Peadar’s out for three months

Peadar Gardiner injuredIt wasn’t just our unbeaten record in 2010 that we lost yesterday: Johnno has confirmed – to Keith Duggan in the Times – that the injury suffered to Peadar Gardiner is a broken elbow and that the Crossmolina man now faces three months on the sidelines. This means that not only will he miss all of our remaining league matches, he’s also unlikely to be back in time for our championship opener with Sligo in early June. Peadar lasted less than ten minutes yesterday and the damage was done when he took a tumble onto the granite-like surface. As the photo shows, he was in obvious pain as he made his way off.

It states in the Indo match report that Ronan’s injury is a hamstring one and I guess that could mean we’ll be without him for three or four weeks as well. I’d say it’s doubtful enough that he’ll be fit for the Derry or Kerry games but hopefully we’ll have him back to face Monaghan.

While we’re on the topic of match reports, aside from those ones in the Times and the Indo, there are others in the Mayo Advertiser, Hogan Stand, Gaelic Rising and on the RTÉ website. TIALTNGO also has some thoughts on how and why we allowed the Dubs to mug us. Speaking of mugs, I could do with a rather large one filled with coffee right now before I face this mountain of work that’s in front of me. Aren’t Mondays just great?

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  1. Hi WJ. I can almost feel your Blues and pain from your last two blogs. Take it from me, as you get much older an acceptence of lifes arrows and slings eases the pain. I too used to be crippled with angst but the one consistant about Mayo is their utter inconsistancy.
    I would love to be a sports psychologist and get inside the average Mayo footballers head. There is a pattern though. We started the 2004 championship like a rocket. 3-28 v New York, 0-18 v Galway, 2-13 v Ros, 0-16 v Tyrone. Then we got vertigo. We stopped and looked down. Struggled past Fermanagh and into the Kerry rotors. Same thing in 2006. In the league we averaged 0-18 points v the likes of Kerry, etc. In the semi final v Galway we cut that in half as vertigo set in once more. Last year we racked up a huge score v Ros and New York, almost dropped a tray full of glasses v Galway before stumbling home. Again we went leaderless v Meath and did as good as Ros did against them. This year we demolished Galway, almost threw a way a good result v Tyrone and went totally native v Dublin. Whats wrong with Mayo football is locked within the heads of the players and it will take someone other than John O Mahony to unlock it. Look at the inconsistant results over the years. Sweeping mindblowing wins followed by damp squib feeble losses. All we can do is hope.

  2. Indeed, ontheroad – I love your tray full of glasses analogy. I’m not actually feeling that much pain arising from yesterday (apart from in my back which is a bit stiff after all that driving), just frustration that we didn’t take the hatful of chances we had to win the game. I was telling my little Dub (who turns five two weeks from now) this morning about all those missed chances and how we should have won but he just looked me square in the eye and said “Yes, Dad, but they didn’t win, did they?”. That’s it in a nutshell, I suppose.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom, especially not for you ontheroad – have you checked the Face the Ball mini-league table yet? Tenth to first in one leap is pretty good going!

  3. Yes a big blow loosing P Gardiner
    Just maybe if he had been there for the duration yesterday a bit of width would have added to our game as we got sucked into the middle a lot
    But… The Malady with the shooting was very infectious even Vaughan and Mc loughlin came for a go and returned empty. The Dubs did apply serious pressure though fair play to them and caused shots under pressure I thought Trevor was way off the pace ? carrying a knock.. should have been subbed at half time
    We need a serious bounce next weekend up north

  4. My predictions are like the county team WJ. great when they come off, dire when I think too much, expect a slip back the way soon and then a surge and then a slip….keep up the good work.

  5. Sorry to hear about Peadar. he would have kept the dubs second guessing yesterday.Presume barrett will slot in there which gives us a half back line of mcglaughlin, Howely and Barrett…very small line physically. Time for Johnno to think outside the box for a change if you ask me. To be fair to howley he was brilliant yesterday…best man on the pitch without a doubt although the dublin full back did really well too. Howley seems to have settled into the role despite my reservations. he hit everything that moved yesterday including Seamie O Shea at one stage…it was one of the lighter moments in the game for me!!!

  6. “mcgluaghlin” who’s he ted? anything to kieran migdonnell? The dublin center forward destroyed Trevor Howely yesterday, im afraid Trevor spent the best part of the game chasing shadows.

  7. Willie Joe, I love your site because its not the war zone that Hogan Stand is. I love to come on and discuss, debate, and have a bit of banter with the many loyal posters you have built up over the years. They, like me, have poster names but after a while you get a feel for each of their views and opinions. I look forward to that.
    Ted is a guy I feel I know and respect. I too would have spelled “mcgluaghlin” somewhat similar. I probably would have spelt “center forward” slightly different as well, more like when I was at school it was spelt “centre forward”. The other “center” refered to the middle of towns and shopping “centers”.I recall a parable, people in glass houses etc.
    If we want to pick nits in guys spellings might I suggest, as was already suggested earlier today, to confine it to Hogan Stand. Ted, your ok. And by the way I for one will never forget the point Ciaran McDonald kicked v Dublin in a hot August day in 2006. Gotta check if its McDonald or McDonnell or Kieran or Ciaran.

  8. wj why did you let him post that, ontheroad its ‘town centre ‘and it is ‘center forward’.”I recall a parable, people in glass houses etc.”
    Not doubting anything about ted but if you call yourself a mayo gaa follower and this is where serious mayo fans come, is it or is it not? then they are the kind of things you should know, great blog wj. good post ontheroad, slighthly hypocritical,(look it up on on wiki) considering you have a comment on every post on hoganstand

  9. Okay, lads – I don’t want to stifle debate or take on the role of nanny moderator or anything but I think this particular debate has now run its course. It’s not as if we don’t have enough football stuff to talk about and we are, in the end, all on the same side …

  10. Dunno about Pat Harte, JJ, but wasn’t it pressure of work (I heard about trips to the States) keeping him out of the side? With Ronan most likely out for a few weeks, it’d be good to have him back for the next few games but I don’t know if there’s any chance of that happening.

    You should know, Ted, that I always use my spell checker here. It’s the rest of you that don’t but in the interest of a flowing debate I always close my mind to such blemishes!

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