Podcast plans for the Dublin game

We’ve been counting down the days all week on the podcast ahead of the Dublin match tomorrow evening and there’ll be no let up either once the ball is thrown in at Croke Park.

Our lead-in to this clash began on Tuesday when we released an episode for our club members on Patreon in which Mike was in conversation with Mickey Conroy, who, of course, featured strongly when we last beat Dublin in the League, all of ten years ago. Mickey C was in flying form too, as this excerpt from his chat with Mike shows:

The build-up continued on our preview show – the free version of which is available here – where Rob and I had a great chat with Conor McKeon of the Irish Independent. Today we made available to club members our ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ pod, in which Mike was joined by Billy Joe Padden and former Dublin player Coman Goggins.

Our next pod will be out and available to club members less than two hours after the final whistle sounds at Croke Park tomorrow night. Then on Sunday club members will have access to our match day show, bringing you a taste of the action and the post-game reaction from HQ.

Our game day chat is already humming along on Discord and that’s sure to be fairly lively as well during the match tomorrow evening. As the game is being shown live on TV, however, we won’t be providing blow-by-blow updates as the action unfolds but we will still bring you some of the colour and atmosphere from Croke Park.

While we can’t promise you the right result from Mayo’s perspective tomorrow night, we can promise our club members unrivalled podcast content on the big game, as well as loads more content over the coming weeks and months, not to mention an ever-expanding back catalogue of podcast episodes.

If you fancy joining the podcast club on Patreon, you can do so – for about the same cost as a pint every month – here.

8 thoughts on “Podcast plans for the Dublin game

  1. Cheap shot at Aidan in that article (without being brave enough to make him either) and his own ego is just as large as anyone else’s. Also unsure of the relevance of that point was in the article either as Dublin lost to Mayo that day too. Moaning he hasnt been asked to give a talk on addiction in Mayo, what a clown!
    There may well be aspects of that he says that hold some truth but nothing is as simple as that either. Dublin always had more top class players than Mayo and in truth were a better side from 2012-2020.
    As good as all as Mayo were in the 2017 final, widely considered the high water mark of Mayo performances in the modern era, we finished that game by bringing on guys that, without being disrespectful, would be doing well to make the starting line up of top club sides in Dublin at that time, let alone make their county panel..
    Meanwhile they had Paul Flynn, Diarmuid connolly, Bernard brogan, Cormac Costello and Kevin mcmenamin coming off the bench!!!
    No comparison at all.

  2. It’s in the Indo, Larry, behind the paywall and doing what it was designed to do – attract Mayo fans in their droves to be outraged by what’s in it. Pure clickbait.

    Malachy Clerkin’s considered – and rather depressing – piece in the Irish Times (this one isn’t paywalled) is a much more relevant read. That’s here.

  3. It’s behind the independents leaky paywall which takes about 5 seconds to get around but I’m not going to say how on here for fear of incurring the wrath of the host!

    He doesnt like Mayo is how I’d sum it up. Clearly he’s looking to be the next Joe Brolly with his controversial takes each week.

  4. I was really confident before the team announcement that we would rattle the Dubs. I’m a little less confident now but I fully understand why he has named such a youthful team who need loads of game time in Croker. Can’t wait for the game. Best of luck to players and Management and safe travelling to all the supporters.

  5. Look, Philly seems to be approaching punditry the way he played football, which was to stir things up and provoke as soon as he could.

    If he’s really concerned with rough housing, he might want to watch last August’s All-Ireland semi-final back, in which Dublin should have had four players sent off for high tackles, all of whom come from his club.

    His nonsense will have little to no bearing on the outcome of tonight’s fixture anyway.

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