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It’s a big football weekend for the county, with All-Ireland Championship meetings with Kerry at both Minor and Senior levels. There’ll be plenty about both games here on the blog, of course, and over at the podcast there’ll be loads of audio content too, about which I want to give you a quick heads-up.

Those of you who have signed up as club members on Patreon will know this already but since the start of this year we’ve put out a huge amount of podcast material. To date, we’ve created 91 podcast episodes and, regardless of how the county fares out over the weekend, we’ll have plenty more pods, including loads on the club Championships, during the second half of the year.

It’s worth noting as an aside that of those 91 episodes, 25 have also been made available for free on all podcast platforms. Club members get earlier access to these episodes, though, and they also get exclusive access to additional ‘clubhouse’ chat at the end of each of these pods.

We reckon that over the year we’ll end up putting out roughly the same number of episodes on a free of charge basis as we used to in previous years. The difference now, of course, is that club members also get access to a slew of additional content, including in-the-moment match-day pods, Q&A pods and match-day Discord chats.

We are, needless to say, churning out episodes as we build up to this weekend. Here’s what’s online already and what you can expect to hear from us leading up to and after the weekend’s games.

We began the build-up last week when Mike did a one-on-one show with Colm Boyle. Since his retirement from the inter-county panel, Boyler has become an instantly recognisable and hugely popular football analyst and we’re delighted to be able to have him on the podcast.

Here’s a sample of what he had to say on the pod for club members that went online last Thursday:

This morning our main match preview episode went online in extended form for club members. Rob hosts this one and he’s joined to preview both Senior and Minor matches by podcast regular Kevin McStay and by Tony Leen of the Irish Examiner. This episode, minus the bonus clubhouse chat, will be available for free on all podcast platforms tomorrow morning.

Mike has made his ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ series of episodes his own this year, in which, on match weekends, club members get access to bonus episodes featuring podcast regular Billy Joe Padden and a special guest who has an angle on Mayo’s opponents. The latest ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ pod will be online later on tomorrow, in which Mike and Billy Joe will be joined by Ballinrobe native and Kerry resident Maurice Horan, who was involved with the Limerick footballers this year, and who is well placed to provide some interesting insights on Kerry.

We’re planning to have an additional bonus pod out on Friday night, featuring Mike, Rob and me, as we gear up for the weekend’s action. You’d never know, we might even have a team announcement to mull over at that stage.

Then it’s onto the two match days. Rob and I will be at Tullamore for the Minor semi-final on Saturday and we’ll be doing the ‘Final Whistle’ pod from O’Connor Park, which will be available for club members soon after the game is over. We’ll all be at Croke Park the following afternoon as well and we will, of course, have a ‘Final Whistle’ episode for club members from HQ once the dust settles there. Then, on Monday, we’ll have the usual match review episode for club members, providing in-depth analysis and reaction to the weekend’s matches.

In summary, then, our club members on Patreon can look forward to plenty of new podcast content over the next few days as we build up towards and react to the weekend’s big matches. If you’d like to join the club on Patreon – for around the cost of a single pint a month – you can do so here.

15 thoughts on “Podcast content for the weekend

  1. Maurice Horan and Colm Boyle were 2 very different footballers !!!
    Any idea when team will be announced?.

  2. Any interest in a few pre match pints on Saturday night in Dublin to settle the nerves?

  3. In pre-Covid times, Guzzled, I used to call an offline gathering for pints the night before big games, at Bowe’s pub on Fleet Street. I’m not planning on doing anything along that line this year but if anyone wants to make a call on somewhere to meet up on Saturday night then by all means fire ahead.

  4. Jayz myself an herself called into Bowes on the eve of an all irl final a few yrs ago Willie Joe, 2017 I think, i can’t remember (tis a bit fuzzy!) an we had a mighty night there with a few other Mayo heads we had never met. The place was so busy with the green an red we were only able to stand inside the door, but we had a great night.
    At the game the next day I had given my specs to my wife an was about to launch myself over the stewards onto the hallowed turf to congratulate our boys for a famous win, but once again it wasn’t to be..
    I don’t give a fiddlers about the cost of diesel, I’m driving up to Dub Sunday morning, parking in my usual spot an grabbing brek in the usual place. I’ll be then heading over the river to watch our lads do the business. I hope to recoup a few ton from the bookies after my 9/1 accumulator (Derry, Dub, Armagh, Mayo) comes in!
    Kerry haven’t had the hex on us for a long time now so after some helter-skelter, I’m expecting Mayo to shade it.
    Thanks once again WJ, and good luck to all travelling this wkend, and good luck k esp to our two Mayo teams and respective management.
    Up Mayo!!….

  5. Fair play to you RP McMurphy. I hope your wallet is overflowing on Sunday night.

  6. I have a strong feeling its going to be a draw on Sunday. Kerry haven’t been tested and it takes Mayo a while to get going so im calling it as a draw provided we dont give away any silly goals and leave ourselves with an uphill battle. I dont know how it pans out if its a draw after 70+ mins is there extra time penalties etc but i expect a big performance and improvement from Mayo

  7. The rumour mill is in absolute overdrive now. Just want the match to be now.

  8. A bit earlier than expected, our ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ pod, with Mike, Billy Joe and Maurice Horan is now online for club members on Patreon.

  9. What happened to the Friday night bonus pod Willie Joe? Was hoping to listen to it with my breakfast coffee.

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