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As part of our lead-in to this year’s All-Ireland final on the Mayo News football podcast, we planning something a little different. Questions and answers are, of course, largely what the podcast is all about but now we want to bring our loyal listeners into the process.

Whats we’re planning to do is to record a show this Thursday in which podcast host Rob Murphy will team up with Mayo News duo Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan to field questions that are posed by listeners.

If you want to get involved and have a question you’d like to hear the lads answer, then all you need to do is to make an audio recording of it and send it to us. We’ll then select a sample of the questions and use them in the show, which will go online on Friday.

Once you’ve thought sufficiently about the question you want to ask and are happy with the audio segment you’ve created doing this, just get in touch with us and we’ll send you on the number you need to WhatsApp your audio to.

To get in touch, you can DM @MayoPodcast, @MurphyRob or @MayoGAABlog on Twitter or else mail me here at the blog and we’ll reply sending you on the number.

If you want to take part in the show, then please send in your question before 9pm tomorrow (Wednesday). The episode will be recorded on Thursday and it’ll be online on Friday.

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20 thoughts on “Podcast question time

  1. Hi Guys, Few Questions i would like to hear talked about over next week or so;

    1. What`s the latest update from Mayo camp on injury’s ?

    2. Who is most likely to match up with Fenton, McCarthy and Howard around the middle ?

    3. Who is most likely to match up with Con O`Callaghan and Ciaran Kilkenny ?

    4. Is Ryan O `Donoghue the new Kevin mc and unsung hero of last Sunday Performance and who will pick him up from Dublin team ? (John Small could struggle on him) .

    5. What Mayo Players are a shoe in for all stars as it stands ?

    6. Which Mayo Player is the Mayo News Podcast`s YFOTY as it stands ?

    7. How much an influence has Ciaran McDonald had on our forward play since joining or is it more down to the Calvary we now have and a fully fit Cillian ?

  2. Not many masks or 2 metre distances in that photo Willie Joe!!! An old image I suppose.

    What’s this I hear about a Meath fella living in Dublin reffing the final. Sur may as well throw in a couple of Dub linesmen and 4 Dub umpires while we’re at it. A Dub venue, a grinning Dub in the chair for the Sunday game and a Dub beside him on the panel.

    Let them. They will need all the help they can get when Mayo are unleashed on them, the poor cratures.

  3. That’s a pre-Covid one alright, Carrot face – it was taken at the Club Stars bash in the Knockranny back in January. Seems like a very long time ago now.

    Coldrick may not be the best option but he’s far from the worst either. I was there as a neutral when he reffed the 2015 final, in horrendous weather conditions, and he was fine then. Our biggest beef with him was that he sent off Lee Keegan in the 2014 semi-final against Kerry but that was a very long time ago. Mind you, a Connacht ref with Connacht linesmen in an All-Ireland final would make for a nice change but there are no high profile refs from the west on the circuit these days.

  4. I dont know about having a Connacht ref or linesman Willie Joe – the few recent Connacht refs are the lad from Mayo (name escapes me) and prior to that I think the Duffy sisters were in the middle, neither of the latter being renowned for consistent decision making.

  5. I don’t really think where they live really makes a difference anymore, being honest. They’re all being observed on it, all know they show signs of bias and they don’t get big ones any more.
    McQuillan gave us a fair crack of the whip most times we had him. Gough, who most are crying out for, is based in Pats in Drumcondra most of the time. My point being, it doesn’t make any real difference this stuff. They’re all out to do the best job they can. They’ll never get every decision right but as long as you get dealt a fair hand, think that’s as much as you can hope for.
    For example, I would argue McQuillan got a lot right in 2017 but not everything. On balance, I’d say we did ok.
    Reilly in 2014 – we did not get a fair crack.
    Just my two cents!

  6. I never understood the huge deal Kerry people made about Gough living in Dublin. Would a Meath man really prefer Dublin to win another all Ireland? In reality once a referee goes onto the pitch all they care about is making as many correct decisions as possible.

  7. If we get our own management decisions right we wont have to worry about the ref. We havent always done that. The worst decision made in Croke Park for the Semi v Kerry in 2014 was not the sending off…………

  8. I see a Sein Fein TD in Dublin is hoping Mayo ‘bottle it” again in the final this year.
    As John o’ Mahony once said – there is only one answer to that.

  9. I’m open to correction WJ but as I remember it he sent Leroy off on the advice of the linesman – a guy called Cormac Reilly.

  10. We’re not the only ones who were unlucky in recent finals against the Dubs. Just remember Kerry against them in the final last year:

    -Paul Geaney misses a penalty early on (even though Cluxton came off his line, it wasn’t a great penalty)

    -Dublin get a man sent off before half-time

    -Paul Murphy hits the crossbar in the second half!!!

    Unreal. We’d be labelled bottlers if we failed to win a match like that. Kerry let them play more than we let them play. You need to make everything count against the Dubs.

  11. @Damo Mayo1951
    Interesting questions you ask.
    Q3. I would love to see Oisín Mullen Eoghan McLaughlin match up COC and Kilkenny. Brave but these newcomers don’t carry baggage and are fighting for young playearsr of the year or all stars.
    Q4. Ryan O Ds progression to a quality player with a fair bit of physicality to match has not gone unnoticed. He’ll be a handful for any Dublin defender.
    Q5. All stars often go down to performance on big stage, but if Paddy Durcan turns in another good shift, he would be my certainty, and fully deserved.
    Other questions, I’ll sleep on them, but good qs and deserve attention from other posters. Regards.

  12. Is management of the water periods or 4 quarters making it harder or easier for managers?
    Is there a high risk for Mayo in continuing policy to drag players down just outside penalty area as going down to 14 against Dublin for even 10 minutes could be severely punished?
    Could Cooper get a black card early if targeted.
    Should Mayo force Cluxton long or let Dublin come out short with the ball?
    Substitute management if not a forced change will be crucial to Mayos chances?

  13. It was Donnacha Walsh’s insistence by simulating Keegans kicking action ,which incidentally did not go anywhere near making contact with anyone,that influenced the referee.
    The red card was recinded after an outcry that it was extremely harsh.
    Hopefully lessons are learned for the upcoming AI final.

  14. One question.. Will the Mayo players have to drive to and back from Croke Park alone for the final?

  15. Will Eoghan and Chris be ready for the starting 15 on Sunday week?
    Will we change or defensive structure or continue with no sweeper?
    Will we continue with same set up in the middle with Ruane and Loftus?
    Will Fionn Mc Donagh get some game time?

  16. The players travelled to and from Dublin individually for the Tipperary game. Considering it’s all over after the final, they could probably risk using a couple of buses instead.

  17. The major thing to swing this for us would be if Aido got the frees he deserves, it would make a huge difference not only from the direct result of the scores he would get but also from the fact that his marker(s) would have to stop him fairly which is next to impossible and would lead to more opportunities.
    I dont see it happening, but its one of the things that if it swung for us would be one of the “stars aligning” type things that realistically we need to happen to win.

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