Podcast returning with Chairman candidate interviews

Photo: Mayo News/Michael Donnelly

As is normal for this time of year the Mayo News football podcast has gone quiet over the last while. With Christmas rapidly approaching, however, and a new year of football up ahead beyond it it’s time to start cranking up the audio once again.

Rob Murphy and I will be doing this tomorrow when a special podcast episode goes online. This will focus on the pivotal contest for County Board Chairman, which is set to be voted on at the Mayo GAA Convention this coming Sunday.

In tomorrow’s episode, Rob sits down for in-depth interviews with both Seamus Tuohy and Liam Moffatt. He asks them why they’re standing for the main leadership position in Mayo GAA at a time of such turbulence for the organisation and why each of them feel they’re best suited for the role. He also probes both candidates on their plans if elected to the position.

This special podcast episode should make interesting listening for club delegates whose votes at Convention on Sunday will decide who gets the Chairmanship. It will, no doubt, also be of interest to Mayo GAA supporters more generally, as it will enable them to hear directly from the two candidates themselves before Sunday’s vote takes place. It’s a podcast episode not to be missed for anyone who has an interest in Mayo GAA.

The Mayo News football podcast is available to listen to and/or download on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. If you’re interested in listening but don’t know how to do this just let me know in the comments below or by email (here) and I’ll gladly advise you on how best to do this.

6 thoughts on “Podcast returning with Chairman candidate interviews

  1. It will – we’re aiming to have it up before noon. This is just advance notice that it’s on the way. Both interviews are in-depth ones, running to over 20 minutes each so plenty to digest in the episode.

  2. Should be compelling listening for anyone with a Vote in next Sundays Mayo GAA Convention!… and indeed others with an interest!

  3. I haven’t Listened to the podcast yet but I
    Would love to see Liam Moffatt elected chairman

  4. Ya Moffatt a good man . Knows what’s needed at grassroots and county . Best of luck to both in the future

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