Padraig O’Hora our MOTM from last night’s game


It’s always a sure-fire way of confirming that it’s one of the less well-established players who has won the Man of the Match award. By this I mean an inability to source a photo of the player in question, in particular one from the relevant match.

So it was this week, hence the team shot above. In it – third from the right sporting his distinctive man bun – is Padraig O’Hora. With 23% share of all votes cast in the poll for our MOTM from last night’s match against Dublin, Padraig is the clear winner. Well done to him.

Despite having only played two full League matches for the county, the tigerish Ballina Stephenites defender has quickly become a favourite among the Mayo fans. It’s easy to see why too, as it’s obvious he’s a hugely committed performer who gives his all in every game.

It’s also clear that this is a player worth watching, one who has every chance of making the first fifteen this summer. More performances like last night’s one against Dublin, not to mention his hugely impressive full League debut up in Ballybofey last weekend, and the likelihood of this happening will increase still further.

Details on how the votes were shared out in the poll are below.

42 thoughts on “Padraig O’Hora our MOTM from last night’s game

  1. This man is definitely going to be a fan favourite. He could be an important player for us going forward deployed as a man marker allowing the likes of keegan to be used in a more attacking sense.

  2. Even though he got booked early he didn’t hold back but kept his discipline well. It’s great to see him get absolutely stuck in and somehow appear with the ball from the middle of a pile of bodies.

    He doesn’t appear to give an inch and looks like the most annoying back you’d want on your team. When he was standing face to face in front of Rock towards the end of first half ;0).

  3. delighted to see Swanny making strides. There was a while not so long ago when he may have packed it in altogether. Its no surprise to see him become such a fan favourite, with what I can only describe as his infectious relentlessness! And make no mistake, he’s far from just being a dog of a defender, he can play ball too. Hopefully he stays injury free between now and the Kerry game because I’d love to see him having a cut off *the greatest player of all time in due course. Keep her lit Swanny!

  4. he just proves that there are players in the County if given the chance can make it, not just five minutes at the end of a game on a cold wet winters day.

  5. Congrats Padraig.

    I don’t understand why James Durcan has been asked to take the frees when D O Connor was pretty accurate with the long range difficult ones. James dosn’t even take them for his club.
    I think frees are a problem for us especially when Cillian isn’t playing. We need to have a reliable player or players on the field at all times who can score frees from 40 meters left and right of the posts. Also we are giving away some frees through sloppy tackling in the scoring zone often time when there is plent of cover and no need for a rash tackle. Buckley our loss, Kerry’s gain.

  6. Some thoughts from Saturday’s game, which is the first I’ve attended since the AI semi final last year.

    Mayo were doing well and Dublin didn’t look that up for it until the sending off. I’d say it would have been very close had we kept 15 men on the field for the 70 minutes. Ref bought the play-acting from Small, and Flynn was way too apologetic (makes the mind up for the ref) but having said that Flynn was awful late, needs to become more disciplined – good lesson for him.

    Rob’s kick-outs were top drawer overall. I wasn’t in Ballybofey but you can see why he gets picked. After the sending off, Dublin pushed up on Mayo and there was no Keith Higgins/Lee Keegan in the full back line to take a ball from the keeper under pressure and carry it up the field. We did very well here, especially in the first half. Lost a couple after the goal as someone already pointed out, so needs to just relax – though it would help if some of our own knuckle-dragging “supporters” would be more encouraging.

    Mullin looks like he will be a serious talent. Pacey, aggressive, and good ball carrier.

    I agree that free-taking is something we should have a clearer approach to. Diarmuid should definitely be taking anything from the left side, close in and from distance. For the right side, I haven’t a clue since we have no good left-footed free taker!

    Fergal Boland has been our most consistent forward for quite a while now. Nearly always gives you 2 points from play (marks) and shows really well for the ball. Reminds me a lot of Alan Dillon.

    Our full forward line is awfully weak, which is obviously a concern since Andy is retired and Cillian’s form hasn’t been great for a few seasons now. Be interesting to see if Gary Boylan gets a chance. I can see us having a FF line of Cillian, James Carr, and Kevin Mc come championship.

    Finally, Aidan once again was class. God help us when he retires.

  7. We never beat Dublin in the 6 years Buckley was with us, time to move on from him. Dublin only scored 3 frees the last night which isn’t bad at all.

  8. Well done to Padraig O Hora. There was 1 thing that happened during the game that caught my eye. Boyler gets hurt, can barely walk and is left on. For 2 minutes dublin had a 2 man advantage and used it to score a point. Once Boyler knew he was done he should have hit the deck and let it be known, the ref would have had to stop the game. On the ref, pisspoor would be the term that springs to mind. He watched Diarmuid O Connor getting a punch in the mouth in front of his eyes and done nothing. If you’re afraid to do it or Cant t do the job then stay the hell away from it.
    Mayo will stay in division 1 and will get another chance later in the year with a fuller panel to lower the blue flag.

  9. agreed Culmore

    Great to see a lad getting in based on his club form, gives hope to all club players when they may have thought the squad was a closed shop previously

    As others said, he could be a perfect fit for the destroyer role, Spoiler in chief on the marquee forwards.
    He should be the go-to guy to pick up shane walsh/callaghan/mcbrearty/clifford etc and free up Keegan

  10. Well done Swanny and well done James Horan too for giving some of the young lads a chance it used to really annoy me when a previous management used to bring on lads with 2 or 3 minutes to go. Looks like Horan will build a new team that with will be competitive a good blend of youth and experience the future is bright and if we could sort out our shooting we would be very hard to beat. There is great spirit and heart in this panel in fairness they never give up

  11. Lads and ladies, why are we putting comments about a new player which will only attract the attention of journalists and referees? Later in the Summer, these comments may come back to haunt us if our fine young player needs to make a strong defensive tackle to prevent a soft goal by a forward running through the middle of our defence. It’s a scenario we have lamented in the past.
    Can we just be a bit cuter in our choice of words?
    Maybe imagine a top ref or a weasel “pundit” is looking over your shoulder as you type?

  12. Overall not too disheartened with the performance on Sat night, game was over once the red card was produced. Thought it was very harsh and something you see a lot in every game, if lads are getting sent off for that then expect 2 or 3 sending offs per game. Interesting to note that it was Cassidy on the whistle when Flynn had the meltdown in U20s final, may have influenced the decision slightly I feel.

    Backs were outstanding I thought, Mullin and O’Hora in particular, Boyle was excellent for the time he was on and Plunkett solid enough too. Some great options and competition there now with O’Donoghue, Higgins and Barrett to add into the mix too. I’d expect Keegan and Durkan to be given more of a free role come the summer if Mullin and O’Hora keep producing the goods. Coen did well overall but still think full back is his position in the long run, DOC had his best game for a long time. In the forwards thought Carr was doing well, mystified as to how he was taken off, was often left isolated by himself too, needed another body inside full forward line with him. I like the cut of Ryan O’Donoghue, he has an eye for a pass, needs to build up his confidence though, couple times he had the opportunity to take on his man but didn’t do so, would persist with him, Boland excellent as per usual, a seriously underated player. Didn’t really happen for James Durkan but more suited to wing forward role. Find it interesting that we now have some real speedsters coming through in the forward line compared to the last few years in Carr, O’Donoghue, Treacy and Conroy in particular, shows the way the game is gone.

    Meath and Monaghan games are huge now, need at least 3 points out of those to be honest and hopefully sneak a win against Tyrone.

    Finally, had a look at the mob over on Reservoir Dubs, giving out stink about how people are defending Flynn’s red card yet barely acknowledging the angel McCarthy’s clear strike on O’Connor right in front of the ref, who didn’t have the cajones to give the precious Dubs a red card. The term hypocrites springs to mind.

  13. Voted for Diarmuid; should have given it to Boland, but delighted for Pádraig O’Hora. I seem to have been at the wrong game, because for once, Aido didn’t really impress me. Could have driven on more and created or scored a goal on the very first attack. Not quick enough in collecting that cross from O’Donoghue I think.

    Overall, I left McHale Park quite deflated – more so than the equivalent game last year. What seemed like a solution to problems in Ballybofey, turned back to ‘normal’ at home. Freetaking was shocking, our wides brutal and what was it, three or four that dropped short. Ciarán Mac has a lot of work to do. In addition, we seemed to have problems winning ball that was ‘ours’.

    For all that, I still like the look of the newbies. O’Donoghue had some creative touches and has great potential. Tommy Conroy CAN win ball and score. Oisín Mullin? The new Keith Higgins, if this progress continues. O’Hora’s praises have been sung and rightly so. Jordan Flynn seemed to be flying up to the sending off – really unfortunate for him, but I think the ref applied the rules; he didn’t always apply them subsequently.

    I think points are vital from Navan and the team should be picked with that in mind.

  14. Wide Ball.

    It was seven frees scored by Donegal. All i am saying is that the frees made it much easier for Donegal especially when they have M Murphy

  15. Like this from Keith Duggan in the Irish Times –

    “A kind of inevitability hung over the night afterwards: it was just too early in the year for Mayo to summon that Rorke’s Drift mindset of theirs. But there was something uncompromising about their attitude: a hint of what is to come.”

    I certainly wasn’t too disappointed with our showing on Saturday. Never nice to lose, and it was a pity that we didn’t get to see the lads having a proper cut at the opposition. But I can see little signs of development. Lads like Mullin and O’Hora are getting serious exposure. Flynn was going well until his dismissal. Boland is improving all the time. Diarmuid O’Connor fared very well against the best player in Ireland. Aidan O’Shea looked tuned in and is gaining fitness.

    It’s the first week in February. Now is not the time to show our full hand, but I can see enough to hold out hope of a long Summer.

  16. We also scored 7 frees against Donegal. I just think it’s part of the game and not really a major issue.

  17. @Joet1480 – Padraig’s Uncle is nicknamed Swanny, as is his cousin Brendan (son of the aforementioned Uncle) to the best of my knowledge. I’ve no idea where the original Swanny’s nickname originated from though unfortunately!

    @Mairtinin – that’s some serious paranoia you’ve got going on there fella, do you apply the “top ref/weasel pundit looking over your shoulder” method a lot on a day to day basis? 🙂

  18. is O Hora related to the well known Swanny O Hora, Ballina player, referee and under 21 selector on the under 21 team that won the All Ireland in 1967?

  19. Padraig ohora is a grandson of gerald swaney ohora same man selector on that 1967 u 21 team and father of Padraig mother breda

  20. Not as many Seagulls flying above MacHale Park nowadays, compared to when the Bacon Factory was going…But in more recent years, between, Drake’s, Big Birds, Crowes and Swan’s, great place to do a bit of Bird Watching… It’s only early in the season yet. . hopefully we will be flying shortly!

  21. Reading all the great reports on padraigh o Horo and deserves all of them .Padraigh was born I london played for Tir Chonnaill Gaels (Greenford ) I had the honour of having playing for me as manager of under 12 and later under 16 he was a talented footballer back a few years ago before he moved back to mayo .Keep up the good work .. (Noel Geraghty ) true mayo man

  22. Great game from O’Hora, deserves his maiden mayo gaa blog motm. Horan deserves alot of credit for giving so many young lads a chance over the last 12 or so months. He certainly can’t be accused of sticking with the “old reliables”, he’s blending youth and experience well. We’re definetly in transition, and i think we’re quietly building a new team and era. We’re second favourites to be relegated, so the Meath and Monaghan games are absolutely must win. I hope we go with a bit more experience in these games, to help secure our Div 1 status. As a poster pointed out earlier, James took Aidan off quite early, as he knows Meath and Monaghan are the most important games for this team.

  23. I got know anything about O Hora but hopefully he will be selected v Meath and I will see him in action in Navan.
    Can somebody clarify this for me, did Flynn get sent off v Kildare in the u20 final in 2018 at Croke Park?.

  24. Mayo88 – he did, and he deserved that one. He didn’t deserve a red on Saturday night, or if he did, then that ref should have handed out a few more the same evening.

  25. Well done Padraig on winning MOTM. Has impressed in the 2 games so far. Would love to see a forward pick it up .I know J Durcan got it last week despite coming on with 65 minutes gone. Him getting the award after playing so few minutes reflects on the other forwards not scoring much. Again on Saturday night our forwards struggled despite their best efforts. I am not being critical of them, it’s a problem which has plagued us for decades. One looks across the border and sees the natural forwards which Galway produce in abundance. Even the Rossies produce handy forwards. We have been an incredible team to have done so well in the last 10 years without free scoring forwards. Our forwards have many other positive traits but sticking the ball over the bar on a really consistent level( with the exception of Cillian) has hurt us .The vast majority of our All Stars has come in defence. I am in no way being critical of brilliant warriors like K Mac. Jason etc while Andy was outstanding for us. The newer crop may be good and need to become consistent.You really don’t know what Carr will do. Incredible goal v Galway last year, unusual goal v Donegal last week and magnificent point v Dublin on Saturday but consistent he is not. O Donahue a potential threat but yet to deliver, Reape got a lot of chances, Conroy lovely points in both games. I could go on. What would we give for a McManus now in the autumn of his career not to mention the brilliant Clifford just starting off.

  26. Exiled in Dublin, to answer your direct question, no, I don’t.
    I do have the common sense to apply a bit of reserve in a public internet forum ok.

    I find it works for me at least. Bye now.

  27. He played under 16 in england when he was 12 and moved back to ballina and played under 13

  28. to win just once – You can’t on one hand say Galway have an abundance of natural forwards, then criticise James Carr for being inconsistent. Galway’s forwards are more inconsistent than any! They should have beaten Kerry easily the last day but kicked a load of wides and missed goal chances. Even with our apparent incompetent forwards we beat Kerry twice in the league last year.

  29. Congrats to Padraig on a second fine display in the Green and Red.I wish him a long career in senior football with the County.
    Looked again at MacMenamen run before he passed to Rock,who accidently goaled,took eight steps.How a referee can give a straight red for an incident he did not see (He was looking in another direction)and couldn’t count eight steps .The explanation is it seems that it was Dublin and are allowed these liberties by incompetent referees.

  30. By the way, I’m not saying our forwards can’t improve but the criticism we get in that department is over the top. We converted 15 out of 19 chances vs Donegal.

  31. We need to hold off a bit before being too critical of our forwards. Scoring against Dublin when they have an extra defender is very difficult especially for lads who are just finding their feet at this level. That said we left 3/4 points behind from free kicks which Diarmuid should have kicked off the ground.

  32. Makes sense now why Cassidy gave Flynn his marching orders so easily. Never realised he was the same ref who reffed the U20 final against Kildare. I think we can all say that Jordan Flynn has learned. He didn’t lose it this time. To be fair 2 years ago he was frustrated with very bad reffing but didn’t control himself. Not excusing him but this ref has form for making bad decisions.

  33. Lads this is a new dawn a new era I’ve been watching the blog closely and comments are fair but some are a bit too down for the first week in February!
    Mayo gaa is in a fine place we have forwards we just need to teach them different ways on how to play football trust me the talent is there.
    We have an under 20 championship match against Galway I for one will be there and am looking forward to it no comments on this but this is the future of mayo football and in my opinion the future is bright with a very strong minor and under 20 system in place which was needed because results have slid down underage in recent times and If you aren’t getting results underage you aren’t going many places..
    Head up everyone up mayo wherever you go’

  34. I’m pretty sure that was a different referee Sinead. In any case, the 2 red cards are not comparable. The first one was fully deserved.

  35. Nothing wrong with Cullen as a ref.Jordan deserved the Red card.We had no complaints about how he reffed the u21 semi in 2016 against Dublin.lots complain about refs but very few supporters really know the rules.

  36. @Jr.. Agree and disagree with you…no sooner have I gotten some type of a handle on the rules, they go a change them…. Even in many cases the rules in place are different at the end of the competition, than they were in the Richie Feeney found out…… And for the Ladies game last Saturday, I don’t know who the Ref was?, but I certainly had a headache listening to the constant blowing up….I heard less whistleing with all the Birds at the Dawn Chorus… but at least the Bird’s knew what they were whistleing about!

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