Podcast’s festive shows keep on coming

I know it’s time for us all to be thinking about winding down for Christmas but there’s no sign of that happening yet on the Mayo Football Podcast.

We’ve already released two shows this week with another two in the bag at this stage as well, which our club members on Patreon will be able to listen to ahead of New Year.

Mike, Rob and I had good fun on the pod we recorded the other night (which is up on all platforms and is available to listen to here) and Mike had even more fun hosting our Christmas special show in the company of Colm Boyle, Ger Flanagan and Paddy Finnegan. That show is a cracking listen and it’s up now on Patreon.

We’ve two more great shows to come for our club members over the next few days.

Mike caught up with Niamh Kelly, who’s back home from Australia for the festive season and who chats about football in Mayo and Down Under in the AFLW.

Our other pod is a Belmullet special, in which Billy Joe Padden chats with Mayo footballer Ryan O’Donoghue about club and county football, including his hopes for the year ahead.

Then, once the New Year dawns, it all begins again and, as we mentioned on the pod the three of us did the other night, we’ve got big plans for 2024.

Annual membership of our Patreon podcast club is now available for just €1 a week. To get access to the podcast that never, ever clocks off, join the club here.

6 thoughts on “Podcast’s festive shows keep on coming

  1. Getting to ackward to get the last comment thread but happy Christmas to everyone on here.it’s a great site to visit and read the differing views.without doubt Claire is the most optimistic person I have ever come across.not sure how she would get on if on holidays in Kerry.gizmo very knowledgeable about all things mayo related and unless you talk in riddles then you ain’t going to win a debate against him.lost two very good friends and great mayo supporters this year and another great neighbour from my original home village in mayo who traveled home from England for the 1951 all Ireland final.they all dreamed of seeing our great county win again so hopefully Claire’s optimism gives us all a chance to see it happen in our lifetime.come on the green and red

  2. Happy Christmas all.

    And especially to @Willie Joe, for all his work and for giving us the wonderful resource, and allowing us to use it to express ourselves.

    And if a “Poster of Year” would be something you would like to do moving forward, @Clare is my vote for 2023; I’m not sure if it was in 2023 s/he became active, but the effort s/he has put in to improve the quality of their interactions here, is there for all to see.

    Happy Xmas everyone and wishing you all a fantastic 2024

  3. I second Clare for poster of the year award. She has brightened up a lot of days for me and has endless enthusiasm and optimism for Mayo gaa.

  4. After a shaky start and a few words of advice from WJ and others it’s hard to argue that Clare should get an award of some kind but an unnecessary accolade for any poster .
    Happy Christmas to you all .
    Enjoy time with your family and friends.
    Mayo, in my opinion won’t win an all ireland next year but it won’t stop us being proud of where we were born . Much more than most .

  5. Merry Christmas to Willie Joe and all in administration and of course to all regular and irregular posters on here.

  6. @My Ball

    This forum has been running quite awhile, and I think with Willie Joe’s guidance, I think most of the regular posters have become pretty good at policing ourselves.

    So with that in mind, it’d be fantastic if there was a way for us to acknowledge when someone is making a concerted effort to improve their interactions here.

    Let’s be honest here, it’s not something that we are particularly good at acknowledging at the moment.

    But this is really a discussion for the New Year.

    Happy Xmas, and looking forward to our conversations in 2024.

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