Panels for today’s FBD match

Photo: @L0ftus21 (via Twitter)

If you’re heading to James Stephens Park this afternoon, you’re most likely on your way already but, in case you’re not (or are planning on making a late, late dash there), here, courtesy of the Mayo News, are details of the two playing panels for today’s FBD match against IT Sligo:

I’m not planning on making any dash, late or otherwise, to Ballina today but I’ll cobble together a report of some sorts on the game later on.

24 thoughts on “Panels for today’s FBD match

  1. Mayo man Shaughnessy for Sligo IT scoring some points. Have we found our full forward?

  2. How much did shaughnessy score? Seen him
    In an u 21 county final before … he’s good

    Great to see David Clarke as captain today … without question he will have to be our no 1 this year ..

  3. Useful workout today I thought Evan Regan was very impressive looked to have bulked up. David Clarke was his usual commanding self in goal thought Kirby did well too ok his foot passing didn’t find his man 100% of the time but he showed well for the ball he has loads of potential if he could be coached and encouraged he’s worth persevering with in the league proper. Shane Nally was strong and impressive too. Thought Boland had a good game as had James Durcan Liam Irwin and Cathal Carolan looked lively but both need to work on their fitness. Colm Reape Shaugnessy and Kilker did ok for Sligo IT. All in all a useful workout. Don’t want to be negative but the Stephenites need to sort out their PA system couldn’t hear the national
    Anthem or the substitutions over in the stand I’m probably being pathendatic tho and it was good to be able to hop in the car and me home In 2 minutes for a change

  4. A typical pre season game really.very hard to take to much out of it.
    Kenny and Newcombe good in defence.kirby covered a lot of ground in midfield.
    Boland and freeman goodbye in forwards.regan has def bulked up!
    Costello got 2 nice points when he came on and james shaughnessy did well for Sligo IT.

  5. Enjoyable afternoon in Ballina. Good to see fringe players getting another go. I agree with all of what’s been said above. One little crib. For the second week running Mayo were late coming out for second half. As a result I missed the final few minutes in order to catch the 3.35 train.

  6. I think it was Eoin Reilly who gave away the penalty I just think he’s not quick enough at this level. Boland looked good today

  7. @Mayo51
    Shaughnessy scored 1-8. and 0-5 last week against Roscommon. Alot of frees. Played in the same U21 team in 2013 as Kirby Forde Adam Gallagher Evan Reagan Darran Coen Conor o Shea Cillian o Connor, A few familiar names there. I believe he is the only one that didn’t get a run out with the seniors.

  8. Where did you come from that your getting the train umpire ? Belmullet 🙂

    Would shaughnessy be worth a look for Mayo ?

  9. newcombe, Kenny, Kirby, Costello, J Durcan and boland good today from the new group. From existing squad, freeman, Nally and Regan were good in patches.

    Irwin needs to try and get in better shape. He is talented but to heavy.

  10. I know its only a pre-season game but one habit that we seemed to have developed under Rochford, is that no matter who we are playing we have a tendency to let them back into the game. I wasn’t at the match but I just heard some updates. I think at one stage we were 9 ahead and then it was back down to us been only 3 ahead. You’d like to see us put these games to bed sooner when we built up a big lead. Something for us to keep an eye on for the future.

  11. Not sure if that’s recent vintage HSE. We ve always been too kind as far as I can rem. I recall in the corresponding game last year at same venue Tom Parsons in on goal and opted for an easy point when he should have switched into practice mode …..and had a real bad thought! A kind of thing that might stand to all players later on in the year! Let thwm be trying things and let management be encouraging it at this stage. They’re not out there to be keeping themselves warm just.

  12. Sligo IT scored 0-6 points without reply after we started makng a number of changes, this may have changed the momentum of the game. Rockford wasn’t particularly pleased after the game it can be said from interview with Mike Finnerty on midwest and the one Colm Gannon posted. In particular with the 1-15 that was conceded, the amount of turnovers and the ease of which they were conceded. Not good enough he said heading into Roscommon.
    On players auditioning for spots Kenny / Newcombe / o reiily / Plunkett they have to stack up against the likes of Drake and later Crowe to stake their claim. With the more experience players coming back they will wouldn’t be getting better chances. Finding players or options is probably more important that results in these games and improving fitness something Irwin has to work on but it only January. Newcombe, Kirby and Boland are making the most noise it seems, some players will be looking over their shoulders.

  13. Fergal Boland, Shane Nally and Michael Plunkett the standout performers today. Alan Freeman & Cian Costello also done quite well. Cillian looked sharp when introduced. We will have more of the seasoned campaigners back next week.

    The Stephenites done a great job of hosting the game always love the ground. Need to pump up the volume on the old loudspeaker but otherwise excellent

  14. 12 months ago, I took my place in the stand of James Stephens Park to witness perhaps an unmemorable game of football. It was a match where new players were handed their opportunity to put their hand up and say pick me!
    It didn’t really happen that day, but as 2017 roles on, it is becoming increasingly evident, for me at least, that there are a couple players who are just oozing quality. The first is Evan Regan. Playing a slightly deeper role, he was able to win his own ball, make tackles and possess a quality left boot . The second player of note is Fergal Boland. His performance could be summed up as ‘perpetual motion’. With his natural instinct to take the game to the opposition and an engine that BMW would be proud of, he is a player who might find his feet sooner rather than later! Role on Kiltoom!

  15. Good to hear the positives on Regan/ Boland Magicdust….two forwards…and with good showings from Kirby/Plunkett this early part of the season could have quite fruitful returns for later on!

  16. Well I enjoyed that game, well done to all involved. A lot of honest hard work and endeavor all around. Donegal had some good players on the College team with lots of pace. Mayo players Kilker, Reape and JS done best. While still making a lot of mistakes Mayo played much better today. Their movement forward was much slicker than last week. There was clear evidence of an attempt to transition to attack faster than what we saw last week. Last week we labored to move towards attack with too much back passing and fooling around.I agree with some posters that there are a few newbies putting their names forward for Div 1 league football. I was impressed with Freeman. It is still pre-season and early January. Great to see Clarke as Captain, had a really good game. One of our defenders has a bright red ear after that peno As can be expected the Mayo team looked tiered towards the end, and the win would have been much bigger but for this.. Stephenites done really good today Thanks

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