Podcast plans for the week

It’s set to be a busy week for the county’s footballers, as they prepare for Sunday’s NFL Division One title decider against Galway. It’s going to be a hectic enough week for us on the Mayo Football Podcast too, as we count down the days to the big game at Croke Park.

Here’s what we’ve planned for the podcast ahead of and after Sunday’s decider.

We get the ball rolling tomorrow night with our League final preview pod. Mike hosts the show and he’ll be joined on it by podcast regular Colm Boyle and by special guest – and Galway native – Ciaran Murphy of Second Captains. We’ll be aiming to get that pod up on Patreon tomorrow night.

On Wednesday we’ve got a bonus pod, in which Mike chats with Ciaran Treacy, who scored Mayo’s final goal in the memorable League final win over Kerry in 2019. This one will be up on Patreon on Wednesday night and will then be available as a free pod on all platforms on Thursday.

On Friday evening, we’re doing a live podcast recording at Solan’s in Ballaghaderreen. The main topic of conversation on the night will be the Roscommon game and, as well as some live chat, we’ll be recording a pod then about the Mayo/Roscommon rivalry, which will go online early the following week. We’ll also be recording a short pod with some final thoughts on the League decider and that one will be up on Patreon on Saturday.

If anyone’s around on Friday night, you’re more than welcome to join us at Solan’s for the podcast recording.

Then on Sunday we’ll be at Croke Park for the big match and, once the dust has settled there after it’s over, we’ll be recording our Final Whistle pod, which will be up on Patreon soon after.

After that, the focus shifts to the Roscommon match the following weekend but we’ll provide another update at that stage about what we’ll be doing ahead of that game.

So, strap yourselves in and enjoy the journey with us on the podcast over the next week as we get ready for Mayo’s first Croke Park appearance of 2023.

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35 thoughts on “Podcast plans for the week

  1. Dessie is Really putting all his eggs in the short term Basket! All the effort to bring Mannion and McCaffrey back. Sticking with Fitzsimons and Mc Carthy and now bringing Cluxton back. It may well pay off in 2023 but there is going to be serious gaps to fill very soon for Dublin. I believe Mayo bit the bullet on this in the last 3 years developing new players and we may soon reap the benefits.

  2. Question for ye all… the options for juvenile tickets is pretty poor at the moment… Do ye think they will open the upper tiers for Sunday? I would be hoping with both Mayo and Dublin involved they might have to. I know it’s a guessing games but just looking for opinions,
    Thanks all!

  3. Im looking forward to the discussion around our defensive system, in particular what Boyles views.

  4. @Wayne Scales,..my guess is yes. Dublin are in the Div Two decider and even though I haven’t even looked at what tickets are available just yet I would be very confident that Hill 16 would be open as well. It was open for last Sunday.. however if anyone wants to cast their mind’s back to 2019 , Hill 16 was not open, the curtain raiser was Limerick v Waterford in the hurling Div One decider and of course Mayo v Kerry in the football. ..The powers that be will be very reluctant to deny Dublin supporter’s the cheaper terrace tickets. Then again, there are always some wearing Dublin Jerseys in Hill 16 with the word’s “Hill 16 is Dublin Only”..The vast majority of Dublin fans won’t, but amazingly the GAA have never tackled this subject . Imagine if someone in any part of a stadium would wear a shirt with the word’s ‘Hill 16 is White Only ” there rightly would be hell to pay. .. But don’t worry, Hill 16 is NOT Dublin only , neither is Croke Park, despite what GAA authorities might have you believe… Even Parnell Park is not Dublin only .. but is the Dublin County Stadium, which Croke Park definitely is Not!

  5. Agree kmac re Dublin.
    Cluxton a huge backwards step for them imo.
    Pure short termism and sets a transition back years, at least we are through the worst of our transition and age profile is good.

    Even if dubs do squeeze out one AI this year (and I don’t fancy them) they are heading firmly back into the pack in the years to come.

    No hint of a successor to James mccarthy, Fitzsimmons etc if they step down later this year.
    I’m involved in Dublin club scene are there is no talk of any talented superstar coming through in the way we all knew about kilkenny, con, Jack etc from when they were 16.
    Should make for an exciting decade ahead with multiple AI winners

  6. Leantimes, thats a ridiculous comment you are after making, linking Dublin Fans on the Hill and Racism. Everyone knows Dublin get preferential treatment in Croke Park but attempting to bring some sort of racist element into it is just wrong. That comment should be removed.

  7. The return of Cluxton reeks of a lack of leadership from younger squad members in that dressing room and the Jim Gavin team still having too much influence on things. The younger crew should be stepping up and taking the reins, but clearly they aren’t.

  8. Leantimes – drawing a false equivalence between light hearted sporting banter re the hill and racism is ridiculous.

  9. @Mayomad, & dreamysleepysnoozy..If some a very small minority of Dublin fans wear “Hill 16 is Dublin Only” which is exactly what “some” a very small minority of Dublin fans exactly wear in Hill 16. It is exactly, what it looks like. And I am commenting on exactly that And when you are comparing essentially Irish fan’s from other counties of the exact same race as the Dublin fans who have chosen to wear those objectionable Jersey’s, how can anyone say that I am drawing a racist equivalence. A “White Only” jersey would be objectionable and a “Dublin Only” jersey is equally objectionable. When something is”printed ” on a Jersey it’s not “Banter” light hearted or otherwise …As for the “Banther” allot of it is always light-hearted and humourous.. and some of it will also be objectionable and unfortunately that’s not a “Dublin Only” problem either!

  10. Leantimes, have a read over what you posted, if you cant see the racist element you suggested then you have a problem. What you posted is wrong and should be removed.

  11. @Mayomad, that is a horrendous accusation, perhaps you will be so good as point out the “racist element” and if I can see it I will gladly apologize for it!

  12. I love The Hill, especially when the Dubs are playing, the banter and the craic is mighty. Some the best games I enjoyed were the epic encounters between ourselves and Dublin when I was in the middle of a sea of blue wearing my Mayo jersey. I never experienced any nastiness unlike my visits to a neighbouring county’s pitch.Hopefully The Hill is open on Sunday and it will the first of many trips to Croker in 2023.Have a feeling is going to be a successful year.

  13. @ WayneScales i am a season ticket holder and tried to buy a ticket for my 8 year old son yesterday to have him sit beside me but the option was not available. I emailed and received the following reply ” due to large number of season ticket holders involved in this fixture we cannot facilitate a seat next to a season ticket holder”. I emailed back to say I would gladly sit in any part of the stadium to allow my son be with me but got the above reply again. I tried calling and did speak to someone but was told i could not be put through to ticket office as they deal in email only but that they would pass on my queries. Got the above reply emailed to me for the third time. So unless things change season ticket holders who want to bring their kids will have to buy another ticket for themselves when buying for kids if they want to all sit together.

  14. Leantimes, I have said all I want to say on the matter and stand by it. I have neither the time or the interest to get into a back and forth about it.

  15. @Mayomad, .. “neither the time nor the interest” or the Evidence I would suggest!

  16. Is there a full moon the last few nights on here or what!
    Can’t we all just get along :@

  17. Don’t understand the hullabaloo raised over Leantimes comment. How could anyone not see the obvious point he was making?

    Some people too quick on the trigger that they forgot why context is important!

  18. Longtimeontherun – I would expect there will be plenty of empty seats in the lower Cusack after the Dublin-Derry game finishes. I think you will probably be able to sit with your son ok – even if ye have tickets for different parts of the stand.
    I know it is still crazy that you can’t buy two tickets side by side.

  19. Leantimes, in your post you have drawn a comparison between a person wearing a “Dublin only” shirt to someone wearing a “white only” shirt. You could have used any other example to make your point but you choose to use one that has obvious racial connections. In your own words “A “White Only” jersey would be objectionable and a “Dublin Only” jersey is equally objectionable”.
    Your post is there and people can make their own minds up about it, I have said what I think about it and am not going to engage any further about it.

  20. @Mayomad, yes I’m objecting to the wearing of ” Hill 16 is Dublin Only” jerseys, and the acceptance of such,the turning of a blind eye to such by those in authority in the GAA, is equally objectionable..If the word’s “White Only” were written on a Jersey or flag I would find it equally objectionable. You seem to find my post objectionable and said that ‘what I said is wrong and should removed ‘.. Those who wear ‘Hill 16 is Dublin Only ‘ presumably, might if the word’s that are printed on their Jerseys are to be believed, definitely wouldn’t object to the removal of any non Dublin supporter’s from Hill 16.. And you haven’t found that objectionable at all , but you have found my objections to it, as objectionable. If I understand your words correctly. Anyone who accepts any section of society deciding that they are in some way superior to another section of society and printing the words that in effect mean that, ..I always think of myself as an egalitarian at heart ..

  21. Sweet Lord – I’ve just spent an hour battling through the rush-hour traffic on the way home and just catching up with one of the sillier spats to have broken out here in recent times. I’m with Km79 – can’t we all just get along? It’s not as if we haven’t football to discuss!

  22. Agree Willie Joe. Most of us come on the site here for a bit of light relief from the real world and discuss Mayo football. We don’t want to be reading tit for tat spats that has nothing to do with football.

  23. Are season ticket holders getting tickets for sats games , if so and some of ye are not using them ill take them off ye.

  24. Agreed Km79 – for the love of Christ let’s stick to the football, there’s plenty of it for us at the moment!

  25. I must say as someone who he enjoyed the banter with Dublin fans from at least 85, that I have to agree with leantimes,and I have been been in pubs full of Dublin supporters without a problem after matches and got and gave plenty slagging ,but hill sixteen does not belong to Dublin

  26. Can’t wait for Sunday and at least the Dub/Derry game means we should get some decent entertainment for us early birds before the big one. Hopes for Sunday.
    A Mayo win
    A good performance
    No injuries
    A non-controversial battle
    An acceptance that referees can make the odd genuine mistake
    And no nloody booing!
    Safe travelling to all competing counties.

  27. I have loads of Dublin mates and they say that only a small minority say the hill is there’s and its really only a bit of banter there’s bad fans in each county but the Dubs I know say any fans from other counties are welcome to the hill though I probably would choose the Hogan stand if it was Dub v mayo haha

  28. Sorry off topic WJ.

    Anyone not traveling to the Match on Sunday and willing to purchase a ticket in 308 for me? I can send the exact details of seat if it makes it easier for you.I need a ticket beside me for my child. Willing to pay face value for it.


  29. Agree to disagree and move on.
    Anyone know anything about ref. Interpretatiins of what is and what is not a foul so different. A simple arm pull is a free in one case and in another you can bbe surrounded by 3 player thumping you from all sides and its a free against you.
    When does Cawley blow his whistle?

  30. No, the hill is not Dublin only but to act like wearing a “Dublin only” jersey is even in the same ballpark never mind “equally objectionable” to someone wearing a “white only” jersey is crazy. One is sports related banter, the other is a deeply racist, political and segregationist message that carries a lot more hatred. They’re not remotely the same thing and it’s actually very over the top and veering into the offensive to act like they are.

    I have been to many games in the Hill and never had any trouble. It’s one of the best spots for a big game.

  31. @Ontheditch

    He did the game in Hyde. Went back over the post match piece and the comments, and he wasn’t mentioned once

  32. Did we not claim the hill in 2006 and its never been the same since! Maybe next time it should be the dressing room…!

  33. Thanks FrostThammer. There was the stampibg issue that went unpunished but maybe it wasnt as bad as it looks. I think it might have been yourself suggested a 20m free against guys who deliberately hold on to the ball. There was also a jack carney turnover and no free given but the main thing is consistency
    Anyway youre right, no complaints with ref.

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