Poll: Galway or Roscommon?

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The first of this year’s Connacht SFC semi-finals takes place on Sunday. Dr Hyde Park in Roscommon is the venue, our old pal Joe McQuillan is the ref for it and he’ll be throwing the ball in there at 1.15pm. The match will be shown live on RTÉ.

2021 has, so far at any rate, been an unhappy one for both of these counties. Starting this year’s truncated National League campaign in Division One South in the august company of Dublin and Kerry, it was no surprise that neither of them managed to get any change from their meetings with the big two.

Galway shipped a woeful battering in Tralee, Kerry hammering them out the gate on a scoreline of 4-21 to 0-11. The following day Roscommon fared better by comparison against Dublin, losing at Hyde Park by 1-22 to 0-16.

The Westerners then played each other and I guess it’s that game that provides the best guide to how Sunday’s contest might go. Galway won that Pearse Stadium encounter by six points, with that 2-16 to 1-13 victory ending a truly horrendous losing run for them, one that stretched all the way back to before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite both losing again in Round 3, Roscommon and Galway gave fairly good accounts of themselves. Galway lost by four points to Dublin at Tuam, on a scoreline of 2-16 to 1-15, while Roscommon fell to Kerry by six points at Hyde Park, losing out by 2-15 to 1-12.

That meant that both got tipped into relegation play-offs against Ulster opponents, with both matches having to be played away from home.

Roscommon’s task, in having to travel to the Athletic Grounds to play Armagh – in front of 200 boisterous home supporters – always looked a big ask. So it proved as the Orchard County prevailed decisively enough, that 1-17 to 0-11 result sending the Rossies spinning back down to Division Two.

Galway could and definitely should have survived but they also contrived to lose, falling to Monaghan at Clones after extra-time. Beating the Farneymen on their home patch is a difficult enough proposition but the Tribesmen, leading by five points with injury time beckoning, seemed to have done enough to seal the deal in normal time.

A calamitous final few minutes saw them concede 1-2 without reply, the final score a last-gasp point from Conor McManus to force extra-time. Then, with only seconds left before a penalty shootout to decide which of them stayed up and which went down, substitute Jack McCarron grabbed the winning score.

So Galway were sent packing to the League’s second tier as well, but no more than Roscommon, they’ve had little or no time to lick their wounds before facing into the Championship. Not that League relegation need have any material bearing on how they get on this summer – it certainly didn’t hamper us last winter.

Both counties named their teams for Sunday earlier on, details on that are here.

Galway will – as they usually are when facing Roscommon – be favourites to prevail on Sunday. But the Rossies won’t fear them, not least given that they’re at home and with around 1,000 punters allowed into Hyde Park, there should be a decent match-day atmosphere at it.

Having met in the Connacht final four years in succession up to 2019, Roscommon and Galway didn’t get the chance to lock horns last year, as we beat the former at the provincial semi-final stage and then beat the latter in the final.

Roscommon won the most recent time they met in the Championship, upsetting the Tribesmen in the 2019 Connacht final, while Galway beat them in the 2018 decider. Roscommon enjoyed a shock win over Galway in the 2017 final and Galway, after a replay, prevailed over the Sheepstealers in 2016.

Were that sequence to continue then it will be the visitors who’ll come away from Hyde Park with the win and a place in this year’s Connacht final. But, as those four Connacht final outcomes from 2016 to 2019 show, things don’t always go as expected in meetings between these two counties.

Nothing for it, then, so let’s settle it with a poll – which one of them will win on Sunday?

Who'll win on Sunday?

  • Galway (63%, 224 Votes)
  • Roscommon (37%, 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 356

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66 thoughts on “Poll: Galway or Roscommon?

  1. Rossies are well capable of beating Galway based on recent years but recent form points to Galway, who I think will be bigger challenge in the final. I hope that it is a good match as the championship needs a bit of excitement to get things going.

  2. I would prefer Roscommon. I think we would best them but i expect Galway to win comfortably by 8 or 10. I think Galway will beat us in final aswell but not with any great confidence.

  3. Antony Cunningham is a fair student of the game, and has a habit of learning lesson’s.. Also he’s not entirely predictable as to how he sets up. So I’ll go with the underdogs Roscommon especially in the Hyde.

  4. Galway should hold away in midfield so Galway by 5 … Galway more balanced panel and nicer supporters!!

  5. Haven’t seen too much of either of them this year, but I’m fancying the Rossies for this one. Think they’ll edge it.

  6. Roscommon look tired, they’re a bit of an old team now. No real youth injected by Cunningham compared to Galway (and ourselves). Galway have far superior pace in their team, and will push up on the roscommon kick out and force them long which will result in Galways midfield destroying them. Enda Smith too soft against the big teams, hasn’t the stomach for a battle, so I expect Conroy or Molloy to have him rattled straight after first whistle.

    Roscommons lack of any sort of pace and no midfield, will lead to a 4-5 point Galway victory imo. Which will set them up nicely for the Connacht final, which I think is a bridge too far without Cillian.

  7. Tough one to call.
    I would have gone with Galway all day long, up until a few weeks ago.
    That hammering by Kerry and the implosion to Monaghan have left serious questions marks over their mental strength. I’m also not convinced by Joyce.
    Galway certainly have the better players, but Ros are the more experienced and better organised team. And Cunningham is a very astute manager.
    So with all of those contradictions, I’m backing the draw at 8/1. So sorry WJ, I can’t participate in your poll this time!

  8. Last point, I think Cunningham is a bit of a cod tbh. It seems he planned for that Armagh game from the outset and yet they looked toothless and fatigued. The season is too short and its not like other years where you could be “training hard” through the league. Either the players didn’t do what was required during lockdown, or they weren’t told to, but they looked so unfit in even the Armagh game. Can’t see how they’ll have the required fitness levels in the time since.

  9. I think Galway will be quite comfortable here. Galway 2-19 Roscommon 1-11. Something of that nature 10+ points. On totally different formlines the last two games.

  10. I’d fancy Galway strongly as well. They were by far the better team against Monaghan in normal time. A 5 or 6 point win wouldn’t have flattered them.

    Roscommon have no recent form worth talking about.

  11. @Dan, I don’t want to advertise gambling or any bookie, too much harm is done , but if you are going to put money down on a draw anyway.. 14/1 is easily available.. on the draw..

  12. My+ball,you obviously don’t live in Galway if you think they’re ‘nicer’ supporters.They have a massive hate for us-ever since the trimmin’ we gave them in ’13.A Ros win will make my day!

  13. Hard one to call, don’t think Rossies have impressed at all, but they still managed to carry themselves against Kerry and Dublin. I think once Galway get the balance right they could beat Rossies by 10+ points and they probably should do that. I’m not sure has PJ got the whole squad on the same page or is he just looking towards the next couple of years, but to me they look like a team unsure about themselves and I think if Rossies get a good start and leave themselves in the game they could pull out a win.

  14. Probably be the end of the road for the losing manager. Looking forward to watching it now.

  15. I can’t bring myself to say either of them will win so I suppose a draw it is so….

  16. If Galway can get 70 minutes out of Comer I expect them to beat Roscommon and meet us in the final can’t see Leitrim stopping us but I think Galway will be all out to beat us and without Cillian and probably without James Carr to score 2 goals for us it will be a Galway V Dublin all Ireland semi final. That actually might be no bad thing this year let them take a beating for a change in a semi final

  17. Galway to win by 4 to 6 points tomorrow I’d reckon and then Mayo to beat Galway by 2 to 4 points in the final.

  18. I reckon the Rossies will beat Galway, Roscommon were heavy legged when they played last but Roscommon can’t wait to get a rattle at Galway now in this do or die game tomorrow, Galway are a very average football team at the moment, no consistency whatsoever, hope it’s a good game.

  19. Galway => too much talent in all the right places. 8 clear. Assuming we get through Leitrim healthy, we beat Galway by 1 in the final.

  20. @MayoDunphy you have me intrigued on those old team Roscommon and young Galway team opinion to see what truth is really in it.

    For the record the average age of the Roscommon starting team for tomorrow is 26.6 the only 30 year olds are Niall Kilroy and Niall Daly and both just turned 30. So not an old team.

    Galway average age is 25. A young team but not as young as some make out. Paul Conroy their oldest player aged 32 and likely MOTM contender tomorrow and him along with the likes of Heaney,Silke,Walsh,Comer have been around for a number of years.

    From what i seen of Roscommon their problem seem to be lack of preparation than tiredness and have been naive enough to take covid protocol seriously. The Galway bay radio preview mentioned a few times that Roscommon are a physical team they are the opposite of that and if this game becomes a physical battle it will become a comfortable win for Galway

  21. @Mayomagic, thats an impressive post. Great detail there, if Cathal Cregg was starting (could still happen) it would slightly increase the roscommon average age. Their team is on the road a good while now, constantly yoyo-ing between Divisions, they just look to have consistently regressed after Cunningham’s first season imo, they got a great bounce out of the then new manager effect in 2019. I genuinely feel they will get well beaten tommorow, with forecasted rain probably keeping the score down a bit.

  22. Morning..
    Personally the last year for PJ and Galway has been a disaster. His lack of management experience has been shown up big time. The pressure has grown and his refusal to speak to any media since before the Monaghan game highlights this.
    I think we may scrape through today but nothing would surprise me..

  23. Tuamstar I hear what ur saying. The step up to inter county management is huge these days. Do it too soon and ur in for trouble. My thinking is that both roscommon and galway are average teams. Roscommon forwards dont work hard enough. Galway are unpredictable. Mayo will beat any team left in connaught as we have a positive game plan. It’s a bit high risk but it is a plan.

  24. On the basis of the first quarter of a very poor I think I’d nearly prefer Galway to sneak this .
    We find it hard to break down defensive structures like Roscommons even with Cillian in the team. Dangerous full forward line too. Midfield seems very poor though .

    Hard to know. One thing is certain we will make hard work of either and either game would be more or less 50:50 given current injury situation . And that’s assuming there is no more ……..

  25. James Horan won’t be losing much sleep watching this game.

    Some of the Galway forwards like finnerty and Walsh just don’t want to know.
    Roscommon under the stephen poacher influence clearly, 15 behind the ball

  26. Roscommon were putting 15 behind the ball long before Poacher.

    Still expect Galway to prevail. Can’t agree with the Horan won’t be losing any sleep mantra. Galway will have played Dublin, Kerry, Ros x2 and Monaghan. We’ll have played Down, Westmeath, Meath, Clare, Sligo and Leitrim…..I know what prep id prefer before a Connacht final.

  27. For a man built like a tank comer enjoys a dive.
    Although to be fair to them he and the Kelly brothers are carrying the fight.
    Finnerty and Walsh don’t want to know in the wet conditions

  28. Mayodunphy both roscommon and galway will be in division 2 next year. We will be in division 1. I think physically neither of those teams will stay with mayo for 70 + minutes. Assuming we beat leitrim which I believe we will

  29. Frankie Dolan is unavailable for comment

    We will have it all to do against Galway given our current injury/retirement situation

  30. Frankie will have to wait till next year to get his revenge….and the commentary gig

  31. Rossies deserved nothing from that, cowardly setup from them

    One thing is for sure we can’t give away lazy frees now against Galway, that Tierney lad will slot them over from all angles

  32. @Spectre, thats next year! Our lads have strolled through Sligo without a hand on them really, probably will be the same against Leitrim. Galway tails are up now having beaten a D1 operating team in 2021, we really are up against it now. Personally think its a bridge too far without Cillian. But sure we’ll see what happens.

  33. I can’t believe Galway are back to that gleeson lad in goals, he was fine today but if he comes under any pressure in posession he is a disaster waiting to happen.
    I’m not a fan of AOS at full forward generally but it’s a must for Galway game, will be like snatching candy from a baby turning over that goalkeeper and full back line with our high press

  34. Dubs have scored a total of 6 points in the first half against wexford . in croke park theyd have 20 points on the board. Put an end to the madness please

  35. Spot on Sean Burke, but we know it will never end. Just shows the difference when your playing away from pitch dimensions that are second nature. Im sure they’ll open up in last 20 mins when wexford are gassed.

    Bad couple of years for Roscommon, they’re on the slide in a big way. Rob Finnerty didn’t seem to fancy it today, love to see Lee roy on him come the final, Paddy on Walsh, Mullin on the other buckeem and Stephen Coen for Comer.

  36. Mayo will be hot favourites going into the final. Last years All Ireland finalists against a young Galway team. I just hope we can keep with Mayo and ask them some questions before they face the Dubs. The danger for Mayo is that Galway will somehow cling in there to the end and only a dirty Dub style pull down will save them but with the super players Mayo have its a big ask to be still there at 70 mins.

  37. There was a lot of pressure on Joyce today, and they won which was the priority. Still open questions on how good Galway could be, I think that this is a year to early but you don’t know in a one off game.
    The Rossies were poor and have become predictable, with few new players coming through so may take a few years to be truly competitive again.
    I think that we are in the driving seat but is not a given as pressure is off for Galway to a degree.

  38. Good man Chesneychet nice sly dig there re the pull down. For what it’s worth I completely agree I fully expect us to beat yee, nothing to shout about coming out of Galway based on your performance today and league showing

  39. I woudnt be reading too much into that game.
    It was winter football to be fair.
    To be fair to PJ, he is introducing younger players and getting Cooke back is a postitive.

  40. Galway always raise their game for Mayo..they certainly did it last year. Without Walsh Galway’s arsenal is greatly diminished though. But then again so is ours without Cillian. It’s something like a 60:40 game but won’t be easy

  41. Well as for my earlier prediction.. had it badly wrong. . Taught Cunningham would have some positive innovation that might trouble Galway.. Not a great match. .. Roscommon seemed to be denied a perfect point, the umpire in the wrong position to judge, and the posts are pretty low in the Hyde.. The Rossies decision making in possession was poor.. They definitely need an infusion of new blood.. The genial Damien Comer, lovely guy , exciting footballer but he dosent half go down easily, would make a Premier league football player blush.. Hope the weather is better for Castlebar next Sunday.. wonder how many will be allowed for our fixture v Leitrim?.1049 in the Hyde today and 3 in the Graveyard watching today’s Connacht semifinal live.

  42. Shane Walsh will be fine in 3 weeks time. He didn’t look to do any significant damage to the hamstring.

  43. Young tierney is a great player. Kicked some awesome frees and took his goal with aplomb

  44. Wide ball
    Shane walsh never looked 100 percent with it throughout the game with his usual top class runs from deep not really coming to the fore
    The fact that he pulled up and went down to the ground and was in a considerable amount of pain is quite worrying for Galway.
    It’s a positive for them that they have Damien comer back but he again will take time to get back to full fitness.
    Matthew tierney is the man that we need marked and marked well and we need a fully fit diarmuid o Connor on him.

  45. Cluxton walking away is huge lads. Huge.
    Dubs will be beat this year for sure

  46. Lol, good man Chesneychet. Kept your powder dry all week for fear ye came unstuck. Congrats on the win, will definetly bring ye on big time. Poor attempt at cute hoorism though in your first paragraphy. No sane supporter here will pay heed to your attempts to instill complacency. Kevin Walsh was the master of that in 2016, and it worked a treat.

  47. Unfortunately Supermac, if we get by Dublin this year (and i agree they’re not the unbeatable force they were), I think Kerry have gone a level above. Just our luck, we were 2nd best to Dublin for best part of a decade, and now they’re on the slide it looks like Kerry will be the ones to take the mantle.

  48. I know Walsh didn’t look 100% and was clearly minding himself, but 3 weeks is plenty of time to rest up a tight hamstring. He didn’t tear it from what I saw

  49. All going according to plan we have the chance to dump the neighbours out of the Championship for the 3rd year running – wouldn’t that be nice 😀 😀

  50. Why was Walsh taking frees with a dodgy hamstring. Word is Mannion and mccaffrey never got on with Farrell. Also Fenton has his own problems

  51. You would love to see the Dubs beaten and the cracks are starting to show but they are still the favourites. Kerry sure now they will reach a final would be some laugh if Cork or more likely a Donegal or Tyrone catch them out. I think the granting some luck either Galway or Mayo could challenge the Dubs in a semi but neither team could be called lucky eh! Good luck agsinst Leitrim would be a massive upset not to see ye in the final. Thats a long way away but a dry day would be nice and no more injuries.

  52. Was impressed by Galway overall. Terrible conditions so allowance must be made. That said d, Rossies we’re dire. Some of their decision-making was laughable. Don’t know why Walsh was played with a dodgy hamstring. Free taking very good, though no wind helped. Goalkeeper IMO very dodgy; would like to see Mayo’s high press here. Rossie GK dreadful.

  53. Galway keeper not much better . Winners of connacht will have a better chance than people think v leinster winners. Just cannot believe our luck with cillian , let’s hope there was no more injuries if there was a challange on friday , imagine having another experienced player out .

  54. I’d say Cluxton will be back before the semi final. I know the man is an enigma, but if he really has stepped away for good, there would be some sort of official announcement. The door is open for him, he’s playing with his club so his fitness will be good.

  55. I agree SeanBurke
    We can’t afford any more key players to pick up bad injuries. Especially in full back line for example.

  56. When EOD came in a few years ago under Rockford and seeing the way Swanny O’Hora played for Ballina, I’m surprised and disappointed we’re in such bother in the full back line, despite the injuries and retirements. I was sure those lads would grab hold of the 2 & 4 jersey.

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