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DATE:  29th September 2021    TITLE: Club Championship update (2021, E32)

DATE:  27th September 2021    TITLE: Paddy Prendergast tribute (2021, E31)

DATE:  25th September 2021    TITLE: More final thoughts (2021, E30)

DATE:  17th September 2021    TITLE: All-Ireland final review (2021, E29)

DATE:  12th September 2021    TITLE: All-Ireland final review (2021, E28)

DATE:  9th September 2021    TITLE: Final thoughts: the Preview (2021, E27)

DATE:  7th September 2021    TITLE: Final thoughts: the Players, Chris Barrett and Séamie O’Shea with Billy Joe (2021, E26)

DATE:  5th September 2021    TITLE: Final thoughts: the Coach (Stephen Rochford) (2021, E25)

DATE:  3rd September 2021    TITLE: Final thoughts: the fans (2021, E24)

DATE:  31st August 2021    TITLE: All-Ireland final scene set (2021, E23)

DATE:  25th August 2021    TITLE: Kerry/Tyrone preview, from a Mayo angle (2021, E22)

DATE:  18th August 2021    TITLE: Dublin review, a second look (2021, E21)

DATE:  15th August 2021    TITLE: Dublin review (2021, E20)

DATE:  12th August 2021    TITLE: Dublin preview (2021, E19)

DATE:  10th August 2021    TITLE: Semi-final scene set (2021, E18)

DATE:  8th August 2021    TITLE: Semi-final scene set (2021, E17)

DATE:  3rd August 2021    TITLE: Stephen Rochford meets Billy Joe (2021, E16)

DATE:  28th July 2021    TITLE: Galway review (2021, E15)

DATE:  21st July 2021    TITLE: Galway preview (2021, E14)

DATE: 15th July 2021    TITLE: Leitrim review (2021, E13)

DATE: 7th July 2021    TITLE: Leitrim preview (2021, E12)

DATE: 30th June 2021    TITLE: Sligo review (2021, E11)

DATE: 23rd June 2021    TITLE: Sligo preview (2021, E10)

DATE: 16th June 2021    TITLE: Championship preview (2021, E9)

DATE: 16th June 2021    TITLE: Clare review (2021, E8)

DATE: 9th June 2021    TITLE: Clare preview (2021, E7)

DATE: 2nd June 2021    TITLE: Meath review (2021, E6)

DATE: 26th May 2021    TITLE: Westmeath review and Meath preview (2021, E5)

DATE: 19th May 2021    TITLE: Down review and Westmeath preview (2021, E4)

DATE: 12th May 2021    TITLE: Down preview (2021, E3)

DATE: 4th May 2021    TITLE: Chris Barrett meets Billy Joe (2021, E2)

DATE: 28th April 2021    TITLE: Season preview (2021, E1)