POLL: Who do you want to be the next Mayo manager?

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Right, it looks like there is at last a real choice on the table as regards who will become the next Mayo manager. Both James Horan and Mike Solan were nominated for the job ahead of yesterday’s 1pm deadline and it’s between these two contrasting candidatures that the selection committee and the wider County Board must now decide.

I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of the two candidates now – though I hope to have some time to do so at some stage over the next few days – but instead I just want to stick a poll up to gauge popular sentiment on the issue. So, without further ceremony, here it is:

Who should get the job?

  • James Horan (75%, 1,664 Votes)
  • Mike Solan (25%, 555 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,219

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112 thoughts on “POLL: Who do you want to be the next Mayo manager?

  1. I also want James but I think Mike Solan will get it. Why? Because our inglorious CB will see him as lower maintenance.

  2. Has to be James. (But am fearful he wont as feel the county board will want Solan). There will be war if Horan dosent get it. My head is fried – its been non stop since Newbridge.

  3. The very best of luck to whichever gets the job. Personally I feel mike isn’t ready for the job just yet but he is a man who no doubt will lead Mayo in the future!

  4. I will put this out there-Can the Mayo fans get to nominate someone for the Managerial Post Instead of the clubs?

  5. Just listened to the podcast re: Management process its rights and wrongs. I believe an even bigger issue for the County board is it’s apparent inability to retain, and support, managers who get us within a nats whisker of winning an AI !. Horan for me

  6. I think the CB will have a sense that the fans want Horan and that he will demand resources but that’s what’s needed to take on the mighty Dubs. No other sports in Mayo at Gaelic Football’s level, long (underage) and short term success is what’s wanted by us here. If the money’s not there for both CB needs team to find it. Short term success important for long term. Many kids dream of playing for Mayo because of our current crop’s heroism.
    No one has any issue with Solan apart from that he’s unproven. With James we know what we get and we could get more with the wisdom garnered from analysing the game.

  7. James, if you are not a full member of an organisation, why on earth should you have a say in deciding who leads that organisation’s representative team?

  8. Both great candidates. I think at this stage it’s more important who either man can bring in as a trainer and in their back room team as to which one of them gets it? A top trainer is vital to get these players geed up. New ideas and a fresh approach

  9. There are rules in every organisation. Could not imagine anyone that’s not a member of fine Gael being allowed nominate a TD or a councillor candidate.

  10. James. I would hope most genuine Mayo fans are also members of their local GAA club. Remember without a good club structure and base – there is no county team. Also you don’t have to be still living in the county to be a member and support the local club you grew up with.

  11. With the transition of players Under 24 into the into the Senior panel the man I want to oversee that is James Horan. He will get these players up to the required level of skill , temperment and conditioning to stay as a Top 4 team.
    I can’t see Senior players in the Mayo panel who are chasing a Celtic cross before retirement been to motivated by Michael Solan.Think he should serve his time as Senior Selector or continue his role as Under 20 manager.

  12. Horan, Horan, Horan!
    If only for his track record against Galway alone. Need to put them in their place next year. Both league and championship.

  13. I’d like to see James Horan get the top job with Peter Canavan a forwards coach but if it’s Mike Solan that gets it I’ll wish him well and row in behind him.

  14. Horan for all the reasons stated. Solan to continue in his current role but I’d be happy to see him involved in the senior management team. The last thing Mayo need now is a complete novice, despite one with decent potential. Horan has proved he can maximise potential and galvanise a group. It really should be a straightforward call for the Executive.

    Money shouldn’t be any issue. There are thousands of Mayo supporters nationally and globally who would gladly dip into their pockets and financially support Mayo GAA. The amazing thing is that this hadn’t been done yet. A supporters club per se, where people can set up a monthly deposit (of whatever they like) OR a tiered membership scheme, eg: silver (€10 per month) gold (25 per month), platinum (40 per month). You get benefits etc/access to tickets….etc

    Mayo people are fanatical about our football teams and proud about our county…thousands around the world would sign up to this if it was done properly / online…where people could see exactly what projects their money is going forward to OR where they could donate specifically to different projects/teams.

    Make people feel part of the bigger picture and contributing to the cause.

  15. I’d like to see James Horan with James Nallen as backs coach Andy Moran as forwards coach and Pat Fallon as Midfield coach.

  16. The clubs nominate the county board members. The county board is made up of what are primarily club people though there are a few thereon that are just county oriented. The majority of commentators on this and other sites and the vast majority of the people you meet and talk to are generally county supporters. Thus the dialogue of the supporters on this site is way different to the way a club supporter thinks or the way the county board thinks. The club supporter is, in general, less likely to be social media active (AhRef excepted) and therefore not as influenced by the ‘world has falling in opinion’ you hear expressed on here, Hogan Stand and GAA Boards. The club supporters have their own issues with the county board but they are more to do with finance, ref appointments, match scheduling and preferential treatment of certain clubs. Some club members only support the county towards the end of the championship as they have enough to be doing with club activities.

  17. Horan. Not out of any hope of an AI with this current team – that ship has sailed – but because of his incredible achievement of dragging us from the chaos of 2010 into All-Ireland finalists within two years. Given the current squad’s age profile, injury issues and psychological scar tissue, a similar effort will be required to bring us back to the top table.

    And yet, I think they’ll give it to Solan. James made some sharp comments regarding the county board a couple of weeks back. I would be very doubtful that they will meet (and fund) his demands for taking the role. Hopefully I’m proved wrong.

  18. so if solan is not ready yet according to some comments when exactly is a man ready to take over a senior intercounty team ? what we’re horans credentials back in 2011 ? what are solans credentials now? none of us has crystal ball but for me it’s solan. he got slated on here for not putting sweeper in front of hyland in all ireland but yet maybe it was further up the field the problems were. we missed goal chances and in the end we did not lose by much. so I would not say that solan is not ready. I think he is. his cv speaks louder than horans did when he first took over. but having said all of that. there is what we want. what God wants. then there is what the cb wants and there on a planet not even discovered by nasa

  19. Galway Exile I asked our club chairman on Monday who we nominated and he said he couldn’t say. Fully paid up family membership, county board draw, annual lotto plus help out at events during the year.

  20. The deadline the other day was the club deadline for nominations but can the county board still nominate someone?

  21. Horan should get it, but Solan will get it. The county board will go for the easier budget option, and that is no disrespect to Solan. Simply that Horan will come with many conditions and demands that those on the county board won’t like.

  22. @Revellino.., Can’t see James Nallon rejoining James Horan as a backs coach,. . that ship has sailed I would suggest last time out…. Would like to see Andy Moran as a forwards coach. (Andy at the moment, according to today’s Irish Independent is still a Mayo Player and hoping to be one again in 2019) so a roll as forwards coach might be a bit further down the line! Pat Fallon would make an excellent choice as a midfield coach….@Backdoorsam…..Peter Cavanann would be an outstanding forwards coach, but If we could aquire Peter the Great in any capacity, wouldn’t we be better to give him the Manager”s Job altogether, and let him pick his own back room team….. As I said yesterday, both candidates have excellent prospect’s of doing a fantastic Job… Both candidates are worthy of serious consideration by the County Board, who are the ones going to make the decision at the end ?of the day… Whoever does get the Job in the end?….It is better that there is a real competition between two people, better again If there were more than two possible candidate’s .. I don’t like the idea of a Coranation of anybody to the managers Job…. Coranation’s are for Germanic/English Monarchs and Irish President”s of the Irish Republic If that’s not too much of a Paradox in itself!

  23. I think Horan is a better bet right now not because I believe he is any better than Solan but because of the particular type of squad we have. They are all hardened experienced intercounty players who have competed at the top level for several years. They need a hardened experienced manager who will already have their respect ( hopefully!) I might be wrong but I reckon it would be very hard for Solan to manage a dressing room like we have at the moment.

  24. James Fleming .Get real.Members of clubs have had their say and Solan and Horan is their choice…Soccer teams has fans ..Gaa it’s supporters My advice to you is read the Official Gaa rulebook Same rules for every County.

  25. Horrible feeling the CB will mess this up…..I’ve a bad feeling based on…well based on almost everything they have done and haven’t done in my 30 years following Mayo.

    If they appoint Solan I think it’ll be a double whammy disaster. They would be throwing a potential future excellent manager into the job too early and if he doesn’t get instant success then he’s ruined for any real future with the senior team.

    Missing the chance to let Horan get things back on track.He has the respect of the senior players and would give youth a chance aswell and do a good rebuilding job.Also keep us at a high level competition wise…you never know what could happen.

    You could argue it’s a triple whammy with the shafting of Rochford.

    There is a lot of CB bashing on here and everywhere else,but let’s face it,90% is deserved. The Mayo senior team is such an emotional thing,so important to us here and Mayo people all over the world.I think that’s why it gets such a reaction when you see it being run (or not being run to it’s potential) by the CB

  26. Does anyone if there is a deadline for naming the new manager ? I’m pretty sure with only 2 candidate’s, that sitting down and listening to both lads plan’s re S+c , introducing new blood and backroom team etc that surely the powers that be could made a decision within a week . For what its worth ,I would like to see James H get the gig . Think after all the fuck ups with Rochford I feel we need to steady the ship with his professional approach and experience would help .
    Also think we as supporter’s need to realise that while we still have great footballers , some are getting older and this may well be a rebuilding process…. I mean no matter who the manager is , an All Ireland victory may just be out of our reach at the moment .

  27. Horan with Solan as a selector would be the perfect ticket if you ask me. Solan knows the young lads and would be a serious asset. Also be great experience for him going forward. I have to agree with some posters here that I think the CB would prefer Solan as they know Horan wouldnt take their sh!te.

  28. Horan has the experience but Solan has the potential. Solan has won two All-irelands as a coach and Horan has won 5 Connacht titles in a row. How many other counties would have an embarrassment of choices such as this? If Mike doesn’t get it I hope he sticks around. It’s the makeup of the backroom that will decide it.

  29. Why not the two of them, solan as assistant, but I do fear that will not happen and James will not get the gig

  30. I personally think its better to keep going forward than hoping a past manager can do better the second time around. It really depends where you think Mayo are at with that current team. Are they still capable of winning the AI by beating Dublin then Horan. Are they in decline and a rebuilding job is required then Solan. It will be interesting to see where the Mayo County Board believe Mayo are at.

  31. I like both Solan and Horan, but would not be overly keen on either for the job at this moment. Horan did a great job from 2011 to 2014, started at a lob ebb and built momentum year on year with some great results. An excellent manager. But do I think he can get the players to go a level above 2017 (last All Ireland final loss)? The answer has to be no. Not a criticism, just my honest opinion.

    I would feel it may be a little too early for Solan. Although I really like his management style and have heard very good things.

    I’m not trying to criticise either, I just feel the ultimate question is can they get us to improve on 2017. The answer for me is no. There a no guarantees and probably only a handful of managers in the country who a person would have confidence that they MIGHT be able to get us to improve sufficiently. Perhaps those handful are not interested.

    It’s either Solan or Horan now and whom ever gets it should have our support.

  32. Given the situation in which we find ourselves in, Horan, while not elevated to god-like status in my mind just yet is my preference by far though he wouldn’t have been from the outset. I doubt very much he even saw himself in this position even a month ago. I can’t imagine he is the county board’s preference, however.

    In theory I’d love to see Solan do the job and perhaps he is very capable but he’s facing a very formidable dressing room. Whether he is strong enough to manage that with no senior management experience is my big concern. Perhaps he is?

    Either way, I think there will be riots in the county if Horan doesn’t get it … it might be the straw that break’s the camel’s back!

  33. Reamonn, why do you think Horan isnt capable of rebuilding a team? After all he built this team the first time, why can’t he do it again?

  34. I would be surprised if co board didn’t appoint James Horan,
    When Horan left, regardless of the path of appointing the manager, homes and Connelly were the better option even if they weren’t up to the level needed.
    Rochford was best choice to replace them and co board got it right.
    Co board chose Horan in 2011 which was right,
    So I think we need to give them a break on this and trust they will choose the right option. I’m not a fan of co board by the way, but Horan is commercial a good choice..
    Unfortunately as supporters were entitled to a view but not any influence on decision.

  35. People seem to have short memories regarding the players brought through by Horan. He rebuilt the team when we were at a very low ebb before. There’s no reason to suggest he couldn’t do it again.

  36. Horan did say that coming back to county management down the road would be his preferred option. So what has changed his mind. I think he believes the current core players deserve one more shot and he recognises there is enough potential on the horizon to built a squad and have that shot.
    It’s with the CB now. We can speculate all we like about who we would like on the management team but one things for sure, James will decide that. In fact, I have no doubt he has his package ready to go.
    So it’s in the hands of CB….

  37. Season ticket renewals open next Monday 24th new season new manager brand spanking New Jersey and a trip near enough to New Jersey and Andy is staying on what’s not to look forward to. Hon Mayo

  38. You could well be right that Horan can do it again but time has moved on as Ger Loughnanne admitted that tactics had moved on but his hadnt in relation to his sojourn as Galway hurling manager. Horan is younger though so I dont know and no-one knows really until the League starts and we see how Mayo are going.

  39. @Anne-Marie…’Riots in the Street’ Unlikely, I would suggest regardless of who gets the Job….considering the really important things, that happened and should’nt have happened in Ireland recently and not so recently that didn’t lead to riots in the street… More likely a bit of thumping the bar in the Pub in fake anger …Liamontherunsince 51… Horan, managed Mayo to a very impressive 4 in a Row, ..Managers Connelly and Homes managed Mayo to the 5th!.. Solan has managed Mayo to win an U21 All Ireland title! Very impressive CV as well!

  40. The rock and hard place for county board. They want a manager but not James Horan. The choice is between two. The tide and generally public opinion is with Horan. What to do? Appoint their man and wait and hope? Or bend and appoint Horan and stew and wait until next vacancy comes up. This isn’t simply about appointing a county manager. This is a battle to assert who runs Mayo football.

  41. Would agree with John Cuffe there. This is a power battle. Solan is a gent but feel its too early for him, would love to see him get it in a few years. Would also like to see him take a senior club first, under age success is well and good, but its a fairly short season, and older mid twenties players pose more headaches for managers than 18-20 yr olds. Hoping its Horan, but have that awful feeling they’ll go with Solan under the whole “new era, injection of youth” mantra, but really all they want is a yes man. We’ll soon find out I suppose…

  42. John Cuffe, I think you’re spot on, not for the first time nor the last.

    Leantimes, it was a figure of speech, I can’t quite believe I have to explain that … but perhaps I should have phrased it differently for clarity. There will be a lot of unhappiness within the county and it will be loudly and vociferously expressed. That better?

    I would like to think that Horan will have learned and his style will have evolved; he is apparently doing a masters in coaching and has always shown a desire to improve his knowledge. So there is no reason to believe that if he gets the job that Mayo will not benefit from that ambition.

  43. Thank you guys for the information during the day I wasnt winding up anyone its just i didnt know the procedure and now i do .
    Thanks Again

  44. You’re right Anne Marie, I think Horan will have learned quite a lot over the past few years. He’s remained very close the game, is an astute guy. This really should be a no-brainer decision. The county board executive should be thrilled that Horan has shown an appetite for it. Not selecting him would raise questions as to whether or not those at the steering wheel of Mayo GAA actually want us to be as best we can be.

    Again, and I’m on repeat mode here but Solan is a man for the future and possibly the not too distant future. He hasn’t yet completed his Jedi Training!!! Horan is good to go. Here’s another angle, id reckon nearly every other county in Ireland bar Dublin and Tyrone would take Horan in an instant and offer him whatever he wants if the role of manager arose. The same cannot be said for Solan. He is unproven at adult level. Mayo need stability and experience.

  45. Whatever happens, it’s a big vote of confidence by Horan in this existing and potential panel of players. He didn’t have to throw his hat in the ring. But he obviously feels putting his nomination in front of the county board is worth it knowing that they could very easily say no. Brave thing to do and so I’ve no doubts that he wouldnt take this on unless he felt it could still be done. Interesting too that there are no outsiders which I think is the best way and probably the way you will see things going for the indefinite future in other counties to like Kerry and Dublin.

  46. Agree Mayonaze.
    From what I heard last week I’m feeling confident for once right decision will be made and Horan will be the manager. That is of course if the top man doesn’t have other ideas again and do it his own way without letting rest of executive know what he is going to do.

  47. I hate saying this but I think all our Galway and Ros neighbours and Dublin, Kerry and Tyrone friends here would be happier with a Solan appointment. That says enough for me.

  48. Horan with a backroom team role for Solan, with him still managing the u20s, would be a great result. That would obviously be a great sacrifice for Solan to make of his time though.

  49. There is no way Solan could do both roles. It’s one or the other. A lot of training sessions would overlap.

  50. Horan’s experience as a manager and, more recently, as a pundit makes makes him the clear front runner. Also, importantly, his high profile puts him in a better position to recruit a top class management team which is equally important and indeed crucial nowadays.

  51. Mayo88 – I feel like I’m talking to the wall. I tell you that it’s not okay to post rumours here and what do you do but come back and try to put up another one. I don’t care who you were talking to and what was said, you won’t post it here. If you can’t digest that simple fact then really there’s little point in your continuing to post stuff here.

  52. As pointed out well by John Cuffe, this is more than a managerial appointment, it’s a declaration of where the power lies within Mayo GAA. Horan was made publicly declare his intentions by putting his name forward, this needn’t have been the case as he could have been approached by the county board to sound out his interest and nominated as their candidate. Solan could have been told that the time is not right at the moment and to refrain from putting his name forward but that he was the heir apparent. That all this didn’t happen and we now have them both going for the role has me worried. The worst case scenario here is a very public snubbing of Horan which would forever remove him from Mayo GAA followed by an unsuccessful tenure for Solan which would also ruin another promising career.
    The big fear is that some people would see the appointment of Horan as a loss of power to the management and players while appointing Solan would mean the CB are still the shot callers.
    I genuinely hope that some people’s personal agendas and biases can be put aside for the betterment of the county in general. This has the potential to do genuine long term damage if it’s mishandled and if past performance is any indicator of future prospects then there’s every reason to be nervous.

  53. Anyone else think the county board are going to fire a scud here and find a way to kick back the 2 nominees. They will then come in with their own man. Someone like Pat Fallon with Larry Finnerty as his sidekick!

  54. I would be of the opinion that the CB would want to select Solan as their preferred candidate. I would also be of the belief that Horan’s late nomination would have come as an unpleasant surprise to them. Has Horan’s move just called the CB’s bluff ? Just my read…which may or may not be accurate. Though it does feel like we are living through Machiavellian times in the corridors of power in Mayo GAA !!

  55. Mickey moran was the right appointment in 06, Johnno was right AT THE TIME in 07..i think everybody was delighted when he took over … horan the right appointment in 2010… Connelly/ Holmes… im on the fence… appointed badly and ended badly… Rochford right appointment in 2016…..
    The Co board usually get the appointments right…. so i think people saying they’ll make a mess of it are just following the crowd.. their overall record in appointments is impressive enough.

  56. I’m hoping it’s Horan, even if we didn’t win an all Ireland I always felt like we would due to the way we play under him
    I’m going to sell all and back Mayo to win all Ireland in 3 years if Horan returns

  57. We have to wait for the dominos to fall now, and we have don’t have any control. Let ‘s hope there are no more twists and turns.

  58. Good man Up for the match,we could badly do with a bit of humour on here.Our regular storytellers,comedians,poets, scholars, wise men,and women,must be cheesed of with this whole debacle.as it’s all doom and gloom at the moment,but hopefully a happy ending will cheer everybody up again,up Mayo.

  59. I agree with you entirely Liam it’s a big worry. I think (hope!) common sense prevails. Machiavellian might be too strong 45 – Dick Clerkin said recently in the Times that what might appear to be Machiavellian from the outside may be nothing more than blind incompetence on the inside! I think I’d prefer the former tbh!

  60. @Anne-Marie… Of course I knew it was a figure of speech…. I just disagree with you that people are likely to get angry about which of the two excellent candidates are selected…A compelling case can be made for either…The County Board can not select both to be the Manager, for me I would say taking what I know about both managers in my mind it’s 55/45 in favor of Mike Solan… I understand that I am in a minority of those who have expressed a preference on this Blog.. The County Board take allot of stick on this Blog, allot of it well deserved and I have expressed my dissatisfaction at times with the County Board, ..But on this occasion, it’s a simple straight forward choice.. This is not a controversy, We have had plenty of real controversy in Mayo GAA circles, and I will accept the verdict and wish the new Manager the best of luck regardless…PS Anne-Marie, I always read your posts,..find them very interesting, agree with you far more often than I disagree.

  61. They might give the job to Machiavellian. He was a great junior player.
    Hornpipe and Hans solo could be Machiavellian’s selectors.

  62. Are there any details known of when interviews take place with the candidates? Or what the protocol is? I hope its sorted out as quickly as possible so that the new manager can get to work planning for the winter months. And hopefully within a few weeks, we wont see Mayo gaa mentioned in any national headlines until the naming of the team for the first fbd game in January. Its been a stressful summer for supporters considering we havent been involved in a game since june 30th.

  63. We will have to send the big fella that cut loose in limerick around to the co board,to have a little chat with them,he would soon get it sorted one way or the other,lol

  64. @Hilly Bitz… Incredible imagination there!… Strange as it may seem, I was looking for a Scud Missile recently, none available on Done Deal.. And your telling us that the County Board might have one, and even worse fire it…Be Jeepers, when the good people of Mchale Road Castlebar find out about these Scud Missile?’s, there might actually be ‘Riots in McHale Road’. .. I remember they weren’t too happy about the ‘The Army Observation Tower’ installed a few years ago.. But now at least we know what it was for now!

  65. Season ticket gone up from €90 to €120. Robbing bastards. Plus all our qualifier games were more expensive than most other county games. Seats in Croke Park are generally shit also, with holders being shoved out to the 21m or 13m line.
    I’m clocking out of that scam. 4 tickets on the market lads and lassies.

  66. Revellino I like the cut of that Machiavelli fella’s jib. I’d go through brick walls to play for him – if he promised we would win an All-Ireland! I’d say Horan will get it – there has to be rival candidates to make it a fair competition – he’ll galvanize the players – it always had that feeling since 2014 that it was still Horan’s team even with Holmes/Connelly and Roch in charge. He always spoke in his media role to defend the players like a father figure (remember Bernard Flynn, AOS and the selfie incident!) and the respect the players still have for him is huge. The fact that he has continued coaching (he did a stint with Turloughmore hurlers too) and is doing a coaching masters means he hasn’t gone stale and I’m full sure he picked Jim McGuinness’ and Peter Canavan’s brains every time they were together in that Sky studio. Horan 2.0 could be a considerable upgrade!

  67. I don’t have any inside knowledge of CB but do think they made 2 big balls ups, the first being the lead up to the Holmes Connelly appointment which appeared the best given the loss of McStay (we don’t know how McStay would have done but the process was a cock up). The 2nd being the loss of Rochford who was motivated to continue but had lost his deputies. They get their nose out of joint because of the back room team announced. Should Roch have consulted them first, I don’t know but if he decided not too I think it’s his decision to make. James Horan poached Buckley, got Ed Coughlan too and it’s his attention to detail that brought us to the top table. He also had top Coach Cian O Neill before Buckley. Able to get people like these on board so obviously a very shrewd guy. I don’t know would Solan be able to assemble a team like that. And teams like that cost so CB needs to think big in terms of funding. I understand books need balancing but a top back room team in all categories are needed to win AI. Any County settling for less is throwing in the towel.

  68. Yes they’ve increased the season ticket by another 30 quid – without providing any extra benefits: it’s gone up 45 quid since it’s inception in 2011. We used to get centrally seated tickets for finals back then but not anymore despite the price increase.

    It’s a pity that greed has afflicted this ‘grass roots’ organisation; shur I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up doing deals with Sky Sports either!

    You’d wonder whether they want people to give up the tickets – one way or other they’re ‘badly off’ increasing the price; not warranted.

  69. According to media sources tonight, Paul Taylor is to be recommended as the new Sligo manager.
    He will be assisted by Joe Keane from Crossmolina, who was until recently, part of Stephen Rochford’s management team here in Mayo.

  70. Just read the article on the conn telegraph by aiden Henry…saying Solan would have an edge in a head to head with horan..that he is ‘an intercounty all Ireland winning manager’. This is crazy stuff. Horan has 4 senior provincial titles in a row…got us to two senior all Ireland finals…robbed in 2014…cmon, seriously? Their level of experience is incomparable. Appointing Solan entails a large degree of risk. Very poor article/journalism.

  71. Also quoted that we beat Galway Dublin and cork ‘against all the odds’ at u21 in 2016. Firstly we were one of the favourites to win that u21 all Ireland so it certainly wasnt against the odds AND if memory serves me correctly our path to the final was leitrim in Carrick, roscommon in markievicz, Dublin in tullamore, and cork in ennis. Don’t remember us playing Galway that year!? Maybe Aiden Henry was at that game… and then he woke up!!! Poor inaccurate journalism.

  72. It seems that on the blog at least Horan is by far the favourite. If that’s reflective of the fan base generally then he is likely the best appointment because our fans are so specially invested in this team their opinion does hold some sway IMO. Also to do otherwise would really put Solan in an impossible position if he for example lost a few league games etc. the result being that we “lose two for the price of one” as both Solan and Horan will then be finished with us I expect.

    I am always surprised at the level of confidence surrounding JH though. He did make consistent mistakes e.g. substitution of Freeman in 2013 and the debacle with Donaghy in Limerick. He came out against the OShea on Donaghy tactic last year which indicates to me he still believes his call in Limerick was correct.
    Yet he maintains so much confidence with the fans. It’s a notable “trait” and maybe it’s the sign of unique leadership.
    I voted for Solan myself in this but if JH was appointed I wouldnt have a problem as he is a dedicated Mayo man to the core beyond a doubt and he did an awful lot for Mayo football.
    I would hope he has a slightly different approach though this time out.

  73. @Pebblesmeller…… did the tickets not go up last year from €90 to €120? It is hard to take but hey… if we ever get back the AIF the joy of ticket coming in the post without hoping to be pulled from the club ballot or begging everybody you meet is great

  74. Wayne Scales I definetely paid €120 this time last year & we got nothing extra for it!! I think their headline was we had “guaranteed access to the new Super 8 series” or something along those lines.

    Regarding the management. If Horan has learned from his time away & is more tactically astute than his first stint, then he has to be the man to take us forward. Granted people will say Rochford had the edge in the finals & the semi in 2017, but Horan’s record up to that point was miles ahead. We were generally at the pitch of it from early rounds of Championship under Horan. We were ruthless & we put teams away when we smelt blood.

    I have great time for Solan & I think he will manage Mayo at some stage. But it might be a few years too soon for him. I’d like to see him continue the work he is doing at underage, a lot of this year’s under 20 team is there next year too I think. A good chance they could challenge next year again

  75. Right, I’ve just reviewed the comments posted overnight and earlier this morning and I have serious issues with a few of them.

    Two comments have named someone and made specific allegations about him. Using the comments section here to do this is a gross violation of the ground rules as well as a seriously dumb thing to do. Both of you – Peter Murray and To Win Just Once – are in moderation until further notice but, believe me, that could have been the least of your worries had those comments stayed online. If I were you I’d start reading up on online libel and the possible consequences for posting defamatory material on websites.

    I’d also draw your attention, as well as the attention of everyone, to Rule No.1 which states the following:

    In posting a comment on this site, you acknowledge and accept that that you are fully responsible for the content of your comment and you also acknowledge that you have read and agree with these house rules and that you undertake that any comment you post will adhere to the rules.

    I’d urge everyone to take greater caution when posting any kind of allegation against another person and for everyone to acquaint themselves fully with the potential consequences for them personally of so doing.

  76. If James doesn’t get it there’ll be uproar and that in itself will be wholly unfair on Mike Solan and put him on the back foot from the very start. That’s the reality of the situation that we are dealing with and the county board have been culpable in arriving at this juncture. Having said that, in allowing his name to be put forward, James will be under no illusions that the county board will not accede to all of his demands. Compromise is a fundamental part of all negotiations and I have absolutely no doubt that James will adopt a pragmatic approach in this regard and the appointment will be confirmed in the not too distant future. Its in everyone’s interests to get this thing put to bed as soon as possible.

  77. They say they never come back, or never should. Indo reporting Liam Sheehy is set to return as Tipp manager.

    BTW greetings from Camden Town – just up from the Oxford Arms.

  78. Horan for me.

    He undoubtedly made some mistakes in some of the bigger matches during his tenure with Mayo, but overall his record is impressive and he has performed some managerial duties since he left the Mayo set-up in 2014. I don’t think the game has moved on all that much during that period (Dublin wouldn’t have won four in a row if it had).

    Solan has some potential, I believe, but I would be cautious about parachuting a fella with little senior experience into our somewhat volatile set-up. As some have suggested, I’d keep him on in the U-20 brief and perhaps have him on the backroom team.

    Most of all, what I’d love to see is a non-fractious 2019, irrespective of how the results fall. We in Mayo have the most loyal supporters in the land, but we also love a public spat. Think of the most successful GAA counties- the Dublins, Kerrys and Kilkennys of this world- how many public fallings out can you recount them having, and how many have we had over the years? There’s a lot to be said for keeping disagreements in-house.

    If the Mayo people, players and management don’t unite then we’ll win nothing, irrespective of who’s in charge.

  79. The most important thing now is to keep everyone on board.
    We must be very unMayo-like and unite behind both Horan & Solan.
    These are the two men that allowed their names go forward for a ‘poisoned chalice’ of a job.
    Well done to both.
    We are extremely lucky to have two candidates .. we could just as easily have had none.
    We should remember that each individual managerial appointment is for a finite period of 2 or 3 years and we should be thinking of keeping the ‘heir apparent’ in back-up mode throughout
    This would avoid the crisis we always seem to generate when we have to change managers.
    We also need to remember that the Under 20 managerial appointment is also very important for us going forward and for me Solan should be left there whilst given the clear understanding that he is the ‘heir apparent’ for the senior job next time.
    This way we retain both men rather than run the risk of losing both.

  80. The very best of luck to whichever of them gets appointed.

    I think that it is interesting that JH appears to be willing to and/or wishes to take on this job again. I am reluctant to speculate about another’s personal circumstances. However, I understand that JH has quite a serious job that takes up a lot of his time. He also seems to have a reasonably significant media presence that, presumably, has some financial reward, albeit perhaps modest. I think that he has a young family.

    James Horan’s ‘stock’ is quite high at present. With good reason he appears to be well respected by almost all GAA people and he is loved by almost all Mayo supporters.

    Therefore, he must have considered that taking on the job again comes at significant personal risk to himself. He must surely appreciate that there is no guarantee that he will achieve anything like the success that he did in his last time in the job. Someone posted here recently that the ship has sailed as far as the prospects for the current Mayo panel willing an All Ireland are concerned. Who know if this is true or not – but, clearly, it is not an unreasonable proposition to put forward. If it were all to go terribly badly for this team over the next few years, and with JH at the helm, it is likely that his ‘stock’ would be permanently damaged and it is unlikely that the media opportunities and the like that are now available to him would still be there. (I don’t wish to suggest that media opportunities are a significant factor for him).

    On the other hand, I think that we all know that the man who eventually leads Mayo to an AI title is unlikely to ever have to work (very hard) again thereafter! That must also be dizzying prospect for anyone in line for the job.

    I’m sure that JH has considered all the pros and cons associated with entering the mad house again.

    It seems to me therefore that as supporters we can take some comfort from the fact that JH does, apparently, still want to have another go at this. He must still have some reasonable belief that the team (presumably with additions) can challenge at the highest level in the short to medium term. He knows there are risks involved for himself personally but he appears to believe that this is a risk worth taking. It can’t have been an easy decision.

    Anyway, good luck to him if he gets the job. He is a brave man and deserves a lot of credit for that.

    If he doesn’t, then the very best of luck to Mike Solan.

    Great site/service WJ. Thanks for all your efforts in developing and maintaining it.

  81. Brilliant post Mc Nulty! That’s exactly it! Hope the Co board take everything into consideration when appointing new manager also!

  82. WillieJoe, thanks for managing this so well. A nice place for feedback and discussion from all over the globe on our one shared passion, Mayo football!! Great to see everyone so engaged! Time will tell, personally I have been asking for a New Jersey, thank you Elverys, I am hoping for an awesome new one for our step forward and up the 34 steps that count, the Hogan stand on AIF day! See you in the stands all, especially this weekend! Keep the passion alive – Maigh Eo Abú!

  83. McMulty , you have some interesting points that I’m sure JH has reflected on. But Horan once said that he believed that there was 15 players every year capable of winning an all Ireland. If he still believes that and with his passed experience it’s hard to imagine that he won’t have some success.
    Even this year we would have been closer to Dublin than Tyrone were, I’m convinced he will make us more competitive than we have been

  84. We need more than 15 players capable of winning an All Ireland .If we are going to go on am win an All Ireland and probably beat the Dubs a long the way we need to be as fit as them which I believe we are there or there abouts but we also need lads to come in who will make a positive impact on scoreboard .With our that there will be no All Ireland.Simple as that lads.

  85. I believe if James at helm it will bring better funds and donations to the Mayo football cause,
    due to his experience, abilities, knowing many of this team already, and I’d imagine players will benefit from not starting from beginning with someone new too. Great opportunity to prioritise major fundraising especially with NY on the horizon. Best of luck to both men (maybe together) but going on past track record James should be given another chance to take these lads to another AI final.

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