Pints, anyone?

We’ve the match to look forward to, of course, on Sunday but before every big match there’s always The Night Before and so a few of us have decided to institute our own impromptu pre-match session on Saturday night. The venue for this event (if skulling porter may properly be termed as such) is Bowe’s pub on Fleet Street (the bit of it that lies between Westmoreland Street and D’Olier Street, across the road from the old Irish Times building) where throw-in is set for nine or a bit after. If you’re at a loose end in the capital around then tomorrow night, you might like to drop in and join us for one or two and some chat about how we might go about sorting out the Kerrymen the day after.

6 thoughts on “Pints, anyone?

  1. I hope you’re getting a few pints commision for this. the place will be jammed I’d say.

  2. I suppose we could wear one of those alternate green and red ties beloved by some. I am an open necked shirt man myself. Never quite made it in the world but I will be able to be spotted with the corncrake perched on my shoulder near the chip I carry. Samuel Maguire will have one of the bonhams with him that failed to sell. It is house trained. Give it a pint in an ash tray and it will be ok. Fcuk…I forgot about the smoking ban. See you there.

  3. Be careful ‘ontheroad’-if the corncrake eats your chip and Samuel’s bonham eats the corncrake……ah jeez lads they’ll be feckin war!-Prior committments means I’ll be in Cassidy’s but shur theres nathan gone outta the Sat night before the FINAL!! Eiri suas a Mhaigheo!

  4. only jetting in at sun up from london so will not be be able to put faces to the names, i’ll make sure to take the whole weekend off for the final !

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