreed the additional time the ball spends in the air leaves players less time/ability to focus purely on footwork leading to more of the mental slips that form part of the picture and this combined with the elite levels the sport is working at (lads leaving the GAA have gone down to Oz and won AFL Fitness Tests in year 1 against seasoned professional atheletes) simply put the body into more difficult situations than other sports. Sadly it seems a necessary evil at times if we wish to retain the speed & excitement the likes of a Paddy, Tommy or a Darragh Canavan in full flight twisting players inside out can bring.

    Lots of questions to be asked on if we can or should be doing more to protect our players and what that might look like (I’d imagine a proper CoE Training Facility would be high on the list for our lads in Mayo. Frequently changing training surfaces along with poor surfaces has often been sighted as a stressor for that type of injury). I wouldn’t include attributing blame on specific people without due cause as having any part to play there.

  76. TesDhoNim,you really are a breath of of fresh air,you always quote facts and stats,I would like to thank you very much ,we me included are very quick to make silly statements,although in my defence ,I only want to have a bit of fun

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