Poll: where do you think we’ll be playing the Dubs?

It’s a Bank Holiday Monday and the GAA, Lord love ’em, have better things to be doing than to let their paying punters know when and where their team is playing next. One thing’s for sure about the new fixture schedule and that’s that the interest of supporters isn’t anywhere near top of the list.


Residing as we are for now in that lacuna before the GAA fixture schedulers get their collective derrières into gear, let’s take a quick temperature check on where you think the Dublin game might take place the weekend after next.

For this purpose, we may as well rule out Croke Park, seeing as the GAA have already confirmed that they don’t intend to fix any Round 3 ties at the venue. If one were being facetious, we can also scratch Hastings Insurance MacHale Park from the list for the same reason.

That leaves a (long-ish) shortlist of five possible venues. There are, arguably, other choices but I think, for the purposes of a quick straw poll, it’s as well to restrict it to a reasonable number. Five is okay in this regard.

For each venue, I’ve given, using Google Maps, a nominal distance from both counties (The Mall in Castlebar for us and O’Connell Street for them) and, with the help of Humphrey Kelleher’s wonderful (and rather beautiful) book on GAA grounds, A Place to Play, (Merrion Press, 2023), I’ve provided capacity and pitch dimensions for each.

  • Breffni Park, Cavan (152km from The Mall, 124km from O’Connell Street; 25,264 capacity; 143m x 86m pitch dimensions).
  • St Tiernach’s Park, Clones (170km/140km; 28,000; 142m x 89m).
  • Gaelic Grounds, Limerick (169km/211km; 44,000; 145m x 85m).
  • Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon (100km/155km; 18,870; 142m x 90m).
  • O’Connor Park, Tullamore (172km/100km; 17,200; 145m x 87 m).

I think we know where we’d like the game to be played but the question I want to pose here is where do you think the GAA’s CCCC will fix it for? Let’s have a quick vote on that.

What will be the venue for the Dublin game?

  • O'Connor Park, Tullamore (28%, 450 Votes)
  • Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon (28%, 448 Votes)
  • Gaelic Grounds, Limerick (22%, 353 Votes)
  • Breffni Park, Cavan (13%, 213 Votes)
  • St Tiernach Park, Clones (9%, 147 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,611

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127 thoughts on “Poll: where do you think we’ll be playing the Dubs?

  1. Probably won’t be in the Hyde because even though Dublin have been outrageously allowed to use croker as their home and neutral venue the powers that be won’t want to be seen to be giving any advantage to mayo by allowing a Connacht venue

  2. If the game was in Ballinlough, there are those that would complain about the distance.

  3. I’d say it won’t be help in Leinster or Connaught.
    Tullamore got my vote .
    Sure we will know tomorrow

  4. Ulster venue or Munster venue….Thurles or breffni with Tullamore a rather unlikely Leinster venue as an outside possibility.

  5. The Hyde is the obvious one. A short train ride for the Dubs and directly in line between the 2 Counties.

  6. One things for sure Derry will hold no fear for whoever draws them (quite possibly Mayo) in the pQF. If, and it’s a huge if, they beat Westmeath they will be knocked out I’m the last 12. They look utterly broken. Hard to believe such a decline in about 2 months

  7. Wasn’t Sligo v Dublin in breffni Park last year, so surely will be breffni again no?

  8. I’m not sure on this one, but maybe Mayo would need to be involved in marking out the pitch.

    I think this calls for a view from “Revellino” and his gallant use of poetry.

  9. I’ve gone for Breffni Park, Cavan. I can’t see the powers that be putting it in the Hyde, and us to play there two games in a row. It could also be deemed much closer to Mayo than Dublin.
    I’m ruling out Tullamore for the reason it will seem much closer to Dublin than Mayo.
    I’m ruling out Limerick as we’ve played there a lot and we might like something new.
    There’s not a lot of difference between Clones and Cavan but I went for Cavan as the distances seem a bit more even than for Clones.
    I want to mention one not listed – Thurles. It’s a lovely ground. I know the logistics of getting there from Mayo might not be entirely straightforward.

  10. Surely the province it’s played in doesn’t matter, we played Cork in Limerick last year!

  11. Actually, Dublin have played in Breffni Park recently too so maybe the game might be fixed for Clones.

  12. Dr Hyde Park…best playing surface in Ireland . Newly renovated. 1 hour.30 minutes by train from Westport. 1 hour. 40 minutes from Dublin Heuston. its a no brainer.

  13. I can’t see it being Cavan because there are other games that will be on there. Monaghan-Meath and Galway-Armagh.

    How I’d see them panning out:

    Group 1:
    Galway v Armagh – Cavan
    Derry v Westmeath – Clones

    Group 2:
    Mayo v Dublin – Tullamore
    Roscommon v Cavan – Longford/Carrick on Shannon

    Group 3:
    Tyrone v Cork – Roscommon
    Donegal v Clare – Castlebar

    Group 4:
    Monaghan v Meath – Cavan
    Kerry v Louth – Thurles

    Because of the lopsided nature of the championship geographically, a rough line from Galway to Dublin finds 3 counties south of that line and 13 above, Cavan is ideally suited. Hosted two games last year and will likely host two more this year. Sligo and Enniskillen are hosting Tailteann Quarter Finals that weekend, and so I don’t think they’ll be used – they won’t know until next weekend who the opposition will be, so I don’t think they’ll be inclined to fix a day for those yet.

  14. Has to be the Hyde. Well served by trains to both counties. Dubs won’t mind.

  15. @Muckle…Capacity in Limerick.. do we really need 10s of thousands empty spaces? Dublin v Roscommon official attendance in Croke Park was just north of 11K with at least 70K empty spaces for the Jumbo Sea Gulls to land and take off. That 11K official attendance probably included many season ticket holders that didnt turn up and people who bought the block of 3 tickets for this round robin. Mayo didnt even sell out the season tickets available to them this year or last year. Its past time Dr Hyde Park renovated as it is, served by train, good parking around, pristine playing surface got a good ‘Neutral’ match. Using the criteria of the Mall in Castlebar and O’Connell Street in Dublin, the overall distance needed to be covered by Dublin and Mayo fans is the least.. Croke Park and the CCCC like to boast about the ‘Carbon Neutral’ status of Croke Park if Green criteria is important to them then Dr Hyde Park will be the most Green Venue possible for this upcoming fixture. …Mind you Croke Park and the CCCC have also being saying that Croke Park is ‘Neutral’ for Dublin for decades…just as Neutral as Switzerland is today…

  16. Are we being too quick to gauge the expected crowd , using numbers that have turned up so far might not do this fixture justice. Dublin v mayo might whet the appetite of a lot of people who have choosen not to attend the earlier games . All about opi ions but id go for 20k plus to show for this one . I can only go with my own small circle and there will be 90% more going to this than went to the hyde .

  17. When it really mattered in 2014 with a manager who played front foot football we lied down and took it. Its matterless where we play Dublin.. there will only be one outcome. After 2 years in charge nobody could preempt what team will start or what position they will play in. Just look at who we scrapped through to beat. A severely weakened cavan and roscommon who have lost all but one match in 2024. Unless there is a total change in strategy we are going nowhere.

  18. I am baffled with the obsession with limerick.the Hyde is the obvious and most suitable venue for both sets of supporters and will easily hold the crowd that’s will be attended.limerick wouldn’t be half full besides much more difficult to get to

  19. The Hyde for me. What a monumental game this is, it basically defines the season. Win and the championship is blown wide open. There is a kick of the ball between 3 or 4 teams and then Dublin who could be brought back closer to the pack with a tough qualifier route. Will it be elation or deflation in 2wks ? we are at our most dangerous when written off…

  20. In desperate need of the Mayo Football Podcast this week, flicked through the RTE and Indo podcasts, couldn’t find a mention of Mayo vs Roscommon. Been a long time since we haven’t been news, maybe not a bad thing

  21. Shane walsh scored his 7th championship goal yesterday . Hes only 25 goals behind Cillian now .

  22. @you three I’m delighted we are not being talked about at all it’s great let others get hyper up.

    You can never write us off always said we would win Sam when least expected to do so probably not this year but that’ll be when we do it.

    @sean Burke laughed at that ha.

  23. Don’t want Breffni or Clones. Horrible journeys. The Hyde or Tullamore would be fine with the Hyde the best option. Expect a big crowd judging on the Dublin support in Cavan and Mayo fans will be finally getting a game to bring them out.

  24. This game will make history, first time Mayo play the Dubs in championship outside their home of Croker.

    I’m not sure yet as to how much of a disadvantage this outside venue will have on the Dubs.

  25. I don’t care where we play Dublin. The point is not where we play them but How we play them? If we sit back and allow the Dubs to boss us this game will be over at half time.
    We need to break quickly from defence and quit this laborious slow build up play allowing the Dubs to get back into defence. Aido to MF for this one and Tommy at CF with Cillian , Jordan, Ryan, Conor Loftus and Darren in the Forwards. We will need goals to beat the Dubs.

  26. I would say tullamore but with the chairman of the cccc also the chairman of Roscommon we could see The Hyde?

  27. Not the Hyde again we only played there on Saturday evening
    Limerick is the best stadium

  28. Isn’t it sad that with less than 2 weeks to go to the match we’re having a poll talking about where the game may or may not be played-and the GAA think everything is hunky dorey…..FFS let them start treating the patrons with a little respect.The golden goose that is the Mayo GAA supporter is getting tired of all the crap!.

  29. Hello All,

    My big hope is that Diarmuid O’Connor will play.

    Have no idea where it will be played. Dessie Farrell is concerned because there is no date yet. They have to book a hotel and the 2 Doctors need to arrange their shifts. On top of that it is unlikely that James Carthy or Lee Gannon will play. Everyone has worries!

    I am hopeful as the personnel in defence have been largely the same and are not that inexperienced. Just maybe everything is coming together? The forwards seem ready to click.

    Aidan O Shea’s influence is enormous over the years with his fearlessness, in the encouragement he gives to his playing buddies, space he makes for them,brilliant interceptions, tackling and it does seem when he is called ashore a bit of panic creeps in.

    Greetings to Revellino.

    Mayo to win.
    (Non Expert).

    Ciaran 2.

  30. @leantimes. I am cynical when it comes to headquarters and think that money dictates than the common sense you talk. I do think a Mayo Dublin clash will attract a 20k plus crowd. Maybe I am wrong but I am certainly looking forward to the clash. Dub fans will travel in expectation. Mayo fans will travel to see us knock them back. As I say it is trying to anticipate the criteria set out by the decision makers. Was it money that dictated our semi final clash with Kerry in Limerick. We know that Croke Park was not available due to the stupidity of Headquarters. To whose advantage was it then. Your criteria are quite correct but I am cynical when it comes to the decision makers.

  31. Would love the Hyde, looks like a beautiful surface, so would be my pick. As far as the game itself, I’m not sure why a lot of you are writing Mayo off. When it comes to games between us, there’s rarely a kick of a ball between us ( I know there has been some exceptions ) in fact in our last 4 meetings, league and championship, you guys have won 3, and we have won 1. And that was after you ran out of legs last year, playing 3 weekends in a row. When a Mayo footballer sees our jersey, it’s like a red rag to a bull. This will be an intense, close game..We always bring out the best in each other. The real championship starts in this game..best of luck, and may the best team win.

  32. The Hyde is the obvious choice with Limerick/ Thurles second choice .I see some people already getting to blame McStay if we lose. Of course it won’t be because we were beaten by a better team. No it will be lost on the line .Based on that logic Mickey H has to go .. Jimmy had better start winning matches again or he will be under pressure .Davy Burke should tender his resignation and McGeeney in his 10th year with Armagh had better land Sam or else. Or maybe just maybe Dublin/ Kerry/ maybe even Galway are a bit better than the rest of us , not necessarily because they have better managers but more than likely better players

  33. @HILL 16 great post.. Love the part when a mayo footballer sees your jersey it’s like a red rag to a bull ha

    hopefully it’ll be a good game and we put in a decent perfermance and don’t get hammered I’ll be happy.

    I’ve a feeling the game will be in clones heard a few saying it will be.. pretty awkward to get to though.

  34. Carraig dubh not to bad a handicap given both teams down personnel and are two the more battle experienced squads in country and most all Ireland final experience.
    Both teams will be out for the win, but given safe may both be subconsciously safety oriented with knock out rounds ahead. Could be a great game or a bit of let down. Only time will tell.

  35. See Dessuss farrell unhappy with delay in announcing venue I get that it’s ridiculous at this stage but it makes me more certain that gaa were going to have our game in Croker until we put in a request for it not to be.

  36. Willie Joe, why rule out Portlaoise? Of your selection I’d say Tullamore. Limerick is too big and too far away but of course would suit me best

  37. if its fixed for Clones, the GAA HQ are even more out of touch than I thought.
    Its an awful spot to get to, no matter where you’re coming from and I’m fairly sure public transport is a non-runner from Mayo.
    We’ve played Dublin in Croker enough times in “neutral” matches (I.e. every championship match since the foundation of the GAA) so if they had to cross the Shannon, would it really be an issue?

  38. Why were the group draws made before the provential finals. I assumed it was for logistical reasons. What reason did GAA give at the time?

  39. I didn’t rule it out, Michaelincork, but it’s never been mentioned at all as a possibility so I didn’t think it was worth including it in the poll. Similarly for Pearse Satadium.

    YouThree – I hear you! We’ll be recording our next pod tomorrow and that’s likely to be online tomorrow night.

  40. Back to Croke Park I’d say. Double header on Saturday with Galway v Armagh the curtain raiser 5pm.
    Mayo v Dublin at 7-30 for Primetime Tv. Hope I’m wrong.

  41. To win just once ,you are of course correct,it cannot be because the other team is better,it will be because our people on the line made mistakes,but I am more than confident that we will win

  42. @Just a thought: Because of the timing of the games they either held the draw before the Provincial Finals when they did (far from ideal) or held them two weeks later after ALL of the Provisional Finals were finished and just 6 or 5 days before the first games of Round 1 of the Group Stages for Munster and Connacht Finalists (causing a lot of issues for players/management/fans on logistics).

    Until they sort out the schedule to include a break after the League and include a break after the Provincials (or completely remove Provincials as an issue by holding them early in the year) we’ll continue to have messy nonsense like this.

  43. 6 teams unbeaten in group stages Dublin, Mayo, Galway, Armagh, Cork and Kerry. With Dublin Mayo, and Galway Armagh meeting each other leads to a bit of excitement. While group stages has issues, every game has something to play for. Hyde be handy, but assume tullamore, not a ground I been too, but be grand. Two week, to sort out our shooting, especially from 8 to 12. Need more from Cillian and AoS. But that can be fixed. My real worry, is can we come up with a plan for their front 8. They going score, but can we limited damage. Not sure, but live in hope

  44. @Ger.mc if it is well then we should take a stand sorry but that would be absolutely taking the piss if it ends up in Croker. We should do a kildare or no where type of thing if so ha.

    Dubs have been getting away with Croker with ‘their not home ground’ for to long.

  45. When people were offered the 3 game package, they should have had the dates, times & venues for round 3 confirmed. It’s farcical.

    I was hoping the format would change things for the better, as I felt we needed to change things.

    But there is so much wrong with us, it’s not sustainable:

    3 teams qualify out of a group of 4 – ridiculous.
    Preliminary matches week on week, so those teams have no break & are at a massive disadvantage for quarter final – ridiculous.
    Drawing groups before provincial finals – ridiculous.
    No times, dates or venues for round 3 until a week before it, no dates or times for round 2 until a week before the game – ridiculous.
    No gap between the end of league & start of provincial championship – ridiculous.
    Provincial finals should all finish on same weekend, so that every teams gets equal break before round Robin. Start Ulster & Leinster first, it’s not rocket science.

    Honestly beggars belief how ridiculous the whole thing is

  46. Whatever about the Round 3 games , 1 of which will be exclusive to Gaago.,

    People are going to lose their minds altogether when they hear that all 4 preliminary Quarter- finals will be on GaaGo only.

    Something, by the way, I don’t have an issue with.

    There fixture schedule was confirmed last December, giving people ample time to save up and buy the year subscription which is great value in my opinion.

    Sorry Willie Joe, I’m just after opening a Family Pack size, Can of worms there.

  47. Paddy the money isn’t the problem for most of our elderly it’s their IT skills.

  48. It would take a far greater mind than me to make any prediction as to what the GAA might do and to credit them with using logic or commonsense would be a fantasy. For me, Limerick and Thurles have too big a capacity and won’t be needed. So commonsense and logistics suggest it should be Hyde Park(ideally and would be a reward for the improvements), Tullamore or Breffni.

  49. All clubs should have Gaago in their club house.
    Remember it’s the clubs who benefit from the money made by Gaago. 83% of all money is given back to the county and clubs. Setting up Gaago is the best thing that the Croke park has every done. Most of the people moaning are probably not paid up members of the association.

  50. Limerick hasnt too big a capacity for a game like this Dublin will bring a huge crowd as Mayo always bring a big crowd .Clones is no no simply for its so hard to get to .Limerick is easier to get to for Mayo and Dublin fans.

  51. Strong word this morning that neither team willing to play in province of the other and looking like Clones on Sunday at 4

  52. James, I don’t think the Dubs will travel in any great numbers to a game that is outside Croker, it is after all a group game but not a knockout game.

  53. @Onemoreyear in fairness cit is just 70 for a clubhouse instead of the 300 commercial fee for back s.
    Sky sports about 1200/ month for bars

  54. Some rumours flyin about this morning , id say its all made up stories tbh .we love generating a false excitement over nothing

  55. On venue/location for the Dublin game (which we will know about shortly), they seem to take into account the province, venue size, facilities etc but what about the physical location. If you live in Belmullet or Achill you still have a longer trip to the Hyde than from Dublin. Why isn’t distance a factor?

  56. Train line should be a factor too tbh in this backward nation as regards public transport you cant access half the country by train since the brits left

  57. Sean, you will be looking for a complete Underground in Dublin next ( badly needed).

  58. I dummo bate the blanket but i lived in the UK in my youth which is nearly 30yrs ago now and the pubic transport then was ahead of what it is now in Ireland . Its deesperate in Dublin for a thriving city as regards employment , take building sites for example , none have a start time of 8am anymore , thats the way the world works now its all 7am or 7:30 am start but all transport planning is designed logistically for 8am starts , trains not starting till past 6am , buses the same . Madness. Anyway what has this go to do with Mayo football lol.

  59. Once we get the Mayo chant back on the terraces @Sean we’ll try get you to do something about our public transport system. No bother to you.lol

  60. My team and match-ups.
    Reape to play out to ward off high ball and to take man and ball on anything high.
    Jack Coyne – Colm Basquel
    David McBrien – Con
    Donnacha McHugh – Paul Mannion
    Rory Brickendon – Niall Scully (height mismatch)
    Sam Callinane – Cormac Costello
    Eoghan McLoughlin – Ciaran Kilkenny (pace/age mismatch)
    Stephen Coen (Brian Fenton follows him to the post match protein shake, on him all day like orf on a ewe)
    Jordan Flynn (Tom Lahiff)
    Jack Carney
    Ryan O’Donoghue
    Darren McHale
    Cillian O’Connor
    Aidan O’Shea
    Enda Hession (My wildcard)
    Tommy Conroy in early. 40 mins. Have to disrupt the Dublin third quarter push.
    Fergal Boland
    Conor Loftus
    Bob Tuohy
    Don’t think we can risk reinjuring Diarmuid so soon.

  61. @JP is Boland not out for the dubs with the red card? Though think mcstay said they were going to appeal it still not sure why he got it.

  62. @Clare: He will be banned for the game (potentially 2 depending on what the ref’s report lists it as – Kevin mentioned the ref saying elbow so that’d be a 2 game ban) unless they challenge it and win. 50/50 on that for me, at best.

    Just prior to the (incorrect) calls for a foot-block on Mattie, Fergie was running back towards Ultan Harney on the ball out the wing. Harney laid it off and Boland’s run continued, bringing him into contact. His arm/shoulder with Harney’s head.

    Potentially shouldered him, potentially caught him intentionally with the arm, and equally potentially a complete accident where Fergie knew there was contact with someone but no idea it was Harney’s head (he did seem genuinely bemused with the red). Hard to know for sure.

    I certainly wouldn’t be claiming the red was mistaken or an error, though the intent is questionable enough that it could be challenged and won (a few previous challenges for far more blatant & intentional fouls have been successful). If it was the other way around, we’d have been demanding the red for Harney.

  63. JP interesting team. Mattie Ruane is looking his old self & his pace will be vital against Dublin. Presume you missed him by mistake?

    Boland got a straight red, so automatic ban unless we appeal?

    Coyne on Basquel might indeed happen, but I would be queasy about it. But rather Coyne on him over O Hora after what happened last year!!

    Will be interesting to see what management do

  64. They will hardly risk McBrien with his hamstring tweak.

    Is Clones confirmed? I heard this morning it was to be in Clones?

  65. WJ I didn’t expect you to tease us about an announcement and ruling venues out!

  66. I think Tullamore would be as good a venue as any for the game. Lovely ground, easy access for both counties with plenty of capacity. Neither county will travel in huge numbers because they both know there are bigger days ahead where the wallett will be rinsed out again. For all the talk about Dublin and neutral venues, the supporters themselves love getting out of Dublin for a game. You always see huge numbers of them in Kerry and MacHale Park for league games and, like them or loath them, they bring great colour and banter to the weekend.

    The bigger question could be, “who do you think will be playing the dubs?”. Will McStay go as hard as he can to win it, balancing the risk of injury and defeat against the lift of a win? Or, will he use it as game time for players in the squad who need minutes in the legs, taking a look down the road to a Qtr final prelim game at home? He needs to be smart here. He needs to weigh up the message that he sends out in his team selection, i.e. is he going flat out for the win, or, preparing to beat a 3rd place team from another group and, in effect, give the Dublin game a pass.
    Potential 3rd placed teams could be Derry, Tyrone, Cork or Monaghan. No gimmes there! Especially when you factor in having to play the prelim game 7 days after the Dublin game, and potentially 7 days (if you win the prelim game) before you then play a group winner! 3 games on 3 consecutive weekends would be tough. However, if we beat the dubs, then you have 2 weeks to recover and prepare to meet a qualifier team in a Qtr final.
    In the end player availability will dictate what McStay can really do.

    A little birdie has just told me The Hyde is the venue.

  67. Overlooked Mathew Ruane there who is having good form lately and slots straight in at midfield.

  68. I can’t help but comment that the railway service in the UK is ‘brutal’ since privatisation. Long story.

    Train service in Ireland had improved so much for the most part.

  69. Sunday is what I’m hearing, which incidentally rules me out but, hey ho, that’s the way the chips fall. It’s the right decision on the venue for sure.

  70. Hyde park is worth 4 or 5 points to Mayo at LEAST. Dublin never play there. We have so much experience of the pitch and the dressing rooms. I expect Dublin to start the game slow, and for us to have build up a nice lead. Could the Hyde be the difference to us finishing top of the group?

  71. Good if it’s the Hyde. I think McStay will be going for the win Pebbles. If not why make a fuss over not wanting Croke Park. Surely if he intended to play a weaker team it would suit him to give them a game there.

  72. Delighted with the Hyde, also always felt Croke Park was worth a few points to Dublin not to mention some ref bias over the yrs. Should be all out to win this one…

  73. For once we have nothing to complain about , weve played two championship games in the hyde already this year , its a wide pitch , its a neighbouring county for east anyway . Great decision by cccc. All thats left is we go out and turn the whole championship on its and beat them . I hope the team approaches this in a slightly more bullish determination . The closing out of games for me is a big concern , in theory by form to date wed have to be 10 pts up on 65 mins to win but every game takes on its own life of course .

  74. If its the Hyde that’s great news for us.
    I don’t have exact stats so very much open to correction here…..
    My estimate is we’ve played in the Hyde about 40 times in the last 35 years,that when I started going to games.Theres been league,championship v Roscommon, Connacht finals,qualifiers and other occasions like when we played Armagh 2 years ago when MacHale Park was unavailable.
    I was at most of those games and I remember only 3 losses,94 Connacht final v Leitrim,2001 robbery v Roscommon and 2001 qualifier v Westmeath.

    As I said this is off the top of my head but I’d wager there’s no team in the country with a record like that in Hyde park.

    The championship starts here.

  75. @Sean Burke
    Even a 10 point lead for us at 65 minutes would still have me nervous!
    That goal we conceded on Saturday was scandalous. We lost the kick out fair enough but the kick pass back in and there were 2 Roscommon players in on goal with no defenders for company. Basic stuff at any level.

    If I were Mcstay i’d be buying up some rope and tether those defenders to the posts so they don’t go wandering. Like you would the asses or the goats.

    Mind the House at all costs and especially against the Dubs. Any charitable hand outs from us in that game and we’ll get a hiding at the Hyde. Saying all that, if we can get on enough ball I have sneaky feeling that Dublin defence could be got at.

  76. Hyde is a great ground for Mayo, FW put up very positive stats. Of course 1989 stands out, but beating Meath there in 1996 was a turning point as well.

    Some readers might have been at a league game in Roscommon in 1981 when we beat the Dubs in a league QF. Considering the state of Mayo football in the previous decade, 1981 was a good year and that win over the Dubs was a bit of a shock.

  77. How will the tickets be distributed?, Hyde holds 17 or 18 thousand people.

  78. The replay v ros esrly 90s too , the one where duggan got the equaliser in mchale pk

  79. Mayo non season ticket supporters. It would be advisable to buy you tickets ASAP because I can see this game being a sell out. It would be great if we could out number and out shout the dubs supporters. I have a great feel about this match and our season now. I think we are about to take off. @paul hurling leinster final is this weekend.

  80. @Bate the blanket: 19k prior to the redevelopment work.

    Hasn’t been pushed since the work finished seeing what Gardai/H&S will allow, but Roscommon folk have suggested it’s back around ~23-24k by now.

  81. @jimbo

    you’re right of course, I was mixing up my weekends, thought the football was on this weekend as well.
    don’t know what Dessie Farrell was complaining about in terms of getting enough notice.

  82. With the season ticket holders to be catered for and the people who bought the three game package – there probably won’t be a lot of tickets on general sale – or will they just sell them through the clubs.

  83. @Sean Burke,yes your correct, I was at that replay in 91 but had left it off my list.

    Anybody who doesn’t have a season ticket or 3 game pass needs to get on this ASAP.

    We want a big Mayo crowd,this could be one we’ll remember for years.

  84. When will the tickets go on sale for non-season ticket holders, does anyone know?
    I’m over the moon with the Hyde. It’s a delightful prospect. Dubs playing outside Dublin, we playing in a stadium that’s convenient to us, potentially a resuscitation of Mayo support and a raucous red and green crowd of supporters.
    As I typed that, I had an image of the Donegal versus Mayo game in McHale Park in the Super 8s in 2019. I wasn’t at it but Keith Duggan described the wild partisan atmosphere very well in his newspaper article.
    I hope we all enjoy it to the fullest.

  85. Little tactical battle #1 to Mc Stay, he’s gotten his preferred venue… let’s hope this is the start of his winning the little tactical battles against Dessie and further on.

  86. What’s the delay with the official announcement. Everyone seems to know where it is. Could it be that the Dubs aren’t happy.

  87. Feel we have to attend en masse for this one if we can at all.
    I think a lot of us felt something very different about the Mayo supporting experience post 2021. Couple that with a lack of jeopardy in these group games and we’ve had very low attendances across the country.
    Let’s get out and shout and roar. Genuinely don’t see us winning but let’s ensure it isn’t because we couldn’t be bothered showing up!

  88. If venue is confirmed it’s remarkable it wasn’t on the sports news on radio 1 at 13.40..the gaa should be getting it mentioned on every sports bulletin and getting the championship hyped up. Jeez you’d swear they’re trying to run it off b4 anyone knows about it. Next they’ll be playing the games in abandoned underground carparks.

  89. Hyde Park,Marky park and MacHale Park Nice to see three Connacht venues selected and does help to have a Connacht man over the fixtures in HQ now.

  90. Gaa making the smart choice, happy with the Hyde just injuiries the problem now.

  91. Will Ticketmaster release any tickets or will it be through the clubs

  92. The GAA have no consideration for poor Philly McMahon, his Sunday now will be ruined as he wont be able to stroll 10 minutes down the road to watch Dublin play, he wont be home in time to watch the soccer.

  93. A happy hunting ground is Hyde Park and if Louth can run Dublin to four points in Croke Park why can’t Mayo beat Dublin in the Hyde to top the group and straight into the last 8?

  94. Correct @ No doubt, always amazing when no official announcement has been made and yet some people seem to be fairly sure it’s to be in the Hyde.

    Is the location really that much of an advantage or disadvantage depending which team one supports ?

    At least if it was Croker we all would be able to secure tickets.

  95. There were not too many complaining about not being able to get tickets for the last 2 games in the Hyde……that 3 game ticket package was fairly priced too.

  96. Dublin GAA just announced it on twitter

    3.45pm Sunday 16th June in The Hyde

  97. James Fleming. You would be well advised to go into your nearest super value and get your ticket asap. This match is going to be a sell out.

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