Poll: Breaffy or Castlebar for the Moclair Cup?

The poll I put up prior to yesterday’s club SFC semi-finals on who’ll win the county championship this year produced a decisive enough result, with the majority going for Castlebar Mitchels while Breaffy also attracted a fair bit of support. With the field now cut to just two it makes sense, I reckon, to re-run the poll, not least in light of how both of yesterday’s victorious semi-finalists performed.

Castlebar may be firm favourites with the bookies for Sunday week’s decider – Paddy Power have them at 2/5 – but yesterday’s sluggish win over Knockmore didn’t sound like it was the form of champions and if Barry Moran hasn’t shaken off whatever the injury was that ruled him out yesterday it could be argued that they’ll struggle to cope with the O’Shea-powered first time finalists from Breaffy. Or maybe the lads from out the road will get stage-fright on the big day?

What do you reckon: who’ll do it now?

Who'll win the county final?

  • Breaffy (52%, 149 Votes)
  • Castlebar (48%, 138 Votes)

Total Voters: 287

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25 thoughts on “Poll: Breaffy or Castlebar for the Moclair Cup?

  1. Has the makings of a very tasty final by all accounts! I like an underdog so going with Breaffy

  2. I think Castlebar will sneak this one but has the potential to be a good competitive match. Would be interesting to see Barry Moran against the O’Sheas. Good luck to both teams hope whoever wins goes on a decent run.

  3. Having watched both teams in their semi finals, I would go for Breaffy.
    Castlebar Mitchells looked very average, if Barry Moran is fit and plays well, he may make them tick, but otherwise, Breaffy would seem to be the better bet.
    Both teams should want to play football, so lets hope it is a good final.

  4. It would be great to get some new players from the final for the county and blood them during the league. This would be true of forwards.
    isnt Marty Mac some servant of the cause? He deserves to win imo.

  5. Should be a good final. 2 closely matched sides it seems. I noticed from looking at the Breaffy team that Conor O’Shea, younger brother of Aidan and Seamus wasn’t playing is he injured or what? Would like to see Breaffy winning it simply because they have never won a county senior title.

  6. If Barry Moran is not fully fit then this one could go to Breaffy IMO. Conor OShea was playing at the start of the season for Breaffy I dont know what the story is there.

  7. I think Castlebar by 4-6 points, Breaffy may win more ball around the middle but Mitchels have more firepower that should prove the difference and they have won the last three U21 county titles i.e developing a winning habit.

  8. An awful lot depends on Barry Moran’s fitness. If he is out I would have a slight fancy for Breaffy. While Castlebar may have a good record in U21 They have lost a few Senior finals in the past few years and in a tight game that may be on their minds. I was impressed by Liam Irwin yesterday, He showed great guts in winning a ball on the sideline under the stand just before he got his second yellow. Not at all like most Mayo forwards!

  9. Two average enough teams IMO. Mitchels hammered breaffy early in the championship with both O Sheas in the middle. Castlebar have better players in many positions but its all on the day really. Whatever county players perform to their maximum for their club then that club will win. Breaffy should be concerned about Aidan O Sheas involvement in the international rules series. If he comes out with any sort of a knock & he isn’t 100% then they will struggle. Mitchels haven’t performed to their maximum in a county senior final for a long time especially when the finals are against fellow west mayo rivals. Their fragile mentality is a cause to back Breaffy if the O’Sheas are firing.

    Whoever wins have a very tough assignment with corofin. They have looked awesome in the Galway Championship. With St Bridget’s missing 5/6 players from last years AI winning team through emigration etc I think they are very vulnerable in Connacht.

  10. Mouthwatering clash between Barry an the o Shea’s,looking forward to it,has all the makings of a great game

  11. Before the semis on Sunday I reckoned Mitchels but after seeing both teams I would say that Breaffy looked the all round better outfit.
    Just before half time Sweeney missed a one-on-one for goal and then Mitchels went down the field and tapped over 2 points just before the whistle. The miss seemed to drain Sweeney and he was not as effective thereafter. But sweet Jesus it was a piss poor game and the ref just made a bad game worse.
    Irwin was the best forward on display of any team last Sunday and I liked his strength, aggression and balls to win that dirty ball under the stand. I liked also his “sledging” and hair tousling of his opponent, even though he got a second yellow for it! It showed he has the bit of arrogance all good forwards need. Well able to win his own ball, turns quick and gets his shot off. No fannying about. However, Breaffy have Hennelly to thank for a remarkable save. The full back line looked at little uncomfortable under the long high ball that Charlestown resorted to when chasing the game.

  12. Liam Irwin is a senior county footballer in waiting from what I’ve seen of him. Might not have pace but has everything else. Actually reminds me a bit of Cillian O’Connor.

    Yeah, the Breaffy full-back line definitely looked dodgy under the high ball but don’t under-rate how good Anthony Mulligan is when he wants to be. I have it on good authority that Horan twice asked him into the Mayo panel but Mulligan couldn’t give the time.

  13. Aside from the County Final…..we should see the fixture list for next year’s league/championship released this week. The 2014 season tickets go on sale Monday 21st.

  14. @Park on Croakie, Benny O Brien a local Kiltoom lad (now living in Tullamore, I think) is Brigids manager. He was selector last year. McHale is still the team trainer. McStay could not commit this year.
    @Patriot, some lads have gone travelling for the year, some are back, some are injured. Corofin are probably the team to beat, big rivarly between the clubs after 2 heated Connacht finals between both, we beat them in the 2, hopefully we can make it 3.

  15. Sure ya never know, maybe the Moclair cup winners might have a say before Corofin think about a provincial final.

  16. McStay left after the All Ireland win Former player and assistant Manager Benny O’Brien took over from him and Liam McHale is still coaching them.

  17. Yeah I agree about Irwin. He showed up well in winning and playing that ball under intense pressure. I hope he continues to improve and make it at senior IC level. I didn’t like the hair tousling. If he did that to the wrong gent he could have ended up requiring the benefits of his VHI membership.

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