Player of the Year award – voting now open

Mayo team AISF 2015

Okay, it’s time to get the voting underway in this year’s Mayo GAA Blog Player of the Year award. Ten players have been nominated using the methodology I explained in the previous post and now it’s over to you to decide which one of them will win the award.

The poll will remain open until Sunday evening, with the winner formally announced that night.

Who was our 2015 Player of the Year?

  • Diarmuid O'Connor (33%, 263 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (20%, 158 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (18%, 143 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (15%, 121 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (5%, 43 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (2%, 17 Votes)
  • Barry Moran (2%, 14 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (1%, 10 Votes)
  • Kevin Keane (1%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 792

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104 thoughts on “Player of the Year award – voting now open

  1. Aido hands down.

    He was the messiah after the Donegal game, striking fear into the country.

    Parsons, keegan, Boyle and the O’Connors top drawer but Aidan really stood up this year

  2. Diarmuid O’Connor for me. Hard to believe he only made his debut last year. We wouldn’t be without him now.

  3. Between Aido and Lee for me. I gave it to Lee cause of his performances in Croke park. He was exceptional in all 3 games.

    Big shout out to parsons and doc as well

  4. It has to be Diarmuid.
    His presence was huge for us all through the Championship. It was his performance in the Sligo match where he first really caught my eye.
    He can switch effortlessly from that languid style to suddenly injecting pace, running direct, showing his strength and power, taking on his man. As noted by other posters a few days ago, he uses the ball so well and rarely gets turned over. I let some yelp out of me in Croker when he scored that beauty on Saturday! It was a class moment.
    Crucially, he has some temperament for such a young chap, and like his brother, he really shines on the biggest stage. This, coupled with his consistent showings all summer, means he has to get the award.

  5. Mike finnerty called Aidan o Shea the bear in the square.the dubs on twitter now calling him the poodle in the park.

  6. We are from Mayo we always care what brolly,o Shea ect have to say about us and we will until we win it and then you can tell them where to go

  7. DOC has had an absolute cracker of a 2nd year. Brilliant sign that it was so hard to choose with all players listed deserving of an award.

  8. Something scary has happened to me this week: I’m in my early thirties and I’ve witnessed many heartbreaks throughout my life as a fanatical supporter of our Gaelic football team, but for the first time in my life I’m beginning to accept the fact that I’ll probably never see us winning an All-Ireland. I just don’t think we’re good enough anymore. We simply don’t have what it takes to win one. We have a great team but they’re lacking that ruthlessness that it takes to be champions. I read an article in the paper a few weeks ago and parts of it were answers from an interview with Keith Higgins (I think) but he said something that has stuck in my head ever since and I’ve had this suspicion for years. He said something like “the days of fisting tables and shouting in the dressing room are over” and said it was a calm dressing room or something to that effect, but I think that’s where the problem lies; we don’t show enough passion and try to be too professional. I’m sure everybody has heard about Jackie Tyrrell’s half time speech which inspired those Kilkenny hurlers to go out and play like men possessed in the 2nd half. We need to bring that kind of passion back into our team if we’re going to win the top prize.

    P.S. I know we have to work on a lot of tactical stuff too, just in case anybody accuses me of implying that it’s only passion we need to bring into our team.

  9. Well that’s a mad attitude to have…nobody knows what is coming down the line…if you told a Donegal person in 2010 they would be All – Ireland Champions in 2012, they would’ve laughed at you. This Mayo team may not win one, but who knows what the future holds who is coming down the line, sure what difference does it make whether they’re banging tables or not? If they had no passion they would’ve been beaten the first day.

  10. Not an easy choice. However, had to go with Keegan. To defend and defy Connelly and score in both quarters and semi-finals is special.

  11. You completely missed my point Joe. Of course I don’t mean that banging bloody tables will help them win an All-Ireland. I feel that they lack that type of leader who will give an inspirational half time speech and we lacked the ruthlessness against Dublin. That’s something that really worries me. So many heads dropped when Dublin drew level.

  12. I’d have to give that nod to Aido. His performance or output may have dipped against Dublin but that was largely due to the poor service and lack of support.

  13. I think if you take likely all-stars as a benchmark you will get closer to the answer.

    In truth we all know that the two finalist will dominate the list with at minimum 8 and possibly up to 11 all Stars. That leaves 4-7 coming from elsewhere.

    On that basis 2-3 would appear to be the limit of what Mayo will get.

    While I think Keegan was excellent for Mayo this year – he is up against James McCarty, Jack McCaffrey and Peter Harte – and that is before we even get to Kerry. I think Caffrey is nailed on regardless of what happens in final and Harte is highly probable so I would put Lee down as a nominee and possibility on that basis rather than a probability.

    I think Brogan is a sure thing too unless he has a disaster in the final. With Geaney, andrews, McCurry and Murphy among the others there I would still regard AOS as a high probability for Mayo.

    In midfield I see Parsons as a probable at the moment. I think Maher is a sure thing for Kerry and I don’t see any of the Dublin midfielders challenging this year. So Parsons will be up against Moran and Magee, Hughes as the main threats. At the moment i would favour Parsons to seek – I think Seamie may well get an all star but has probably cost himself with the black card.

    Diarmad O’Connor I think will get a nomination and there is a definite possibility there but again a lot is gong to depend on how the final pans out.

    In summary if Mayo were to get the 2 all-stars, it would probably be AOS and Tom Parsons for me. If they were to get a third it would be a toss up between DOC and Lee Keegan. My money would be on two all starts at this stage from possibly 6 or 7 noniminations.

    Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and far be it from me to says the fans are wrong but as i said on a previous page I think allowances for DOC is being made for his age and experience. However, if he was the 24 year old and O’Shea was the young 20 old in his second season I wonder would the votes be different? If Mayo were in the All Ireland final in 2 weeks time and you had to start without either one of those players – which one would you choose?

  14. Hard to pick one. Nobody has had a really outstanding season. I’d have to go with Cillian for his performances on the biggest stage in our 2 biggest games of the year.

    I would love to see a vote before the Dublin games.

    I’d say AOS would have got 85% of the votes.

  15. I think you’re right, Cantini – two All-Stars are probably what we’re looking at, with Diarmuid also bolted-on for the Young Player of the Year award.

  16. Tom Parsons gets my vote, he kicked ass and he took names.

    Lee, Aiden , Keith , Diarmuid and Colm all deserve it if they win it .

    Barry sadly didn’t get enough time on the park and Cillian was not himself this year.

  17. I went with Lee, but Diarmuid, Aido, Tom P, Zippy and Cillian (for always performing best when we need him most) could all have got it also.

    In terms of All-Stars I’d say Lee and Tom Parsons are probably best placed to pick them up. Keith may also get one and Aido has an outside chance. Diarmuid to get YPOTY but not an All-Star.

  18. With the greatest of respect to Jackie Tyrrell, I can assure you that his contribution to the cause has been blown far out of proportion this week. Speeches in dressing rooms are worth jack shit and what counts on the big day is cuteness and composure on the playing field and smarts on the sideline. On the big day, we had less of both of those factors than the winning team.

    Sadly, and this is not being negative or reactionary for the sake of it, I do have a feeling, that while the current set-up remains in place, we will be found lacking again on both counts. I don’t support knee-jerk calls for a change of management (what are the alternatives at this point?) but while I have the greatest of time for both, neither am I full of confidence about what the future holds under Noel and Pat.

    Now Maigh eo 4 I’m in my early thirties myself, but thankfully I seem to have escaped the malaise you have picked up on your way. I just hope to god it’s not contagious. A future not just with no Sam but with no hope of Sam? Sure what’s the point in living at all?!

  19. @ Anne-Marie Did you see how Kilkenny played in the 2nd half compared to the 1st? If speeches meant “jack shit” as you so eloquently put it then why would that Kilkenny player even mention it after the game. Think about it!

  20. Seems unfair to do this cos everyone gave it so much all year. The whole team is deserving of top spot.
    When it comes to individuals there are many standouts but I’d have to go with DOC for his never say die,disciplined and passionate displays.
    AOS has to be no. 2 for his power and strength through the C’Ship and with a bit more settling in in his forward setting together with a more tuned acquaintance with his colleagues,we can surely look ahead with confidence.
    Tom Parsons brought a new element to the team this year. A pity he was nt available more up to now. He graces the football field with his fine midfield qualities so eloquently and is no slouch either.

  21. Has to be Diarmaid O Connor. If there was more mayo players like him and Cillian in the Mayo team we would be in the all Ireland final every year. Aido has had a good year. One point from play in over 140 mins of football against the dubs isn’t enough. We can argue about the supply and of course he won frees but mayo needed more. Honourable mentions for Keegan, Higgins, Boyle and parsons.

  22. Aidan for me was our player of the year sometimes I think we take him for granted remember he has been playing out of position and he beat Galway and Donegal by himself….Diarmuid was fantastic and he fills me with hope for the future Cillian was brilliant in the 2 games against the Dubs, Lee Keegan Tom Parsons Colm Boyle all had a great year …great to see Chris Barrett back to his best after all his injurys the last couple of years….

    I think Management should stick Daragh OSheas colum to every dressing room wall for motivation next year there are some points that ring true.

  23. I went with Lee, I hope he decides to let Connolly out of his pocket before Sunday week. Aido would be my second choice, theirs not much more to say on the man, he is a remarkable footballer. If we sit down in december and construct a proper game plan with sweepers, and work on it throughout fbd/allianz ive no doubt we’ll be back in an all ireland final.
    Im gunna throw on my nostradamus hat here for a second, and give my opinion on how 2016 will turn out for us:

    fbd: probably will be won by Roscommon, we’ll rest alot of first teamers, and give fringe players game time, likes of conor loftus, steven coen, michael hall, regan, and whoever else puts their hands up through club championship.

    Allianz league: Winners- Dublin. We’ll survive again, maybe finishing 4th-6th We’ll be working on our new system through out, but slowly introducing our big players, Roscommon are probably back training having been knocked out ages ago, they’ll be the fittest team in February and will probably nick a couple of early wins, enough to survive. Down and Monaghan to be relegated.

    Championship-Winners-???. Obviously the connacht draw has’nt been done yet, but safe in the knowledege that if we play Galway or Roscommon, they’ll be coming to Castlebar, the 6 in a row will be achieved. Im going for a quarter final win over Kildare/Meath. A semi final win over Tyrone, and we are back in a final, against the losers from this years final.

    Thats my prediction, now im off to the bookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I doubt management will want to be reminded of that article – there are too many harsh truths in it for all concerned!

  25. Juan – Have to agree with a lot of what you said. Derry a couple of years ago were the fittest team in Ireland in February and gave 100% to the league. Come the summer they were burned out. Losing to Longford in Celtic Park. Wouldn’t be surprised id the same thing happens Roscommon this year.

  26. 2winjustonce, exactly, Roscommon have done that the last two years, flying through the league, then basically on a downward spiral come championship. I think they’ll survive div 1 and fall flat again in the qualifiers.

  27. Well done to Lee Keegan who has been named POTM for August,little consultation I know but just reward for his efforts

  28. The main problem for us is that we cannot change our tactics on the fly. We probably started Barry Moran to cope with the diagonal balls that caused us so much trouble in the drawn game. 1-5 of 1-7 that Dublin scored in the first half of the drawn game came from these types of balls. Dublin didn’t use this tactic in the replay. Our management should have seen this. We could have moved Barry Moran up front at times and played a more mobile player as a sweeper. This could have caused the Dubs a lot of problems so I’m surprised that we didn’t try it at any stage during the game. That will be the most fascinating part of the final, seeing what tactics each team will employ on the day. At this stage I think that we should be worrying about ourselves rather than about what Roscommon etc. will be doing. WINNERS don’t think like that, they make the required changes to their own team and don’t repeat mistakes of the past.

  29. Nobody is worrying about roscommon hopespringseternal. My main worry is that keith and andy stick with it for another year. Plenty of time to iron out our flaws, once the squad is rested and ready to go back at it for another year.

  30. @Patriot
    “Has to be Diarmaid O Connor. If there was more mayo players like him and Cillian in the Mayo team we would be in the all Ireland final every year. Aido has had a good year. One point from play in over 140 mins of football against the dubs isnโ€™t enough.”

    I’d say AOS might be disappointed with the return alright but its not as though DOC or COC that you are calling out for special praise were tearing up the scoreboard either against the Dubs. 1-1 and 0-3 in 140 minutes of football – prolific?…combined it adds up to less than Kevin McMenamin kicked in 55 mins of football. So maybe worth looking at how many scores he AOS was responsible for not just from frees and assists but the fact that 2 or 3 dublin players were occupied with him which allowed others more freedom to play. His presence on the field should not be overlooked in terms of contribution therefore…i’m sure Donegal would have preferred deploying the McHughs somewhere other than on the flat of their arse watching Aido steaming through.

    jaysus I really need to check myself…i feel like a sligo man advocating for the canonisation of O’Shea….must be something akin to stockholm syndrome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. agree with @Cantini on AOS. People seem to be judging him on the Dub matches when he still drew a large amount of fouls. He virtually beat Galway and Sligo on his own and was very good against Donegal with terrible service. Easily our POTY. Not even a contest IMO.

  32. Congrats to Leroy, on being August’s player of the month will deserved. Should get over the line for another well deserved All Star, Think Cillian will be our only other, no better man when the chips are really down. Took Parsons of in a Chance, as is SOS but I think the Kerry men will get both midfield slots.Diarmod O Connor deserves one as well but they will hardly give him young player of the year and an All Star as well!

  33. when the chips where down against Dublin lee keegan and the 2 o Connor s stood up to the plate you may say cillian did not score much from play but was was really composed when taking that Penalty demo has really come on in the last Aido seamed to be out steam

  34. Tom Parsons our footballer of the year Leroy for an all star CilIan all star Higgins Boyle Parsons and Aidan will get nominated.Diarmuid will be nominated for young footballer but I don’t think get will win it O Riordan of Tip one or two from Tyrone, Kilkenny of Dublin O Brien and Geaney of kerry will be in the running a strong performance in the aif would put either of the dubs or kerry lads in a strong position.

  35. ^^^Cillian definitely won’t get an All Star

    We may only get one though. DOC is nailed on for Young Player so that’ll probably be his lot as already mentioned

    If Fenton has a huge final he may just usurp Tom P. David Moran is nailed on and will get POTY if Kerry win

    Jack McCaffrey is a cert at wing back but I think Lee will get the other alright. Aidan won’t get one after Dublin games and we’ve no-one else really

    Looking like our lowest tally in a while. Going to be completely domianted by the final teams, with a token Tyrone player thrown in and probably Quigley getting the token QF vote.

  36. Forgot McManus actually as the QF vote. He’ll probably join Bernard and JOD in FF line, although Andrews could sneak one with another big performance

    Kilkenny and D. Walsh look certainties already in the HF line. The other should be Diarmuid but won’t.

  37. McManus He was good against Donegal and that it got a Handy one 2013 Bob will get one instead od o donoghue

  38. @Cait

    playing devil’s advocate here because I did the same to a friend of mine recently and he couldn’t answer it….when was the last time you saw a penalty missed in football championship since they moved the spot into the 12 yards? There may be a couple but I genuinely can’t remember any in the championship this year alone I have seen O’Donoghue, Marren, O’Connor, Connolly (2), Peter Harte, Rory Feely (Kildare)….these are the ones I can remember and that is 7/7…..the odds are strongly in players favour to score a penalty.

    To be fair I think COC will be surprised and humbled to get nominated this year – which I’d say is 50/50 chance.

  39. I meant to say B b Bernard brogan sorry bad spelling j McCarthy be close behind keego for an all star his point started the dub comeback

  40. O’Donoghue is a cert on what we’ve seen so far. As is BB

    The only way either won’t win one is if Dublin win the AI and Andrews has a star performance

    McManus only good v Donegal? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The guy is class personified

  41. He maybe but I have cillian ahead of mcmanus would McManus scored that Penalty against the dubs cillian is an ice cold customer

  42. I’d be one of those that wouldn’t read too much into penalties either Cantini, I’d fully expect any inter county forward to stitch a free shot with only the keeper to beat from 12 yards out.

    I’d read far more into Cillian winning some of those dirty balls like he did in both matches v the Dubs (which obviously don’t get noticed on a similar level) and some of those further out frees he got

    Anyhow lets be honest, as much as I love COC he shouldn’t be near a conversation for the All Star team this year, sadly. I’d doubt he’ll be nominated

    Still doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute a lot in the two Dub matches though

  43. Well as Cantini pointed out the odds and stats are very much in favour of the penalty taker so I don’t see why there’s any reason to assume McManus would have missed it?

    It’s a pretty silly thing to use a basis anyway, with respect, a free shot from 12 yards. General play is obviously the main factor.

    That said I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of frees, many of which are much tougher to put over the bar than to net a shot from 12 yards

    I wouldn’t substitute Cillian for anyone in the country as a free taker tbh

  44. He was injured was well so maybe he was bit slow to get going maybe next year he will be back to himself. Rant over for today.

  45. @ Juan, the point I was making was that yes we might get to the stage of playing big games again like semi-finals, finals etc. but you’d wonder if we don’t have someone on the sideline who can read the game then we’ll be in trouble again. For example against Dublin the last day when Andy Moran came on, he set-up a goal and won a free off Jonny Cooper. Jim Gavin took off Cooper straight away and brought on Michael Fitzsimons. In the 2012 final, Kevin McLoughlin scored two points in the first half and Jim McGuinness moved Frank McGlynn onto him in the second half and he kept Kevin Mc scoreless and he scored a point himself. So whatever any other teams are doing we really need to sharpen up on our game changing moves or we are going nowhere really and you’d nearly even say that there is not much point getting to these big games if we always end up with the same result.

  46. Not interested in who gets all stars.Deffo no plaudits for our management– defiantly a step backwards for Mayo.

  47. Cait – the only players you only rant on about are Cillian, AOS and DOC.
    On the all stars, Cillian hasn’t a hope, neither has AOS after a couple of below par performances even though he did a lot of unseen work and contributed towards a lot of key scores against the dubs. Our one and only all star will be Leeroy and it’s hard to ague against that. DOC is in a strong position to win YP but not a shoe in. Rarely a player wins this award without appearing in the AIF.

  48. Find it strange how DO’C is leading, will deserve the YPOTY award he’ll undoubtedly get but felt we had much stronger performers throughout the set of supporters opinions are affected more by recency bias than us and prior to the replay I would have said Aidan, Seamie, Parsons and Keegan would all be ahead of DO’C. But Diarmuid is hugely vital player for us going forward, he’s improved no end since last year where I really doubted after that Roscommon game if himself and Conor O’Shea would be given their chance anytime soon.

    For next year I think there are a few key areas we need to address on the pitch and not just game management or tactical tweaks, I think we’d be better off giving Kevin Keane a chance and persisting with him. Bar a calamitous all ireland final against donegal he’s been solid whenever he’s been called upon and Caff hasnt had a good game since the aforementioned roscommon game in 2014. Kev McLoughlin is another player who’s really disappointed in recent years, given how excellent he was in 2011 and 2012 especially when he was robbed of an All Star. I think Adam Gallagher should would be an ideal replacement for Kevin, he’s now free of injury and with a good FBD campaign under his belt he’d be a real addition to the side at wing forward as he’s got all the attributes needed to excel in that role. Would also like to see Durcan work his way into our championship 2016 XV..persisting with the same players who’ve been plugging away since 2012 won’t get us over the line..

    On a sidenote just like to say how unfair some of the criticism of Robbie Hennelly has been, pinpointing isolated moments of the game is easy to do with the benefit of hindsight, Fenton’s shot could easily have gone out for a sideline and I doubt there’d be as much talk in the media about Rob’s gloves then. He was excellent in the first game, arguably our best player and was faultless for most of the replay. The way he commands his square has improved remarkably since the 2013 ai final.

  49. I don’t think there’s any player in the final that’s eligible Mayoman so DOC is a shoe in for sure

    Think fenton was under 21 last year

    Bradley from tyrone would be the nearest challenger

  50. I’d say Cillian was being managed to start peaking in August given his problems in the spring – And credit has to be given to the physios, fitness and medical folk who got him to the point where he shot the lights out the last 2 games.

  51. @cait
    Ah hh cait how ridiculous is it to say “I bet mcmanus wouldn’t score a penalty against the dubs”? Based on what? COC is a good player….but personally think he is not being optimised. He is a goal poacher. Look at both his hat ricks against London and Donegal -pretty much all six into empty net….yes or no? His goal on Saturday….good swivel but put on a plate….thing is the many foolish people will think I am insulting the man…on the contrary when u have the good fortune to get a goal poacher u have a rare breed. What should u do? Get him poaching!!! Not hand passing balls on ur own 50!

    COC is not Ciaran McDonald that could spray passes around the pitch and a vision to control the game so he should never be on his own 50…he is a goal poacher and if I managed mayo he wouldn’t be allowed pass the 21 yard line….and he would score goals and more of them when it mattered because he has the instinct and don’t underestimate how hard and important it is to be the one kicking balls into empty nets on a regular basis….it’s a gift. Embrace it.

    Of course he is a top class fre taker too…..but definitely does not deserve all star this year.

    Well pointed out. But in 2014…. So we are still running at 90 odd% strike rate?

  52. I went to 2 FBD League games 4 NFL League games and the 5 Championship games. I would love to know how many games some of the posters here went to.

  53. Lot of people commenting here who know very little about all stars and player of the year awards. Firstly YPOTY. This award is for U21 PLAYERS ONLY. Therefore McCaffrey, kilkenny, geaney (fecks sake this guy is about 26!!) etc all ineligible.

    Diarmuid is a certainty for this award. Neither kerry nor dublin have a regular starter eligible so he will get it. Paddy power had him at 1/20 last week – unbackable with mark Bradley of Tyrone next at 10/1 and Cormac costello of dublin third fav at 33/1 (does he even make the dublin matchday 26?). They have since closed the book on this award so mammy o connor should start clearing away a space on the mantle piece for this particular trophy without hesitation methinks.

    Regarding Allstars – Aidan o shea dominated all our early games this year and was nominated for MOTM in the draw game v Dublin. Will be unfortunate not to get the FF spot. James o D has been poor this year and needs a massive final to get the nod I feel. Leroy and jack mc Caffrey will be the 2 wing backs. Having got August POTM yesterday Lee now almost certain to pick up a third award. Our other contenders are keith, Tom and Diarmuid. I expect us to get 3 awards (same as last year because we drew the semi final), so I predict Lee, Aidan and one from the three I mentioned to be honoured. At the moment Diarmuid deserves it but a big final from Flynn or Connolly will see them pip him. Donnacha walsh and kilkenny the other half forwards. Keith prob most likely due to a shortage of competitors at corner back (although shane Enright could pip him with a big final).

  54. All stars player of the year GPA player of the month young player of the year etc all irrelevant only thing that will be remembered is how many all Ireland medals a player has won sad but true who won young player of the year in 1994? Who was our player of the year in 2009? Doesn’t matter

  55. Backdoor Sam – agree 100%. Sad that is what we are reduced to discussing now.
    Anyone planning a trip a London next year…..roll on 2016.

  56. well there you go lads how about that for integrity our very own Lee Keegan says it as it is and admits he was the provoker again Diarmuid Connolly! you just have to tip your hat to a Man like that who lets face it puts his hands up, admits he was bending or breaking the rules for the team of course! I’m proud of that Man.

  57. Backdoor Sam – I think to dismiss an achievement such as Young Player of the Year or Player of the Year does an incredible disservice to those who have achieved. I’m sure the players themselves consider it a great honour, and so they should.

    At a guess, 2009 POTY was probably Kennelly or Galvin.

  58. If you compare Lee’s interview to Philly McMahon’s one, Lee was been honest and probably too nice and Philly McMahon was at best, economical with the truth. The sickner for us is that the Dublin lads already have their All-Ireland medals in their back pockets.

    Meanwhile as the Mayo v Dublin saga continues on there is not one word coming out of the Kerry camp. All I have seen in the media so far is talk about the referee been Dublin based and the fallout from the Mayo and Dublin game.

  59. Very silly article by Lee. Could be a marked man by refs from now on.
    He should have adopted the Philly “I am totally innocent” McMahon approach.
    No need for it.

  60. As it turns out we do not have a as nasty side as Lee makes out.
    Nothing dark about strong tackling. We are not nearly as cynical as we need to be.
    Just look at the way Caff let BB get inside him for the 2nd goal.

  61. Well it’s not cynicism we lack. Just lack a bit of aggressive legitimate contact and toughness at the back. Anyone who has played corner back will tell you coming along the endline just simply push the forward over the endline. At worst a yellow card, more likely a tapover free. But …. there is actually a significant chance you simply get the goalkick. Often you see pushes over the sideline or endline not be given for a free, Ger Caff pushed a Dublin player over the sideline at one stage in first or second game, sideline ball to us. The problem was one of strength, they were indeed trying to push him over the endline, it needed the chunky powerful Keane to do it, he wasn’t on the pitch, he was sitting watching it.
    If we start taking black cards or fouling out the pitch we don’t have the bench and it would be too disruptive to our play. The backs overall are a bit too easy to collect in front of, turn and shoot. It’s also a mindset. If yer thinking black cards and cynicism you’ve got penalties, red cards etc. not too far way.
    I’d prefer if there was the umpiring to clean up some of the off the ball stuff. I hate the “Need to do anything to win” attitude. But it’s been there a long time. Back in the 60’s you see forwards absolutely milled out of it. The modern player does the pushing and shoving off the ball, the old style player there was always one defender who would shoulder a man straight down the middle. Have a look back at some old games, you couldn’t solo through a defence, you had to offload the ball as quick as you could or you’d be clobbered. That’s fairly cynical now in fairness.

  62. Why oh why do we have discuss who will be an All Star??? Sure sign that we are happy with crumbs from the Winners table! Can you imagine this nonsense being a topic tolerated on a Kerry/ Dublin website?? The only topic worthwhile is what we need to do to win Sam Maguire!

  63. To be fair, mayoforever, it might be a topic tolerated on a Kerry or Dublin website this week if they weren’t in the final either! They’ve obviously got weightier issues on their minds right now. Personally, I think any talk about who might or might not get an All-Star is better parked until after the final is played because the decision on the destination of the vast bulk of the awards every year always hinges on that one game.

  64. Your right Mayo Mark it is an achievement but will it be remembered in 20 years who won young player of the year this year? No it won’t but if you ask anyone who won Sam 2015 in 20 years time they will be able to tell you just like I can tell you Dublin won it 20 years ago in 1995 but I haven’t a scooby doo who the young player of the year was that year Sam is all that matters to this bunch of Mayo players they have given everything to the cause I hope and pray they do win Sam in the not too distant future

  65. Thanks WJ but I am not in any way critical of you as Moderator! Your website is excellent but talking about All Stars is suggesting that we are waiting for some ‘Experts’ to affirm that our players are heroes!! We know that already! Great players deeds live on in the minds of supporters and no gong will ever change that! For example is Donal Vaughan a lesser player because he did not get an All Star? If Ciaran McManus gets an AllStar before AOS or COC is he a better player than either?. No way !!! OK let’s discuss our best team of 2015 over a pint on the high stool over the Christmas but not before the business end of the season is over!

  66. yes indeed very interesting piece by Ciaran Whelan… will we learn like those 6 games are with out doubt unreal that we got nil for our return, it hurts now when you think of it! 6 Mega games, jesus our lads must be made of feckin steel boy!

  67. If Ciaran McManus wins an All Star that will be a bigger achievement by Offaly than even 82!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Read the article in the examiner as regards Lee role in getting Connolly sent off. The headline doesn’t actually reflect what Lee is quoted as saying. Anyhow personally I think it’s better to be honest and seen as honest. Refs have reg a match. I think those who actually would have you believe that the camera misrepresents what actually happened on the pitch will be going out. I speak of course of the self cannoised Philly McMahon, Of again of

  69. I see somebody mention on twitter that they have flights booked to London for the Mayo Game. Has a date been decided on for this game yet?

  70. I’ll finish what I was saying about Saint Philly. The camera picked up 2 punches thrown at Colm Boyle while Colm is on the ground during the drawn game where Mayo are awarded a penalty. The camera doesn’t lie, The Ref misses it, where are those people who proposed ah eight week ban for Tiernan McCann. The GAAs disciplinary process is a total sham. Sean Cavanagh was saying yesterday that Mayo V Dublin was worse than anything Tyrone were involved in. I think as far as Dublin is concerned he’s right. Another bug bear with me is John O Mahony in “The mail on Sunday” writing about the discipline of the drawn game, and I quote “Iam a Mayo man, but I felt that one or two of the Mayo players has a case to answer. To make one player in Connolly a scape goat was wrong” I would suggest to O Mahony that no Mayo player had a car to answer, but 3 Dublin played should have been banned for the replay. O will name then, Philly McMahon, Jonney Copper and D Connolly.I would respectfully suggest to John O Mahony that he reviewed the footage or have a visit to Specksavers!

  71. Was thinking that myself Donedeal though I think it’s usually the UK May Bank Hol (which is last weekend in May over there).

    I’d never chance booking it yet though in a million years if not actually confirmed, plenty of time like!

    I’m going to miss it regardless though ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ and the Connacht semi (provided we actually win in London!)

  72. Lean times, I couldn’t agree more, and I can’t believe that little ******* McMahon got away with what he got away with in the first game. Disgusting

  73. ^^^ I agree, he had a tremendous replay and is a great footballer. I think the first game should be forgotten about myself, he wasn’t punished, rightly or wrongly and that’s the end of it

    I wish him and all of Dublin well in the final, I want to see them win myself, great team

  74. Diarmuid obviously young player of the year, as for all stars,likely Tom Parsons and Aiden O’Shea. For what its worth my personal top five would read; 1. Diarmuid (consistency throughout every minute of every game he played, fantastic player regardless of age-imagine what he will be like in 2/3 years injury permitting), 2 Aido (would have been a shoe-in for number one but for various well discussed reasons, through no fault of his own, it just didnt happen in the last two games), 3. Tom Parsons (excellent addition to the starting fifteen, shame he wasnt a bigger presence in years gone by as he has always had the ability but fair play plenty of years for him ahead), 4. Lee Keegan (top class performer), 5. Cillian (ice cool when the chips are down, a class act, a bit like Aido imo not being employed to his strengths-but if we ever are to win it, this will be the man who will lead us there)

  75. Thanks for the correction Trevor Naughton, Conor McManus was who I was rearing to! A straightforward correction would be more appreciated! You know what they say about the smart aleck!!!!

  76. Cait. Too honest. Hope he is not making himself a marked man for the future.

    Might be better if he said nothing at all. You can be too honest while at the same time some clown from the opposing team is basically saying the camera lied, re a different incident in the same game.

    Keegan is seen there in the photo shaking hands with Connolly right after the game when he was hurting like the rest of us. Not everybody would be so gracious. That tells a lot about the man.

    I want to see this man climbing the steps of the Hogan and lifting big ears for us one day. No better man.

  77. To be honest Connolly is no angel either Keegan should have stayed quiet and played and not get involved and just played.

  78. I agree that Lee may have been too honest but really he doesn’t say what the head line imply. Good to see him and Connolly shake hands at the finish. If Diarmuid still has anger management problems I hope he over comes them. Mayo need to be more cynical and the first lesson in cynicism is don’t talk about it.

  79. I’m going for AOS, he had some magnificent displays. Gave us the best moments of the summer. Just squeaking ahead of Diarmuid for me who was also immense

  80. I saw a interview with k Cassidy in Gaelic life saying Mayo don’t have enough forwards to help out cillian o Connor. I don’t want always raving on but his right

  81. When I look back at 2015 and the brilliant times we had as Mayo supporters the abiding memories will be of Aidan and all his wonderful performances as number 11. When we played Dublin he came in for a lot of attention some of which was I feel OTT. To his credit he played the ball every time and in my humble opinion shows the true professional he really is, His scores and scores from fouls we gained from his endeavors ensured we had another successful year.. I can understand the popularity of DOC and there is a general feeling that there is more to come from this one yet. Tom Parsons had a great year and finally realised his potential on the county team.. His selection at centre field released Aidan to a different role. I find it hard to separate Lee and Keith but suffice to say they are the front runners for an All Star award later. By the time you throw Colm and Seamus into the mix the POY is a selection that is a difficult one if not impossible.

  82. Having checked the result section here the Mayogaablog MOTM in each game was.

    Kerry – Kevin Keane
    Tyrone – Kevin Keane
    Monaghan – Aidan O Shea
    Derry – Seamus O Shea
    Dublin – Aidan O Shea
    Cork – Tom Parsons
    Donegal – Barry Moran

    Galway – Aidan O Shea
    Sligo – Aidan O Shea
    Donegal – Lee Keegan
    Dublin – Cillian Oโ€™Connor
    Dublin – Diarmuid Oโ€™Connor

    With four MOTM awards i think the clear winner is Aidan O Shea. Diarmuid O Connor had his best game of the year against Dublin last Saturday but player of the year?

  83. It’s hard to single out one player above the rest.their collective efforts were unbelievable,I voted for TP his work around the pitch never dropped,if AOS was used correctly (half forward running at defender’s)he would probably be a shoe-in for national footballer of the year.maybe in 2016..”hey you wouldn’t know you know”.MAIGHEO ABU

  84. Tom parsons for me ..tough to call as d o connor was superb also delighted to see parsons back on form for mayo ..remember hearing that after a championship game in mchale pk back in ’11 or 12 he left c bar straight away and was 2am before he made it back to base in about commitment.

  85. I was going to go for DOC based on championship consistency but thinking about drawn game AOS won us a lot of frees. Had probably bigger impact on the outcome despite Dubs doing well on him and poor service.
    But Diarmaid had great ending to the year getting better with every game so it’s a bright future for the lad.
    Tom P had a great year too and wouldn’t be aggrieved and Keegan kept some stars quiet including Lundy who I rated very high after his Corofin exploits.
    But Aido had the biggest influence on making semis and replay so I’m going for him.

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