Podcast club membership sign-up now open

Club membership to the podcast is now up and running on Patreon – here.

For those who want to become club members of the Mayo Football Podcast, you can now sign up on Patreon using the above link. There’s one membership level on offer, costing €5 (plus VAT) per month, which is roughly the equivalent of the price of a pint or a coffee and bun every month.

For this, club members get early access to all podcast episodes, exclusive access to bonus episodes and access to match-day group chats on Discord with the podcast team, as well as access to regular online Q&A events and, further down the line, early access to tickets for other podcast events.

Our two podcast episodes featuring Colm Boyle – one of which will be accessible to all in the normal way, while the bonus episode will only be available to club members on Patreon – will be online at some stage tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “Podcast club membership sign-up now open

  1. The very best of luck WJ and all the Podcast team.
    I’ve signed up of course for a few different reasons.
    Of course to benefit from the perks of membership.
    Also as a thank you for all the podcasts and of course every other benefit we have had over the years from the blog.

    Fair play to all who sign on to this patreon and if people can afford the 20 cents a day please do it and get behind this new venture and get it airborne.

    Every success.


  2. I Signed up Thank Wille Joe of all the hard work you pull in Wonderful covering of mayo fotball

  3. Thanks to all the early adopters on Patreon – you’re already becoming too numerous to mention individually! Mike, Rob and I really appreciate this vote of confidence in the service.

  4. Just after signing up. Be positive everyone.Don’t look back. Look ahead always. Mayo for Sam!!

  5. Just signed up. I hope you will benefit financially from it WJ as you fully deserve our support! Hopefully the person(s) who won the €19m lotto might be a keen Mayo supporter! Faraoir, I bought mine i baile Loch Garman! Yes, like a previous blogger let’s me positive for 2022 and le cunadh De bheid Sam ag teacht go Mhuigeo.
    Go neiri libh i gconai muintir Mhuigeo.

  6. That’s me signed up willie jo. Best of luck with it to ye all. It’s a fantastic podcast and mybe you should think about doing the same with the blog. I for one would have no problem paying a few euros has its very informative and most people on this blog views are worth reading not that I would agree with all but that’s the beauty about it. Has we are all armchair mayo fans and to a person we all just want our county to succeed. Mayo abu

  7. WJ

    Podcasts still available on my iphone. Will this change and if it does will I still be able to receive on my phone.?

    p.s Please excuse as I’ve been around for two All Ireland successes

  8. Woke up to some huge news this morning!

    That’s me signed up also. A pleasure to help what has been a marvelous voluntary resource for Mayo fans over the years.

    I imagine Discord is some type of instant messaging service?

  9. Signed up too. Good call on using Boyler Part 2 as a carrot, part 1 was great! Best of luck guys, looking forward to the new bits and pieces.

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