Podcast recording at Solan’s tomorrow night

This is just a quick reminder about the Mayo Football Podcast live recording we’ll be doing at Solan’s pub in Ballaghaderreen tomorrow night.

Mike, Rob and I will be there with some special guests for what we’re styling as a ‘pop-up’ podcast event. We’ll be recording a podcast episode focusing on the Mayo/Roscommon match and, in particular, on the great rivalry that exists between the two counties.

If you’re in the locality tomorrow night and are at a loose end from around 9pm onwards, you might fancy dropping into Solan’s to hear the football chat that’ll be happening there then. You’ll be most welcome if you do.

24 thoughts on “Podcast recording at Solan’s tomorrow night

  1. It will be hard to keep yer mind’s on Mayo /Roscommon with Mayo/Galway in the league final on Sunday!

  2. Mayo underdogs Sunday ,National media raving about Galway and not as much of whisper coming out of the camp , always a good sign of a big Mayo performance.

  3. There’s no doubt the ‘mejia’ have their favourites and the narrative is often biased I feel – the OTB crew in particular. Galway (current poster boys), Dublin (diminished somewhat), Armagh (on the wane) and Derry to a certain extent are consistent favourites over the past 2 years or so, even in the face of some poor or average results. That’s my sense of it anyway, as a consumer of a number of pods etc.!

  4. Mayo should be more concerned about the Roscommon game. The league final date is a farce due to its proximity. 1 week to the championship absolutely crazy. Send the b team out, Roscommon is the scalp we all want. We need to set 2019 result straight. Championship is the only show in town.

  5. I have to agree. No one will be thinking of the League Final on Sunday Week and defiantly will not be thinking of it should we win over Roscommon and meet Galway in a few weeks time. Its all about he Championship Win Connaught and we are number one seeds in the Group Stages avoiding Kerry . Dublin ad the Ulster Champions.

    Remember last year our under 17’s beat Galway twice when it didn’t really matter and Galway beet us in the Final . Its the Final that’s remembered

  6. Assigned seating in McHale park for Roscommon game . Will that work and be enforced ? I don’t want to be arguing over a seat before the game

  7. It won’t be enforced
    Also anyone bringing kids won’t be able to go to the stand without purchasing a full price ticket. Annoying for a family of 3 who attended all league games but only have 2 adult season tickets . Grand if it’s dry but if it’s wet very annoying

  8. Km79, of course it will be enforced . Why wouldnt it ? Theyd be chaos if it wasnt.

  9. Because there are no seat numbers on the seats and it wasn’t enforced last time !
    Obviously only stand tickets will gain entry to the stand but it will not be assigned seating

  10. There are seat numbers on the seats in McHale Park..I remember a game v Galway some years ago and I was allocated seat’s right beside the same people who I was always sitting beside in Croke Park!

  11. @KM79
    You’re half right!
    There are seat numbers in the seats but any time it’s been tried (only twice that I can remember) it wasn’t enforced and caused a good bit of aggro.

  12. This is gonna be a mess so , have a nice ticket center of stand picked . Are general tickets showing seat numbers ? Mayo gaa should really come out and give clarity on this

  13. There were designated seats for the Galway championship game last year and I don’t remember any controversy?

  14. When we attend matches in Croke Park we are assigned seats and the stewards direct us to them so I don’t see what the problem is.A crowd of 20K plus is expected and the stand only accommodates 10K. Prebooking ensures maximum use of the seating rather than patrons picking their seats at random and leaving empty pockets in the stand. It also streamlines crowd control as fans go directly to their section rather than traipsing through the whole. Hopefully the weather is good on the day and victory would be sweet.

  15. Tickets on sale now for the very front of both Hogan and Cusack stands, you can get ones in the middle of the pitch.

  16. 20k ? Jeez I reckon ya can double that , dubs v Derry in the lower class final are on before us ya know .

  17. The Dubs will skip it after their game, followed by the Derry boys. It’ll be Mayo in the majority for the higher class final.

  18. I wouldn’t care to guess as which will be the higher class game, boys and girls..The Div Two decider last year was a far better game than Div One.

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