Podcast plans for the final

The Mayo News football podcast has been an essential audio accompaniment to the county’s footballing efforts for several years. As Mayo readies itself for another assault on Sam in three weeks time, we’re gearing up for this on the podcast too.

Our podcast plans for the final are still developing but we’ve sorted the broad contours of what we plan to put online over the coming few weeks, leading up to and after 11th September.

Seven separate podcast episodes are in the works between now and the day after the final. Six of these will go online before the match is played followed by a review episode the day after.

The first of these shows will be online this Tuesday. Because our final opponents haven’t yet been determined, this affords us the opportunity of focusing on who this might be and so Tuesday’s episode will concentrate on looking ahead to the Kerry/Tyrone semi-final. Rob will host this one, with local intelligence from the two counties coming from Maurice Horan and Declan Bogue respectively.

After that you’re going to hear an array of other voices over the following two weeks, as well as all the podcast regulars. We’re still firming up the details but we can confirm is that you’ll definitely be hearing from a number of interesting, informed contributors.

In addition, we’re going to have the same kind of ‘press conference’ episode that we ran ahead of last December’s final, in which podcast listeners will be able to ask questions of our panel. We’ll also have a Mayo jersey competition, courtesy of jersey sponsors Elverys.

So what we can guarantee you is plenty of great listening, with loads of variety, as the All-Ireland final draws ever nearer. Sure where would you be without it?

The podcast is indebted to the show’s sponsors, Ceramic City and Swinford Motors, who’ve been with us every step of the way this year. So too has our talented producer and editor Ger Duffy.

195 thoughts on “Podcast plans for the final

  1. Thank you, Willie Joe and all.

    The podcasts are a brilliant accompaniment on the road to the final and they add to our community. I really enjoy them.

  2. It’s funny to see the different narratives building around the Mayo and Kerry team. It goes something like this:

    2019: Mayo lose to Dublin in the all Ireland semi: Mayo are finished and will be in the doldrums for years to come.
    Kerry draw with Dublin after playing against 14 men for 50 minutes. Lose the replay by 6 points: Kerry are coming, they pushed the greatest team of all time to their limit.

    2020: Mayo lose to Dublin in the all Ireland final by 5 points with a young team: Mayo were lucky to get there, they played nobody(despite playing 2 division 1 sides) Dublin are the greatest team of all time
    Kerry lose to Division 3 cork in the Munster semi final: Kerry just had an off day, they would beat them 99 times out of 100, it’s just cos it’s an unusual year, if there was a back door they’d probably win the all Ireland

    2021: Mayo get to the all Ireland final again with a young team missing the top scorer of all time beating the greatest team of all time by 3 points and hammering everyone else they played: Mayo were poor in the semi, Dublin just arnt the greatest team of all time anymore and they had an off day and are missing their best players. Again Mayo player nobody to get there despite beating 2 division 1 teams again.
    Kerry get to an all Ireland semi beating 3 division 3 and 4 teams: Kerry are certs for the all Ireland, unstoppable up front, will dominate football for the next 10 years, David Clifford will go down as the greatest player of all time.

    It’s amazing what leeway tradition buys you in the media, I hope those Kerry lads are reading the papers……

  3. That’s all so true, NiallMc. Paddy Andrews made a great point on the latest OTB Football Pod with Andy Moran (which is both very good and very long) when he said what a boost the win over Dublin should give our lads. As he put it, we’ve now beaten the best team of all time, a team not beaten in the Championship for seven years so we should fear no-one now, Kerry included.

  4. @niallmc1983.its a great post and I often thought about the way the papers and pundits come with a certain line and suddenly everyone thinks that way. The biggest “egg on your face” of this year goes to Spillane before the Leitrim game in response to cora saying mayo have the all ireland in mind he said sarcastically “God bless your optimism cora”

  5. If that blonde female steward had her way today, no Limerick man would have touched Liam McCarthy!!! It’s utterly ridiculous that these lads train all year together to win the all Ireland and then get about 5 minutes with the trophy

  6. @nodoubt: Pat Spillane, Colm O rourke, the fool from the North who loves putting the boot in to Mayo even though he spends most of his time here. Outdated pundits who still for some reason are given air time in the media. They do nothing but repeat the same clichéd material year after year. Its an embarresment. Obviously only there to create a conterversiol headline. Colm O rourke in the independent saying today that Horans biggest job is to calm down the giddiness of the Mayo fans. Pure nonsense. Time to put them out to pasture and let some of the younger pundits actually give some insightful analysis.

  7. I remember Tomás Ó Se had a preview article before the league started going through all the challengers to Dublin. He reckoned while Mayo would give their all, it would all be in vain. Kerry Tyrone, Donegal and Galway(!) had more talented players and were the ones that dessie Farrell would be losing sleep over.

    Tomás had an even more disrespectful article about us on Saturday morning last. Saying we’d be as well off relying on a scratch card than Tommy Conroy and Ryan O’Donoghue.

    No doubt he’ll go full yerra in the lead up to the final, completely ignoring what he said previously!

  8. He wrote an article the day after we beat the Dubs telling the story about meeting padraig o hora in ballina who was out walking his dog a few days before the game and telling him to give the Dubs hell. Attention seeking nonsense.

  9. I used to get riled up with what these guys say now I just tune out . They ain’t from Mayo and all have their own agendas .
    From my recollection that has always being the narrative around Kerry .
    The way I’m looking at this is we came to an All Ireland Final without 2 key men in Cillian and Mullen . We then lose McLaughlin . Let’s be fair we did not play well for the first 60 odd mins especially up front and yet we still kept at it kept plugging away and had the balls to take the game by the scruff of the neck into extra time .6 points down at half time and still we confident. At this level along with the skills ability and all the rest that is needed to be a top team you have to have serious confident in both yourself and the team around you . I think that has being very evident this year these lads are very confident in within themselves and as a group and they back each other .
    If we can bring all that chaos that we showed in the second half but be more clinical up front we have a fucking serious chance . We have men in the back line who can match up to their best .
    Kerry or Tyrone we are waiting and we will be ready .

  10. I read the articles in the Sunday Independent this morning from Mr. O’ Rourke and Mr. Brolly (just in case anyone doesn’t know I use the title Mr in a disparaging way). I once had respect for O’ Rourke as during his playing years he was one fine footballer, often turning a game on his own. Whereas I thought Brolly was just an average player. Today they both leaned towards the idea that Dublin lost against us for the pure reason that they where not interested anymore. – Brian Fenton waking up on Monday morning relieved that he had lost and not feeling too bad about it according to Brolly, come on. Does the Independent edit their Sports writers? There were a lot more of anti Mayo Sh1.t and pro Dublin stuff in their articles.

    Now finally can you WJ or some of the more knowledgeable people on here define the shoulder tackle please. I was always of the opinion that a legitimate should was when “both men were going for the ball (both having their eyes on the ball)” and they met shoulder to shoulder each trying to knock each other off the ball. A phrase that has been used over the past week is “he lined him up with a direct hit and might have mistimed it”. Even O’Rourke referred to Small lining up of E O’ L with a hit to take him out as being ok. Have the rules changed, legitimate question?

  11. The lark with the cups is a joke.

    40000 people on top of each other in the stands for 3 hours but 40 lads can’t pass around a bit of tin for 10 minutes.

    Imagine denying Colm Boyle a photo with Sam in a few weeks…. God bless the poor crature that tries that

  12. Ya the keeping a lid on it stuff is really getting on my nerves aswell. We are going into our 8th all Ireland final this century alone in 3 weeks time. Only Dublin and Kerry can compare with that. Even so O Rourke believes our biggest problem is calming down the giddiness of the Mayo fans. Kerry are overwhelming favourites with 2 games still to play. Does O’ Rourke still believe we are living in the eighties or what? If hype is the biggest problem that James Horan has to deal with in the next 3 weeks then we are in for a flawless run in. It is just so condescending and old at this stage….

  13. Reviewing games going back a while.A couple of patterns are starting to emerge.

    •We do (seem to )switch off as a team for periods.
    •It is routine now for us to be caught off guard ( as a team)during all four starts / restarts of the game.
    •When we are focused and pressing up we are very good.
    •We win very few throw ups
    •We win very few fielding contests and almost none cleanly.
    •We give the ball away too much in unforced situations.
    •When we play a direct kicking game we can be deadly(but we do far too little of it)
    •Our defense can be pulled too wide creating(dangerous)space for overlaps in the middle.

    There is a lot of truth in what is being said that in The All Ireland final ( and knowing the different kind of beast that that occasion is)if we play like we did against Galway and Dublin we will, at the very least make life very tough for ourselves. We can fix some things over the next three weeks.

  14. The same ould skitter now from all sides for the next couple of weeks and it is very easily avoided. Don’t buy it, read it or watch it. And switch it off if you have to listen to it.
    It’s just the same set of responses year after year.
    We’ll bate all.

  15. Why the obsession with the “Pundits”? I don’t get it, don’t give them oxygen. Rely on your own eyes and opinions.

  16. I cant understand how people still waste money and time buying the papers and reading the articles from these “experts”. People then get upset about what they write. I gave up buying these papers and reading these articles a long time ago – and feel a lot better for it.
    The people who comment on this site know a lot more about Mayo football than these lads – you don’t need to look any further to get your info and opinions

  17. On your last paragraph food4thought you say if we play like we played against galway or Dublin we make life hard and I totally get what you say but often these games take a life of their own. We heard we wouldn’t beat galway if we didn’t improve and we wouldn’t beat Dublin if we played like against galway and now we won’t win the final if we play like we played against Dublin. We were told it would take more than 20pts to beat Dublin and 17 was enough after playing extra time.. It could be something nobody foresees that wins the game.

  18. I’ve never once took heed to the sh**e talk out of these pundits, its so lazy its not even funny. Let them off, we’re worse for giving them air time on here. Paper never refused. That Cantwell one is getting out of hand though, her sniping towards us is constant. After Galway game she laughing her head off saying Mayo not used to silverware in Croker, and getting smart with Cora the last day. She is ment to be impartial and neutral….anything but.

    Heads down now and block out all the un wanted tripe from these pundits.

    Did anyone notice Oisin Mullin at full time, he was crying when hugging Horan, looked to me like a man who is missing the final? I pray to God he hasn’t played his last game for his County, but with what I heard earlier in the year its not looking good. Fingers crossed he plays some part against Kerry.

  19. Southmayo Exile, fully agree with you there. Anyone who reads the Sunday Independent has only themselves to blame for the bad mood they put themselves in for the rest of the day.

  20. Only 7 podcasts?!!!!!!

    Anyway would I be right in saying that Aidan O Shea has played in 6 finals (including replays) and never scored anything in any of them? What, and we might be positioning him at 14 in 3 weeks.

    He reminds me a bit of the Bomber. Same build. Liston played in 7 finals I think and did huge damage to the scoreboard. I don’t know what his final tally is but it’s massive.

    Only difference between the 2 players is the Bomber had 2 feet and they were like a ballerinas. Magic came out of them. Prolific at bursting the net or splitting the posts.
    Aidan is not a 14. Where the hell do we position this man?

  21. Carrot face to answer your question, I’d play him at 11 with Carr at 14, left him work like a dog around the middle, contest kick outs, spoil David Moran etc. Let him go inside for set plays with the specific plan to let a long ball in for him to mark. I know Carr missed two chances the last day but his movement was excellent and he’s the type of player that if he gets his gander up he can do serious damage. He’s a big man too, he was towering over philly McMahon. He’s a natural full forward unlike Aido.

  22. Don’t think there’s too many buying papers these days Southmayo exile. They pop up when scrolling through social media. Just said I’d mention the o rourke one with how ridiculous it sounded. Didn’t even click on it to read it.

  23. Carrotface I feel aiden should be a substitute as his lack of pace is being exposed more and more. He is not a natural forward . Exposed for pace at midfield. He is good tackler so maybe a roll as a defender but I dont know.

  24. No doubt: I completely agree that it’s unforeseeable what it might take to win the final. But as O Hora said “ we always seem to put ourselves at the bottom of a mountain “ It’s one thing to do that in a game of lesser importance but IMO it’s another thing entirely to do that in a final. This is why Dublin were able to play “keep ball “in so many finals and weren’t tested like they would be if they were denied possession from turnovers and the like.

  25. I agree with Niall I’d play Carr from the start at 11 he won a lot of ball when he came on if he could use it a bit better which he is well capable of then we’d be in business. I think if Aidan is to play it has to be at 11 like Liam McHale before him he’s not a full forward and he hasn’t the pace for midfield. Better still if we could hold him in reserve for the last 30 minutes and stick him in at 11 I’d say he’d do a lot of work around the middle.

  26. Its amazing the talk over Aidan – he had a poor game the last day but thats it. Every player has a bad day. Usually they play better in the next game. I dont think James Horan will even consider not starting Aidan. He has been a mainstay of the team for the last 12/13 years and has had way more good days then bad days. I have no doubt the Kerry game will be a good day for him.

  27. I’m case anyone has forgotten, there are 2 teams playing in the semi final next weekend, it’s far from a foregone conclusion that Kerry win…. No one knows what’s actually going on in / went on in Tyrone, they won’t come down to make up numbers. Either way the match will be carnage for both. Helps us.

    I will sit back and enjoy it and also don’t mind who wins.

    Tyrone have had a much harder league and also Ulster Championship than the farce of Munster for Kerry. If Cork had any belief they would have beaten Kerry. I don’t particularly rate either.

    I said it last week, James Carr at 11, Aidan at 14.

    Well done the Limerick, they destroyed Cork.

  28. Who cares what they write? Newspapers are going to cease to exist very soon anyway.

    What a performance from Limerick today. Well done to them. A county that long suffered and are now making hay. No homecoming allowed for them. The lark with the Croke park suit grabbing the cup of them and stopping the lap of Honor was mental and wrong.

  29. Carr’s got to start. I laugh at those who keep on about his two wides. My motto is. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score.

  30. Niall, great post on the journo hacks shifting the narrative. Until we win the All Ireland we’ll get no respect. Fact.

    O’Rourke really gives me the pip, he always has done for some reason. He’s beyond stale and outdated at this stage. A real sickener, and a Mayo hater for sure. He gets a lot wrong and I was glad when his halftime words backfired on him. Pity he didn’t go home.

  31. All – just be careful what you post about named personalities. I don’t want to see personal information being posted about them – this kind of detail isn’t relevant and it isn’t the kind of information that should be aired here.

  32. Eamonn McGee from donegal said a few years ago that an all Ireland medal deflects alot of questions. September the 11th there wont be many questions left to answer because we only have 1 plan !!!

  33. We have to take with a pinch of salt anything that Brolly or O’Rourke says on the sindo. It’s only sensationalist rubbish designed to be controversial with no real facts to back up their comments. To be honest, one of the things that stuck with me all week was what Andy Moran said on the OTB podcast during the week. He said that his team had lost finals at minor, u-21 and senior all along which ultimately cost them on the home stretch in those lost all-ireland finals. However the Matty Ruanes, Steven Coens and Diarmuid O’Connors etc had won all-irelands at minor in 2013, u-21 in 2016 and a senior national league against Kerry in 2019. These boys know what it’s like and what it takes to win. They had also beaten a Dessie Farrell managed Dublin in the u-21 semi final in 2016 and had played against the likes of Eoin Murchan and Con O’Callaghan. They didn’t fear these fellas as they had beaten them before and it shone through last Saturday night. Andy reckons that this experience of winning could ultimately take us to all-ireland success this year. Now that’s a fella I’d prefer to listen to!

  34. We might need 2 plans on the 11th. Win Sam on the pitch and then find a way to smuggle him out of HQ afterwards and back west.

  35. For those of you who missed the Documentary on Radio 1 earlier ‘The Script Of Hurt’ well worth a listen. Great nostalgia from former Mayo players good and bad days.

  36. The question still has to be answered as to where we are at this year. The 1st half performance was so poor against Galway and Dublin. Yes, it is a 70 to 80 minute game and yes we overran but teams in the 2nd half. However if we are honest, we have to look at where Galway and Dublin were at when we put on the pressure in the 2nd half. The potential of this team is clear. Only question is, who will we have available for the final and can we learn and fix the issues from last 2 games. I believe there is an All Ireland in this team, just not sure it is 2021 yet. As always, can’t wait to see if the lads can put any doubts to bed on 11. 09

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  38. Justoutsideballagh I hear what your saying and this is not aimed at you personally but if there is an all ireland in this team and it has to be this year no more waiting the year to win an all ireland is the year you are in the final we have waited for 70 years I hate talk like that “you have to lose one to win one” “we’ll be back next year” look this is the year to do it. We are every bit as good as Kerry if not better let’s just refuse to lose go hell for leather and win it for once and for all James Horan isn’t going to stick around forever it has to be this year

  39. Justoutsideballagh, yeah personally i think we’re a year or two off this side’s real peak yet (which is very exciting)

    To compare with James’s original tenure, i’d have this side at around 2012 level, playing outstanding in patches but a bit unsure of the best starting 15, probably still lacking a scoring forward or two, a bit raw in a few positions and inconsistent at times. However similar to then we have benefitted from a Dublin “off year” and will be playing a ‘new’ enough team in the final (this Kerry side has only made one final – two years back), which presents us with a fine live opportunity, although we are still understandably outsiders

    If we can turn up for the full game like we did in the last ten minutes and ET the last day, its very hard to look past us. But finals rarely work that way. If we are to lose, i certainly won’t panic, as like in 2012 this has more the feel of the start of a journey than the end. It looks like we won’t need to compete with a real juggernaut Dublin side over the next few years, like with the mid-late 2010s edition, so that should prove a big difference in the coming seasons.

    As good as this Kerry team looks up front, they don’t yet have the balance of that Dublin side imo. Cork cut through them quite easily at times early on the last day, and they conceded 4 goals in their only meaningful league game this year. in the 2019 replay – if i remember correctly – they conceded a fairly high score, but no scoring frees, which to be honest is a poor reflection of their defence. Dublin found space very easy to come by

  40. Todays newspapers wraps tomorrows chips.

    Brolly, Spillane and O’Rourke are old farts and are RTEs version of clickbait. Let them write and talk all the shite they want, they are totally irrelevant to what is going on in the Mayo camp. Their opinion counts for nothing and they are wrong more often than they are right.

  41. I have to laugh at the people who want to start James Carr. Imo he is living of a brilliant goal against Galway 2 years ago. Im not going to crucify the lad for his two wides, that happens but what has he done to constitute a start in the AI final?. Bottling the goal chance against Galway was a sign to me that maybe he’s low on confidence, the 2 wides wouldn’t have helped that. Darren Coen should be ahead of him in the pecking order, its crazy how much hay Coen could make from the mark.

    I think Aido starts all day long against Kerry, David Moran is just as slow as Aidan now, so be no harm to throw Aido on him and stop him hoovering up posession from kickouts. I’d Also love to see Aido have a go at the Kerry fb line every once in a while, really feel they can be got at. Im expecting a massive game from him.

  42. The mayo lads who played in the 2012 final still have no all ireland medal so now is the time to go for it and not settle for building for the future. A chance like this may not come around for a long time again

  43. The aforementioned “analysts” are poor & outdated imo. Sensationalist and condescending and wrong a lot more than they are right, as I said before Sky have guys who actually analyse games and know what they’re talking about. RTE presenters are poor too and show bias. Cora is good though in fairness.

    Don’t get the hype over Kerry since 2012, robbed Mayo in 2014 never put it up to Dublin but still so much hype over them every year. Let’s hope Mayo can put in a performance for close to 80 minutes like they did last 10 and extra time in semi. O’Se has to start don’t remember him having a bad game before that semi and he will be raring to go to atone for that performance. Can see him having a huge game in final. I can see him at midfield on Moran, with the odd venture into full forward. He has more legs than Moran and will more than hold his own.

  44. JOHNNYBOOGEEN Colm is a man of rules and knows how to obey them. If they are not allowed something his integrity will hold fast. If you knew who you are talking about you would not write that site. You should find another site to do your trawling on for a change.

  45. Now is the time to win, Keegan, McLoughlin, O’Se, Boyle, Hennelly etc won’t be around forever!

  46. An awful lot of you talking about Kerry and Moran and all thatt stuff…and then accusing people of being condescending…Kerry have a game to win before the get a chance to show what they got against us. I expect them to win but I suspect Tyrne will make a pure battle of it. I wouldn’t be surprised either to see Tyrone in the final. Just sayin…
    I hope to God we throw all the anger and frustration and all the shit we have swallowed for so long into this game and absolutely eat whoever we meet…YES…there is only one plan.
    Maigheo go deo!

  47. All correct about slow starts from this team. What about the mental instillation of urgency i.e when strolling off the team bus on arrival to be replaced by emergency chutes (like aircraft) and propel them into action!!

  48. Point of view for discussion. What about loading up all of out pace, power and height into the middle eight. The aim being to present a middle eight power, height and footrace to the opposition that they lose by a few %. Possibly you can measure this in kickouts and turnovers, but my general point is that we select with the concrete aim of winning that middle third battle. Here’s a middle third I think can beat the remaining two teams by winning the posession battle.
    Paddy Durcan Oisin Mullen Lee Keegan
    Matthew Ruane Conor Loftus
    Diarmuid OConnor Tommy Conroy Enda Hession
    Simply the fastest middle eight to have togged in a final. See merits to Stephen Coen at 7 too given his size and stamina.

  49. James carr and darren coen are good assets. I would start carr because he is a player who needs to grow into the game but once his tail is up he could shoot the lights out. They both played well in the league final in 19.

  50. Tommy Conroy can take on anyone and win that battle – I firmly believe that he has the strength, speed, skill and power to do so. He just needs to realise that earlier in matches and go for it rather than waiting until the second half. In the words of Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

  51. Would it be worth playing Tommy at 14 as close to goal as possible, if you look back at the game he played against Donegal in the first game of the League in January 2020 to where his body is now, it shows how much work he has done in the gym,like a different animal altogether.

  52. It’s amazing to read how all the pundits/journalists seem to think it was the few extra bits missing on the Dublin panel that led to their downfall. Sure you’d never imagine poor auld Mayo had any retirements or injuries…twas tough luck really for the Dubs. Should have won if they had the usual firepower from the bench. Just shows how close Mayo were to being the greatest team ever. Pity so many are retired or injured.
    Bring on whoever. I’m sick of losing finals and I think our mighty new young team are too… time to put that behind us. Hup Mayo.

  53. TH I think one of Tommy’s greatest attributes is his speed – he actually done a lot of damage against Dublin from the 11 position where he got to run at defenders and took them on. By leaving him too close to goal at 14 you take that out of his Arsenal and make him more markable in my opinion.

    My team for the final:
    Durcan (on Sean O’Shea)
    S Coen
    Aido (If marking D.Moran Kerry). If not: loftus.
    K. Mcloughlin
    Loftus or aido (see above)
    D. O’Connor
    T Conroy
    J Carr or Darren mchale – whoever goes best training
    Ryan O’Donoghye

    Aido can float in and out to 14 of starts at 11

    Impact from the bench:
    Plunkett or Harrison
    J carr or D Mchale
    D coen
    Conor O’Shea
    Boyler if he can find form

    We’ve a serious squad lads and lassies

  54. I think I would still like to see Aidan up front and I would persist with letting high ball in to him.
    He actually won the high balls in against Dublin (except for the one that got knocked back behind him). He just needs to dish off the pass to a shooter as soon as he wins it.

    If Kerry make the final, Moran will always win his share of kickouts. Any ball he fields he still has to come back down with it.
    I would like to see us setting up so that when Moran does win those kickouts we have players around him when he comes down with the ball to tie him up.

    If he cannot distribute the ball after fielding then much of his effectiveness is gone.

  55. Either Aido starts at 14 or he doesnt start, he simply doesnt have the legs anymore to operate outfield against the top teams. Its rubbish to think just because he had a bad day v Dublin that he has be moved. Elite sport has fine margins, had he scored those two easy opportunities (which he normally would) and had a bit more support after winning a few other balls then we would have been raving about his performance. Also people have short memories, it was his repositioning to 14 that directly resulted in our comeback and eventual hammering of Galway.
    I think we will line out similar to the Dublin game with hopefully Mullen back to replace McLaughlin and I would go with Hession in place of McHale, Hession simply needs to start, cant leave that talent on the bench for the majority of a game.

  56. Based on the impact Aidan’s had already this season bar one game (with an injury back story to boot) it seems odd to be expecting anything else than him starting this match and having a big impact in it. If we do end up playing Kerry in the final, hopefully a loss of pace from Moran will even up that duel, but when we played them in the Super 8s in ’19 I remember Aidan losing a fair amount of those fielding battles – the whole team must have been running on fumes at that point though. The battle for middle this time around will hopefully have a very different feel, and would seem to have an even bigger impact than usual given the Kerry forward unit.

  57. Next weekend watch Tyrone put it up to Kerry. The will use the old Ulster tactic of stacking their half of the pitch and work on the break. They must spoil the Cliffords out of the game. A game of attrition and heavy physical stuff will rattle Kerry. Do not be surprised if there are hard hits which could result in Kerry injuries. Tyrone know how to do this. If they play Kerry in an open game they will be beaten off the field. If there is a wet day then anything is possible and Tyrone can certainly prevail in a dogfight. Then we can size up our opposition. Depending on how the game pans out the longer break should assist us. If next weekend is rough there will also be a longer recovery period. Mayo are in the box seat rght now.

  58. If Tommy improves a bit more on his shot accuracy he will be up there with David Clifford and Con O’Callaghan as the best forwards in the country.

  59. I think the 2019 match v Kerry is hard to judge (convenient coming from a Mayo supporter i know…)

    I reckon we played the percentages in that Super 8 group, and while we didn’t exactly throw the Kerry game, probably didn’t put as much focus on it as the Donegal game which was always likely to be the “playoff decider”

    It was also the 4th week in a row or something (and Durcan missing)?

    In any case we’ve improved substantially from 2019, that year (with all the injuries) ended up being an amalgamation of a rebuild vs a last hurrah for some of the older heads, with a net result of inconsistency, and not having a clue of our best side

  60. One final point on the Eoghan McLoughlin incident:-

    Regardless of whether or not it was a red or yellow card, If Messrs Lane & Deegan did not deem it appropriate to immediately stop the game, then one would really have to question their judgment and wonder if they should ever be allowed referree a game ever ever again,

    Remember they quickly stopped the match earlier when Brian Howard got the shoulder from O’Hora …

  61. There has being some very negative press over the hurling final. And I see in many pubs that were open were closed by gardai due to covid breaches. Lots of supporters will travel on day without a ticket in hope of getting one as per other years. I could be very messy if throngs of people hanging around in general Croke Park area and nowhere to watch game. Hard to prevent that.

  62. Some bars closed for Mayo game and one bar on the right on way to Cusack stand was packed with Dubs and we decided not to go near it.

  63. I watched some clips on YouTube of Kerry’s games so far this year (specifically v Galway, Tyrone, Dublin and Cork).
    They are a serious outfit.
    However, they are relying a lot on frantic speed (slow them down?) and a scorefest approach (are they using attack as the best form of defence, and does this hide defensive frailties?)
    Re David Moran, don’t be fooled that he might be one of the older statesmen. He’s deadly effective for them with his power at midfield and ability to get the ball forward into their attacking forwards.

    I saw this with my own two eyes at the Kerry v Tyrone Super 8s game in 2019 in Croke Park. I was v impressed with him that day and thought he was central to their win. I remember he didn’t play in the game we won v Kerry in the League Final that Spring and that might have helped us somewhat.

    I think we need to shackle or match him and Aido is the man to do it.

    It would be good to snuff out their transition players (Moran, Paudie Clifford) as Kerry are relying on attacking at speed.

    A thing they are now very good at is using teamwork to create goals, passing it off from one to another to another player and ending at speed into the net. That’s a challenge I’d like to see us have a solution for.

  64. I must say a huge apology for being disrespectful of Tyrone – the other semi final hasn’t even been played yet. I would actually be delighted to get egg on my face here by being presumptuous of a Kerry win.
    Please disregard my above comment until we see who emerges from next weekend’s semi final.

  65. if RTE missing kickouts and puckouts annoys you too, you have the option to send them feedback.
    I sent them my feedback, see below.

    Subject:Sports GAA action replays suggestion

    I find it frustrating when you miss a kickout or puckout while you show action replay of a score.

    I can appreciate that you need to please most of the viewers most of the time. Some viewers expect all scores to be replayed instantly and they don’t mind missing live kickouts or puckouts.

    How about showing the instant replay on a split screen while also showing the restart live?

    This will keep most people happy I think.

    It will also allow you an extra second or 2 for a longer instant replay since you will no longer risk missing the restart. 


  66. Not alone apparently, some people seem to know/assume that Kerry will face Mayo in the final, some people seem to know that David Moran will be selected to start in the final.. No garuntee of anything of the sort, I promise ye.. It’s very difficult to judge on the form lines, Ulster being a completely different kettle of fish from Munster, miles ahead to be truthful about it.. We don’t really know to what extent Tyrone have been affected by Covid.. Come to think about it, we really don’t even know to what extent Mayo were affected by Covid for the Leitrim game.. So I wouldn’t assume anything about it.. We don’t know how much Kerry will have been affected by the two weeks delay, no doubt it’s far from ideal for the Kingdom but it’s an I’ll wind and so, on.. One or two, on the Kerry panel will welcome the two weeks delay to recover from injury,… We will be wiser next Saturday evening, and I’m sure David Moran will be delighted to know he’s been selected for the final, now he just needs to worry about getting selected for the semifinal and come out the other side of it. ..

  67. It’s disrespectful to Tyrone at this point to somehow assume that Kerry will win. Kerry may have good forwards but the ball has to get to them.
    Tyrone have good players in all the important positions, they have two excellent finishers in the forward line, speedy halfbacks and a brilliant goalkeeper.
    This game will be alot closer than people think.
    Mayo are a serious outfit also and have tick the boxes in the right places.
    There may be a few selection headaches for Mayo management.

  68. I’m not against Tyrone winning or anything like that but I would prefer to face Kerry in the final.

    I believe we can break them easier on a physchological level. If we were to make it a rough day for the Kerry forwards I think the pressure would start to tell on them.

    The Clifford’s, O’Shea and Geaney have a massive burden on their shoulders should they reach the final. They are already hot favourites to lift Sam, a good thing from our perspective.

    In 2004 and 2006 Kerry took to the pitch with swagger. It seemed like they knew they had the game won before the ball was thrown in.

    Whoever we have to face we will have the belief to win within this group of players. I’m sure of that.

  69. To beat Galway, Dublin and Kerry in the same championship year would be fantastic and of course, the All-Ireland to boot. Sweet.

  70. I get the whole its disrespectful to Tyrone, but it was the same before our game with Dublin. Im sure Tyrone people are lapping it up been written off. Its just how they like it.

    If Kerry win, I hope we are written off by everyone (probably will too), let the false sense of security seep in a biteen. Though the yerra mafia will be out in force trying to pile pressure on us.

  71. Also worth noting that a lot of the “disrespect” is based on the news that the squads been riddled with covid

  72. Mairtinin thanks for that. I sent them an email just now. Limerick’s 2nd goal was almost missed yesterday from my memory!!

  73. Exile, yes, I got carried away with myself making assumptions because of the Covid thing, not Tyrone’s footballing ability.
    Without knowing at all what is going on with them, I assumed (wrongly) that they couldn’t be properly ready or fully fit due to having Covid so recently. In fact, we know nothing about their internal preparation and that’s a good thing.
    Mayo88, I enjoyed your post on Tyrone’s football strengths.
    I also liked Leantimes’s comment about the form lines in Ulster and how it’s hard to compare them with the rest of the country. You also make a v good point that Tyrone have had tough games in Ulster to get to this stage.
    I genuinely hope Tyrone play brilliantly and that it’s a great semi final.

  74. I’ve no preference who we meet in Final, Tyrone or Kerry …. we have only one plan !!!!

    Tbh – Covid or no covid i was expecting Kerry to come through what ever opposition Ulster throws at them. Nothing I’ve seen had changed my mind. Kerry team is serious offit and will take some beaten. If Tyrone do it well fair play, but i honestly discounting them. Don’t see why some get bothered by people comment’s on Mayo setup for potential Kerry final. Its not like we won’t know well in advance

  75. We lost Cillian, and of course without him we couldnt win Connacht.

    But we did.

    Then we lost Oisin. Now, we weren’t going to beat Dublin without Cillian, and with Oisins loss on top of that, there was no possible way we could beat Dublin.

    But we did.

    Keep lining them up there Pat.

    Because we will.

  76. I’m sure Tyrone will put it up to Kerry next weekend but I don’t think they have the equivalent of a Justin & Joe Mc Mahon to scream the fear of God into the faces of the Kerry lads. I can’t see beyond a comfortable Kerry win….but whoever it is, I feel Mayo will take them,with Aido causing havoc on the edge of the square. Roll on 9/11.

  77. Sounds great Wille Joe!!

    Thanks for al the hard work ye are putting in.

    Any word on tickets? Hopefully Mayo GAA will see sense and look after their season ticket holders and clubs!

  78. Did anyone notice that Limerick scored 3-18 into the canal end and a paltry 0-14 into the Hill with a good scatter of wides.

    Even their magnificent sharp shooters found it difficult to nail them into the Hill goal.

    The very last one coming back off the post too kind of summed it up.

    I’m telling ye lads, there’s something in it. If Mayo are playing into the canal in the first half of the final we need to be well ahead or nearly out of sight by half time (like Limerick yesterday). If we are playing into the Hill in the first half we need to stay in the game.

  79. Having watched the game again I’m amazed how we managed to win it at all. We made so many mistakes between kicking bad wides, balls into the goalies hands, giving away possession stupidly, carrying the ball into contact and losing it and conceding soft frees. The bad news is if we do the same the next day we will lose. The good news is we have time to sort it out.

  80. Yes Carrot face, Paddy Andrews explained that because the Hill end is not covered like the rest of the stadium, there is always a swirling breeze at that end of the stadium, even on days where there appears to be little or no wind. He said it is way more difficult to direct and also get the distance in the kicks down at the Hill end.

  81. Big ticket news in tomorrows mayo news according to michael gallagher on the twitter machine. Anyone have any idea what this “big” news is?

  82. https://twitter.com/offtheball/status/1429911324721664005?s=19

    I have said this before the coaching at schools football is vital in getting the top Inter County Footballers properly developed. It is no surprise that most of the Mayo panel come from a handful of A colleges schools, St Gerald’s Castlebar, St Colmans Claremorris ,Rice College Westport, Ballinrobe Community School, and St Muredachs Ballina pupils contain most of the squad. Just look at Ballinrobe Community School winning the All Ireland B Schools Final a few years ago and have now competing at A competitions ever since, when they use to be a B or C school for many years, they have brought through Oisin Mullin and Tommy Conroy.Look it Rice College reaching the Hogan Cup Final and bringing through Eoghan McLaughlin, Mark Moran, Rory Brickenden and Jack Carney. St Colmans the same Enda Hession has won 2 Connacht Senior school medals. The more money and help the schools get with coaching and facilities the better the return Mayo will get in the future.I think its better if the County Board help all schools in Mayo with coaching and facilities then building Lough Lannagh at the moment .Schools have more access to the students then clubs or even county development squads have, some of the big football schools like Colmans and Gerald’s train nearly every day at break at all levels, while some of the weaker schools in C and D grade might only train once a week.

  83. There does seem to be good work going on in the secondary schools. St Joseph’s Foxford won their 2020 All Ireland final a couple of weeks back. I think it was B level. 3 of knockmore’s county final starting team were playing.

  84. Maybe but I say this could be down to the huge work that goes on in Knockmore gaa club. I can remember back in my own school days coming up against some of the weaker football Schools in Mayo in the County Competitions like the Flanagan and Colleran Cups and some of them looked really poorly coached and organised, teachers in the school just didn’t look like they gave a damn.

  85. I thought Ulysses was a lovely name for Joyce’s Piebald,

    And yes,

    I continue to celebrate, unabated.
    She’s away at the moment and the wine tasting classes are going well. Well into the night.

    I’ve watched the match again and I’m gobsmacked, at our dominance, at that point where pain begins to show.

    We’ve taken down the so called greatest, and I’ll raise a glass and toast the team that can beat us now.

    Our 6th AI final in ten years.
    Imagine 6, and but for the men in black, We, would be the greatest.

    When I was young and times were hard I shoveled diamonds all day for a piece of coal.

    A Kerryman said to me, ” poor us “, ” I feel bad, we haven’t won it for 7 years “.

    I said póg no th?in” talk to someone.else “. I feel like I’ve been chewed up by a wolf and shit over the side of a 300 foot cliff.

    So best of good luck to both of You,
    Both Kerry and Tyrone,
    But let us not forget the fact,
    When yea win yea are in yer own.

    What do we need ?
    Hearing aids !
    When do we need them ?
    Hearing aids !

    A quick call out to the county council.
    I know yea hired me 9 years ago in castlebar and haven’t heard from me since.
    I live in Galway now, so if yea could send out a handle for the brush and my last 9 years wages.

  86. Michael Gallagher doesn’t say much in the mao news. Just an interview with John Prenty. Basically saying if they allocated tickets to season ticket holders it would reduce club allocation by 74 per club (3700 season tickets / 49 clubs).. they could do it in cork because it only meant a difference of 3 per club.

    Not really telling us anything we didn’t already know

  87. It’s always lovely to be able to look ahead to the other semi final, knowing we are through to the final ourselves. You would have to fancy Kerry going by what we have seen this year, but you can’t rule Tyrone out.

  88. Good work indeed going on at college’s level. I seem to remember that St. Gerald’s had some amount of players on the minor and senior panels on All-Ireland final day in 2013, which is some going considering they don’t even have a full sized pitch of their own.

  89. @It Means Nothing to Me,
    The article has a few lines poking fun at himself more than anything in response to the burning pitchforks that were coming for him from the online Mayo folk after the game. 95% of the article was about what he sees as the false machismo that is damaging Gaelic football. I am not sure if I agree with him but he puts forward a compelling argument that is worth serious discussion in fairness to him!

  90. @Crete Boom: While I agree with you that the article is mostly about the culture of machismo and foul play in gaelic football, there’s a passage towards the beginning of the piece in which McStay implies that he found himself in difficulty with Mayo folk last week because he didn’t behave as “one of us”. (I won’t quote directly at length as I’m not sure it’s permissible to do so here, and especially as The Irish Times operates a pay wall for his articles).

    He then goes on to imply that Mayo fans were allegedly turning a blind eye to the Shane Walsh tackle in the Connacht final while reacting furiously to the Small one in the Dublin game. He then writes that at least in the Small incident, the ball was notionally there.

    Personally, I would put the reaction down to his having several replays of the incident and still not identifying a piece of wild and reckless foul play by Small. Incidentally not the first time his critical faculties have deserted him when a Mayo player has been on the receiving end thereof.

    To me it’s unimportant where he comes from, we have good reason to be hopping mad at what happened to Eoghan McLoughlin and the muted reaction of the Sunday Game live transmission to it.

  91. Think its time to drop the Kevin McStay thing at this stage. Kevin is a decent man who made a mistake and was man enough to admit on national television that he got it wrong (how many other pundits can say that). He didn’t injure McLaughlin nor was the the ref or lineman that turned a blind eye to it, I honestly don’t see why some people are still so sore about this.

  92. I found that an excellent article today by Kevin McStay in the Irish Times, one that deserves to be read (although frustratingly subscriber only):


    He said he got to reflecting about the ‘history of violence on Gaelic football fields’ and memories came back to him of things he saw, heard and witnessed.

    I think he is saying rough, dangerous play is accepted within the culture of the sport sometimes by it going unseen or that the idea of the tough man is elevated, and players suffer the physical consequences of these attitudes.

    A strong paragraph is where he tells of doing something just once on a football field that he is not proud of and that he still regrets. He hit back at a player who wouldn’t keep back from him and he damaged the man’s teeth.
    “ I hated that I did that. I still do. He lay on the ground and I got the ball and kicked a point. Nobody even wondered why he was on the ground. Again, this happened all the time. He played on…”

    From the article, it got me thinking that this rough treatment is given out for different reasons within games or the sport (intimidation, retaliation…)

    I found it a valuable view to read.

  93. I’m presuming it will be Kerry.
    We have alot of work to do to firstly be competitive let alone win it.
    My concern is, a bit like Cork last Sunday, that you can cod yourself as to certain things based on the result of a semi final and the season to date, and those things you’ve been codding yourself about becoming very obvious as deficiencies or things you haven’t fixed after 20 minutes in the white heat of an all ireland final.
    All year we have been too open at the back, Dublin couldnt or didnt try to exploit it, Kerry will try to and their tactic will be to bury us in the first half. Can we stop that from happening is the key question from me?
    I sympathized with my Cork neighbours on Sunday, Croke Park is a horrible place to be on All Ireland final day with the game over at half time a la 2004 and 2006.
    Not meaning to sound overly negative but lets not take too much from the Dublin game, despite the fight and the grit we showed we were very poor with choices and accuracy for most of the game and if we don’t address those issues not only will we not win we might get a bit of a batin.

  94. I have no issue with the way Dublin play

    The problem I have, is that rarely (if ever) have they been held to account by the referee for blatant acts of aggression, dangerous and foul play.

    If that’s how they want to play-fine-accept the consequences. But they seem to be allowed to operate outside the laws time after time after time

    Last Saturday’s match is just the latest example

    Many neutral observers point to probably 2 missed reds and 3 black cards for Dublin during that semifinal. I’m not talking about OTB incidents that no one saw…..I’m talking about incidents bang smack right in front of the referee.

    Yes they are and we’re a great team, but can you imagine if a Mayo Player did Con O Callaghan in the same way McLaughlin got done, not to mention Lee Keegan getting done during last December’s final

  95. I have read the article by Kevin and would recommend it to those who can get access to it. It is very thought provoking and raises some important issues about the culture of violence that undoubtedly has existed in the game.

    Of course for decades Mayo were often patronised as lovely footballers who lacked the hard edge that was seen as necessary to complete at the top. This all changed under James Horan and I recall Kerry footballers especially pointing out how Mayo had changed and were now bringing a harder edge to their game. We no longer took a backward step our any nonsense from the opposition whoever they might be. We stood up for ourselves and this has been an important part of our success over the last ten years. Teams now know that any victory over us has to be fought for and hard earned.


  96. @east cork exile – you’re hardly comparing the Limerick hurling team this year to Kerry? Kerry are unproven, lost to a poor Cork team last year in a knockout game which is unforgivable. Couldn’t get the job done against Dublin in 2019 with an extra man. They’ve been good this year but still only drew with Dublin in the league. That result alone means they’re around our level.

    People saying if we play like the the first half vs Dublin, the final will be over at half time… What if Kerry play like the first 15 minutes vs Cork?

  97. Kevin McStay was a fine player and manager and has turned into an expert analyst and commentator. Hard to quarrel with his piece in Irish Times. People make mistakes and he made a wrong call for which he apologised. He has decency written all over him. Time to stop the demonisation and have a serious discussion about the issues he raises in today’s piece.

  98. I think it’s time we move on from the McStay issue. On the Sunday Game that night he held his hands up and completely reversed his decision, having seen it multiple times afterwards. He apologised and said he got it wrong, on national TV in front of a huge viewership. What more do people want from him?

    His job was on co-commentary for the game, not to kiss Mayos arse. He was there to provide unbiased, reasoned, in-game analysis (which he is very good at). He wasn’t there to sing the Green and Red of Mayo, or scream down the microphone like a deranged Micheal D McAndrew! The sooner Mayo supporters stop whinging about percieved slights against us by refs, commentators or pundits, the better because we’re begining to sound like petulant kids who got their sweet money taken from them by the school yard bully. Look back at that game again without red and green tinted glasses. You will see many instances of where we got away with one or two things too. Our lads know how to look after themselves and are not afraid to dish it out. we are just getting cuter at it.

    Pundits know f**k all, just look at their predictions verses the actual outcomes. They are there to draw an audience, clickbait, and Mayo supporters rise to it every time. This is our 7th All Ireland Final in 10 years (incld. replays), we are old hands at this so it’s time we showed a little maturity about it all – almost a cute Kerry whorrisim!
    I have spoken to refs who actually know Conor Lane and they have said he is a good guy, a sound fella. They’ve also said he would have been horrified watching back on his performance and, regardless of red card or no, his failure to stop play when McLaughlin was hit showed terrible judgement and a failure to protect the player. Deegan is by far the worst ref out there, a terrible ref with a massive ego and many other refs have said this too. This is not the first time that Deegan has hung Lane out either, and Deegan is the common denominator in many refereering controversies. Be it on the line, or on the pitch, he is a disaster.
    So let’s sit back and wait and see what Tyrone and Kerry serve up.

  99. Peter Keane would get a job in comedy, “yerragold”
    Below are some quotes.

    Sep 2019: after draw in final with Dublin
    “Did we think we had a chance coming here today? Sure of course. If you have two dogs in any race, one of the dogs might get a heart attack and the other one could walk home. You have a chance every time you are out there.”

    Nov 2020  Cork game
    “I said last year after we lost the All-Ireland, you are starting at the bottom of a greasy pole again and we are stuck at the bottom of that greasy pole now again”.

    Peter Keane: ‘If you took the goals out of the game there wasn’t a whole pile in the scoreboard’
    Kerry 6-15 Tyrone 1-14

    2019 Final
    Sure we will g’up and give it a shot and see how we get on.

    July 2021 Tipperary game
    “You know those little calendar things that would be up on the office desk, I remember reading one of them many, many years ago: ‘worry is like a rocking chair – it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere’.

    “You’ve no choice if there’s bodies everywhere. If there’s a wall up there you just can’t get a bazooka and blow it in, you’ve just got to be patient and work your way towards it.” 

    Following the win over Tipperary in Thurles, Keane was asked if he expected Cork to win through to the decider.

    “I’ve no opinion on it, I’ve no interest in it.

    July 2021 Cork game
    “They’re all wanted,” Peter Keane sighed when pondering the fundamental object of the old game: the getting of scores. “Every old point you can get, you’ll take.”– 4-22 ain’t a bad haul.

    “The scoreboard turned nicely for us. You go back to last year and the scoreboard didn’t turn for us.”

    And won’t the Ulster champions have an advantage having played their final in Croke Park?

    “They will, yeah, but sure what can I do about that?”

    And will he be heading to the capital to watch the Ulster showdown?

    “I don’t know. I might have to turn in and do a bit of work at home, bank holiday weekend.”

  100. @Joet. Don’t worry about the time. It can be near midnight when I get in from work. Rarely in the cot before 2am. Had an extended viewing of the game again last night so it was later than usual to bed.

    We did get I suppose a few calls or maybe a bit of luck that was well overdue to us in our battles with Dublin.

    I would consider Fenton a fine and clean footballer. He did get a yellow for a push in the back on o’hora, nothing dirty about it, but a foul nonetheless.

    Our equalising point just before full time from the 45, where Byrne seemed to inexplicably put the ball over his own goal line. I think his miskick was due to a little help from a nudge from behind from one of our lads. Anyway, Lane saw nothing wrong with it. I felt we got a little bit of luck there.

    Mind you I also thought Aidan had kept the ball in play when he swung it back inside with the quick hand work, but it was deemed wide.

  101. No I’m not comparing Limerick to Kerry, my point was that Cork were very naive defensively versus Kilkenny, they won the day with their speed and just going for it. They didn’t address that for the final, and while I dont think they were ever going to beat them not addressing that set them up for an awful trimming.
    No-one argues that Kerry have some top class forwards, we have some top class backs but man marking hasn’t been something we’ve focused on bar one or two individual cases. Instead we have defended as a collective, I’m not sure if that will work against Kerry.
    First 15 minutes against Cork Kerry were at sea but Cork couldn’t keep up that intensity and their tactical shape, lads started going it alone and within minutes of the water break Kerry had figured it out and ended the game. They wont need as many chances as Dublin is my point so we have to ensure we dont give it to them.
    I think if we can keep it tight by half time and bring them in the cave in the last 15 we have every chance. My big concern is them getting out of the blocks early and giving us too much of a mountain to climb. Unless we do something different in the first half than we did against Galway and Kerry then that could well happen.
    I know people may not like hearing this but we’ve been privileged enough to be in so many finals over the past 15 years, its no fecken use unless we give ourselves every chance of doing it. I still have big concerns over those areas mentioned

  102. I too thought that McStay article gave lots of food for thought. I remember seeing a lad at a Junior B final in the mid-90s getting his jaw broken and I don’t believe he ever played football again. I am sure some posters here remember it too, but I won’t name names. I suspect that there was less of a reaction to the O’Hora/Walsh incident because it was off the ball, barely captured on camera and there were no pundits calling it at the time, but it’s a fair remark. I certainly wasn’t too sorry at the time and neither am I too sorry that we now have a bit of an edge to us, but in all honesty you’d prefer if it wasn’t a feature of the game full stop.

    Tyrone are like the epitome of the snakes in the long grass in this saga. We have not an inkling of how fit (or not) their main panel is, and I imagine they are watching with a bit of glee the whole country talking about Kerry in a final. I do think it will be Kerry (I would have thought that anyway) but it’d be one hell of a twist in the tale if Tyrone showed up and took them out. While it would be nice to beat Kerry in a final (!) I wouldn’t be too upset if we only got to beat Tyrone (!!)

  103. If Tyrone are the snakes in the grass, then Kerry are St Patrick.

    They’ll eat them without salt. Tyrone may put up a noble fight, but no more. Nothing would make me happier to be proven wrong, but I can’t see it happening.

  104. The difference with Kerry this year is the boys are now men. Most of the Kerry team can throw you out of a pub for paid employment, whether you want to leave that pub or not.

  105. Brilliant work Willie Joe!! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you and your team. Top class as always. But one thing I was shocked with it in the last podcast with Rob and Billy Joe when they said our manager James Horan was wrong to take off Aidan O Shea. I’m a massive Aido fan, and he is a real leader and a top footballer. But I didn’t agree with this point to be honest Aido coming off was the winning of the game for Mayo I taught!! But Mayo got the win in the end and that’s the most important thing and I’m sure Aido will be outstanding on September 11th.

  106. Great and well articulated post by Pebblesmeller. So true. McStay a decent man and analyst and we Mayo people shouldn’t be too bothered about what any pundit says about us. Super stuff also by My Left Foot re Peter Keane. Would almost prefer Jim Gavin ahead of Yerra Keane. Now that the euphoria has died down and we all watched it back a few times all but the most optimistic of optimists have to agree that we did not play well v Dublin. Our grit resilience and character was brilliant, our skill levels not quite so good. Winning in extra time is fantastic and usually leads to emotion getting the better of realism. I include myself in that We Will have to play much better to win Final but we certainly are well capable of improving

  107. Aidan wasn’t playing well so Horan was right to take him off. However I’m not sure it changed the game. The score was 10-6 when he went off on 48 minutes, yet on 63 minutes the score was 12-7. There are a few people out there delighted to proclaim Aidan as the cause of our problems, yet the substitution had no immediate impact.

  108. Wouldnt surprise me one bit if tyrone caught kerry with an ambush this weekend.

    Kerry have a real bee in their bonnet with tyrone going back to the 00s and tyrone will absolutely relish coming into this in the long grass.
    I attended tyrone kerry semi in croker in 2019 and there was feck all between them in that game, mcshane and mattie donnelly bullied the Kerry fullback line (That jason foley fella at kerry is massive weak link in my opinion, could see ROD or Conroy having a lot of fun with him).
    In terms of personnel tyrone are much better than 2019 too (add darragh canavan, mccurry on fire, conor mckenna, paul donaghy).
    Kerry are rightfully favourites but i cant help but think they are going to be ambushed here

    Mayo v tyrone would make for a very novel final

  109. Tyrone aren’t even sure what players they actually have available. another assessment on Thursday and Friday according to Lohan

    Their preparation is obviously all over the shop, but this just goes to show how precarious the whole thing is.

    The peak of this thing is expected mid-September, just hope there’s not another twist in the championship but you couldn’t rule it out i’m afraid

  110. Just on the Kerry slaughter that many seem to feel is a coming, so Morgan along with McNamee, Hampsey, Sludden and Harte are 5 of the back 7 that instantly come to mind who can defend individually and collectively as a unit. Be honest now, how many can instantly name 5 of Kerry’s back 7 and then how sure are you of their defensive ability as a unit. Tyrone will make Kerry earn their win if they imo.

  111. Tony Holohan said today that only fully vaccinated people should be allowed to attend the final. He also said he would have no issue with Electric Picnic taking place with 70,000 fully vaccinated in attendance. If GAA make the proper arrangements and with government green light no reason why there can’t be close to a capacity crowd on the 11th.

  112. Great fodder in today’s Western People and Mayo news.

    John Cuffe has a piece in the WP about injuries suffered by Mayo players over the last decade and longer, and the associated sacrifices endured by elite players. A great read.

    Also in the Western, Mark Ronaldson has a terrific piece about Mayo defenders and how as a County we are continually blessed with talent in this regard. Ronaldson is an elegant writer, highly recommended, and writes very much from a player’s perspective.

    I read Michael Gallaghers piece in the Mayo news about potential ticket allocation for the final. Prenty doesn’t seem to hold much hope for Cairde Maigheo season ticket holders being accommodated as clubs will then consequently lose out. I see his point but there are calls for Croke Park to intervene here and accommodate both clubs and season ticket holders. Same should apply to the other finalist County. I mean where the heck do all the other thousands of tickets go?? There’s so much politics involved here.

    As we all know too well, All Ireland final days are littered with attendees who haven’t a clue about the teams, people who clearly haven’t attended a match all year.

    The gaa should prioritise genuine fans first and foremost. Especially given covid and the empty stadium last year. It would be in the spirit of goodwill. And fairness. There are 3,622 season ticket holders in Mayo. Don’t tell me that they cannot all be accommodated even with the reduced capacity while at the same time giving clubs their usual quotas. I haven’t done the maths but 40000 capacity is still a huge crowd.

    The ones losing out should be the fat cats in suits wearing nice aftershave and asking ‘who’s that lad playing at number 3’?

  113. Ed McGreal has a superb article on the stats in the match.

    On Hession he says: “He had more possessions (26) than ten starting Mayo players. Not alone that, he did not cough up one single turnover in any of those 26 possessions”.

    On Lee, he says: “He had 35 possessions, won or helped with 7 turnovers, kicked a point, had two assists and when moved onto Con O’Callaghan, kept the shackles on the Dublin danger man”.

    Great analysis. For the final I think we need to start Hession. A straightforward switch for Eoghan. Retention of ball is essential and if he does that and nothing else he’ll have played his part.

  114. Gaa should negotiate with government can they have full capacity for All Ireland if they bring in vaccine pass measure!!

  115. Really small allocation of tickets going out to clubs this year. County board have just sent notification email out today. If not going to Chairde Mhaigh Eo members then where are they all going? By my calculations about 5000 tickets going to clubs in Mayo from official Co Board allocations. It’s a disgrace.

  116. Great work Willie Joe and team on the blog and podcasts. Ye are mighty and its a fantastic service. A little bit of feedback on the podcast, I feel it has become a little bit ‘nice’ and stale of late. There is not much by way of disagreements or challening discussions, it’s all very pleasant, most of the time contributors just agree with each other and/ or add onto each others points. In reality it would be very difficult to find two mayo men or ladies who would agree on any subject let alone every subject when it comes to mayo football. I know the pod is currently free and if and when there is a charge I will be the first person to subscribe 🙂 but some different opinions/ perspectives and respectful disagreements always make it more entertaining and engaging for the listener, listen to second captains or the gaa hour for example or the way in which Joanne Cantwell challenges the pundits. In addition, in the last podcast all three contributors backed Kevin McStay after his commentary error, fair enough he made the error, we are all human i get it, but come on, not one of ye made the point that he is well paid for what he does, is privileged to attend games for free and what he says in commentary has a huge impact on public opinion. If I made an error at work I would expect some constructive feedback, some of the stuff was over the top I agree but at least call it out respectfully. We all know that what is said in match commentary or said by pundits sets the narrative for public opinion. Shouldn’t we be asking for the bar to be raised a little? Remember, McStay is not doing it for nothing and who is paying his way, us the public. As I said, fantastic work and Willie Joe you are a credit but it’s not all roses in the garden, don’t be afraid to express yerselves and respectfully challenge each other. Disagreements are healthy and make a more balanced, entertaining listen for us mayo heads.

  117. I’ve fully changed my mind on the match this weekend. I think Tyrone are going to cause a massive upset. I don’t trust them one bit with this Covid outbreak, im sure their are players deemed close contacts, but I think the extent of the outbreak is vastly exaggerated. Sure they could be counting the stats man or kit man etc as covid cases. Wouldn’t beileve the Hail Mary out of them.

    Didn’t they come up with some Covid story before they relegated us last year in a do or die game in Castlebar?

    Tyrone to beat Kerry….im off to the bookies now.

  118. @TH, football was played nearly everyday in St Colmans back in the 1980’s but St Jarlaths were the powerhouse, those guys were probably out playing in the evenings also and hammered all before them.
    I think the standard of coaching has improved in the Secondary Schools as younger enthusiastic Teachers are going into the Profession.

  119. @Jaden, ‘If Tyrone are snakes in the grass, then Kerry are St Patrick’ will Kerry banish Tyrone from the 2021 championship like St Patrick banished snakes?.. Not a bit of it St Patrick was never within a 100 miles of Kerry… Now historical scholar’s will tell us that if you draw a line from Galway to Dublin, St Patrick was never South of that line.. St Patrick was a Welshman, and his Bishopric ropes, the latest fashion of the times, he traipesed around Mayo in the Green and Red Cloaks, the colours of his Native Wales…The same scholar’s have documented evidence of St Patrick in Mayo, in Achill, Down Patrick Head, Ballintubber and Croagh Patrick and many other places in Mayo where he was made most welcome.. It’s said that he either wasn’t in Manulla in Central Mayo or else that he was ran out of the place.. It’s also said that St Patrick took fright when he seen the Druid Deity, of ‘Crochspulludán’ from the mountain near Manulla, and took flight to Keelogues, where the natives helped Patrick regain his courage.. Together they also cooked up a plan to stop the shamrock growing in Manulla, for the bold St Patrick’ had the power to do such things.. Now that was the folklore, as it went that the good God fearing people of Manulla always had to get their shamrock in neighbouring, Balla, Breaffy, Keelogues and Bellcarra because Clover didn’t look great in your lapel on St Patrick’s day .. believe it or not, and St Patrick did not cast any spell on Manulla and the Shamrock still grows there just as well in Manulla as it does in the Sahara or Antarctica.. and thankfully the people of Mayo are the last people who would believe in superstition or curses or anything like that… So when St Patrick banished snakes at the foot of the the Reek, St Patrick having regained his courage and was then at his most powerful, he did so for the entire Island of Ireland, including Co Tyrone..St Patrick was so powerful at that time, that the Celtic God of the Sea, ‘Lugh’ who like that buck in the yellow submarine lived beneath the waves in the Waters around Clew Bay, ‘Lugh’ took a fright himself at the powerful St Patrick and decided to stay beneath the waves, as he wondered would this Christanity lark ever take off, and hasn’t been seen since.. And so Jaden you won’t find any ‘snakes in the grass’ in Co Tyrone, but you will find Shamrock. .. Which takes me to North West Mayo at around the same time, the ‘Children of Lír’ changed shape to that of Swans and we’re exiled themselves from the life they once knew living their lives with the Saints and Sinners (sorry Saints and Scholar’s) around Erris,.. for a period of 900 year’s and bit more with the 900 years or so it seems. .. But I was out walking yesterday and I met a man smoking a pipe, he looked at least 100 years old and he seemed to encompass the wisdom of the ages, sort of a sage you might say.. He told of one particular Child of Lír (Leanbh Lír) returning to us in Mayo.. And him having the super human qualities of that of a Swan and a Man, he was also granted 3 wishes.. All ‘Banishing’ trick.. (like his namesake another Patrick) .. the first was to banish them dirty rotten Sea Gulls, who are always Squaking and S***ing ( sorry Squaking and Shitting) around Croke Park, the second was to banish the unbeatable Dubs (sorry the unbearable Dubs).. and third is to banish misfortune.. and we will find out next Saturday evening, who’s misfortune it will be!

  120. Not a lot a tickets per club if this is anything to go by……..

    Mayo will play the winners of Tyrone v Kerry in the All-Ireland Final on September the 11th 2021 at 5.00pm at Croke Park.
    With reduced capacity allocations are based on a new model taking the following considerations into account.

    Club Officer Tickets, Chairperson (2) Secretary(2) Treasurer(2) PRO (2) and County Board Delegate(2) are included in the totals below.

    Clubs will not be levied for fundraising packages, previously packages of 20 tickets x 2 were available to Clubs to purchase. These numbers are also included in the overall Club Figures below.

    Players who played in at least one intercounty championship game for the Mayo Senior Team in the past will be allocated one ticket through the Club in addition to the figures below.

    Clubs who have a player currently on the Mayo Senior Panel will receive 10 stand tickets in addition to the figures below.

    The top three clubs who sold tickets in the Club Development Draw in each grade will receive 6 Stand tickets in addition to the figures below, the Clubs in question are detailed on the attachment.

    Ballina Stephenites/Castlebar Mitchels and Westport will retain the urban allocation bonus of 10 Terrace tickets per club.

    Club Allocations /Process
    Club Grade
    Basic Allocation
    70 Stand and 10 Terrace
    Exclusive Hurling Clubs
    70 Stand and 10 Terrace
    88 Stand and 10 Terrace
    108 Stand and 10 Terrace
    Club orders will be in the same format as the All-Ireland Semi Final and you are asked to commence your listing this week based on the following format.
    Name, Surname, Club, Ticket amount, email address, mobile number.
    The deadline for completed orders is Saturday the 28th of August 2021 at 6.00pm. and are to be returned to the following email addresses:  secretary.mayo@gaa.ie and administrator.mayo@gaa.ie
    Tickets will be allocated to patrons from Wednesday the 1st of September 2021 and patrons will have 48 hours to process tickets.
    Ticket orders should be in groups of two where each patron will be allocated two tickets, one for him/her along with one

    other person in a “pod” of two. (one email address per two tickets).
    While there may be the possibility of a second allocation this cannot be guaranteed.
    The listing for past players will be sent individually to each club today and the details for those individuals will be returned on the same excel as the Club order.
    Ticket prices are as follows:
    Stand – €90.00
    Terrace – €45.00

    Clubs are asked to check and double check that the email addresses submitted for patrons are correct as incorrect email addresses will lead to a delay in processing orders.

  121. I believe that I saw Mc Stay in his connaught debut,he was hammered by the Galway backs,he did not back down and played his part,I am not a fan of him but realise that he has to make a living

  122. @Mayo88. The ending of st Jarlaths as a boarding school had a serious impact to their fortunes on the pitch.

    I was in it for 5 years, I think 80 to 84. They would have won 2 Hogan cups in those 5 years.
    I think Kevin Mcstay would have togged for them around about 1980.

    I don’t think I missed a match in the 5 years there, maybe one, attending, not playing.
    Their home games were played in Tuam stadium.

    P Brogan was the best college footballer I ever saw. Outstanding college player.

    Mark Butler would have captained them to Hogan success and I think he played the previous year when they were beaten in the final.

    The boarding schools had a monopoly on talent.
    I think both John Maughan and Val Daly would have attended Carmelite college in Moate and if I’m not mistaken were both on that Carmelite team that won the Hogan in 1980.

    I think it was 4 days a week that the footballers trained in college.
    With the pick of some of the best players and the level of training they did it was no surprise they were so successful.

  123. Before I start id say I’m in favour of increasing the attendance for the final simply because its an out door event. Todays announcement from the CMO was quiet frankly reckless in the extreme and has put the GAA, government in a very difficult position. While theoretically he is right, no reason to have full capacity for fully vaccinated people, in practice however that’s impossible to police. Do clubs only include vaccinated people in raffles? Everyone knows tickets change hands in the weeks leading up to a final and a large portion of people at a final will have gotten tickets from third parties, friends or even from blogs like this (semi final was a good example). Currently 75% of adults are fully vaccinated so its reasonable to assume approx 20000 people who do show up for the final are unvaccinated (not counting people who will travel in the hope of getting a ticket). Are that amount of people going to be turned away?? How would you turn them away? It would be carnage on the streets, the place would go crazy.

  124. Revelino both Daly and Maughan played in the half back line but the CHB was Tommy Lynch, his son David put a lovely ball over Boyles head which nearly caused a goal in our game against Westmeath.

  125. In fairness Mayomad, the CMO said he’d ” like to see people vaccinated” at the All Ireland, rather than, people ‘will have be’ vaccinatined. I don’t see anything reckless in saying that.

  126. Those are very fair points, McHale Road 21, which we’ll definitely reflect on for the future. Constructive feedback is always welcome and is very helpful as we seek to improve the podcast.

  127. That documentary was a tough listen 🙁

    They didn’t even go through the last decade!

    Hopefully there’s a happy ending coming soon.

  128. Vaccinated or not…sadly this debate annoys me. It’s divisive and unnecessary. From what I see you can get Covid and give Covid whether you’re vaccinated or not. I feel we’re going down a slippery slope with the whole debate…but that’s not football.
    Kerry or Tyrone won’t lose much sleep after seeing our performance against Dublin. Yes, they’re the 6 in a row champs but not a shade of them at their best. I’m finding it difficult to see if Mayo really are that good or did we just get those few decisions our way, for once. I’m so full of hope but I’ve been here before.
    Hope this Mayo team is primed and ready for battle with either of them.
    Maigheo abú

  129. Revellino………I did 5 years before you in St Jarlaths, boarding from 1974-1979……Loved it. And you’re 100% right. We had the creme de la creme of Galway, Mayo, Ross, Connacht, rest of Ireland in those days with some lads like the brilliant Padraig Brogan coming for LC years only mainly because of the football……Jarlaths still hold the record for mist Colleges Senior A Hogan Cup wins (12, I think) but fortunes waned as a direct result of boarding coming to a halt as it did in all Diocesan boarding schools……

  130. I think the priest who trained all the teams in Jarlaths said that for his age Padraic Brogan was the best player that went through the college. That is some praise when you consider the quality of players that went through the college

  131. Given that email addresses, names and home address is required for both season ticket and club membership, you would think they could come up with a way to use this data to ensure that anyone who pays both season ticket and club membership year after year gets a ticket. This could form part of the club allocation as they are club members who also support the county team and the club could be notified that these people have received tickets so dont require another one. Im paying 500 at the beginning of every year and now am unlikely to get a ticket due to the small allocation in our club. I bet there are many more people in this situation. I know i wont be paying both next year if i dont get a ticket this year, its just not worth all that money!!!

  132. This will likely be controversial but it’s my honest opinion.
    But ( IMO)Kevin McStay was by some distance the best player to play for Jarlath’s in the 70’s. He was absolutely mesmerizing. A genius on the ball. A magician. Even when he was playing alongside some of the all time greats he stood out. I often thought later on when I saw the Gooch in all his glory that Kevin was ( at least) his equal in terms of skill. Both feet ,extremely intelligent player, but he had flaws that a great coach would have ironed out.
    A Heffo or an O Dwyer or dare I say it a Horan.
    One of his flaws was that beating a man once ( on the same solo run) would sometimes not be enough.
    He could have led us to glory had he had that coach and had he had a longer career. It is a great regret that IMO he never came close to reaching his true potential.
    The greatest Jarlathian of them all ? Sean Purcell , Frank Stockwell senior, have to be there with Padraic Joyce, Michael Meehan and Brogan, various Donnellans and Ja Fallon. There are too many to name. But ask some of the old timers and they’ll tell you that in no uncertain terms that Joe Early ( from Balla)was the greatest Jarlaths footballer ever.

  133. Kevin (Tank) Early was a great senior player too, in my time in SJC…..1970s……

    Padraig Brogan brilliant too. In colleges football he was untouchable……..That priest South Mayo Exile mentions was the great coach and former college president Fr Oliver Hughes RIP…….

  134. @Food4thought. Mcstay was like a magician with the ball. He could turn his marker inside out and had oodles of skill. He was still attending Jarlaths in 1980 but maybe did not play for them that year. Not sure was there an age limit at the time, or maybe, had he repeated his leaving cert and ineligible on that basis.

    MartyK, I think you’re right in saying that Fr Ollie Hughes rated P Brogan as the best ever to come through the college. I would have known Padraic quite well at the time as we were in the same year.

    I repeated my leaving cert in Jarlaths in 1984 and Pat Holmes won the Hogan cup with them that year.

    Pat would be from within a few miles of John Maughan, Pat from Moygownagh and John from Crossmolina.
    Both men won all Ireland’s at college level, John with the Carmelite in 1980 and Pat in 1984 with Jarlaths.
    Both went on to play for Mayo.
    Both went on to manage Mayo.
    Both of them spent 2 separate stents as the Mayo manager.

    I think Maughan is the only manager to have managed counties from each of the 4 provinces.

    Connacht – Mayo and Roscommon.
    Munster – Clare
    Leinster – Offaly
    Ulster – Fermanagh.

  135. Good bit of discussion on AOS whether and where he plays. I’d prefer him to start for his physicality especially in turnovers and it gives Kerry a problem to solve. He’s not slow as some suggested, like David Moran if you put them in a sprint race with senior club players they’d do fine, yes he can get caught on the turn on the back foot at this level. On the front foot he’s quite quick. I’d stay with FF as he can drift out and help other sectors like midfield if Moran doing well. It’s a straight choice with Carr for the 14 jersey. The 11/12 jersey is up for grabs too as Darren McHale had an off first half v Dublin but had done very well v weaker opposition prior to that.
    The last day he caught 3 of the 4 high balls in, first one should have called mark but probably looking for a runner to go for goal and missed an easy one. The next one (mark) I thought he should use the right but widened the angle enough to score with left and hit the post. Those 2 misses plus the narrative he doesn’t play well vs Dubs was possibly on his mind. The lost ball went in a straight angle, was worth throwing a fist at, he lost balance and never properly got off the ground. The 4th he looked to have cleverly kept the ball in play and umpire disagreed. He went to power through on another occasion and got turned over as happened his brother also when he came on.
    An early score from a high ball in in the final would make a big difference.
    If Carr starts leave him near the goal to get his eye in early. Missed too many points in last 2 seasons whereas scoring points for fun even from bad angles with his left in 2019 along with some important goals.
    Aido could also be given the 11 jersey replacing McHale but earlier McHale was very direct free scoring. Less likely I think to get that jersey, Bryan Walsh or Enda Hession are in with a chance of it.

  136. Another discussion point is Conor Loftus in midfield. I wasn’t a fan up until recently but he did well v Dubs not only using every ball very well but his physicality has improved and also spent a lot of time shadowing and herding Fenton without stupidly jumping in, a mistake so many others make. Fenton did ok but not great.. job done. I think he’s been slowly improving in the position and is now a really good asset to our team. Horan’s patience is paying divideds.

  137. I think Hession has to start and Mullin will obviously come straight back in too, which leaves us with a surplus of quality defenders so i go back to my theory that one of them will start as no 12, im thinking Paddy Durcan to play at wind forward, (Remember 09 when he done a brilliant job pushing back Ryan McHugh/Jack McCaffrey from wing forward)




    Paddy Durcan


  138. Conor Loftus has really transformed his game over the last two years. Up to that he was a nice footballer with a nice touch on the ball but didn’t seem to have the physicality for county football. But he has really improved the physical part of his game and deserves great credit for that. Still a great foot passer of the ball

  139. One thing with Loftus when he came on the senior panel first, managers kept playing him as a corner forward. Which doesn’t suit his game at all. He’s much better in a deeper position.

  140. Hard to know how the weekend will go. Kerry have had so long to think about this game that will they have over thought things? Will the break cause them to lose all their momentum they have built up over past few months. I still think Kerry will win, going to go for 2-19 to 1-12. Tyrone will probably sit deep and try to keep it tight. Will they have the fitness and energy levels to keep it going for whole game with all the covid issues. I don’t think so. Tyrone will probably stick with them for 20 minutes but expect Kerry to pull away. I’ll also be interested to see how big the disparity between the scores at the Hill end are against the Canal end.

  141. It was Mark Butler, not Padraig Brogan, that Fr. Ollie Hughes (RIP) considered the finest player to play for Jarlath’s. But he had plenty of time for Padraig Brogan too. Ye former Jarlath’s students probably know this already but in 2003 they named an ‘all-time panel’ of their finest ever players, the only criterion being that they must have played in a Hogan Cup final. The majority were from Galway but there was plenty of Mayo representation (source: https://www.independent.ie/sport/gaelic-games/gaelic-football/ross-on-a-roll-as-arles-seek-postponement-25922570.html):

    Goalkeepers: Johnny Geraghty (Galway), Eugene Rooney (Mayo)
    Full-back line: Enda Colleran (Galway), Senan Downes (Clare), Tomás Tierney (Galway and later Mayo), Henry Gavin (Mayo)
    Half-back line: Pat Donnellan (Galway), Declan Meehan (Galway), John Morley (Mayo), Joe Earley (Mayo)
    Midfield: Jimmy Duggan (Galway), Jimmy Lyons (Mayo), Padraig Brogan (Mayo)
    Half-forward Line: Michael Donnellan (Galway), Sean Purcell (Galway), Seamus Leydon (Galway), Mark Butler (Mayo)
    Full-forward line: Padraic Joyce (Galway), Michael Meehan (Galway), Peter Solan (Mayo), Morgan Hughes (Galway).

  142. @Alan Kenny…

    Your mention of the croke park stands has put an odd notion in my head, almost all our best recent performances in croker that pop into my head are when playing into the canal end, while our performances into hill 16 are much poorer. Im sure just purely coincidence but a weird phenomenon nonetheless.

    – 2nd half v dublin (canal end)
    – 2nd half galway (canal end)
    – Legaue final 2019 (ruane clinching goals in canal end)
    – beating kerry in 17 semi final (damage done at canal end)
    – hammered by dublin in 2019 (led at ht after playing into canal end)

    If AOS wins the toss i suspect he will opt to play into canal end in 2nd half

  143. That notion has been debated on here by many for weeks now Supermac, seems to be the canal end is the scoring end. I like the look of your team but I would switch Hession and Plunkett as Hession seems to be a better attacker in the mould of someone like jack mccaffrey/ murchan – early days I know but he has serious pace. I Expect CHB to mind the house and stick to Sean O’Shea but the wing backs to attack relentlessly

  144. I have kept a close eye on Enda hession all through the under age system and always was a bit special. I mentioned here some time ago about a particular game that stands out for me I think it was u14 final, 14pts down Enda came on with 8 minutes to go and hamstring heavily strapped and pulled the game back to 1pt before running out of time.

  145. Nice to see people reminiscing about college’s football. I went to Colman’s in the early seventies and three of the finest footballers I can remember from way back then who went on to play for there county were Willie Nally from Balla, John Nally from Garryamore (both Mayo) and Gay Mc Manus, Miltown and Galway. It’s hard to believe that about fifty years. Those were the days, we used to togg out under the stairs (no dressing room or showers back then). You would wait for the muck to go dry on your arms and legs before scraping it of with the plastic comb you always carried. The most competitive football ever played was the in house league where players were granted and the teachers took part also !

  146. Hession seems such a versatile player. He captained the minors in 2018 playing corner forward and took the frees too. When Colman’s won the connacht A competition in 2019 he was centre half forward. Played wing back on the U20s last year and now Horan has turned him into a corner back.

  147. https://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/gaa/arid-20445609.html

    Hession was half forward on the St Colmans team that played St Brendans Killarney in the Hogan Cup semi final in 2017 where he would only have been 16, 2 years under the age group.He was Man of the Match against Galway Under 20s last year. His game is very much like Michael Donnellan style, goes on long quick solo runs, very comfortable on the ball and a great foot passer. I would be amazed if he doesn’t start in the final, further up the field after his performance against Dublin.

  148. Anyone hav any good stories about st muredachs college football. Always seems to me that it’is one school that could use a better coaching structure and would be good for mayo gaa long term. A lot of big clubs feeding into it from both mayo and Sligo. I think as a school it’s punching way below it’s weight. Any taughts?

  149. A brief word on the hurling final: Limerick were magnificent for the whole match. They would remind one of the All Blacks in their pomp. Only one gripe re hurling at the moment, am I imagining things or is the sliotar being thrown on a regular basis without any censor from the refs. I also notice that the TV editors show very few ‘handpasses” in close up. Maybe the rules have changed and players are actually allowed to throw the ball. If not, and I’m mistaken in my viewing, then those players are truly magicians. Meanwhile Kerrry are desperately trying to play down their overwhelming favouritism for this Year’s All Ireland. Expect lots of soft ould talk in the next few days.

  150. Thanks Wideball and TH.

    Hession is an exciting talent – this year’s exciting talent. However, I wouldn’t start him. He’s very young and will be the focus of enough attention. Knowing what an impact he can make from the bench is reassuring if, no when, James has to make hard calls and address problems on the field.

  151. @RahoonSean
    I’m also a Colman’s past pupil and was a young lad there when they won the All Ireland A. Galway keeper Padraig Coyne was between the sticks. Unbelievable team. Came back from the dead v Jarlaths and then went on to win a tough semi v Brendan’s and then another nail-biter v Moate. The team that got to the A all Ireland final a few years later was probably better IMO. Concession of a last gasp penalty did for them when they looked home and hosed.

    The in house leagues were brilliant all right and a real opportunity for students to have a crack at teachers. There was plenty of that and teachers never held back either. They also started rugby leagues before I left. They presented even better opportunities to clatter a teacher. Fair play to the few teachers who put themselves in the way of it.

    Looking forward to the game at the weekend. Like most, I fancy Kerry. Hard not to. It is nice having the luxury of being able to watch without worrying about the ticker.

  152. That Colmán team never produced anything for Claremorris, they bottled it in the county final in 1978 against the Mitchell’s, fancy Dans

  153. @Mayo 36, back in the 1980’s, we always beat St Muredachs easily, also St Nathys, all other Mayo Schools were in the B or C competitions, ie, Ballinrobe, Ballyhaunis, Castlebar etc.
    As far as I can remember the strongest Schools at Connacht Senior A level were,
    St Jarlaths
    St Marys Galway
    Summerhill Sligo
    St Colmans
    Roscommon CBS
    St Nathys

  154. New podcast episode is online! This is the Kerry/Tyrone preview show (with a Mayo twist) hosted by Rob, featuring Maurice Horan (who has the low-down on Kerry) and Declan Bogue (the expert on Tyrone).

  155. @Mayo88.

    I remember attending Jarlaths v Muradeachs game in the Stephenites in the early 80’s where Muradeachs gave Jarlaths a right scare.
    Eddie Gibbons pulled off a great intervention in the second half that day when Muradeachs were bearing down on goal. Jarlaths were actually well behind for much of that game but managed to come through at the finish.

    Nathys also nearly dumped Jarlaths out in P Brogans time. I think it went to a replay. Jarlaths needed a last minute free to force the replay and only won the replay by a slight margin.

  156. I remember talking to few Knockmore lads about Muredachs years back, they said there wasn’t the same attitude towards football in the school from teachers or coaches like there was in St Jarlaths or Colmans. For a big school like St Geralds they have very poor football field near the school. Colmans has by far the best school pitches in the County for Football. It has 2 or 3 full size football pitches with the main one having a very good playing surface. Whatever happened the Mayo vocational schools football team, that was huge back in the 90s.Think Alan Dillon won an All Ireland vocational schools with Mayo.

  157. @TH ,the most thing that I remember about the pitches in Colmans was that shaggin Hill…which we were expected to run up with your “marker” on your back and Fr. Màirtìn roaring at you to go faster.#great days.

  158. I was in Muredachs in the 90’s and the reason they were poor was down to the personality of one teacher who wanted control of all things football. While I was there the Stephenites won back to back u16 county titles and back to back minor titles and very few of the Stephenites or Ardnaree lads played for Muredachs in those years due to this teacher. Instead we played Rugby for the school as we had a very progressive outside coach and we even became the first Mayo team to reach a Connacht Junior Cup final beating the mighty Garbally on the way but losing to another non traditional traditional rugby school Portumna CBS. That Portumna team had Johnny Muldoon, were captained by his older brother Ivan, Damien Hayes and Andy Smith in it!!!

  159. I think there is a trend of strong A level schools and B level schools helping our underage pipeline. Agree that we could benefit from Muiredachs being strong. It might draw in more players from the surrounds much like Rice college.
    Some schools could do with support and improvement before we look into things like Lough Lannagh.
    Kerrys talent pipeline is heavily influenced by three very well coached A level schools.
    It’s especially beneficial for players from smalller clubs.
    In the near term as it is now on our doorstep we do need to look at some club amalgamations especially in the North. There is no point drifting into a crisis. Young players in parts of the North need a strong club right through to senior.
    Belmullet, Ballina, Knockmore and Crossmolina. But we probably will need two or three new amalgamation clubs formed that continues to senior. So you’d have stronger senior and intermediate clubs in the North.

  160. Jr I gather you have no respect for Colmans! I wish I had meet you back then, but it looks like I was a few years ahead of you, a pity, who did you play for ? If we had meet I would have shown you what a fancy Dan can do !

    2 hops, I remember one match when I went down with cramp (the sorest thing), Fr Martin came running on to the field, to give me assistance as I thought, I was meet with “get up to f**k, you don’t have enough muscles to get a cramp”. Those were the days !

  161. @2 Hops, I went to Colmans, and and in Leaving Cert, ran the laps around the College grounds that included the Hill in PE class, 4 or 5 laps in total, in my 1st lap I think I broke the School record, we will have to ask “Chopper” to verify it.

  162. @mayo88. Nice one….we might even have been on the same cross country team. Chopper took no prisoners either. Hah.

  163. @2 Hops, Chopper was one of my favourite Teachers, I loved all Sports, Tony Geraghty RIP a very special Teacher that was ahead of his time. He liked us football lads.

  164. Rahoon Sean, I have great respect for Colmans, I think the first non boarding school to win an All Ireland
    However it never translated to Claremorris. How many county titles have they.
    I am nearly 70 but we can have a pint drinking competition if you wish.
    Love to see Claremorris, ballyhaunis do the same as west port, they were a joke in the seventies.

  165. Was there a Cullinane or Cunnane was a mighty player for either Colmans or Jarlaths? It came up in a pub once where Colmans people were talking to Jarlaths people. They all agreed this lad was dominant and should have gone on to play and be a star at senior. This was possibly early 90s or late 80s teams. Anyways they spoke of going to watch Colmans- Jarlaths and them being in awe of this player. Tom Cullinane possibly or John Cullinane?

  166. Was it John concannon (Scan) from milltown. Would have played with jarlaths in early 90’s. Current Galway selector. Absolutely amazing footballer with jarlaths

  167. John Concannon that was him. I don’t know much about him other than the past pupils at my table said he was the best schools player they ever seen. Domination was type o level they were describing.

  168. Mayo88, 2 hops, I was in the Colmans with chopper (we were also in national school together), we marked each other in the backs against forwards training sessions – I can tell you he didn’t get his nickname for nothing and I had the marks to prove it.

    Jr, you have a couple of years on me (I’m 65). The pint drinking competition sounds good but I’m a bit out of practice with Covid, I haven’t had a pint in about 18 months. I was in Colmans (1st or 2nd year, I think) when they won that final. Beating St. Mels of Longford if my memory serves me right !

  169. @Rahoon Sean,can you remember was it Padraig Coyne(he of the’83 lob) or Cyril Hyland of Davitts who played in goal on that team???

  170. 2 hops, both names come to mind and then I remember another – JJ Costello, who went on to play for Mayo, I know he played for Claremorris, but I also think he may have been in goal for Colmans at some time, maybe not. Also two boy from around Hollymount – Patsy Walsh, a sweet left foot, and ? Walsh, played cent-half back on the team I played with, but the stand out guys during that period were Wille Nally from Balla and myself ? – joke !

  171. Cyril Hyland played in goal for the Hogan final. I think P Coyne played full back that year but was suspended for the final

  172. I am sure some of those Colmans lads on the Mayo team beaten beaten by Sligo in 75.it was a young mayo team and that defeat set Mayo back a lot.

  173. I thought it was ’77 Colmans won the Hogan Cup so they would have been 15 & 16 year old in ’75 and unlikely to have played senior intercounty at that stage.
    I do remember a few of them featured in a Mayo All- lreland winning minor team in ’77 or ’78 thought.

  174. TJ Kilgallon I think played for Colmans. Another great Mayo player, covered unreal ground, caught balls in the box and could field with the best of them. Could kick points from far out and decision making was top drawer. Dominated the much vaunted Meath midfield in 88 despite us giving Meath a huge lead which we nearly caught and would have overtaken if disallowed goal stood. A great midfielder for Mayo in a time of greats including the Mahers, Willie Joe and Liam McHale. Injured hamstring in 89 final and was stationed at uncustomary role of CHB, Larry Tompkins roasted him early on in that game, possibly the only game I can recall even a bad spell in with heavily strapped leg. A legend in Balla where we always felt he was Mayo’s best player of that era.

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