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I’ve finally got my act together and uploaded some pictures onto Flickr, including a number taken at the match on Sunday. The last time I’d put any pics up before this morning was after the FBD match with GMIT back in the depths of January – we sure have come a long way since then.

Included in this glut of uploading are some photos from the league matches with Down, Dublin and Monaghan and the championship meeting with Galway back in June as well as the ones taken at HQ last Sunday. If you want to check them out, then either click here or go on the ‘Photos’ tab at the top.

19 thoughts on “Photos from the game

  1. Anyone hear Brolly’s (yes, him again…) comments on Sunday’s match?
    He says he was proved right about Cork. Yet no mention of being proven wrong about Mayo, when he previously said Cork would “wipe the floor” with us.
    So he thinks Cork are shite and Mayo are shite.
    So here’s my prediction for the Dublin/Tyrone game on Saturday:
    Dublin are no good, overhyped and won’t beat Tyrone. Tyrone are an ageing side with too many miles on the clock, so they won’t beat Dublin. I bet I’ll be proved right with one of those comments…

    Just in case ye missed it, here’s a nice quote from the man himself:

    “Thousands, and I mean thousands, have been texting, emailing and phoning to say that I’m right and I’ve been vindicated. That has got nothing to do with it. Cork were most definitely caught on the hop.”

  2. Janey Mac WJ. I’d say you were sitting fairly close to me. I recognise a few of those faces.

  3. Can the county board please stand up to the heads in Croke Park and ensure that we will not have to wear that dirty red jersey against Kerry again. Make them change. When Kerry get a glimpse of a red jersey in Croke Park they turn into a different animal. Hope to see the boys run out the next day in our traditional Jersey.

    Pride will and truly restored.

  4. From what I know, Chisel, Croke Park now have the power to order both teams to wear alternative strips (they passed a rule at Congress to this effect a few years back). This will probably mean that Kerry will wear the same jersey they had against Limerick and our obvious second choice would be to wear the predominantly red one. I agree, though, that this would be a bad idea for the reasons you’ve outlined. Maybe a jersey in the white of Connacht with red (and maybe a bit of green too) in the shorts – to make us look more than a bit like Tyrone – might have a better psychological impact on them from our perspective …

  5. Agree 100% with you WJ on that. Our current day heroes should wear the same colour white jersey as the heroes of 51 with as you have rightly suggested a red and green fleck through it. The white of Tyrone always seems to put the fear of God in them so why can’t we replicate that?

  6. Eugene McHale in all his glory. We wore white that day. We have had bad days in red and bad days in white. And bad days in red and green. And good days in red and green and great days in white. Jesus I am not sure about the colours. It would be nice to try something different with a combination of green and red on something predominately white. No! I gotta stop that type of drivel, it reminds me of when I was a kid a hundred years ago. Beat them in any colour. That will do.

  7. As regular readers will know, I’m colour-blind so it doesn’t matter a huge amount to me what they appear in, as long as I can tell them from the Kerrymen.

  8. forget about what colour we will be wearing,jh wont let parenoia over shirts enter the boys heads .kerry are too old they didnt get a hard game this year i think for once they are the ones with sleepless nights over the next 3 weeks. dont forget they had a ringside seat on sunday and know there next for a dog fight with may,are they up for it so late in so many careers? i think not

  9. whoa…ed,dangerous talk-dont get me wrong, I firmly believe in this team,have done from the get-go, but we have to assume Kerry will be the strongest team we meet so far, and prepare accordingly otherwise……97,04,06.Eiri suas a mhaigheo!

  10. I think an ounce of reality is in order. We havent won a thing-we caught a depleted Cork team on the hop!!! Did we play out of our skins-absolutely, but as Conor Counihan said in the Mayo dressing room afterwards-theres no medals for winning a quarter finals.

    We can absolutely beat Kerry, but cool heads are in order.

  11. sorry pressed enter by mistake.

    I watched the 2006 final in the Green Briar in Brighton. I couldnt get any parking and had to park up at the hospital around the corner. By the time I paid my $20 in-we were already 10 points down.

  12. Lads the kingdom are there for us. there’s a lot of issues that will need to be addressed before we get stuck in on the 21st. But we’re there and they’re there and we’ll give it our all and thats what counts!

    Yerra let the rest talk while we train! (more useless opinion to come as the game approaches)

    Maigh eo abu

  13. I agree with chisel we cant have mayo in that stupid red jersey while kerry are wearing their proper jersey, as happened in 2004. Why did that hapen anyway did we lose a toss or something prior to the match??

    In 06 both teams wore their proper jerseys, I dont care what kerry wear but I think we should do everything we can to stay in our green and red jerseys. Thats our colours that we have pride in and passion to fight for, Ive never seen us play well in that red jersey. In all likelihood we will probably both end up changing strips if what you say is true Willie Joe, just to add lads Limerick also had that white jersey on the last day the kerry bucks weren’t too scared!

  14. i see the shitology from darragh o se has begun in times today. Yerra cillian o connor is 14 stone, big for a minor blah blah blah. You know it sounds a little like they are a bit worried like ya know. Oh the mindgames begins.
    Anyone know if there are club games this weekend?
    Cud do without them.

  15. I heard they are scheduled, yes. What about Darragh’s article from a while back where he said that the Connacht championship was the most important provincial one, because none of the teams could have any other aspirations in the championship …

  16. I’m beginning to think, let the so called journalists say what they like, it’s becoming farcical, different county men with all their own agendas and pet hates.

    I think with Mayo football from a neutrals point of view it comes down to us letting them down too many times. If you go back to 89, there was a love in with Mayo, everyone wanted us to do it, i think this has developed into a type of bitterness over the twenty odd yrs since with the neutrals, a case of them been sick of the sight of us, losing money backing us too.

    This all has nothing to do with this present bunch of lads and that should be drilled into them, they owe nobody anything only to go out and play their heart for their county like they have done so far this year.

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