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With the football still on hold, the Mayo News football podcast has remained in dry dock so far this year. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the podcast, though, as there’s plenty going on behind the scenes ahead of its return for 2021.

The enforced break from live action gives us a chance to stand back and think about where the podcast is at and what direction we should point it in for the future. Two main issues – content and funding – have come to the fore for us in this respect.

On the former, we’re thinking about what works with podcast listeners and what doesn’t. On the latter, we’re looking at how best to secure the funding that’s needed to cover the podcast’s costs and so make sure that we’re able to confirm with confidence that we’ll be able to keep it going over the longer-term.

To help us assess these issues on a more informed basis, we’ve put together a short survey. We’re looking to get feedback via the survey from as many podcast listeners as possible so if you could take the short time needed to complete the survey – no more than five minutes – we’d greatly appreciate it.

Once we’ve had a chance to assess the results, we’ll then be in a better position to confirm arrangements for the podcast for 2021 and, we hope, for the coming years as well.

The survey is available to complete now on Survey Monkey (here) and, for your convenience, it’s also below. We’d be very grateful if you could please complete the survey now.

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35 thoughts on “Podcast survey – we want your feedback

  1. We’re getting a good response on the survey but the more listeners who complete it then the survey results are more meaningful so I’d encourage everyone to do it. It only takes five minutes to complete.

  2. WJ – have done the survey. Anyone reading about Wexford GAA launching a 5 million (five year strategy), more games promotions officers and more development of their centre of excellence in Ferns (I have actually passed by it and its very impressive). Like where are we.. no centre of excellence, massive debt, fans having to dig deep into their pockets to do up the pitch. The future is worrying. And now no trip to London – so there will be no big fundraiser either.
    These matters are, i feel, what needs to be discussed here and on the podcast. Any word on the new Operations & Finance Manager?

  3. In terms of fundraising – there is still massive potential in sourcing funding from Mayo business people in England and America. This is where the serious money is. I know we have had some mixed experiences so far – but if sold properly it shouldn’t be a hard sell. Mayo people the world over will back the county if attractive and imaginative advertising/fundraising is put in place and people are convinced the money is been used properly. Very few counties have that source of income out there waiting to be tapped into

  4. Southmayo exile. You hit the nail on the head with that statement. There is so much untapped resources all over the globe that has to be got at. It’s crazy not to tap into

  5. Is there a podcast in the making for the retirements and where it puts us for the second half of Horan’s four year tenure? Be interested to hear what ye think.

  6. We’re not in a position to confirm any plans for podcast episodes as yet, Quayman.

    All – the survey is still open. We’ve had a decent response rate to it but would still encourage all listeners who haven’t yet completed it (it takes less than 5 minutes) to do so.

  7. Goagain – did you see prices to rent out dome for a training session. It would be madness to build a centre of excellence in the county when we have such excellent facilities in the county available to rent out.

    Also if Mayo supporters are asked to put their hands in their pockets for new surface on the pitch is that so bad. Apart from club development draw the majority of supporters have never donated anything. Leitrim Gaa had a big fundraising event in January and Galway are fundraising in March.

  8. Done Deal – renting the Dome occassionally might be necessary, but it is neither a short or long term solution to the lack of.proper facilities for Mayo GAA. The Dome is not a dedicated Mayo facility (although I understand we have contributed handsomely for it!). It is a Connaught Council facility – available to all Connaught counties, catering to men’s, ladies, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges football. It will be booked out permanently during periods of bad weather with U15, U17, U20 and senior men’s teams and various ladies teams. I cannot see any other real solution to properly cater for all football needs in Mayo other than to have our own dedicated Mayo Centre (like other counties). To suggest that huge numbers of Mayo supporters have not contributed very substantially to club and county football in Mayo is simply not true!

  9. Isnt it a shame that there is no trip to London – i read that there was big plans for fundraising over there. Mayo GAA have so many passionate people overseas who follow our teams – who will ever forget the scenes in Times Square (great memories!) I think business people are very cute at parting with their money and in general are sceptical of the whole GAA set up and the reputation of county boards (I’d say this relates to every county in the country).

  10. Goagain – There would be significant running costs involved in a Mayo centre of excellence, along with the cost of building it. While the MacHale Park loan is still being repaid, it would be irresponsible to take on another big infrastructure project.

    There are several all weather pitches in Bekan along with the dome. That will suffice for now.

  11. Well I just completed the survey. Best of luck with all to WJ and everyone involved, I love the blog and the podcasts .

  12. @WJ
    Is the link still up?
    Only seeing it now and its not working for me, I tried on 3 different devices.

  13. Just on the fundraising issue – how will people know if money will be used properly and not go to pay off McHale Park debt? That debt is the crux of our problems.

  14. It’s still up, FW – I know there was a problem with the SurveyMonkey app a short while ago but it’s working okay now and the survey is accessible on the blog, either in the embedded form or via the link.

  15. I think some people are under the impression Bekan and the Dome are Mayogaa facilities, that’s not the case. The facilities at Bekan including the Dome are owned and controlled by the Connacht Council. Mayogaa have no control over them so cant guarantee they will be available when needed. Therefore a Mayo centre of excellence is required to cater for all age groups boy and girls (not just senior team)

  16. Talking about funding. One small item has surprised me
    I haven’t seen any indication from the CC concerning the appeal for money for training last November/December. There was no feedback with regard to how successful it was;
    How many people donated??
    How much was collected from inside the county?
    How much from outside the county?
    How much from overseas?
    How much in total was received??
    et cetera.
    I did receive a very nice note for my donation. (But I would expect no less from Mayo people). However it would be of benefit to know how successful the low key request was, in pulling in money at a vital time.
    We should be trying to pull money in at every opportunity. But this request smacked of amateurism from start to finish. It did pull at my heart strings, but I feel the request could have been made with a lot more gusto and noise … and feedback. Telling people what the target is and how close we to getting there etc.
    I hope it was a success. If it was, it was because of the passion of supporters, and not because of a professionally run campaign.
    Just a thought.

  17. @Clarmorris1951
    Very good post and I was thinking the same myself after the Christmas had passed. I asked my contact within Mayo GAA the same and it turns out that club delegates nor executive members were ever briefed on it. I will be checking again but Id say its all water passed now. The majority of the people here probably donated to that fund, but like that no word on how much was raised.

  18. I do think that fundraising can be improved. I would however point out that the Mayo GAA accounts do document sources of funding quite well. That said – I can see why people would want to know how well the efforts have done and further they would want it sooner than after the fiscal year end.
    Something for the board to ponder on perhaps.

  19. Good points made regarding the fundraiser before Christmas. I to donated and received a nice thank you from the chairman. But it would be nice to know how much was raised. Was in a success. Was targets met is it something that could be done again. A bit of feed back is badly needed.

  20. I don’t listen to the podcast,perhaps I will start this season,but I always read the blog ,I really don’t know how you do so much work for the blog ,and I would certainly be prepared to pay a contribution to the cost of you decide to charge for it,perhaps it is something that the younger members of the household might make a few euros from,but the best of luck for the future,I also got a nice thank you from the chairman for my donation,but feel that we could do far better at funding from overseas, say cities like London Leeds Manchester could have fund raisers in conjunction with the county board,it would take time and effort to organise but I feel that it would be worth it

  21. I agree with previous posters – like say out how much was raised before Christmas. My friend in Waterford told me that Croke Park covered ALL costs/expenses surrounding the team’s preparation for the Final – so I’m sure it was same for all finalists. Also any word on how much has been raised on the sale of the tiles – I haven’t heard many buying.

  22. Corick Bridge – As I’ve repeatedly said, I can guarantee there’ll never be any charge for accessing the blog. There are costs relating to producing the podcast that we’re looking to see how best to defray but this isn’t an issue that relates to the blog. Those costs (which solely relate to hosting) are ones I’m happy to continue to bear myself.

  23. I listen to podcasts every day from around the world including current affairs, soccer, comedy, history etc
    This podcast is by far my favourite and I really miss it. I’d have no issues paying to keep it going .
    I’d like more nostalgia episodes such as interviews ex players and reviews of famous games from the past .

  24. Regarding funding for podcasts …..reality is you cant really expect content for free. The podcasts and this blog have become so much a part of our story and the jingle music alone stirs the blood

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